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  1. Home defense for small woman with kids
  2. Latest target for thieves and armed robbery, Smart phones.
  3. The folly of "safe areas," like "gun free zones"
  4. Mobile ammunition stock
  5. Talk to me about safes
  6. NJ - Pistol Permit Question
  7. Colorado home defense
  8. Riot defense discussion
  9. Don't keep tools in your garage
  10. Loose convict
  11. Chris Costa on HD shotguns and handguns
  12. Checking out noises/upset dog
  13. My friends just got robbed while they were sleeping
  14. It was almost go time...
  15. Where do they find these people???
  16. Driveway alarms
  17. Minimum Size/Weight/Price Weapon for Homestead Property (70m x 30m) Defense
  18. Gun in Hand Upon Police Arrival
  19. Don't put your life in the hands of some stranger
  20. Another 'What Would You Do' Scenario
  21. Batteries: Change them!
  22. Guns and Kids, what do you do?
  23. Exterior Home Lighting? Seems like solar might be a good way to go.
  24. Stratfor: When Things Go Bad
  25. Recommend: Intercom for Home Entry Way
  26. Disaster question, throwdown guns
  27. Visiting Chicago and feeling uncomfortable without my EDC
  28. Where do keep your nightstand gun
  29. Thoughts in training significant others on your weapons...
  30. Americans still shooting in self-defense
  31. Stratfor: Countering Workplace Violence
  32. Simplified nationwide carry guide?
  33. Trying to figure out what's the best firearm/caliber for my home defense situation
  34. Unarmed mugger goes for my gun; justified to shoot?
  35. Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!
  36. Home security focus group
  37. Break & enters, home invasions, and pepper spray.
  38. Prepping for the aproaching Hurricaine
  39. Warning to would be robbers
  40. My Get Home Bag
  41. What flashlight do you keep near your bed?
  42. Magnetic Pistol Attacher for the Bedroom
  43. Georgia to Florida travel with gun in jeep
  44. Biometric gun safes. Which ones?
  45. Where is your gun in your bedroom
  46. Speaking of hotels....
  47. Central Florida Home break-ins
  48. Out of state hotel defense
  49. Zombie Defense Prep
  50. Armed robber shot, three in custody
  51. 12 gauge vs .40 cal vs 5.56 for home defense
  52. Deputies Raid wrong House: How would Defensive carry respond?
  53. Almost drew my weapon tonight. On a LEO.......
  54. Getting Home
  55. While Running
  56. Video Peep Hole
  57. First Joker copycat arrest
  58. Big Surprise While Riding ATVs Yesterday
  59. Thoughts about Aurora...
  60. NRA SD Insurance
  61. Game cameras
  62. Game cameras work....
  63. In just four seconds
  64. Self Defense for Children Ages 8-12
  65. International Travel Security and Defense
  66. Don't tell FB you're leaving the windows open! Reporter ends up dead, Winchester VA
  67. Not Bad Advice.
  68. Close call with the cops this week
  69. Uninhabited home protection.
  70. Hotel room invasion
  71. This Hurts! What's a Father to Do?
  72. Secure your garage,glad I did..
  73. Guns and Toddlers
  74. Armed robber shoots three times, gun misfires
  75. 14 year old boy shoots intruder
  76. New responsibility to neighborhood...
  77. Responsibility to your neighborhood!
  78. If you're like me....
  79. Where is your gun?
  80. Crime rate up at malls
  81. Conceal and carry permit holder robbed with own gun
  82. Help making this man's new castle a fortress?
  83. Say fellows, Did you read about the pregnant woman from Warren Michigan ?
  84. Middle of the night...weak hands
  85. Utah Law regarding alcohol at home.
  86. What's it like to be the victim of an armed home invasion...
  87. Our Neighborhood is Being Tested
  88. Korean War vet shoots intruder inside home
  89. Home Security System
  90. It's amazing the difference carrying has made in how I see the world
  91. Bump and jack
  92. Wireless IP Cameras
  93. Garden Tools
  94. Beating on the door at night
  95. Something for parents to think about.
  96. Best advice for Home Invasion vitims? Survive!
  97. Colorado Concealed Carry Laws
  98. Scare early morning
  99. CCalifornia) Stand-your-ground jury instruction - Good Information
  100. Home Safety.....
  101. Surprise When Arriving Home From Work
  102. A extra cheap but effective home security device for you guys..
  103. Full Bed Safe for your Weapons - this is FYI
  104. Need suggestions. Apartment security.
  105. Garage intruder at gunpoint
  106. My wife has finally seen the light
  107. Advise on traveling thru Illinois to Indiania
  108. Heading to AZ...by way of CA. Can I bring a few cased handguns?
  109. Is Joe there?
  110. How fast can you get to it?
  111. Woke up to an open kitchen door early this morning.
  112. just had an exciting false alarm (home alarm)
