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  1. Good: homeowners kick, beat, and taze invader
  2. When do you touch the trigger?
  3. Flood lights
  4. Commercial for High cap mags (Deals with a very likely Home invasion scenario)
  5. Cheap security services?
  6. CC on Road Trip including Illinois
  7. Hiding a gun safe in your child's room?
  8. Lessons Learned from the Cheshire Home Invasion Murders
  9. High capacity magazine PSA
  10. Recent Home Invasions
  11. Home Defense Quick Access Safe.
  12. What a Shotgun Can Do
  13. Child at your door! What would you do?
  14. Why 50% of non-gun owners don't want a gun if a manhunt in their neighborhood?
  15. Home Concealment Options
  16. Ugh! Have to travel to New Jersey...
  17. Safe room, safe/room, DIY
  18. Boston residents: know many who weren't armed during "marathon lock-down"?
  19. The Purge: How would you deal with this kind of situation?
  20. Dxmn your eyes!!!
  21. When You Hurt One Of Us.. We All Come After You.
  22. Hamilton, Ohio: Store owner shoots robbers
  23. Quirky Appliance & HVAC Noises
  24. Home Invasion Stopped by Owner
  25. Outnumbered 12 to 2 & the 12 lost..
  26. CPAP and Response Time
  27. Motion activated lights
  28. "It isn't like this is the wild West or something"
  29. Horrible, stupid mistake in Tennessee. Deputy's wife killed by 4 year old
  30. Man Facing Charges After Killing Bear In His Backyard
  31. False Alarm... What I learned
  32. .38 special adequate for home defense?
  33. Safe room? How bullet resistant is multiple layered drywall?
  34. Spokane Grandmother Of 10 Holds Burglar At Gunpoint At Her Home
  35. Woman Caught Lifting Baby Out of Crib
  36. Poet Maya Angelou Blasts Gun at Home Intruder
  37. True story
  38. For the children...
  39. Your home defense pistol
  40. Home with loved ones: Do you always answer the door or no?
  41. I Have A Gun...........
  42. It's GO Time...
  43. Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun.
  44. My time with a cold blooded killer; They walk among us!
  45. Bug out bag
  46. Another do not open your door death.
  47. Remote Control Lights
  48. Home security/camera questions?
  49. CCW discovered by paramedic?
  50. Upcoming Trip
  51. Epanding First Response. Really?!?
  52. Follow Biden's Advice - Go to Jail
  53. Invisible gun hideout with instant access for home defense and for child safety.
  54. Please help with options
  55. Home defense gun suggestion for a noob
  56. Former teen neighbor arrested in triple Homicide
  57. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke calls guns 'great equalizer'
  58. Teachers receive free firearms CHL training in North Carolina
  59. Pa 2 Ohio for some weekend fun.
  60. What do you all think of the bedside gun rack?
  61. Securing Home/Lockdown...Lights on or off?
  62. De-Fence for Home Defense
  63. Shooting someone with an airsoft gun
  64. It's such a great feeling....
  65. 12 yr old daughter and pepper spray/legal at school?
  66. Need help finding a good home harding forum.
  67. Storing firearm while on vacation
  68. Gun signs on front door: deterrent or target?
  69. Almost got robbed at the ATM on Friday... Almost.
  70. Anyone have a Liberty Centurion safe? Thoughts?
  71. GOOD... Armed trio break in on dad and 2 year old
  72. 30 round mags
  73. Cato Institute posts map of where guns used in self defense
  74. great-grandmother holds men at gun point
  75. I thought I was going to get jumped over a t-shirt at the mall!
  76. Biometric Gun Vault Safes
  77. Beyond worst case scenario... Civic and social decay.
  78. Almost had an "encounter" today
  79. Surfer Foils Crazed Driver With Hatchet
  80. Dogs, watch dog or home protection?
  81. Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors
  82. In an active shooter situation? Fight back with sissors!
  83. Quick Access Pistol Safe - Recall
  84. Kids first, then the groceries
  85. When the bad guys face armed resistance...oh yeah.
  86. Securing Firearm In Car
  87. Almost had to pull the pistol out this morning
  88. Using children to gain entry
  89. Getting a Gun Safe. Opinion Needed
  90. Travel gear
  91. Zombie Training Class
  92. Armed Robbery real scenario - what would you have done?
  93. guns safes with electronic locks?
  94. How far are you at this moment from your HD firearm?
  95. Driving Through Illinois With A M4 Carbine.
  96. Wake County NC to consider unarmed guards for grade schools.
  97. Nearly Drew Down on Someone At Neighboours House
  98. Road Trip
  99. do your neighbors know
  100. Ways women can reduce chances of being sexually assaulted.
  101. Suggestions for women to reduce the chances of being sexually assaulted.
  102. Women don't put girly things in or on your vehicle.
  103. My first choice for home defense - double barrel coach gun!
  104. Layers of protection for your home.
  105. biometric rifle WALL safe?
  106. FakeTV
  107. Bedroom door: open or shut?
  108. I called Second Chance regarding a vest suitable for a full time teacher - not good!
  109. Bad Neighbors
  110. Writing a SHTF emergency plan for wife and me...anything i'm forgetting?
  111. Gun Position in Bedroom
  112. Georgia lady protects her children...
  113. Woman shoots intruder
  114. Which would you choose?
  115. Making your firearm accessible?
  116. Wrong House!
  117. Suspicious NYE Activity
  118. Crime Migrates to Easier Targets
  119. Specific recommendations for a semi-auto home defense pistol
  120. Game/Trail Camera for Home Security
  121. Your Gov has something to say about you..........
  122. is the Ithaca model 37 20 gauge a good choice for home defense?
