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  1. Unusual behavior
  2. The State of Alabama is moving in the right direction!
  3. Man Legally OCs at a School, No One Freaks Out...
  4. If everyone CC'ed would the rules of engagement change?
  5. N.D. Vehicle Carry
  6. Can't post no hand gun signs
  7. Open carry and jogging
  8. While on A Hike Near Temple, TX this happened To Active Army hero & Boy Scout son
  9. Open carry and level 3 holsters
  10. Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO
  11. Out-of-state open carry
  12. OC? Never Thought I Would...Until Now
  13. Open Cary while waiting for a CPL…
  14. Open carry today
  15. First time OC
  16. Leesburg Virginia restaurant: OC discount on Wednesdays
  17. First time OCing today
  18. WA Open carry question
  19. OC State residency question
  20. Washington open carry
  21. question about work and concealed carry
  22. How closely do you pay attention to school zones when you OC?
  23. OC in Texas Business
  24. Handgunlaw.us Seeking Feedback on Open Carry
  25. MS to become an "Open Carry" state on 1 July.
  26. Fourth Circuit Finds That Carrying a Firearm in an Open-Carry State Does Not Create R
  27. May be a repost but well worded
  28. texas law shield, armed citizen or similar
  29. Question about law and work for school employees...
  30. Mag cleaning frequency??
  31. Help with first time OC advice
  32. OC in Colorado?
  33. Open Carry Girl
  34. * OC ?? I Dont Understand WHy.......
  35. OC shot down in AR...
  36. anyone OC in a larger city?
  37. Maryland resident open carry in PA?
  38. Best Open Carry Explanation Ever
  39. Video- What are your thoughts?
  40. 2/22
  41. First Few OC Ventures!
  42. Questioned about open carry
  43. For those who open carry, remember: you represent all gun owners
  44. Why wouldn't open carry make you LESS of a target?
  45. 15% off with OC or CHP
  46. Florida Open Carry?
  47. Got the nod from an LEO (Just a short story from Sunday)
  48. Should I open carry? 18 years old
  49. So, what's your OCW?
  50. Shout out to exemplary WA OC'er
  51. What would you do if robbed at gunpoint?
  52. Proof you cannot be shot with an unloaded gun
  53. Starbucks Appreciation Day 2013
  54. Be a HARD TARGET!
  55. You CAN be shot by an unloaded gun
  56. City says No Open Carry
  57. Gun Attachments Open Carry Question
  58. Will Only be Open Carrying
  59. Oc in Texas
  60. Had a Chat With Columbus Finest While OCing ...
  61. OC in Arkansas
  62. Unloaded OC?
  63. Open carry or concealed?
  64. I have a question about open carry
  65. Assault Rifles
  66. Why would a business require open carry, but not allow concealed carry?
  67. Confusing terminology
  68. ABC Video about concealed carry
  69. What do you guys think about this video?
  70. CHL for Texans over 60 years old.
  71. Have you seen this video ? (Open carry)
  72. Are You for Open Carry?
  73. Was thanked for OC'ing today.
  74. Sudden open carry popularity boom?
  75. Anti-gun crowd pressuring TN Gov against NRA Convention
  76. NC - Can an officer run your gun is pulled over for speeding?
  77. MN Democrats want to reevaluate MN gun laws
  78. question abt Illinois ban lift
  79. Exposing fire while cc?
  80. Moore, OK Warren Theater posting
  81. Come on Texas!!!!
  82. Constitutional Carry Petition!
  83. Open Carry for newbies
  84. OC Baiting: Two Edged Sword?
  85. Is a request for your ID really an infringement of your rights?
  86. Non Event
  87. Question regarding Act 235
  88. Can Anyone Answer This OC Question??
  89. Is it getting out of hand?
  90. OC and Prepping
  91. OC for the first time
  92. Shocking open carry
  93. OC Rifle in NC
  94. Just couldn't do it
  95. Law Enforcement and Open Carry
  96. Ohio Open Carry Laws while hunting
  97. Indiana silent on open carry
  98. Open carry is here!
  99. Would you be concerned?
  100. Raleigh - Cary - Durham, NC Open Carry
  101. The Trayvon Martin case
  102. How do you handle traveling?
  103. No Open Carry with CCW Permit in Alabama??
  104. I Wonder if OC'ing a Sawed Off Shotgun Will Get Me Arrested? DOH!
  105. Questions/scenarios: Bad guy tries to take gun, and considering open carrier a threat
  106. Two weeks away...
  107. New to Forum, Just another Open Carrier
  108. First Time for a traffic stop while carrying
  109. Teletype warning about gun grabbers
  110. new to OC and have a question
  111. Its official...
  112. LOCAL October 2012 meetings coming up.
  113. Finally did it!!!!!
  114. This is how I explain it.
  115. got asked to conceal at my own home...
