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  1. Totally hooked!
  2. SB 234 signed by Florida's Governer.
  3. La OC meeting, July 6, 2011 in LaPlace
  4. OC, CC, or combination?
  5. Chatted with Ft.Worth police officer this weekend.
  6. Not sure how I feel about this
  7. If it is legal, why the hassle?
  8. Traveling to the Cincinnati area...
  9. My first open carry experience
  10. Criminal Mind / Deterrence
  11. How about a shirt that says you are carrying?
  12. Ohio open carry...
  13. Really interesting OC/LEO encounter at Subway...
  14. Some help with Colorado, please?
  15. Philadelphia Police Say They Won't Look the Other Way on Open-Carry Gun Owners
  16. California Assembly Declares that Open Carry is Unnecessary for Buying a Cheeseburger
  17. open carry craigslist encounters?
  18. Argument for Open carry
  19. I know this has been on here before but now it made the paper.....
  20. Carrying long-guns in Texas
  21. OC in rural AZ
  22. Open Carry in Mississippi with a Permit?
  23. Arrested Cali OCer trumps LEOs on related 5th Amendment violation
  24. Spotted my 2nd Open Carrier Tonight
  25. Open carry in US post office
  26. FL House to vote on HB 517 (open carry) tomorrow
  27. Texas advances open carry bill
  28. The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Open Carry Part I
  29. LEO Encounter
  30. Some news on Texas OPEN CARRY
  31. Advantage to open carry?
  32. Gun Expert opposes 'Open Carry' In Florida
  33. Florida Open Carry Bill (SB 234) on Senate floor today
  34. policeone.com article on OC contacts
  35. About to OC for the first time
  36. Any documented cases of an open carry'r being a REAL threat?
  37. Question about Open Carry
  38. The odd similarity...
  39. The Logic of 'Open Carry' and LEO's Attitude
  40. Pulled Over for OC'ing in Kalispell
  41. Local Gun Shop Argues Legality of Open Carry in Alabama
  42. Car carry from NC to Fla?
  43. Open Carry in Georgia
  44. URGENT! SB 234 Press Release - E-mail request from Florida Open-Carry.org
  45. 'Open Carry' Gun Dinner Planned At Detroit Eatery
  46. FL Open Carry Bill Stalled in Committee
  47. Philadelphia police assault open carrier at gunpoint
  48. Florida passes open carry.........
  49. FL Open Carry Bill update
  50. Open Carry Arrest
  51. The People have spoken! – Florida strongly supports open carry!
  52. open-ish carry bill introduced in TX
  53. Attention Florida Permit Holders...Send an email!
  54. Open Carry in NC?
  55. Interesting Open Carry Article
  56. open carry in kansas, lawrence and surrounding area.
  57. LA OC Meeting, Wed, March 2, 2011
  58. Open Carry Advocacy roll out for Texans
  59. Interesting OC Encounter in New Mexico
  60. ALMOST OC'd at Walmart the other day but......
  61. Attention Florida Permit Holders...Send an email!
  62. The Best Defense TV show Open Carry confrontation scenario
  63. Anyone else been thanked for OCing?
  64. Changes to the Open Carry forum
  65. Did the FL OC bill pass?
  66. Two open carry bills in OK
  67. The LEO in "Now this is a LEO encounter"...
  68. La Open Carry monthly Meeting, 2/2/11
  69. Man Open Carries Rifle At Mall And Is Harassed...
  70. Florida Open Carry Bill For and Against........
  71. OC'D in Wal Mart today....been a LONG time.
  72. Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell moves to enforce universal right to open carry
  73. HIT THIS POLL: Sun-Sentinel - Does the open-carry bill show that FL is too gun crazy?
  74. OC more effective then i thought
  75. Arkansas re-ignites activity with the push for open carry
  76. Open Carried at True Grit, Scared Intoxicated Lady
  77. First OC while fishing in Florida
  78. Idaho Meeting!
  79. Florida Open Carry Events Statewide Tomorrow - Expect Press
  80. University of Utah suspends 2 officers for leaking open carry memo.
  81. Yeah... I'm boycotting Frommer.
  82. This is how an OC stop by a cop should go...
  83. Are cops obligated to respond to a MWAG call?
  84. 5am OC Parking Lot LEO Encounter
  85. christmas eve wally world LEO encounter.
