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  1. Pidge's Rules, Lt. T.C. "Pidge" Robinson, Texas Ranger
  2. Going To The Beach (Advice Needed)
  3. Biker Shootout leaves 9 dead
  4. San Antonio Locals
  5. Home invasion attempt thwarted by armed homeowners
  6. Amtrack security?
  7. BG's prowling for easy targets
  8. CA Handgun Transport- Ammo OK inside locked container with unloaded gun?
  9. Headed to Florida Monday for vacation.
  10. Armed home defender shot by PD after home invasion SD event
  11. arrested for protecting my house
  12. Texas says "get a gun. In fact, get two".
  13. Recommended dog breed for small house
  14. Headed to Florida next month
  15. Man shoots home invader in Utah
  16. Would You Grab a 12-Gauge or an AR15 to Defend Your Home?
  17. Wash. state man says shooting followed VP Biden's advice
  18. Dehydrated water
  19. Driving from VA to FL with handgun question
  20. Security implications of vehicle stop/start systems
  21. Security Cameras
  22. Encounter this morning at a motel.
  23. Advice on Optics
  24. My favorite time of the year- the Rainbow Family comes to town!
  25. Need some suggestions ....
  26. Caught by surprise last night
  27. LEO Home Invasion
  28. homeowner gets shot by police
  29. Taking a trip
  30. How do you carry at home?
  31. Threshold for deployment of a non-lethal- When can you run afoul of the law?
  32. Baby Gates & Home Security
  33. Close Brush With Darwin..BG Rolled the Dice
  34. any ideas for home defense with a trigger-locked unloaded shotgun?
  35. Travelling to Chicago with no self defense items....
  36. Would-be Home Defense Shooting In Huntington, WV Results in Murder Charge
  37. Beating on St. Louis Train: What would you do?
  38. Jugging Gaining Steam In Texas
  39. Revolver or Semi auto for home defense?
  40. Home Defense: Hunker Down or Flee?
  41. Two nights ago actually happened. Warning long and descriptive
  42. St. Louis Zoo - Now a "Gun Free Zone"
  43. Travel Scams
  44. The Sheepdog Fallacy
  45. NFAFA
  46. How not to get SWATted
  47. Fort Conde Welcome Center, Mobile, AL posted?
  48. Defensive Shooting Insurance
  49. Home defense weapon(s) of choice?
  50. Did I fail with daughter SA skills? even Son's?
  51. Right now!! As you read this Your door is kicked in, what resistance do the BGs face
  52. Babysitter had an incident last night
  53. 40 Places to Stash a Handgun.
