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  1. Public gatherings of open carriers.
  2. Carrying and riding my motorcycle
  3. Kid in Birmingham OCing Rifle - Not Guilty on All Counts!
  4. My thoughts on interaction with LEO in a MWAG call
  5. Here's a good video for all of us.
  6. Open carry awareness
  7. We have become more "aware" of a law : Kansas
  8. police stop man for open carrying (vid)
  9. To the non-OC'ers who frequent this part of the site....
  10. businesses no weapon policy WA state
  11. longview wa, my first run in with the law
  12. Disussion at work today concerning open carry in Michigan
  13. Will Texas ever allow open carry?
  14. Need help finding OC video
  15. Is checking for a Lisense a valid reason to detain a person?
  16. Man openly carrying in Minneapolis beaten by cops?
  17. UPDATE: Kid in Birmingham Mi Open carrying a rifle is going to be tried
  18. Drawback to OTWB carry.
  19. First encounter with LE while CC/OC
  20. OC in Blacksburg VA, home of Va Tech
  21. open carry at kansas parks
  22. Opinions on open carry using an IWB holster
  23. A well dressed Wal-Mart shopper......
  24. Open Carry Mall Ninja at Wally World Last Night
  25. LOCAL Meetings, Shreveport & LaPlace, June 6, 2012
  26. Intrigued by Open Carry
  27. Hidden in plain sight....
  28. Ridiculous OCer Baiting Cops & Neighbors
  29. Rob Pincus and James Yeager on Open Carry
  30. Idol's Philips goes home ... Dad is OCing (video) Nice national exposure.
  31. For OCers Who Carry A Voice Recorder Or Video
  32. Question for OCers
  33. OK Gov. Fallin signs open carry
  34. It's official oklahoma-gov.-mary-fallin-says-shell-sign-open-carry-gun-measure
  35. A gun on your hip makes you a target...
  36. Open carrier robbed at gunpoint of his money and his gun
  37. Marine get turned away from voting because of OC'ing
  38. Ga man just won the OC/cop lottery
  39. Visitors can carry guns openly in Virginia parks
  40. question for Wisconsin CCW's
  41. LOCAL meetings, May 2, 2012, LaPlace and Shreveport
  42. Walmart Port Angeles Wa OC friendly
  43. Question concerning NC State or Federal OC law regarding financial institutions
  44. Text from the Open Carry flier that we handed out at the Expo Boise gun show
  45. OC interaction with cops video
  46. Going to open carry for first time
  47. Unarmed man attempts gun grab on OC'er
  48. OC while riding a bike
  49. Rev. Jesse Jackson on Oklahoma Open Carry Legislation????? HA!
  50. Kid arrested openly carrying rifle in Birmingham, MI - no laws broken that I can tell
  51. open carry
  52. Interesting LEO Encounter While Open Carrying
  53. Open Carry in PA State Parks?
  54. A New Concern While Open Carrying
  55. Day Hike in North GA, open carry?
  56. How well posted is your Post Office
  57. Open carry.....at the Post Office?????
  58. My Kentucky CCDW License came!
  59. Oklahoma OC Legislation: Wall Street Journal Article
  60. Attended my first Alabama Open Carry meeting tonight.
  61. Open carry in Louisiana.
  62. Yankeejib inspired me... I Also OC'ed All Day Today
  63. I OC'ed all day today.
  64. OK to "Permit" OC
  65. OC get together in Grand Rapids, MI
  66. Oc and the bg attempting to take your weapon
  67. Humorous look at Open Carry...
  68. Glock 30
  69. Florida open carrier stopped by police (vid)
  70. Oklahoma again considering allowing open carry
  71. Grand Rapids, MI man open carries to polls
  72. Regal Cinema bans handguns on premises
  73. New bill helping protect open carry! Utah is getting it right.
  74. Our Starbucks expereince on the 14th....
  75. Is it legal to open carry in Colorado?
  76. First open carry. At Starbucks, no less.
  77. Anyone open carry in Milwaukee?