  86. Okay folks...
  87. My Detainment for Open Carry
  88. Open Carry Stop in Livermore, California
  89. I wasn't ready for this question
  90. The realities of Open Carry
  91. Now this is a LEO encounter!
  92. FL Open Carry Bill Filed SB-234
  93. Shreveport/North Louisiana get-together!
  94. Getting started...
  95. New pants for OC
  96. Need OC Info for a Doubter
  97. La Open Carry Meeting, Dec 1, 2010
  98. Negative OC reaction
  99. Tampa Fox 13 News - Open carry movement comes to Florida
  100. Responsible and Sensible OC In California
  101. Question about OC
  102. Looking for info to repeal ban
  103. Lets rephrase!!
  104. Really want to try open carrying but......
  105. Open carry in Boise
  106. What are your thoughts on this?
  107. Anyone (else) been charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon while OCing?
  108. Open carry Event in FL Nov 6: held simultaneously in Daytona Beach, Tampa, St. Augus
  109. Huge milestone in Michigan reached
  110. Yet another FL poll - Hit this poll
  111. La OC meeting, Nov 3, 2010
  112. Florida Open Carry Petition
  113. Open Carry Handgun Retention.......
  114. examiner.com - Janet Reno's Ban on Open Carry in Florida
  115. Poll and News, Orlando Sentinel - Movement under way to let Floridians openly tote...
  116. Rick Scott Promises to Sign Open Carry Bill for Florida
  117. Judge rules Wisconsin concealed carry ban unconstitutional
  118. Nov 6th, Florida Open Carry Events in Five (5) Cities and Counting!
  119. Wisconsin Carry, Inc fast-tracking Open Carrry lawsuit against Madison Police Dept
  120. Florida Open Carry holds events across Central Florida - Examiner.com
  121. Why OC unless you have to? Food for Thought
  122. OCed my 1st time
  123. New order for Philly police on OC
  124. Going into the land of open carry once again
  125. Current OC Meetings In Alabama
  126. La monthly OC meeting Oct 6, 2010
  127. Interesting observation
  128. Here is the Wisconsin mentality for Open Carry... What a Disgrace
  129. Anywhere You Think People Should NOT Carry?
  130. MPD Responds to Open Carry Incident
  131. Going through KS, CO, can i open carry in car?
  132. My first OC was a non event
  133. Is a handgun in an IWB holster with the grip exposed considered open carry?
  134. Nebraska OC
  135. Bill to Ban Open Carry in California Fails to Get Vote, and Dies
  136. Doofas reacts to OC
  137. A little education
  138. Kroger Open Carry
  139. Disarmed today by Las Vegas Metro officer
  140. "What would happen if you shoot that gun?"
