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  1. Florida house committee approves open carry legislation.
  2. Does anyone make an all steel gun?
  3. Joe Pags radio show
  4. The October LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  5. OC Conversation Advice
  6. Just Curious - Why OC?
  7. Interesting Take On Husband/Wife (CC/OC)
  8. Arkansas Police Chief FIRED up.
  9. Any Opinions ?
  10. Events of the day..
  11. Alabama court strikes down open carry restriction
  12. Anyone read this article?
  13. The September LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  14. Arkansas open carry redefined today.....thank you miss Rutledge!
  15. Man convicted of Open carry in Arkansas
  16. Open carry......concealed in plain sight. Interaction with local LEO today. Good!
  17. Carrying in National Forests and National Forest Campgrounds
  18. Open Carry?
  19. An IWB/OC question
  20. The August LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  21. Duck Donuts
  22. Ohio City Decides To Obey The Law, And It Is News
  23. Guy arrested for "OC'ing" an empty holster
  24. Post Office carry
  25. This didn't happen in Texas.
  26. The July LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  27. Open Carry Question in NC
  28. Whataburger says no to Open Carry
  29. Would Texas have OC now if not for the "OC Activists?"
  30. Fourth of July: Old Fashioned Fun
  31. Soldier arrested for causing "terror"
  32. Open Carry Arrest or Mass Shooting Averted in NC
  33. Pushing The Limits of Open Carry While Fishing In Florida
  34. Daytona Beach FL: Another Long Gun Walker / OC
  35. Grrrr......This guy is at it again.
  36. Would shooting these open carriers be considered justifiable?
  37. Long but informative read on Open Carry in Tx.
  38. Did SCOTUS also legalize concealed carry reciprocity?
  39. An Uncomfortable Father - Daughter Conversation
  40. WalMart madness
  41. Open carried this week
  42. Florida Carry member was illegally disarmed by Tampa Police
  43. Be careful.
  44. Whoot! Congratulations Texas!!
  45. Local Police Training
  46. Lowering 2nd A in the public's eyes
  47. Can cops confront open-carry advocates? Courts say yes
  48. Attention all ARKY'S !
  49. Arkansas talks clarification of law language, Open Carry is legal!!??
  50. TEXAS oc & the NRA
  51. Man carries a loaded AR15 through Atlanta airport (100 round drum) : )
  52. Open carry in Utah, Nevada
  53. The June LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  54. Open carry article
  55. OC Tarrant County Carry Idiots to Blame if OC Texas Goes Down
  56. A curious stipulation in Florida statutes about OC?
  57. This may be a stupid question......
  58. I’m looking for a new holster and 1.50- 1.75 belt in leather
  59. One Is None, or is it Enough?
  60. BWW Bans Guns
  61. 4th amendment and open carry
  62. Was asked to put my pistol in my vehicle today by Wal Mart management
  63. Positive encounter with LE while OC
  64. sharing an OC event
  65. LOCAL Newsletter for May 2015 is now available
  66. The May LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  67. OC and Ice Cream
  68. Question regarding OC
  69. Open Carrier Attacked?
  70. Proof all cops aren't super observant
  71. :) Good news!!!!
  72. Tonight on KHOU
  73. Open carried Saturday. Did not go unnoticed..
  74. Colonial williamsburg
  75. Open Carry is under attack at Kroger again
  76. TX Open carry poised to clear house today.
  77. Liberal Has Panic Attack At Sight Of Shopper With Gun In Target
  78. The April LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  79. OC in michigan... does it have to be OWB holstered?
  80. Open Carry Marchers Killed in Car Crash On Way To Detroit
  81. Long time OC
  82. Open Carry marches?
  83. Strange Question about Open Carry
  84. A good use for a gun
  85. School Choir Director And College Professor FREAK OUT And Call The Cops On Man Legal
  86. There is NO protection under the 2nd Amendment
  87. The March LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  88. Constitutional Crap
  89. Fellow KY OC'ers
  90. Gun district.com
  91. Open carry - why folks shoudn't be so afraid
  92. Thoughts Of A Business Owner On Open Carry In Texas
  93. Maryland OC laws while on your own proerty
  94. Open Carry in Texas
  95. Open Carry moving forward in Texas.
  96. A few questions and a greeting
  97. Open Carry - Reasonable Suspicion? - IOWA
  98. Rifle, Co.
  99. February 2015 Issue of LOCAL Newsletter is Here.
  100. open carry poll from Texas law shield.
  101. LEO,know's KY.is an open carry State,and they still stop and question people.
  102. Texans Better Start Calling Their Reps!
  103. Just a thought
  104. Tx HB 195 share your position
  105. Can police officers be charged for pointing weapons at you?
  106. Open Carry Iowa City, IA
  107. Question for FL residents
  108. Swatter sent to prison
  109. please stop this stuff..please
  110. OC Negligent discharge.
  111. More "intelligent" moves from OC "supporters".....
  112. Civil rights suit filed in police shooting of man brandishing sword.....
  113. OC AR 15: help me understand why I would want this
  114. LOCAL Newsletter for January 2015 Available
  115. Happy New Year from LOCAL
  116. wendy davis, open carry-LIAR
  117. Got 'frisked' last night!!!
  118. I might have diverted a possible break in today by OC'ing.
  119. You open carried where????
  120. Got my first ever "request" today
  121. Spooked an LEO while OCing
  122. wally world @ oc /cc
  123. change in the air ?