  78. Oklahoma May Add Churches to Castle Doctrine
  79. Warning About Starbucks Demonstration Today
  80. Reminder: Starbucks Appreciation Day TOMORROW (Tuesday)!!
  81. All you KY CCDW license holders… how long did it take?
  82. Gonzalez v. City of West Milwaukee (7th Cir. Feb. 2, 2012)
  83. Open Carry in Georgia while Riding a Motorcycle?
  84. A terrible mistake with Starbucks
  85. Michigan OC Question
  86. Open Carrying in Urban/Downtown Areas
  87. Starbucks responds
  88. Open Carry Wal-Mart
  89. Cali trying to ban more OC....
  90. Valentines Day
  91. Chief Deputy Brad Stanley of the Forsyth County, NC Sheriff's Office says....
  92. What is your favorite way to OC?
  93. New Mexico 'pecan war.' OCing farmer deters theft.
  94. What do you think OC'ers?
  95. OC question in NC
  96. hawaii gun laws
  97. Open carry issue that I have had in Indiana
  98. Brandished a weapon
  99. Arizona OC...
  100. Do You Remember the 1st Time?
  101. LOCAL Meeting 1-4-2012, LaPlace, La
  102. Get Together! Nampa, Id
  103. Excuse Me Sir....Your Gun is Showing
  104. "See That Man? He's Going To Shoot You!"
  105. Some people do notice
  106. Open carry states ; list?
  107. Alabama Open Carry
  108. Does open carry stop criminals...
  109. LOCAL now has a new website
  110. La OC Meeting Reminder, Dec 7, 2011, LaPlace, Louisiana
  111. Benefits to Open Carry?
  112. Another OC acknowledged as a deterrent.
  113. For those opposed to open carry, I have a question for you.
  114. Never open carried
  115. Question About Open Carry You Tube
  116. Wisconsin 1000' perimeter for schools
  117. OWB holsters & OC for 2D people...
  118. weapons embrace 'open carry'
  119. A Fool Killed First?
  120. Just a thought about open carry
  121. Open Carry "meets" do they really work?
  122. ALERT: WA Ceasefire to push open carry ban in 2012
  123. President of Michigan Open Carry victim of attack journalism
  124. Philly Mark Fiorina-NOT GUILTY
  125. San Leandro Long Gun Open Carry Event
  126. Open Carry In Florida
  127. Any areas in TN, KY, or GA where open carry is required?
  128. OC deters robbery.....Uh oh.
  129. Calif. gov. enacts ban on open handgun carrying
  130. Open carried for the first time today while hunting
  131. Met the new neighbor, while Open Carrying....
  132. Open Carried Today And.....
  133. Huge Alabama Open Carry Meetup This Sat. Oct. 1st
  134. Open carry issues
  135. Okla. lawmakers eye open carry of handguns
  136. Applied for my Indiana LTCH this weekend
  137. OC-er suing police
  138. Anyone See this? California open carry ban?
  139. LOCAL Meeting, Sept 7, 2011, LaPlace, La
  140. OC picnic in Detroit
  141. RC Wiley
  142. Western Idaho Fair: Security and Deputies
  143. Seattle incident stirring debate
  144. glock 19 tac light holster
  145. daughter and carry
  146. Maryland OC
  147. Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground
  148. Saw my first open carry person yesterday
  149. Going to California and have some questions
  150. Time for the August Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL) meeting
  151. My first OC experience- got to teach a gun lawyer a little bit!
  152. Have you OC'ed?
  153. I'm going to OC today.
  154. today seems like a 629 kind of day
  155. BUG in the open?
  156. How Not To Open Carry
  157. Contact with raging OC'er today!
  158. Police Contacts with Open Carry Citizens....
  159. Just food for thought about what has already been said
  160. Legal for Bar owner to carry during business hours?
  161. Murderapolis
  162. Why why why
  163. CC or OC on Army Corps land
  164. Open Carry "works".
  165. what is considerd unloaded
  166. Why I Open Carry, a Boise experience
  167. First time open carrying
  168. open carry legality?
