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  1. Navy Recruiter Has ND at Office (Georgia)
  2. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!
  3. "Degunning" the house
  4. Training and credentials of private range personal?
  5. airline travel with firearm
  6. Police: Man dies after accidentally shooting himself in the leg
  7. Storing One's Firearms Loaded
  8. Hanging Guns on Wall
  9. Training log paper or smartphone/tablet app
  10. Quest for Master Class Bullseye pistol
  11. Rookie/newcomer question: Characteristics of a competition gun
  12. Why do most handguns have a recoil pattern that goes up?
  13. Gun control? Safety, definitely!
  14. Teacup grip to offset flinch
  15. Alternate method of loading the chamber
  16. Conflict of two rules
  17. Man Fatally Shoots Himself with his "Unloaded" Shotgun
  18. Funny Video on Gun Safety
  19. gun handling and safety sessions at our local club
  20. No Respect for Guns....Issue at Range
  21. Scary Incident At The Range Tonight
  22. Sobering story about AD with 12 gauge shotgun
  23. Kids gaining access to OUR guns
  24. Thrift Store Worker Shot By Gun In Donated Sock.
  25. MIL's .25
  26. AD/ND experience.
  27. How tragedy happens--Not this time
  28. Firearms safety & educational courses
  29. Sterling Archer Teaches Gun Safety
  30. Blinking
  31. Got my first 0.177 caliber firearm today! (For training my kids)
  32. Shooting with one bad eye
  33. It doesn't matter who you are...
  34. Your Thoughts on NRA Range Safety Certification
  35. Gun Fumble
  36. What happens when you dont follow the rules! Graphic Pics !
  37. Never going to a range on a weekend ever again.
  38. I took my daughter to the range yesterday...
  39. THIS LITTLE BULLET (Rare John Wayne) 1970's-Excellent safety film for kids
  40. Learn how NOT to handle a firearm. GOTTA SEE
  41. Fess up...Accidental discharge
  42. Recommend central Florida instructor for a child?
  43. Using a New "Hammerless" Pistol
  44. Man shot, killed in game of quick draw.
  45. LCP vs SR40c
  46. Deer Hunter Points Gun at Fellow Hunter
  47. She Can Shoot training for women, by women
  48. Negligent Glock Discharge- "It Can't happen to me".
  49. Foolish neighbors - kids with BB guns
  50. M&P Apex trigger conversion
  51. I had an ND
  52. Shooting Buddy Admits to Shooting 4 TVs!!!
  53. Man suffers serious facial wounds in rifle-cleaning mishap
  54. Drunks and guns.... am I overreacting?
  55. Negligent Discharge...So ashamed. (no one hurt)
  56. Dumbest cop on the planet
  57. Another ND girl shot in head
  58. Gun accident hurts officer at Police Academy
  59. Why is this woman pointing a gun at her forehead?
  60. Very Bad-Local CHL Holder Succumbs to Carelessness
  61. Kids Birthday Party at the Range - Awesome Idea
  62. BAD: Brother (accidently) shoots sister with illegal gun
  63. Gun goes off at the Puyallup Gun Show yesterday
  64. Bad: ND into neighbors townhouse
  65. Best friends hunting accident
  66. ND Story from Wayback... LEO
  67. And HOW did the gun discharge???
  68. Great visuals for Handling guns safely
  69. BAD: I made a negligent mistake the other day.
  70. This doesn't seem safe at all...
  71. Keep your finger off the trigger! (Powerful lesson learned)
  72. Another YouTube example of idiotic gun handling
  73. BAD- please lock your guns up
  74. CWP Instructor/Deputy accidentaly shoots student.
  75. Ugly. Former police chief has negligent discharge
  76. Video Of Idiot With AK47 Totally Unsafe
  77. Accidental Disharge at Church
  78. Idiot graces pawn shop...
  79. A question from an Anti
  80. Cops and Guns
  81. Dangerous Gun Handling at the Gun Store
  82. A new shooter joins the ranks!
  83. Safety reminder
  84. BB gun for Christmas.
  85. Target Scoring in Chinese Army Firing Range (Video)
  86. Kids and toy guns/"pretending" to shoot someone
  87. Hunter kills himself after accidental shooting of friend.
  88. At a local gun store last Saturday ....
  89. Keeping it simple: The 2 Rules of Safety