  116. OC Baiter hit my town!
  117. Public Interaction while OC-ing?
  118. First negative OC experience.....
  119. Today's OC Experience
  120. New member with a Open Carry (knife) question
  121. Open carry at a garage sale
  122. Inviting A “Stop and Frisk” By Openly Carrying
  123. philly travel question
  124. An OC'er looking for a confrontation!!!! Surely not. Great Officer response.
  125. Man who carries gun to polls sues
  126. Kids and open carry
  127. Open carry .22 MP5 copy, LEO encounter (video)
  128. Open Carry Kettering Ohio
  129. Refusal to show ID in Georgia update from 2008 arrest
  130. Georgia to Florida
  131. DROP-RIG ok for OC?
  132. Missouri open carry question
  133. Question for Open Carriers...
  134. Man arrested with gun at theater had permit In New Haven, CT
  135. California Open Carry Ban
  136. First time open carrying- Walmart
  137. My Father
  138. Open carrier at batman movie
  139. Proposal: Dicussions on carry/OC with local law-enforcement
  140. I got a big surprise yesterday
  141. Carry laws after court precedings.
  142. Open Carriers get ready!
  143. Why does it have to be OC Vs. Police?
  144. new permit, ONE BIG QUESTION
  145. Idiot OCing... or "How not to do it"
  146. Open Carry Dinner - Detroit - Mon. Aug. 13th
  147. Public gatherings of open carriers.
  148. Carrying and riding my motorcycle
  149. Kid in Birmingham OCing Rifle - Not Guilty on All Counts!
  150. My thoughts on interaction with LEO in a MWAG call
  151. Here's a good video for all of us.
  152. Open carry awareness
  153. We have become more "aware" of a law : Kansas
  154. police stop man for open carrying (vid)
  155. To the non-OC'ers who frequent this part of the site....
  156. businesses no weapon policy WA state
  157. longview wa, my first run in with the law
  158. Disussion at work today concerning open carry in Michigan
  159. Will Texas ever allow open carry?
  160. Need help finding OC video
  161. Is checking for a Lisense a valid reason to detain a person?
  162. Man openly carrying in Minneapolis beaten by cops?
  163. UPDATE: Kid in Birmingham Mi Open carrying a rifle is going to be tried
  164. Drawback to OTWB carry.
  165. First encounter with LE while CC/OC
  166. OC in Blacksburg VA, home of Va Tech
  167. open carry at kansas parks
  168. Opinions on open carry using an IWB holster
  169. A well dressed Wal-Mart shopper......
  170. Open Carry Mall Ninja at Wally World Last Night
  171. LOCAL Meetings, Shreveport & LaPlace, June 6, 2012
  172. Intrigued by Open Carry
  173. Hidden in plain sight....
  174. Ridiculous OCer Baiting Cops & Neighbors
  175. Rob Pincus and James Yeager on Open Carry
  176. Idol's Philips goes home ... Dad is OCing (video) Nice national exposure.
  177. For OCers Who Carry A Voice Recorder Or Video
  178. Question for OCers
  179. OK Gov. Fallin signs open carry
  180. It's official oklahoma-gov.-mary-fallin-says-shell-sign-open-carry-gun-measure
  181. A gun on your hip makes you a target...
  182. Open carrier robbed at gunpoint of his money and his gun
  183. Marine get turned away from voting because of OC'ing
  184. Ga man just won the OC/cop lottery
  185. Visitors can carry guns openly in Virginia parks
  186. question for Wisconsin CCW's
  187. LOCAL meetings, May 2, 2012, LaPlace and Shreveport
  188. Walmart Port Angeles Wa OC friendly
  189. Question concerning NC State or Federal OC law regarding financial institutions
  190. Text from the Open Carry flier that we handed out at the Expo Boise gun show
  191. OC interaction with cops video
  192. Going to open carry for first time
  193. Unarmed man attempts gun grab on OC'er
  194. OC while riding a bike
  195. Rev. Jesse Jackson on Oklahoma Open Carry Legislation????? HA!
  196. Kid arrested openly carrying rifle in Birmingham, MI - no laws broken that I can tell
  197. open carry
  198. Interesting LEO Encounter While Open Carrying
  199. Open Carry in PA State Parks?
  200. A New Concern While Open Carrying
  201. Day Hike in North GA, open carry?
  202. How well posted is your Post Office
  203. Open carry.....at the Post Office?????
  204. My Kentucky CCDW License came!
  205. Oklahoma OC Legislation: Wall Street Journal Article
  206. Attended my first Alabama Open Carry meeting tonight.
  207. Open carry in Louisiana.
  208. Yankeejib inspired me... I Also OC'ed All Day Today
  209. I OC'ed all day today.
  210. OK to "Permit" OC
  211. OC get together in Grand Rapids, MI
  212. Oc and the bg attempting to take your weapon
  213. Humorous look at Open Carry...
  214. Glock 30
  215. Florida open carrier stopped by police (vid)
  216. Oklahoma again considering allowing open carry
  217. Grand Rapids, MI man open carries to polls
  218. Regal Cinema bans handguns on premises
  219. New bill helping protect open carry! Utah is getting it right.
  220. Our Starbucks expereince on the 14th....
  221. Is it legal to open carry in Colorado?
  222. First open carry. At Starbucks, no less.
  223. Anyone open carry in Milwaukee?
  224. Oklahoma May Add Churches to Castle Doctrine
  225. Warning About Starbucks Demonstration Today
  226. Reminder: Starbucks Appreciation Day TOMORROW (Tuesday)!!
  227. All you KY CCDW license holders… how long did it take?
  228. Gonzalez v. City of West Milwaukee (7th Cir. Feb. 2, 2012)
  229. Open Carry in Georgia while Riding a Motorcycle?
  230. A terrible mistake with Starbucks
  231. Michigan OC Question
  232. Open Carrying in Urban/Downtown Areas
  233. Starbucks responds
  234. Open Carry Wal-Mart
  235. Cali trying to ban more OC....
  236. Valentines Day
  237. Chief Deputy Brad Stanley of the Forsyth County, NC Sheriff's Office says....
  238. What is your favorite way to OC?
  239. New Mexico 'pecan war.' OCing farmer deters theft.
  240. What do you think OC'ers?
  241. OC question in NC
  242. hawaii gun laws
  243. Open carry issue that I have had in Indiana
  244. Brandished a weapon
  245. Arizona OC...
  246. Do You Remember the 1st Time?
  247. LOCAL Meeting 1-4-2012, LaPlace, La
  248. Get Together! Nampa, Id
  249. Excuse Me Sir....Your Gun is Showing
  250. "See That Man? He's Going To Shoot You!"