  113. Cleveland Ohio Hospital Carry?
  114. BAD: Homeowner shot & killed during Breakin
  115. Here's a"stupid" question.
  116. Locking Gas Caps
  117. Bedroom pistol for Mother-in-law
  118. Man Holds Wife Hostage
  119. home awayfrom home
  120. Global Social Unrest Puzzle Pieces Coming Together?
  121. BAD: Home invasion in Renton, Washington
  122. Most home invasions are not random, we have nothing to fear...
  123. Home-invasion = more sales
  124. Terrible Weekend in Chicago!
  125. This is what's happening around NC lately....home invasion
  126. Self defense personal liability insurance
  127. Quit! Stop! Cease!
  128. Situational Awareness: Stratfor Article
  129. 4 break ins and one attempted in 5 days
  130. The 5 Traits of Heroes from the Art of Maniless
  131. new lock advice
  132. Surveillance: Stratfor Article
  133. Help! Attractions in St. Louis that Allow CCW?
  134. CPL holder stops knife attack
  135. SA
  136. Great Advice from LEO!
  137. "DEA raid"
  138. Wisconsin home invasion and shooting
  139. Smartphone emergency applications to notify
  140. Is it legal to...
  141. Things that go bump in the night
  142. The Laws and the BS
  143. Dog gives life protecting family - home invasion, shots fired.
  144. Gun collector targeted, home invaded.
  145. This has been discussed before I am sure but
  146. A LEO take on self-defense
  147. Gun safe for apartment
  148. Question: Bullet proofing walls, doors, etc..
  149. New Trick-- burglars hit occupied homes
  150. Burglars in the bull's eye
  151. home invaders posing as utility workers
  152. Home Defense: Harpoon and Chain saw!
  153. Home invasion and deaths......mistakes made
  154. Sleep with a gun handy?
  155. A look at my Bug Out Bag
  156. Getting a roommate or renting a room.
  157. Affordable home video surveillance system.
  158. Branson,Missouri ?
  159. RNC
  160. No tears for dead burglary suspect
  161. Starting to feel a bit paranoid.
  162. What Home Security System do you suggest?
  163. Going to Israel; your thoughts and suggestions on EDC are appreciated!
  164. Transporting a Firearm through Illinois (State Police Answered my E-Mail)
  165. Bedside Gun with Infants, Toddlers and Small Kids
  166. Smash and Grabs at Daycares in AM: Attention
  167. Summer Colorado trip, what gun?
  168. Blood a deterrent?
  169. Road Rage Scenario thoughts
  170. Fortify a Door From Zombies
  171. Window Security Film
  172. Tonights Incident FNP9
  173. Lesson Learned
  174. New Security Camera's Installed A Week Ago. Already Came In Handy.
  175. Just coming home...
  176. Situation That happened to me on New Years
  177. Good: Mother defends self and baby
  178. SA= Great New Year's Day
  179. Tagging of Gun Owners Cars by Gangs for Thefts Later On?
  180. Those who don't learn from history...
  181. "Santa" kills 6 family members, self, on Christmas Day in Grapevine TX
  182. Storage
  183. How to buy a legal suppressor? For home defense?
  184. Bad Guys in Body Armor
  185. Sometimes, they come back.
  186. Defense scenario. legal or not legal?
  187. Do you get the local paper and how is it delivered?
  188. Wisconsin Castle Doctrine Signed into Law this morning
  189. He was a good guy, but died while being bad. Sympathy getting hard to find nowadays.
  190. Local LEO offers safety advice to seniors
  191. 13 year old armed home invaders
  192. The Warrior Parent - Part 3: Awareness
  193. Home invasions on the rise
  194. Home invasion: by posers
  195. Major victory with family
  196. positive identification
  197. fatal funnel
  198. Another reason I prefer to "hunker down"
  199. Security camera for front porch...suggestions?
  200. Apartment defense legal question
  201. Now THAT is what I'm talking about!
  202. Do you have guns in your house? Who knows about it?
  203. Why carry in a funeral home?
  204. Home Invasion Close To Me - Lesson,Keep Your Gun Handy
  205. My Early Warning System
  206. Alzheimers and guns
  207. I carry IN THE HOUSE now....THANKS(LOL)
  208. Robber surprised by shot to the leg
  209. Ready for War (Halloween is almost here)
  210. Home Invasion Thwarted
  211. Harbor Freight driveway alarm WORKED
  212. Crime Alert: Robbers targeting people pumping gas. NC
  213. Shooting in my Daytona Beach neighborhood this morning
  214. Yay.
  215. Is it brandishing if in your own home?
  216. One of two home intruders shot by homeowner
  217. Another IHOP shooting Durham, NC
  218. Utility company "re-possesses" street lights from city
  219. They keep trying to break into my house for the past 3 months !
  220. Deputies: 3 Broke Into Home With Woman Inside
  221. Fiance moving to an apt, just her and her mom
  222. Man pistol whipped and robbed
  223. Retired Doctors Tied Up, Robbed In Yuba City Home
  224. Detroit is most dangerous city
  225. Man shot at his front door
  226. Ryman Auditorium
  227. Homeowner shot by B&E man
  228. Avoid this zipcode
  229. Gotta Love Apartment Living
  230. Clarification on VA non resident gun posession during vacation stop
  231. Home Invasion - Kalifornia style
  232. Quick Road Trip,Different Resort??
  233. Hunter Killed in Grizzly Attack
  234. 2 more reasons for making sure your grannies/mamas are safe
  235. Traveling Across the Main 48
  236. Good - This one turned out well. Point made, nobody died, BG arrested.
  237. Are San Diego Zoo, Sea World CCW possible?
  238. Estranged Husband Holds Wife Hostage at Grocery Store
  239. ,,, and the shootings continue.
  240. My Wife Handles Situation with 9mm
  241. Man waiting in home to assault woman
  242. A suspicious incident
  243. Considering Purchasing a couple of driveway intruder detectors
  244. Possible Good HD
  245. VACA
  246. Melbourne resident stops home invasion by shooting suspect
  247. Man charged for shooting grizzly
  248. Castle doctrine question??
  249. Thought somebody broke in !
  250. Storing a gun in a crawl space/attic