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  1. Footage from local 2nd Amendment March
  2. thread about open carry on BB.com
  3. Open Carry Map
  4. Open Carry poll in Wall Street Journal
  5. Odd occuranc while OCing
  6. Gun-Rights Advocates Open a New Front
  7. Need some advise/computer chair quarterbacking.
  8. Wallet Card for Open Carry?
  9. Open carry in ct?????
  10. Strange question about OC and appearance
  11. incident while OCing
  12. 2nd Annual La Crosse County Open Carry Picnic May 16, 2010
  13. concerned and need advice
  14. Saw somebody OC'ing at Chipotle in Chandler, AZ today
  15. My NRA instructor was very against open carry
  16. A bit insulting, but funny - Daily Show
  17. Open Carry tomorrow
  18. First open carry experience.
  19. OC today to National Forest & Dairy Queen
  20. OC on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  21. Responses I got today while open carrying.
  22. Bad Encounter with Manager @ Gander Mountain
  23. Do Women who OC get same result as Men?
  24. OC season is officially open!
  25. I'm going to see what all the fuss is about today
  26. OC Holster Question....
  27. Trip to Food City
  28. LA OC group meeting for April 2010
  29. OC at Target in Saginaw
  30. What do people think about OC?
  31. Do I need an FOID when taveling through IL?
  32. First open carry in Flint MI
  33. MSNBC Video on man open carrying at town meeting on healthcare
  34. OC Thread on T-Nation.com
  35. Issue in Michigan
  36. Funny comment on OC
  37. PAFOA Members "Thrown Out" at Bass Pro
  38. under 21
  39. First open carry with new G19
  40. Veterans Administration Dr.
  41. Police ticket man who wore gun in store (WA)
  42. Prince William County police get it right (OC)
  43. Letter to the Editior...
  44. Not a big fan of open carry
  45. Interesting conversation at Walmarts tonight
  46. OC in NC
  47. Open carry in alabama getting news coverage
  48. A lesson learned
  49. What am I missing?
  50. First Open Carry, Great Experience
  51. Worst OC I've seen! Wow!!!
  52. OC at Starbucks tonight
  53. Open carry at Cracker Barrel
  54. Stopped by cops for Open carry on Campus-Video. What do you think?
  55. Do you OC based on you mood?
  56. Arizona OC Culture?!
  57. Opencarry.org forums down
  58. Educating Wait Staff in a Virginia Restaurant
  59. Dress Style / Choice of Physical Appearance-MERGED
  60. OC and Starbucks on CBS news
  61. Decided ... heck with it....
  62. First Time Open Carry..
  63. OC in Santa Maria, CA Walmart today
  64. Virginia State Parks OC question.
  65. ABCNews: Understanding the 'Guy With the Gun'
  66. wow what a poor excuse of a cop
  67. My first Open Carry Experience
  68. what is "open carry?"
  69. I thought OC was a no-no in Texas??
  70. Have You Ever Deterred a Crime?
  71. Good coverage of VA "open carry" gun meeting
  72. If a LEO grabs your gun...
  73. NRA not pro OC in Va State Forest
  74. OC: Brady Campaign Starbucks letter writing
  75. La OC group meeting for March 2010
  76. "Unconcealed gun causes stir in Prosser restaurant"
  77. Back to Kansas once again
  78. Weapon mounted light for OC?
  79. oc carry in mississippi
  80. Do Open Carry Advocates Help Or Hurt Gun Rights?
  81. Open carry deters armed robbery in Kennesaw Ga.
  82. My email response from Starbucks
  83. WI State Trooper harasses law-abiding Open-Carrier. Demonstration this Sunday
  84. Oklahoma Open Carry Poll
  85. Allowed to OC a loaded weapon w no license?
  86. Using a Recording Device
  87. California police detective advocates shooting of open carrying citizens.
  88. Seattle Gun Ban lifted
  89. Oc in crowded areas
  90. Wal-Mart
  91. Poll Should Starbuck Allow Guns In Their Stores???
  92. OC situation in Richmond, VA Brnes & Noble
  93. OC to medical building went well
  94. OC in Wal-Mart Wendover Ave & Brifdord Parkway, Greensboro, NC.
  95. First OC Today
  96. Do any African Amercians open carry?
  97. Starbucks Allows Open Carry, Brady Campaign Whines
  98. Pistol Packin' Ladies!
  99. OC at my house
  100. Travel this summer to TN
  101. Need Advice on Open vs Concealed MOC
  102. Peet's and CPK tell Open Carry customers: No guns allowed
  103. KC,MO open carry?
  104. Another great open carry story...
  105. Utah Open Carry Dinner Meet!
  106. Louisiana OC monthly meeting 2/3/10
  107. Open Carry Noob, Critique My Attire
  108. You get with OC...
  109. OC in Virginia
  110. Michigan Camping
  111. FL permit in TN
  112. OC Downtown Vegas 1-30-10
  113. OC on the Las Vegas strip
  114. Incident When Leaving OC Breakfast
  115. Great OC dinner experience
  116. first time open carry
  117. Cool OC thing
  118. OC in Elmore Co. Alabama
  119. Open Carry in Florida
  120. Bay Area OC group member held during TV interview
  121. Better Wal Mart experience last night.
  122. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. files civil suit against Wisconsin
  123. Do you support an open carry permit?
  124. opencarry.org forum down...
