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  1. Florida Open Carry Protests - The Next Level
  2. Carrying in your hand
  3. Open carrying two handguns at once
  4. got asked to leave the mall today....
  5. You're doing it wrong.
  6. Macon Cherry Blossom Festival - Illegal Weapons Ban in Public Park
  7. Florida sheriff promotes OC, says people are safer
  8. not convinced home vs Carry
  9. Open Carried for the first time yesterday!
  10. Masked, Armed & Armored men enter police station...
  11. Compact or not?
  12. Examples of Problems Encountered By OC'ers
  13. TN Bill introduced to allow permitless open carry in Tennessee
  14. Is this holster , sutable for open carry ?
  15. PA open carry need clarification
  16. Open carry risk; gun grabs
  17. Support for open carry.
  18. New to Alabama - OC clarification?
  19. Video of a traffic stop of a motorcyclist open carrying
  20. Oldman45 is back thanks to a very nice person with the site now to OC
  21. [Colorado] Open Carry Questions
  22. 9 months 18 days later...first OC spotted
  23. To OC or not to OC.....
  24. Brandishing Weapon [Wisconsin]
  25. Open Carry at State Fair of Texas
  26. Open Carry Law Clarification
  27. OC section ... actually being about OC
  28. An Open Carry observation I had
  29. Open Carry Observation
  30. I got pranked this evening
  31. About to walk out the door OCing.
  32. Open carry reciprocity
  33. Gun to the neck? No problem, AZ woman just shoots him
  34. OC and Recent Events
  35. Cleveland RNC and open carry
  36. OC # 1 today
  37. Open Carry: what could go wrong? [Dallas Shooting]
  38. Video of refreshing LEO encounter with open carrier.
  39. Open carry is really good for the concealed carry people also.
  40. MSNBC Poll - Go Vote!
  41. Minor league ball team has open carry night during game.
  42. Will we be seeing more OC?
  43. The Official Civil OC versus CC Discussion Thread
  44. OC'd Today (Again)
  45. OC in Northeast Ohio
  46. CCP permit holder averts mass shooting in Chicago
  47. Open Carry Texas offers escort for LGBT pride events
  48. 9th bans concealed carry
  49. OC versus CC in specific states
  50. CC Tries OC in Texas, No One Dies
  51. OC in TN (Pigeon Forge and Sevierville) AAR
  52. OC in Denton/Dallas?
  53. Holster for HK USP45 Open Carry (with light)
  54. I Saw An OC Today ??? (I Think)
  55. O.C.'d Today & Interacton with LEO's
  56. Texas does not have open carry
  57. OC robbed of his gun
  58. Texas OC question.
  59. Open carry rifle
  60. April 22, 2016 - Saw Open-Carry Being Exercised Here In Texas
  61. First week open carry
  62. Is it worth the hassle to OC, if the police question you all the time? Opinion
  63. OC to be allowed GOP convention Tx
  64. 1st Time Asked To Remove My Firearm
  65. Pigeon Forge, TN
  66. Another OC Restaurant
  67. Oklahoma OC
  68. OCer mad momd by male mom...
  69. Open Carry Hitchhiking in Oregon
  70. Duty to Inform - Michigan
  71. started point and shoot
  72. Open Carriers..Ambassadors of the Firearms Community?
  73. Banning INDIVIDUALS From A Business
  74. First licenced OC arrest in Tx.
  75. How to go about getting a handgun under the age of 21
  76. Georgia Open Carry
  77. Local News Article (Your Thoughts)
  78. Open carry in Texas 'much ado about nothing,' despite doomsayers' predictions
  79. Carry Condition Poll
  80. Your best guess of how many citizens OC in America?
  81. A question of safety.
  82. How do we prove OC deters criminals?
  83. Concealed to open carry
  84. Virginia Man robbed of OCed gun...
  85. Permit in one state resident in another..
  86. Florida Open Carry, Update.
  87. FBI Data Belies Air Force Claim That Open Carry Stops 'Many' Shooters
  88. Open Carry LEO Answers
  89. Why are people 'for' open carry?
  90. Trader Joes under attack, please help!
  91. Liberty Mutual HQ Irving, TX 30.06 & 30.07 Signs
  92. The Crazy World We Live In...
  93. 30.06 and 30.07 Signs at Applebys
  94. Texas Chick Fil A no open carry
  95. Texas Barbecue Gun
  96. Why not open and concealed carry?
  97. Dallas Morning News Article says Open Carry Backfired on CHL's - I think not...
  98. My 1st Time Tx Open Carry
  99. OCer in Connecticut refuses to ID
  100. Austin Taxi Cab Company worried about OC'er as customers
  101. Open Carry Responsibilities
  102. The true patriot takes the risks.
  103. Another good interview KERA
  104. I Thought This Was a Stupid Question, But.........
  105. Apartment rules
  106. DART to Call police on open carriers
  107. Disappointed by Texas
  108. With OC being legal in Texas does that mean I can partially conceal now?
  109. CJ interviewed by BBC radio... Oh my!Oh my!
  110. Food for thought on OC in Texas
  111. Blood Flowing in Texas Streets Due to OC
  112. Kroger and open carry in Texas
  113. Texas Open Carriers
  114. Saw OC - Panic ensued
  115. HPD and OC
  116. Texas Open Carry and My local PD.
  117. Getting ready for open carry
  118. Rattled and shaken after seeing open carry in a grocery store
  119. LEO buddies have negative outlook on OC..
  120. Houston police prepare for OC in TX
  121. HEB in Texas no open carry
  122. Nueces County Tx above the law.
  123. Gun Control Group Tells Followers to SWAT Open Carriers
  124. One Step Closer for Florida open carry.
  125. Open carry in the neighborhood? Yea or nay?
  126. NC OCer Assists Police in Arrest
  127. Pennsylvania open carry (except Philly)
  128. Any recommendations for first OWB?
  129. Texas Open Carry Coming Soon
  130. Israeli Border Patrol attacked on Duty
  131. Texas Open Carry
  132. Saw Two OCers in Two Weeks!
  133. Good Advice From OCT
  134. Some mass shootings that were stopped by CC holders, etc.
  135. I thought this was pretty cool
  136. 30.07 free of charge.