  90. BAD: Guy left gun unattended at the LGS.
  91. My first squib
  92. How dangerous is firing a gun into the air?
  93. Trial proceedings on INSession (TruTV) right now
  94. The Bad: Man shoots off penis with pink pistol ...
  95. Woman shoots daughter with "cigarette lighter"
  96. Another sad story (23 year old dead)
  97. Here goes again!
  98. My response to the story of the toddler who recently shot herself...
  99. Really, Really Bad : Toddler Shot & Killed Accidentally
  100. ND in Loudoun VA
  101. What not to do when playing with your gun.
  102. Crimson Trace
  103. GOOD: Tom Selleck corrects extras poor gun handling on set...
  104. Negligent discharge at Illinois gun show
  105. Death in my neighborhood today
  106. BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8
  107. Gun Storage
  108. New shooter, first gun, no powder, but still needs to be handled properly!
  109. Need Help! Source for Breech Flags or Breech Plugs
  110. Question for all you women shooters out there.
  111. Rifle shooting from the prone position questions...
  112. Fundamentals Question New Shooter Here
  113. 'The Two Most Important Rules of Firearm Safety'
  114. When is a gun considered "Loaded"?
  115. Idiot with a gun
  116. Idiot people at the range slight rant....
  117. A Horrible Hunting Accident - Violation of all safety rules
  118. ND in Bass Pro Shop
  119. My 3 Year Old and Guns
  120. OK so I had a SD (stupid discharge)
  121. BAD: Man bleeds to death in theater parking lot from ND in car
  122. Shooting while pregnant.... I couldn't find the original thread...
  123. For safety, no loaded weapons.
  124. Taking a friend to the range tomorrow for the first time!
  125. Primer strike
  126. brain malfunction at range
  127. Safety Bullet?
  128. Nooooo!
  129. tell me about chamber flags?
  130. Has Anyone Seen "The Road" ???
  131. A constantly needed reminder...
  132. A mistake, but it was caught
  133. Made me very nervous :/
  134. "Shooting with old Eyes"
  135. OFGC Steel Challenge 6-5-10
  136. Young guns: Pro gun article in Air Force Times newspaper
  137. Familiarity and complacency are a deadly combination.
  138. How young is too young and how old is too late????
  139. Trigger manipulation terminology; 'Squeeze', 'Press' and 'Pull'
  140. I'm anal to the point of being a PITA when it comes to firearm safety. This is why!!
  141. Near disaster
  142. Need Help Getting My G/F on target
  143. Not a good day at the range
  144. House fire and loose ammo
  145. Just Did Something Really Stupid
  146. Walther P22? Short or long barrel?
  147. Gun range cowboy stories
  148. Lead and Pregnancy help
  149. Young ladies at the range
  150. How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?
  151. another Snubbie question
  152. Snubby Safety Question
  153. Warning Shot?
  154. advice please
  155. 10 year old daughter and first time at range
  156. When did people start teaching trigger discipline?
  157. Firearm safety... please read
  158. Beginner/Novice Firearms Safety Issues
  159. My wife says our house will blow up!
  160. when are you ready to teach?
  161. Easy slide racking
  162. don't want to make anyone mad but....
  163. ND
  164. Slam fires!
  165. Memphis Police recruit shot in the arm
  166. Kids and guns
  167. A different kind of gun safety: avoiding toxic substances and chemicals
  168. Mistakes we have made.
  169. Secure for Flight Operations
  170. Pulled gun on a shadow.
  171. I d i o t s !
  172. Shooting Ranges Can Be A Scary Place
  173. Never assume its not chambered! Always check!!
  174. A Primer: Differences in appearance and function between a 'Clip' and a 'Magazine'
  175. Another bad habit, muzzle in the air
  176. "Proper Grip For Auto Pistols" Video
  177. Fail!
  178. How to Aim a Gun
  179. "Get a Grip!"
  180. Firearms without External Safety, etc.
  181. Know the condition of your Glock?
  182. The 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety
  183. Firearms Safety Depends on You