  141. OC in PA?
  142. I think I almost got mugged the other night..
  143. VA town ordinance prohibiting open carry!?!?!?!?
  144. Utah - Open Carry question for ccw holders...
  145. A warning or an invitation?
  146. Going armed to the education of the public
  147. OK that was interesting......
  148. Big R in Great Falls, MT
  149. pistol dangling
  150. Who had weak leg syndrome when they first OC'ed?
  151. La OC monthly meeting, Sept 1, 2010
  152. Texan legal to OC in La ?
  153. OC in Michigan?
  154. Gun ban lifted at Arts, Beats & Eats
  155. The New Wild West
  156. OC vs. Drunk Driving ( not what you think)
  157. Funny incident when driving home
  158. open carry in AL & attorney general opinions
  159. AF OSI Oper Carrying off base in town
  160. To talk or not to talk
  161. Apparently, I'm young and hip
  162. FYI open carry in Michigan gun free zones not so cut and dried
  163. Door to door security guy
  164. Are there places you don't OC?
  165. OC'd in two bars last night.
  166. Post pictures of your rig
  167. La OC Meeting, August 4, 2010
  168. Do You Run Your Recorder All the Time?
  169. BIG stores policys
  170. quick question
  171. My first open carry day!
  172. What Happened? Nothing, really.
  173. Awkward LEO encounter
  174. Makes me wish an IQ test was required
  175. (Open carry) "Help, Officer, he brandished his weapon at me!"..."No i didn't!!"
  176. Hampton, VA Gun show
  177. Baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
  178. Florida Open Carry Event - August 7th 2010 - Dayton Beach Area
  179. What to expect?
  180. Is there a New York State law regarding Open Carry?
  181. Open carry event planned in Acadia National Park. "Maine" Rain or Shine
  182. To brandish or not to brandish?
  183. Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
  184. OC as "display"???
  185. Anyone have a J-frame Smart Carry?
  186. OC Story on Fox 4 Tonight @ 9PM(Dallas)
  187. OCed for the first time today
  188. During a WWW...
  189. Please sign the New Florida Open Carry Petition ASAP!
  190. Best day ever
  191. Question
  192. Asked why I carry
  193. My General Observations Regarding Open-Carry (in Minnesota)
  194. Open carry in MT?
  195. Open Carry Booth At Alabama Gun Show This Weekend
  196. need some help with the wife....
  197. Myth buster
  198. La OC monthly meeting July 7, 2010
  199. Supreme Court shoots down Chicago!
  200. GA OC question
  201. Female OCers of Virginia, article in British Marie Claire
  202. I hope everyone likes this
  203. Tailed by an LEO
  204. Forgive Me A Cruel Chuckle...
  205. Local LEO's and open carry
  206. Excellent Customer Service
  207. You may remember my last LEO encounter, This one was so much better
  208. NC OC where CC isn't allowed?
  209. OC Sort-of
  210. My wife and OC
  211. VCDL - Open Carry Revisited
  212. This is one technique
  213. "The [fill in-the-State-Name] Tuck"
  214. Boycotting businesses that ban firearms
  215. Off-duty LEO in Texas
  216. OC yesterday at local city park
  217. Sears and Kmart - Defense Free Zones
  218. California Anti-Open Carry Law
  219. Why open carry?
  220. Short news video regarding open carry, Vallejo, Ca
  221. Cabellas is anti OC
  222. Does OC Make Gun Size a Non-Issue?
  223. I wish every OC could be like this
  224. Just got a call from a friend on a motorcycle trip who had an encounter in OK
  225. La OC meeting, Wed, June 2, 2010
  226. Open Carry observation in Maine
  227. Police Encounter -Round Table Pizza- University Place, WA
  228. Ultimatum From the Rabbi
  229. I got MWAG'd yesterday evening.
  230. Single guys, question about the approach to women
  231. I OC'ed a tad yesterday.
  232. Indiana open carry question
  233. Small LEO OC Encounter
  234. Florida Open Carry Event, Saturday July 3rd
  235. Florida Open Carry petition
  236. question for those in Wisconsin
  237. partial oc?
  238. Open carry in the rain
  239. Georgia: Open Carry v Concealed
  240. Less threatening?
  241. OC for first time
  242. I really hope someone does not run across this guy and base their opinion on him
  243. Texas Rifle law
  244. So I was open carrying at the grocery store
  245. I'm just wondering would anyone OC in Bar Harbor, Maine
  246. Connecticut Open Carry
  247. open carried all day!
  248. Ban on 'open carry' of guns progresses
  249. Another confrontation in Wally World
  250. I cannot believe I said this