  137. Michigan Gun Owners Split on CC/OC in Schools
  138. Just Wearing Holster until 1Jan?
  139. Open Carry trick or treat
  140. Halloween brought out the weird old man in me
  141. Open carry woes for Florida and concealed Carry Badges
  142. Do it better.
  143. Old site but even more aplicable today
  144. Live Fire Qualification
  145. Changed my thinking on OC a bit
  146. Clothing: Concealed or Open
  147. Open carry question
  148. Arizona Campus shooting
  149. Florida House Committee Approves Open Carry
  150. Florida house committee approves open carry legislation.
  151. Joe Pags radio show
  152. The October LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  153. OC Conversation Advice
  154. Just Curious - Why OC?
  155. Interesting Take On Husband/Wife (CC/OC)
  156. Arkansas Police Chief FIRED up.
  157. Any Opinions ?
  158. Events of the day..
  159. Alabama court strikes down open carry restriction
  160. Anyone read this article?
  161. The September LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  162. Arkansas open carry redefined today.....thank you miss Rutledge!
  163. Man convicted of Open carry in Arkansas
  164. Open carry......concealed in plain sight. Interaction with local LEO today. Good!
  165. Carrying in National Forests and National Forest Campgrounds
  166. Open Carry?
  167. An IWB/OC question
  168. The August LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  169. Duck Donuts
  170. Ohio City Decides To Obey The Law, And It Is News
  171. Guy arrested for "OC'ing" an empty holster
  172. Post Office carry
  173. This didn't happen in Texas.
  174. The July LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  175. Open Carry Question in NC
  176. Whataburger says no to Open Carry
  177. Would Texas have OC now if not for the "OC Activists?"
  178. Fourth of July: Old Fashioned Fun
  179. Soldier arrested for causing "terror"
  180. Open Carry Arrest or Mass Shooting Averted in NC
  181. Pushing The Limits of Open Carry While Fishing In Florida
  182. Daytona Beach FL: Another Long Gun Walker / OC
  183. Grrrr......This guy is at it again.
  184. Would shooting these open carriers be considered justifiable?
  185. Long but informative read on Open Carry in Tx.
  186. Did SCOTUS also legalize concealed carry reciprocity?
  187. An Uncomfortable Father - Daughter Conversation
  188. WalMart madness
  189. Open carried this week
  190. Florida Carry member was illegally disarmed by Tampa Police
  191. Be careful.
  192. Whoot! Congratulations Texas!!
  193. Local Police Training
  194. Lowering 2nd A in the public's eyes
  195. Can cops confront open-carry advocates? Courts say yes
  196. Attention all ARKY'S !
  197. Arkansas talks clarification of law language, Open Carry is legal!!??
  198. TEXAS oc & the NRA
  199. Man carries a loaded AR15 through Atlanta airport (100 round drum) : )
  200. Open carry in Utah, Nevada
  201. The June LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  202. Open carry article
  203. OC Tarrant County Carry Idiots to Blame if OC Texas Goes Down
  204. A curious stipulation in Florida statutes about OC?
  205. This may be a stupid question......
  206. Iím looking for a new holster and 1.50- 1.75 belt in leather
  207. One Is None, or is it Enough?
  208. BWW Bans Guns
  209. 4th amendment and open carry
  210. Was asked to put my pistol in my vehicle today by Wal Mart management
  211. Positive encounter with LE while OC
  212. sharing an OC event
  213. LOCAL Newsletter for May 2015 is now available
  214. The May LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  215. OC and Ice Cream
  216. Question regarding OC
  217. Open Carrier Attacked?
  218. Proof all cops aren't super observant
  219. :) Good news!!!!
  220. Tonight on KHOU
  221. Open carried Saturday. Did not go unnoticed..
  222. Colonial williamsburg
  223. Open Carry is under attack at Kroger again
  224. TX Open carry poised to clear house today.
  225. Liberal Has Panic Attack At Sight Of Shopper With Gun In Target
  226. The April LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  227. OC in michigan... does it have to be OWB holstered?
  228. Open Carry Marchers Killed in Car Crash On Way To Detroit
  229. Long time OC
  230. Open Carry marches?
  231. Strange Question about Open Carry
  232. A good use for a gun
  233. School Choir Director And College Professor FREAK OUT And Call The Cops On Man Legal
  234. There is NO protection under the 2nd Amendment
  235. The March LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  236. Constitutional Crap
  237. Fellow KY OC'ers
  238. Gun
  239. Open carry - why folks shoudn't be so afraid
  240. Thoughts Of A Business Owner On Open Carry In Texas
  241. Maryland OC laws while on your own proerty
  242. Open Carry in Texas
  243. Open Carry moving forward in Texas.
  244. A few questions and a greeting
  245. Open Carry - Reasonable Suspicion? - IOWA
  246. Rifle, Co.
  247. February 2015 Issue of LOCAL Newsletter is Here.
  248. open carry poll from Texas law shield.
  249. LEO,know's an open carry State,and they still stop and question people.
  250. Texans Better Start Calling Their Reps!