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  1. Swenson semi drop-in barrels
  2. Home Shooting Range Questions
  3. N/S - Installing w/o a vise?
  4. Learned something interesting, a private individual may swear out a warrant.
  5. Installing a Bulldog Gun drawer vault in Ford Ranger
  6. What spares do you keep on hand for your Sig or other pistols?
  7. Glock Tool
  8. Glock Punch
  9. Medical Training Beyond First Aid
  10. Stippling a Glock 26
  11. Pics with threads
  12. DIY Portable Target Stand
  13. MP Shield 9
  14. MP9 Shield
  15. Laundry: How to remove grease stains from clothing?
  16. How do you post pictures?
  17. Making your own gun lube.
  18. Online Gunsmithing Course
  19. Balistol, observations when using
  20. Wood Stock refinishing
  21. How to get a boresnake out of a barrel
  22. Where is the book "Prepping for 1st trip to the range with a 9mm pistol for Dummies"
  23. Non-NFA Pistol Caliber, short-barreled "Carbine" idea
  24. Smith 686-6 no parts breakdown to be found?
  25. Beretta 92 Brigadier Elite II Safety
  26. Ocular Cavity Target/face for "Bob"
  27. "People Powered Moving Target"
  28. Educate me on ultrasonic cleaners for gun parts.
  29. Field stripping a SA lw operator.
  30. So what's BHP mean? Don't people type out whole words anymore?
  31. On Being a Leader (Re-Post)
  32. My way of concealed carry
  33. Converted 91/30
  34. Anybody ever made their own magazine pouch?
  35. Jeweling a bolt
  36. Fun with C&R
  37. Sig Sight install question
  38. Disassembly of a Taurus .40 Slim 740
  39. Miculek is One Fast Cat
  40. Wife snapped this pic
  41. Buying @ Gun Shows: What is your advice? (What to Expect, Do's & Don'ts, Pros & Cons)
  42. Stippling
  43. Bersa sights,
  44. Fast Cleaning a Savage Model 64 FXP .22
  45. New sights for my Sigs
  46. Favorite training/mindset/etc videos?
  47. A tip from Shootergramps
  48. DIY splatter targets-SUPER nice
  49. 30-40 Krag Experts ?
  50. How often do you clean a Glock?
  51. How Long Between Cleanings?
  52. KG Gunkote Aerosol
  53. Building/New Frame for 1911- ? HELP!!
  54. So you want CLEAN brass?
  55. Spacer for Glock Gen3 Slide on Gen4 Frame?
  56. My Cobra CA-380 Overhaul (how to)
  57. Semi Auto Slide Timing Experiment
  58. Decided to let the Gunsmith do it
  59. Browning BuckMark Trigger Job DIY
  60. Photos
  61. Refinishing a Springfield 1911
  62. Yup! There's an App for that...
  63. Gun Safe--Adjusting the door on a Winchester Gun Safe
  64. A bit frustrated...
  65. dvd - Guns, The Evolution of Firearms; 7 part documentary spanning 400 years
  66. How to make a paracord survival bracelet
  67. How do I sight in my pistol?
  68. SBR Build as Individual - Step by Step
  69. the 12$ target rack
  70. Tips for renovating an existing closet into a safe room/shelter
  71. Shipping a firearm read this
  72. Knot Kidding The BEST Animated Knot Tie Site - SURVIVAL/Camping
  73. DIY Gunsmithing Tools (home made tools)
  74. Changing Glock Rear Sights - Must Have Tools?
  75. S&W640 sight
  76. Anyone made their own Kydex reinforced leather belt?
  77. Donnie D's Reatoration Project, My First Gun
  78. Plumbing lead for reloading?
  79. Cleaning confession of a newb...
  80. Donnie D's method for applying wood veneer
  81. Small magnum pistol primers vs. regular small pistol primers
  82. Starting gun/shooting club.
  83. Great article about racking the slide...especially for women who have difficulty!
  84. Gun Trusts?
  85. Out of state, private party transfer
  86. Hunting with Suppressors
  87. Question on FTF sales in NC
  88. Effective Practice on an Indoor Range
  89. Prepper Stuff - Making The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead
  90. Need help with Glock trigger job!
  91. Working With And Do It Yourself KYDEX
  92. Dealing with PESTS
  93. Comparison Charts: Ruger LCP vs...
  94. Comparison Charts: Kimber Solo vs. ...
  95. Trigger characteristics and what they mean in a SD gun...
  96. New AK-Builder Jig In Action. My First Time On You Tube
  97. Looking For A Manual For Your Firearm. It May Be Here.
  98. Weapons Condition Codes / Awareness Color Codes
  99. Checking The 1911 Extractor - A PIC.
  100. Selecting a Handgun for Defense: Part 1. Semi-Automatics
  101. Easy explaination on using Mil-Dot scope
  102. Cross Domination eyesights
  103. Trigger Types Defined and Explained.
  104. The Tueller Drill/21' Rule Revisited, IDPA style
  105. Inexpensive rotating target stand
  106. Cases Where Handloads Caused Problems in Court
  107. S&W Revolver Frame Sizes
  108. Attackers & Their Weapons
  109. For new and prospective CCW's
  110. What to look for in a used revolver
  111. .45 Caliber Candles
  112. Very comprehensive explanation of different blade materials
  113. A 'Firearms Identification Field Guide' by the Michigan State Police
  114. How to: Use Crimson Trace Lasergrips on M&Ps with Thumb Safety
  115. How to diagnose the cause of your autopistol stoppage or malfunction
  116. Firearm & Weapons Laws by State (listed by links)
  117. Ten Commandments of Concealed Carry
  118. How to Check Your Taurus' Age by S/N :)
  119. Mike's hair-whittling knife sharpening guide
  120. School of law professor and police officer videos on not talking to the police
  121. Forum Rules 2008-11-21
  122. The Declaration of Independence
  123. Concealment Holsters 101
  124. The Constitution Of The United States
  125. Gun Facts version 5.0
  126. Another Good Read
  127. Forum Usage: Tips and Tricks
  128. OC Pepper Spray - Is It Legal In Your State?
  129. X-10 For the defensive minded (Long)
  130. Reference Section: DC vs. Heller: Highlights 3-18-08
  131. For all you campers and backpackers - Alcohol Stove
  132. Three easy citizen CCW rules to know and memorize to avoid hard times
  133. Is Cocked and Locked Carry Dangerous? A Very Good Response to This Question.
  134. Quick and Dirty Guide to Penetrating Trauma Management
  135. The Compass & How To Use It
  136. My 1911 thumb safety
  137. Choosing a Defensive Handgun
  138. Should I Shoot Someone IF They Are Unarmed?
  139. AK - bolt hold-open mod: Reference Section
  140. Reference Section: Forming Kydex Procedure (picture intensive) parts 1 and 2
  141. PLEASE READ: How The Reference Forum Works
  142. Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed
  143. Handgun Stopping Power
  144. Internet resources
  145. Reloading 101 (ish!)
  146. Reference Section: Threat Behavior
  147. Reference Section: How to Travel with CC
  148. Reference Section: Can You Be Too Prepared?
  149. 1911 Colt & Clone Function Check
  150. MOA dot sizing
  151. Lights for law enforcement
  152. Some thoughts on personal security
  153. Determine Your Desired Holster Rake Angle
  154. How to Be a "Good Witness"
  155. First Time Carry - A Good Start.
  156. Newer shooters - safety reminder
  157. Open sights 101
  158. National Registry of Places to Shoot
  159. 1911 animations
  160. Valuable Holster Info For Females