  169. Totally hooked!
  170. SB 234 signed by Florida's Governer.
  171. La OC meeting, July 6, 2011 in LaPlace
  172. OC, CC, or combination?
  173. Chatted with Ft.Worth police officer this weekend.
  174. Not sure how I feel about this
  175. If it is legal, why the hassle?
  176. Traveling to the Cincinnati area...
  177. My first open carry experience
  178. Criminal Mind / Deterrence
  179. How about a shirt that says you are carrying?
  180. Ohio open carry...
  181. Really interesting OC/LEO encounter at Subway...
  182. Some help with Colorado, please?
  183. Philadelphia Police Say They Won't Look the Other Way on Open-Carry Gun Owners
  184. California Assembly Declares that Open Carry is Unnecessary for Buying a Cheeseburger
  185. open carry craigslist encounters?
  186. Argument for Open carry
  187. I know this has been on here before but now it made the paper.....
  188. Carrying long-guns in Texas
  189. OC in rural AZ
  190. Open Carry in Mississippi with a Permit?
  191. Arrested Cali OCer trumps LEOs on related 5th Amendment violation
  192. Spotted my 2nd Open Carrier Tonight
  193. Open carry in US post office
  194. FL House to vote on HB 517 (open carry) tomorrow
  195. Texas advances open carry bill
  196. The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part I
  197. LEO Encounter
  198. Some news on Texas OPEN CARRY
  199. Advantage to open carry?
  200. Gun Expert opposes 'Open Carry' In Florida
  201. Florida Open Carry Bill (SB 234) on Senate floor today
  202. policeone.com article on OC contacts
  203. About to OC for the first time
  204. Any documented cases of an open carry'r being a REAL threat?
  205. Question about Open Carry
  206. The odd similarity...
  207. The Logic of 'Open Carry' and LEO's Attitude
  208. Pulled Over for OC'ing in Kalispell
  209. Local Gun Shop Argues Legality of Open Carry in Alabama
  210. Car carry from NC to Fla?
  211. Open Carry in Georgia
  212. URGENT! SB 234 Press Release - E-mail request from Florida Open-Carry.org
  213. 'Open Carry' Gun Dinner Planned At Detroit Eatery
  214. FL Open Carry Bill Stalled in Committee
  215. Philadelphia police assault open carrier at gunpoint
  216. Florida passes open carry.........
  217. FL Open Carry Bill update
  218. Open Carry Arrest
  219. The People have spoken! – Florida strongly supports open carry!
  220. open-ish carry bill introduced in TX
  221. Attention Florida Permit Holders...Send an email!
  222. Open Carry in NC?
  223. Interesting Open Carry Article
  224. open carry in kansas, lawrence and surrounding area.
  225. LA OC Meeting, Wed, March 2, 2011
  226. Open Carry Advocacy roll out for Texans
  227. Interesting OC Encounter in New Mexico
  228. ALMOST OC'd at Walmart the other day but......
  229. Attention Florida Permit Holders...Send an email!
  230. The Best Defense TV show Open Carry confrontation scenario
  231. Anyone else been thanked for OCing?
  232. Changes to the Open Carry forum
  233. Did the FL OC bill pass?
  234. Two open carry bills in OK
  235. The LEO in "Now this is a LEO encounter"...
  236. La Open Carry monthly Meeting, 2/2/11
  237. Man Open Carries Rifle At Mall And Is Harassed...
  238. Florida Open Carry Bill For and Against........
  239. OC'D in Wal Mart today....been a LONG time.
  240. Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell moves to enforce universal right to open carry
  241. HIT THIS POLL: Sun-Sentinel - Does the open-carry bill show that FL is too gun crazy?
  242. OC more effective then i thought
  243. Arkansas re-ignites activity with the push for open carry
  244. Open Carried at True Grit, Scared Intoxicated Lady
  245. First OC while fishing in Florida
  246. Idaho Meeting!
  247. Florida Open Carry Events Statewide Tomorrow - Expect Press
  248. University of Utah suspends 2 officers for leaking open carry memo.
  249. Yeah... I'm boycotting Frommer.
  250. This is how an OC stop by a cop should go...