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  20. Home Security/Defense Strategy
  21. A few notes on layered defense.
  22. Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?
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  25. 13 things your burglar won't tell you.
  26. A good wireless home security system (non-monitored type)
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  29. Hideyourguns.com
  30. I think my house was being scouted
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  32. How would y'all feel about this.
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  35. My Attack Chihuahua
  36. UK Finally starts to talk about self defence
  37. Four-legged defense system question
  38. What would you do? Room Clearing Exercise
  39. Consider a four footed furry thing as your first warning system
  40. Armed Citizen: Falls man shoots burglar, Falls police say
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  42. Mods please delete
  43. Trick From My Blind Uncle
  44. My new Home Defense Weapon! My New Toy haha!
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  47. Home-defense discussion
  48. How to plan for a home break in at my residence.
  49. Handgun vs Long gun for Home Defense - a discussion starter
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  52. Carry at home.
  53. Do you disarm when you get home?
  54. My turn, last night at my home just before midnight. <Long Post Warning>
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  56. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do This To Your Doors!!!
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