  125. What do you say to this...??
  126. La OC group meeting for February 2010
  127. OCing in Yard: Got Patrol officer in trouble
  128. obama new law
  129. OC in a Montana bank?
  130. OC Breakfast In St. Paul MN
  131. Discussion with a Co-Worker about OC today
  132. Approached by LEO at gas station in alabama
  133. Open carry inside house in a concealed carry state...
  134. Great OC today at Home Depot
  135. OC'ing in LA
  136. Florida OC while hunting, fishing, or camping
  137. OC while fishing
  138. LOCAL Meeting Jan 6, 2010
  139. Security Guard tries to take pistol from OC'er.
  140. SECOND AMENDMENT - What do you think?
  141. Open Carry Question - Why?
  142. Larry the Cable Guy
  143. I think I scared the pizza man
  144. NRA Stance on OC?-MERGED
  145. Went to Skyline Chili with the Wife...
  146. Confronted at Walmart
  147. Carry While Naked
  148. Open carry with IWB?
  149. Traveling to GA.....open carry?
  150. Painless encounter
  151. Montana No Guns Signs
  152. Can you OC in Illinois, what are their gun laws? WI peeps too.
  153. 74 year old man arrested in San Jose CA for OC near a school
  154. Utah - Open carry ?????
  155. For Pa... How come i don't see more people open carry...
  156. LEO encounter at the Del Mar Gunshow
  157. Open carry with Husband at WW
  158. Thoughts on OC while riding a motorcycle?
  159. OC'ed in Red Lobster
  160. OC in Springfield Ohio
  161. i need help on the rules of arizona oc
  162. Family get together
  163. Snickering at Wally World
  164. South Carolina Open Carry?
  165. First LEO encounter while OC-ing
  166. LEO's from another state - In your state
  167. Printing...?
  168. Not really and issue, but an good encounter with the PD
  169. Funny little conversation with me neighbor
  170. Louisiana OC group gets organized
  171. If YOU OC: Places you personally choose not to OC?
  172. Tis the Season - For Open Carry
  173. INTERESTING and GREAT OC today
  174. Open carried in front of a cop for the first time carrying
  175. Discussion with another TN HCP holder and his badge
  176. Why no loaded guns in cars where legal to OC
  177. For those in PA who want to open carry but are AFRAID to
  178. Florida open carry petition
  179. Ignorant LEO try'n to bust my chops
  180. OC shortly before/after work.
  181. funny OC in Virginia
  182. Hiking in Arizona
  183. open carry accident led to being held at gunpoint
  184. News clip - OCing in Kalifornia
  185. Driving thru SC, GA and Florida
  186. An OC that I did not like.
  187. Taco Bell+Open Carry=LEO's
  188. Answering the door
  189. Would this be justified?
  190. Gotta love Montana Highway Patrol!
  191. A funny OC today
  192. Oc in Pa with Florida ccw
  193. First OC in Louisiana
  194. OC in Skeeters BBQ - Selinsgrove, PA
  195. Carrying while wearing PJs
  196. Got nervous walking by a LEO while OCing tonight
  197. OC question for SD
  198. Missouri Conservation Areas
  199. Open Carry photos from the Nov. 5th Utah dinner meet
  200. OC in a small town
  201. NC OC questions
  202. Texas Business Owner Open-Carry?
  203. Wisconsin Open Carry Question
  204. Day 1
  205. A fleeting thought of 'Wouldn't it be nice?'
  206. Question about Night Sights
  207. OC Highway Cleanup
  208. KOMO 4 - OpenCarry.org gathering against Mayor Nickels' Gun Ban in Seattle
  209. First OC in VA
  210. Non-resident open carry in PA?
  211. Passing through Virginia: OC issues?
  212. FL resident, may I OC in GA?
  213. Approached while OC'ing
  214. Open carry around Lookout Mountain Georgia
  215. question
  216. Open Carry in SC??
  217. New site for Ky open carry meetings
  218. Was asked to leave a Cinemark theater
  219. Gun Bearer Has Pointed Discussion With Police Officer
  220. Power Point Primer for Terry stops and open carry
  221. Open Carried for the 1st time
  222. What is your most asked question?
  223. OC in Maryland or Delaware?
  224. Felt relieved
  225. Should I Open Carry?
  226. Melanie Hain shot and killed today
  227. LEO/Texaco Cashier in N. KY
  228. Need help on NM. Taking a trip, CHL is good except in New Mexico.
  229. Open carry attire and perception
  230. Open Carry Hassles...
  231. Finally happened, Bad OC encounter...with a twist
  232. From VCDL ALLERT
  233. Who cares how the sheep feels?!!!
  234. Why is OC prohibited in Denver?
  235. Thinking of OC here in Virginia
  236. My first day of OC. Just got my permit in the mail today!
  237. $21000.00 won in suit over legal carry
  238. Open Carry in Ohio
  239. OCed a M4
  240. Opry Mills mall in TN.
  241. OC in Rowan County, NC
  242. OC with your spouse?
  243. My first experiences
  244. Chicken Tenders and OC
  245. Had positive OC experiences
  246. What percent of Colorado citizens carry?
  247. Positive open carry in alabama today.
  248. IKEA is Anti-Concealed Carry and Open Carry Store and presumed anti-RTBA
  249. Pennsylvania.......CC or OC or both ?
  250. OC @ sub shop