  124. Interesting thing at a restaurant tonight
  125. Not sure if I'm for open carry in Texas .....
  126. Poll for Arkansas Act 746 is open carry legal the way you read it?
  127. Arkansas again needs to clarify the laws and educate law enforcement
  128. Serving Up the Second Amendment
  129. Is it smart to open carry
  130. The MWAG That Wasn't OR: On The Open Carry of Babies
  131. The December LOCAL Newsletter is out!
  132. Great article I would call a MUST read
  133. Practical example of why OC is a good law to have on the books
  134. Contemplating OCing for Turkey Day
  135. A business I frequent just went gunbuster...
  136. Michigan school to call 911 on legal open carry parents.
  137. How to disarm (if needed) without brandishing??
  138. Open Carry Coming to Texas?
  139. Kroger store poll by msnbc to carry
  140. Man not to be charged in shooting death
  141. Just because you can doesnt mean you should?
  142. Where to find understandable open cary laws
  143. Open Carry in California backwoods??
  144. Thoughts on this LEO stop
  145. Since KS Preemption took effect....
  146. Question for OC'ers
  147. Open carry while on a walk- made a few friends
  148. LOCAL Newsletter for October 2014 Available
  149. Once in a lifetime
  150. S&W 4*** series at wally world
  151. Just food for thought. How pro 2A are we really?
  152. OCing and Hot Chicks
  153. Yawn...
  154. Had a laugh will OC
  155. Mommies Demand Action loses another, Panera Bread
  156. ptsd?
  157. LOCAL Newsletter for September 2014 is available
  158. Loaded question: open carry on foot then into vehicle?
  159. Anti 2nd amendment typical of maryland
  160. Question for long time carriers.
  161. How many do you see OCing?
  162. Open Carrying - glad it was no incident today in Walmart (SMH)
  163. Ohio Open Carry
  164. Open-carry fight moves to Kroger
  165. Open carry for non -resident in Oklahoma
  166. I saw my first OC'er today...
  167. Will Pushing OC Hurt CC.
  168. My Parents Open Carry Kids Book
  169. LOCAL Newsletter for August 2014 is out.
  170. Assisted Opening Knives in Florida?
  171. Now this is scary......
  172. deterrence question
  173. The SAFEST place to eat in Colorado......Waitresses Open Carry
  174. Driving to Open Carry Country!
  175. Open carry in New York State
  176. Mayor of KC looks to ban open carry
  177. First time Out of state OC. Odd Indiana restriction.
  178. Colorado Members, I Know You're Out There!!
  179. OC + weapon security fail = dead
  180. Fourth of July OC - TN & KY
  181. Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO
  182. I saw three open carriers in the wild...in ONE DAY
  183. LOCAL Meetings and Newsletter for July 2014
  184. Open Carry in National Forest?
  185. Missouri now open carry?
  186. Targets reaction to the OC demonstration
  187. Good experience in OC friendly North Carolina
  188. Am i in the wrong frame of mind here?
  189. Kansas ..... open carry .... July 1 .... 100% of the state- legal now
  190. Question for the pro gun people
  191. Brandishing shotgun?
  192. New MSNBC fail
  193. A radio hosts plan-get-open-carriers-killed
  194. Jerry Miculek's take on open carry vs concealed carry
  195. Did my first OC Wally Walk Tonight... TWICE
  196. Tense encounter between open-carry advocate and police
  197. First time Open Carry today - on a bike
  198. Open Carry the way it should happen everywhere
  199. Truism Posted Last Day or Two and a Mod Losing His Mind
  200. Spoof on Open Carry
  201. OC during the Estate Sale
  202. OC in Michigan ??
  203. Downrange TV radio comments on OCTX
  204. Should I OC until I get my CCL?
  205. State to State CHL Question
  206. ‘Open Carry’ Gun Fight Moves to Target Stores
  207. Open Carry Paid Off Last Night
  208. Nra/ila support & criticism
  209. Consequences to your actions,,,,,,,,Sonic robbed....
  210. NRA
  211. LOCAL Meetings and Newsletter for June 2014
  212. OK - Mothers Demand Action thrown out of OK Chipotle during Open Carry Rally
  213. Why OC?.
  214. One more benefit with Open Carry
  215. Sonic & Chili's: Leave guns at home
  216. Open Carry Person at Wal-Mart
  217. Open Long gun carry
  218. Open Carry Texas Visits Chili's & Sonic
  219. 01 July 2014 in Kansas
  220. Open Carry Groups Come Out Against Long Gun Carry In Businesses
  221. Weapon Retention...Do you practice?
  222. POLL: Your preference for visibly carrying a long arm
  223. POLL: Your preference for visibly carrying a sidearm
  224. Worst open carry rig ever?
  225. Chipotle style open carry event.
  226. Open carry in Arkansas
  227. Open carry demonstration in Texas
  228. can LEO consficate your weapon
  229. Local City Council does not allow OC event.
  230. Open Carry Demonstrations. Liberals Pretending To Be 2nd Amendment Supporters ?
  231. Bill Jordan holsters?
  232. Legality of showing someone your firearm?
  233. Open Carry Texas at Jack in the Box (or was it McDonalds?!)
  234. been a good gun day
  235. LOCAL Newsletter for May 2014
  236. LOCAL Meetings for May 2014
  237. Bad encounter of OC, Weird reaction of an Open Carry person
  238. Got asked if I had a permit.
  239. my day to day set up
  240. Open carry advocates can put police in tough situations
  241. Books-A-Million Is Carry-Friendly
  242. Is there a limit to what you can OC?
  243. WallyWorld trip
  244. Food for Debate Article
  245. Interestig OC (non)Reaction The Other Day
  246. Oc in tn ?
  247. What's wrong with this OC rig?
  248. LOCAL Newsletter for April 2014 is Out.
  249. Ever wonder how many carryiers you passed by today?!
  250. LOCAL Meetings for April 2014