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  1. Ohio Open Carry
  2. Open-carry fight moves to Kroger
  3. Open carry for non -resident in Oklahoma
  4. Seen my first OC'er today...
  5. Will Pushing OC Hurt CC.
  6. My Parents Open Carry Kids Book
  7. LOCAL Newsletter for August 2014 is out.
  8. Assisted Opening Knives in Florida?
  9. Now this is scary......
  10. deterrence question
  11. The SAFEST place to eat in Colorado......Waitresses Open Carry
  12. Driving to Open Carry Country!
  13. Open carry in New York State
  14. Mayor of KC looks to ban open carry
  15. First time Out of state OC. Odd Indiana restriction.
  16. Colorado Members, I Know You're Out There!!
  17. OC + weapon security fail = dead
  18. Fourth of July OC - TN & KY
  19. Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO
  20. I saw three open carriers in the wild...in ONE DAY
  21. LOCAL Meetings and Newsletter for July 2014
  22. Open Carry in National Forest?
  23. Missouri now open carry?
  24. Targets reaction to the OC demonstration
  25. Good experience in OC friendly North Carolina
  26. Am i in the wrong frame of mind here?
  27. Kansas ..... open carry .... July 1 .... 100% of the state- legal now
  28. Question for the pro gun people
  29. Brandishing shotgun?
  30. New MSNBC fail
  31. A radio hosts plan-get-open-carriers-killed
  32. Jerry Miculek's take on open carry vs concealed carry
  33. Did my first OC Wally Walk Tonight... TWICE
  34. Tense encounter between open-carry advocate and police
  35. First time Open Carry today - on a bike
  36. Open Carry the way it should happen everywhere
  37. Truism Posted Last Day or Two and a Mod Losing His Mind
  38. Spoof on Open Carry
  39. OC during the Estate Sale
  40. OC in Michigan ??
  41. Downrange TV radio comments on OCTX
  42. Should I OC until I get my CCL?
  43. State to State CHL Question
  44. ‘Open Carry’ Gun Fight Moves to Target Stores
  45. Open Carry Paid Off Last Night
  46. Nra/ila support & criticism
  47. Consequences to your actions,,,,,,,,Sonic robbed....
  48. NRA
  49. LOCAL Meetings and Newsletter for June 2014
  50. OK - Mothers Demand Action thrown out of OK Chipotle during Open Carry Rally
  51. Why OC?.
  52. One more benefit with Open Carry
  53. Sonic & Chili's: Leave guns at home
  54. Open Carry Person at Wal-Mart
  55. Open Long gun carry
  56. Open Carry Texas Visits Chili's & Sonic
  57. 01 July 2014 in Kansas
  58. Open Carry Groups Come Out Against Long Gun Carry In Businesses
  59. Weapon Retention...Do you practice?
  60. POLL: Your preference for visibly carrying a long arm
  61. POLL: Your preference for visibly carrying a sidearm
  62. Worst open carry rig ever?
  63. Chipotle style open carry event.
  64. Open carry in Arkansas
  65. Open carry demonstration in Texas
  66. can LEO consficate your weapon
  67. Local City Council does not allow OC event.
  68. Open Carry Demonstrations. Liberals Pretending To Be 2nd Amendment Supporters ?
  69. Bill Jordan holsters?
  70. Legality of showing someone your firearm?
  71. Open Carry Texas at Jack in the Box (or was it McDonalds?!)
  72. been a good gun day
  73. LOCAL Newsletter for May 2014
  74. LOCAL Meetings for May 2014
  75. Bad encounter of OC, Weird reaction of an Open Carry person
  76. Got asked if I had a permit.
  77. my day to day set up
  78. Open carry advocates can put police in tough situations
  79. Books-A-Million Is Carry-Friendly
  80. Is there a limit to what you can OC?
  81. WallyWorld trip
  82. Food for Debate Article
  83. Interestig OC (non)Reaction The Other Day
  84. Oc in tn ?
  85. What's wrong with this OC rig?
  86. LOCAL Newsletter for April 2014 is Out.
  87. Ever wonder how many carryiers you passed by today?!
  88. LOCAL Meetings for April 2014
  89. Are 'Open Carry Chicks' and similar people making gun owners look bad?
  90. Spotted open carry in play park
  91. Open carry on the Motorcycle today
  92. Eureka Springs City Council Doesn't Want Guns In their City
  93. Great experience in Austin Texas,,,,,,,the word is getting out
  94. First time open carry in Kentucky - no issues.
  95. LOCAL Meetings for March 2014
  96. Taking a rifle on a motorcycle? (Indiana)
  97. Somewhat funny and somewhat sad
  98. Would you be unconcerned or uncomfortable if:
  99. Open Carry in Whataburger (Just outside Of Houston)
  100. Help me understand
  101. Man who OC'ed rifle in the mall is moving
  102. Wendy Davis & Open Carry ?
  103. OC in PA. & Stores , Restaurants
  104. Positive Open Carry Experiance
  105. Open carry in Wisconsin problems?
  106. Grand Rapids, MI Mayor: "Guns Make Us Less Safe"
  107. Another Good OC Story
  108. I agree with open carry however.....
  109. Thoughts/Opinions about open carry
  110. The Kroger Walk?
  111. Good OC experience
  112. Accidental exposure of cc weapon...
  113. OC long guns
  114. SC S 115, Constitutional Carry on the Judiciay Committee Agenda
  115. First time OC
  116. Local sheriff recommends wasting resources watching OCers....
  117. OC Lawsuit
  118. Legality of suing an anti over 911 harassment?
  119. Does holster type effect public perception ?
  120. Christmas carry almost a nightmare!
  121. First time OC tonight. One person offended
  122. How do we get Society on Board - Realistically
  123. Man who carried AR-15 on his back inside mall says charges not warranted