  54. Lost Gun
  55. The "Designated Shelter in Place Area"
  56. S&W Model 64 for HD?
  57. Which came first: CCW or HD?
  58. Traveling to Phoenix through Navajo land...
  59. Bad Stuff Close to Home
  60. Street robberies and You
  61. I Carry A Gun Every Day............
  62. Arent neighbors great...
  63. Bad timing on a potential HD situation. . .
  64. Firearms storage?
  65. Dog scared me last night
  66. LA Sheriff's Department: Surviving an Active Shooter Video
  67. Self Defense - In & Away from Home
  68. It's Official. Legal CC Is OK At NRA Nashville 2015 Annual Meeting.
  69. The perfect example of why you lock doors, latch windows, and set the alarm.
  70. So, how safe is your state?
  71. This is why I am always ready.
  72. Home Security Advice Needed
  73. Drew down on a (4 legged) threat this morning
  74. Well that was weird...
  75. First Floor Apartment suggestions
  76. Interesting questions from USCCA: Are you ready?
  77. Alabama middle school principal tells kids to bring canned goods to class, throw them
  78. What would you do ?
  79. Chances of a SHTF/WROL situation in the forseeable future
  80. Liberty Revolution 18 Gun Safe Review
  81. Sharia No-Go Zones
  82. Dogs - Part of your HD equipment?
  83. When Hunker In the Bunker Might Escalate The Problem
  84. Moving a 325 lb Gun Safe to 3rd floor apartment
  85. Show Me Your....Signs!!!
  86. Mental/Emotionally disturbed adults
  87. One shot stop. GUARANTEED!
  88. my house is being watched. Need advice
  89. Ammo stored at home.
  90. Potential "road rage" or just LEO patrol tactic
  91. Reality check
  92. Getting a little closer to home. (riot)(well kind of)
  93. Business trip to Dearborn, Michigan any tips?
  94. Anyone have one of these? (wireless night vision security camera)
  95. Motorist beaten to death by teen mob with hammers
  96. Home defense is EVERYONE'S responsibility
  97. Question on steel door for gun room.
  98. Debate erupts over Edmonds, WA home-defense shooting
  99. RIP crews aren't always after drugs.
  100. How to escape from duct tape
  101. Cleveland Ohio getting bad Protests in progress
  102. Best Handheld Flashlight Holds?
  103. Mo-Rons...Mo-Rons Everywhere
  104. Whats in your trunk
  105. Traveling from Baltimore to Virginia
  106. One night business trip to LA/San Diego- Bring weapon?
  107. Mr. Wrong House - "Robber meets Paratrooper"
  108. Shoot first or attempt to de-escalate during a home invasion
  109. Glock knuckle - how much do you have to shoot
  110. Help with Henry Ford Museum
  111. How to protect yourself in a home invasion.
  112. Sailors attacked on shore leave in Istanbul
  113. RIP Crews. Coming to your neighborhood?
  114. New Gallup Poll
  115. Gun safe advice
  116. Thieving Dirtbag(s)...
  117. On the road this week
  118. Maybe armed, in the shower?
  119. TSA grabs dozens of guns in Oct. at US airports
  120. Lost a little faith in the local PD today
  121. Karma and Gun-Buster Signs
  122. Dining out. View the entry?
  123. Recommendation for photo texting remote camera with rapid reaction time?
  124. Is this a good ballistic barrier?
  125. Locked and loaded?
  126. Man kills returning bear...
  127. Had a scare last night - alarm went off
  128. Carry at work question
  129. I get real sick when I see this...
  130. Terror attacks increase and so does my defensive firepower
  131. How to survive home invasion & other.
  132. I actually OC'ed today at an annual event
  133. Problem solved!
  134. Escaped sex offender caught just up the road!
  135. Burglar shot in face during attempted home invasion-STL
  136. Man stops bear attack with .357, is charged with discharging a gun in a Fed park.
  137. Suburban Homestead defense - Long gun considerations
  138. Clowns pointing guns
  139. More 2A infringment?
  140. Your Home Defense Shotty
  141. More protection for gun owners
  142. Beheading threat to schools
  143. NanoVault 200 + S&W 19-3 snub .357 revolver
  144. Sniffed the South Carolina border this weekend, glad we didn't have to go across it!
  145. Home security
  146. Yep. Your house is secure.
  147. Just got back from Chicago... and nothing happened!
  148. Frein still on the loose 15 days later?
  149. OK attacks and 'guns in the workplace'
  150. Beretta 92A1 owners - Please share your experience!
  151. Problems With Do-Not-Patronize Lists
  152. Outer Banks, Hatteras National Seashore, Pea Island North Carolina - Concealed Carry
  153. FBI Publishes Active Shooter Study
  154. Should I be worried or reassured?
  155. How do you home carry?
  156. Funny: the only home Security Movie I loved was Home Alone (Kevin)..
  157. Home Security Networking Apps
  158. Miss. coroner: 'shoot the idiots' then call his office
  159. Gang members are going to be harder to spot as time goes by
  160. How many rounds for home defense?
  161. Today Show Home Defense Advice
  162. Headed into Alabama tomorrow for a few hours
  163. Umbrella Taser?
  164. Anyone here every order from LegendaryArms?
  165. Teach your children well.
  166. Don't go.
  167. Home Security System Questions
  168. Traveling On Business To Detroit
  169. $1.2 million...The stark difference...
  170. My new security system
  171. Your right, as an employee to self defense.
  172. Self-defense gun for traveling in New York
  173. Home Invasion
  174. Ever use a keypad (ATM, POS, car or door lock)? If so, watch this.
  175. College Football: Yes!!! Armed: Yes!!!
  176. Violent crime going down.? Maybe.
  177. Home Defense - plans, penetration, capacity
  178. How do you answer your front door?
  179. Door Security Bar
  180. Should a young (almost) adult have access to guns.
  181. Two men tried to break in...
  182. Man shot with his own gun, defending "stuff"
  183. Weird Non-Event
  184. Hide a gun Wall Clock?
  185. "Is your husband home?"
  186. OP ED Fayetteville, AR Observer
  187. Self-defense while in a vehicle
  188. KNOW Your Target!
  189. Security LockDown at Work
  190. Homeowner 1, invader 0
  191. Help me think through this (kids and safe room)
  192. Facts I'v discovered
  193. Shooting Blanks
  194. Anytime and anywhere
  195. Vehicle Ammo Cache
  196. The plan got tested this morning.
  197. Home video monitoring systems.....
  198. Apartment security thoughts....
  199. Tips For Better Home Security
  200. Las Vegas Nutjobs again, home invasions, murder
  201. Bloomberg's new commercial
  202. Man shoots home invader
  203. Anywhere, anytime--- next door.
  204. Do you know how to Escape a home invasion?
  205. broke my cardinal rule
  206. Be there!! If you can't make sure they know what to do..
  207. Chase after armed home invaders?
  208. What motivates home invaders?
  209. Designing for defense
  210. can my girlfriend use my guns in self defense?
  211. Carrying from Florida to Alaska?
  212. Different Defense Needs
  213. My neighborhood is being cased
  214. Piccadilly Cafeteria - Greenville MS. NO guns allowed.
  215. Bad learning experience in New Jersey - ABC
  216. On a trip, first time carrying
  217. Vehicle as Instrument?
  218. Another "Shotgun Joe" adherent fails.
  219. New House
  220. Weird feeling
  221. In Colorado, Bloomberg is the man gun owners love to hate
  222. Clearing the parking lot
  223. How To Remove Your House From Google Street View
  224. InfoGraphic on States and Violent Crime
  225. A Pathetic Tale from South Texas
  226. Incident At My Son's House
  227. Home invaders sometimes come back.
  228. Montana Meth Project Home Invasion Ad
  229. Keeping the Police out of My Yard
  230. Sometimes, young ladies get lucky.
  231. Going to visit friends in SC and traveling with my pistol
  232. When seconds count, police are only... 1,200 miles away !!!
  233. bump in the night
  234. $500K in an armed home invasion.
  235. Argument for Open Carry at Home/Property Along Southern Border (bigger the better)
  236. What would you do with a bump in the night?
  237. IP Motion Sensor Camera for a church
  238. Behind Enemy Lines-TLS
  239. Wow, eye opening slam against "Stack-On" gun safes
  240. Be safe, yet ready with kids in the house
  241. CCW Safe "insurance"
  242. Things that go bump in the middle of the night
  243. Police seek 3 in home invasion
  244. Locked doors and drunks
  245. Do-It-Yourself Home Security System
  246. VA: My wife's friend
  247. A good dog...
  248. A place of my own
  249. Another Potential Lethal Force Scenario
  250. Does the yet unsigned FL warning shot bill weaken Castle, and SYG law?