  123. School security in Israel
  124. Bump in the night - an alternative to clearing your house.
  125. Here's one for the good guys
  126. To sweep or Not To sweep?
  127. Xmas gifts and surveillance
  128. Weird transaction today, good ending, no crimes.
  129. Active Shooter: Mall Scenario
  130. Crime Report Map
  131. Simple action we can take now
  132. Just received a heads up from a LEO friend
  133. Discussing tactics with your children
  134. School Security in Israel
  135. Why do you send your kids to school?
  136. Traveling through TN HELP
  137. My advice to my kids
  138. Question on home Protection laws in TEXAS (san antonio)
  139. What SHOULD you do?
  140. Ccw holder involved in deadly force incident
  141. Just want to make sure i understand SC law correctly.
  142. Lawyers agree that residents have rights on lethal force - NH
  143. Home defense handgun for a woman
  144. Donít forget the BEDROOM door!
  145. What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?
  146. Better home defense for middle of the night: Shotgun or Handgun?
  147. Good Home Defense Tips From American Rifleman
  148. Have you had a break-in with vicious dog signs and dog in house?
  149. I might have been mugged or a victim...
  150. Baby monitor type set up that works on battery or solar only
  151. Defensive Carry News
  152. Good advice: Lock your doors and load your guns
  153. FBI: You are more likely to be killed by hands and feet than by a shotgun or rifle
  154. Moron in MN waives his Castle Doctrine rights by going overboard
  155. OC vs brandishing at your door
  156. Are Home Invasions on the Rise?
  157. Suggest a gun for an older woman
  158. what do you guys think about this self defense shooting here in Pittsburgh??
  159. Location for my nighttime self defense weapon
  160. My defensive weapons for home/shtf etc
  161. AR15 for home defense
  162. Profile of a serial killer (Paul Knowles, 1974). Lesson: Always carry.
  163. Confrontation in Durham, NC today.
  164. Doomsday preppers
  165. Improvised Weapons
  166. New Prepper Forum
  167. Guy almost carjacked - interesting ending
  168. Bug Out Bag info needed.
  169. A Message for Would-be Rioters
  170. Doberman Security Motion Detector- It works *condition red at 11:30 at night
  171. The Quest for the Ultimate Safe House
  172. Queens residents arm themselves in the post-storm blackout from looters
  173. Alternative Heat for your home
  174. Bugging in
  175. Safe Homes for All Occassions
  176. Holiday Crime & Personal Protection
  177. Lockbox broken - discovered after flight into KC
  178. Which weapon?
  179. My most hazardous assignment
  180. Survival Shape
  181. Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting
  182. Home Alone During Home Invasion
  183. Home defense for small woman with kids
  184. Latest target for thieves and armed robbery, Smart phones.
  185. The folly of "safe areas," like "gun free zones"
  186. Mobile ammunition stock
  187. Talk to me about safes
  188. NJ - Pistol Permit Question
  189. Colorado home defense
  190. Riot defense discussion
  191. Don't keep tools in your garage
  192. Loose convict
  193. Chris Costa on HD shotguns and handguns
  194. Checking out noises/upset dog
  195. My friends just got robbed while they were sleeping
  196. It was almost go time...
  197. Where do they find these people???
  198. Driveway alarms
  199. Minimum Size/Weight/Price Weapon for Homestead Property (70m x 30m) Defense
  200. Gun in Hand Upon Police Arrival
  201. Don't put your life in the hands of some stranger
  202. Another 'What Would You Do' Scenario
  203. Batteries: Change them!
  204. Guns and Kids, what do you do?
  205. Exterior Home Lighting? Seems like solar might be a good way to go.
  206. Stratfor: When Things Go Bad
  207. Recommend: Intercom for Home Entry Way
  208. Disaster question, throwdown guns
  209. Visiting Chicago and feeling uncomfortable without my EDC
  210. Where do keep your nightstand gun
  211. Thoughts in training significant others on your weapons...
  212. Americans still shooting in self-defense
  213. Stratfor: Countering Workplace Violence
  214. Simplified nationwide carry guide?
  215. Trying to figure out what's the best firearm/caliber for my home defense situation
  216. Unarmed mugger goes for my gun; justified to shoot?
  217. Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!
  218. Home security focus group
  219. Break & enters, home invasions, and pepper spray.
  220. Prepping for the aproaching Hurricaine
  221. Warning to would be robbers
  222. My Get Home Bag
  223. What flashlight do you keep near your bed?
  224. Magnetic Pistol Attacher for the Bedroom
  225. Georgia to Florida travel with gun in jeep
  226. Biometric gun safes. Which ones?
  227. Where is your gun in your bedroom
  228. Speaking of hotels....
  229. Central Florida Home break-ins
  230. Out of state hotel defense
  231. Zombie Defense Prep
  232. Armed robber shot, three in custody
  233. 12 gauge vs .40 cal vs 5.56 for home defense
  234. Deputies Raid wrong House: How would Defensive carry respond?
  235. Almost drew my weapon tonight. On a LEO.......
  236. Getting Home
  237. While Running
  238. Video Peep Hole
  239. First Joker copycat arrest
  240. Big Surprise While Riding ATVs Yesterday
  241. Thoughts about Aurora...
  242. NRA SD Insurance
  243. Game cameras
  244. Game cameras work....
  245. In just four seconds
  246. Self Defense for Children Ages 8-12
  247. International Travel Security and Defense
  248. Don't tell FB you're leaving the windows open! Reporter ends up dead, Winchester VA
  249. Not Bad Advice.
  250. Close call with the cops this week