  124. Can vs Should: when Can turns bad
  125. OC effect on CC?
  126. LOCAL Meetings for January 2014
  127. Saw someone open carrying in Texas
  128. OC Experiment by Local News
  129. December 14 is approaching
  130. Flying to Denver tomorrow. Carry?
  131. Warning to Baton Rouge members who carry!
  132. Join LOCAL. December 2013 meetings
  133. It finally happened...
  134. Is It A Good Idea to Open Carry, Knowing What Will Happen? But to Promote Right?
  135. Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh interview after release from jail
  136. Good training video of an arrest in Temple Texas over 2a rights. Learn.
  137. Why so much bashing of visible carrying?
  138. Open carriers at farmer's market have another encounter with police.
  139. Open Carrier Wins Unlawful Detention Suit
  140. Getting detained or arrested for doing nothing illegal, happening more often
  141. " You Gotta Gun"
  142. Open carry question
  143. No purchase permit in NC help
  144. Open Carry and Attempted Gun Grabs
  145. Yet another benefit of open carry
  146. Florida open carry
  147. Can't believe people!
  148. Explain this sign to me.
  149. MWAG Email
  150. Open Carry FED Lawsuit Pro Se defendent wins (Oregon)
  151. Open Carry DGU
  152. New OC'er in WA
  153. If you live in NC....tomorrow is our day....PTL......
  154. In-Laws own safes full of guns, against OC/CC.
  155. OC of loaded firearm in NM State Parks - legal after 1/1/13 if you have a CHL?
  156. I bought this Holster for my car
  157. Must watch video...
  158. OC / Sbux and Tom Gresham
  159. Went shopping today...
  160. Open Carry PA. Gettysburg
  161. Open Carry and corporate coffee
  162. Protest of WI Open Carry Law planned
  163. Why would anyone OC an AR-15???
  164. Starbucks caved in...
  165. Article: [Wisconsin's] open carry law should be repealed
  166. Dropped my wife off at Target...
  167. Open Carry, Texas Style video.
  168. Ladies open carry in Walmart questioned by police
  169. Many gun owners want gun control
  170. Paralyzed Vet Arrested (TX DPS)for having Black Powder Gun (see Article)
  171. Easing the mind of some anti-open carriers
  172. First time Virginia
  173. "Outed" By a Cops Wife
  174. POLL: Primary motivating reasons for you openly carrying a firearm?
  175. Why open carry, if you can carry concealed?
  176. Follow-up: Birminghan Teen's Lawsuit Dismissed
  177. I got a valuable lesson today (for free)
  178. First time OC this weekend
  179. Very pleasant experience yesterday
  180. CCW in Maryland?
  181. Plan to OC my rifle in Texas, need some pointers
  182. Does AR still issue concealed carry permits?
  183. Educating the public
  184. Open Carry rifle incident in TX
  185. Take gun to job?
  186. Could I?
  187. Open Carry now legal in Mississippi
  188. Open Carry now legal in Mississippi
  189. All you open carriers will be the first ones shot says Home Land Security.
  190. Nice experience OC'ing today
  191. Thanked an OC'er at work today
  192. Nut jobs calling for Starbucks gun ban
  193. Oh bloody hell...
  194. Think I have made a decision on my first OC
  195. Way to go!
  196. Defensive carry method, when carrying openly -- sidearms, long guns
  197. Another attention whore
  198. is open carry brandishing?
  199. Open Carry detered would-be Criminal
  200. First time OC for a gal - wasn't too bad
  201. to the open carry crowd
  202. Arkansas Carry plans ‘open carry’ protest walk
  203. Misinformed Trucker?
  204. OCer in Washington State
  205. WHy the anti OC in this OC section???
  206. During my dog walk.
  207. Contingencies of Open Carry & Concealed Carry
  208. A fine Sunday in Corpus Christi
  209. So how do you handle this?
  210. Is It Wrong to OC AN AR15?
  211. Man open carrys a shotgun in D.C.
  212. Man Walks Neighborhood With Rifle
  213. The Open Carry Visible To All
  214. New to Firearm Ownership
  215. About to join the OC party
  216. Personal Space while OCing
  217. Interesting experience
  218. Lether high rise holster for 3.8 xDM 45
  219. Walmart Firearm Policy
  220. 1911
  221. Nevada Gun Owners
  222. Is open carry a bad idea?
  223. Today reminded me why I enjoy open carrying...
  224. OC'd for first time today
  225. Independence Day OC at Citywide Celebration: No MWAG Calls
  226. TN CCW Class Instructor - OC Bad
  227. Open carry thoughts about interactions with others....
  228. MN Automobile Carry Question (Have Carry Permit)
  229. If OC was the only legal choice, would you?
  230. Good Guy/Bad Guy-So how is an LEO supposed to know?
  231. My first run-in with an open carrier
  232. CCer "stops" and disagrees with OCer
  233. A current case
  234. So I never open carry, except in my home but I still had an experience yesterday :)
  235. OC Profiling & assumptions
  236. Open carry in Gander Mtn
  237. First time
  238. Texas Open Carry
  239. Carry on a motorcycle - in Kentucky with no KY CCDW permit
  240. what level of retention
  241. Rob Pincus: when to, and not to OC
  242. im lucky i live in ga
  243. So how many other Illinois are in shock right now. Could it actually be?
  244. OC Double Standard (Handguns OK, Rifles a No-No?)
  245. No Open Carry sign at Smashburger
  246. I don't get it?
  247. What is going on with open carry in Arkansas?
  248. This is good...Michael Moore Gets It Handed To Him
  249. Holiday weekend
  250. Cowboy rig for modern pistol?