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  1. ,,, and the shootings continue.
  2. My Wife Handles Situation with 9mm
  3. Man waiting in home to assault woman
  4. A suspicious incident
  5. Considering Purchasing a couple of driveway intruder detectors
  6. Possible Good HD
  7. VACA
  8. Melbourne resident stops home invasion by shooting suspect
  9. Man charged for shooting grizzly
  10. Castle doctrine question??
  11. Thought somebody broke in !
  12. Storing a gun in a crawl space/attic
  13. Help with home security system!
  14. My incident on United Dulles to Austin 08-14-2011 / agitated passenger
  15. YAFM (yet another flash mob)
  16. Hideaway
  17. How do you train your kid(s)?
  18. Best small Biometric safe?
  19. Arrested with gun at Orlando airport
  20. Wheelchair bound man shoots/kills dog
  21. Pepper Spray & BUG?!
  22. Home Security System - Sign or No Sign
  23. Gun safe placement
  24. Marshalltown, Iowa incident
  25. chilling 911 call
  26. Traveling fom Omaha NE to Bellville .Illinois
  27. News report April 6 1968, Washington DC
  28. Traveling from Michigan to Richmond VA
  29. Can you recommend a good electronic home security forum?
  30. Chattanooga Riverboat... Is it posted?
  31. Home Security
  32. Talking to the media after a shooting?
  33. A perfect example-- a Tragedy in Twin Falls Idaho
  34. Blackbear defense
  35. Home clearing practice
  36. Please help me with a plan for my home layout.
  37. Turned out to be nothing, but drew entering my house after getting a call.
  38. Keep your garage door down
  39. Need to go to a range in/around Hendersonville, NC? Look here!
  40. Do you carry at all times inside your home?
  41. Extreme sheep, another family reunion story
  42. Just answer the dang doorbell!
  43. Home Invasion - Atlanta
  44. What would you have done?
  45. The dog as first line of defense: RIP Ouija
  46. Road trip
  47. Afternoon scare
  48. Can I get a FL CCW while a RI resident?
  49. Speaking of a storm shelter...
  50. Neighbor update
  51. Driveway alarm which one to buy
  52. Now this is what I need for my local trips around town
  53. Ever install an alarm system
  54. Justified shooting
  55. Thieves Breaking Into my Cars (Repeat Offenders)
  56. Going to Italy and Greece Yikes
  57. What if scenario
  58. You awaken to intruders yelling. You shoot. It's EMS at the wrong address! (News)
  59. Calling 911 Doesn't Always Work - Stalker Killed By Victim (11/17/2007 Hessville, IN)
  60. Working Dogs for Home Defense
  61. Our store got cased last night
  62. Pre-dawn stranger knocking on my front door
  63. Community Emergency Responce Team
  64. Going on vacation, tell my apartment manager?
  65. Car carry in OK, TX, NM-without CC permit.
  66. Should you carry at home?
  67. Heading to South Carolina for a week - Got some questions
  68. Scary Ruling: No right to resist unlawful police entry
  69. Concealment at our pool.......need some ideas.
  70. Any issues with the Tiger Holster Systems Beside shotgun holders?
  71. Let's talk about storm cellars/shelters
  72. Two ideas to minimize home burglaries
  73. Can the authorities legally keep you from your home?
  74. Legality and suggestions for OC spray, visiting LV Nevada.
  75. I hate feeling this way!
  76. Flashbangs / Smoke to Supplement HD?
  77. Bug Out Bag
  78. what do you do when you travel through unfriendly CC states?
  79. Official Home Security Thread
  80. 81 y/o man repels invader w/ hot iron skillet and pitchfork!
  81. Gated Communities
  82. I think our new house just got cased....
  83. Alarm Systems
  84. The Police never showed......
  85. "Quiet" Neighborhoods
  86. About Securing Doors
  87. Difficult House Layout - Need Advice
  88. Best Monitored Alarm System
  89. Knives in Virginia EDC, CC, and at home
  90. door burglar alarms ?
  91. Thought provoking documentary
  92. It can happen in a flash
  93. Raped after assisting “stranded” motorist.
  94. Doggy doors
  95. AT&T almost losses an employee, and probably my future business!
  96. Intruder fears homeowner, calls 911
  97. Travel to DC - questions
  98. Outside and after dark!!!
  99. Having Illegals for neighbors
  100. To be or not to be locked and loaded.
  101. Alarms, Dogs and Camera's
  102. Cars burgled last night.
  103. Securing a safe in a rental house??
  104. Our 4 legged security had to be put down
  105. What if any law is being broken?
  106. Upgrading door security...
  107. Mans Best Friend, Best Defense...
  108. "In Va., charges rare for those who shoot intruders"
  109. Can a teenager use firearms for home protection?
  110. Want to Buy Some Meat?
  111. I had a dirt bag try to stop by our home last night
  112. Description of Giffords video. First victims crawling under tables and helping others
  113. VIDEO: SWAT dynamic warrant service results in homeowner shot dead, Weber Co. Utah
  114. Man shot for stealing dog box in VA - no charges
  115. Traveling to Mexico
  116. Vacation Carry: Cabin, No guns allowed...........
  117. This is why Everyone should be allowed to Conceal Carry and defend themselves.
  118. Gun to leave home with the wife
  119. Any free Vehicle license plate lookup ?
  120. what would you do in situation?
  121. Another craigslist -website scam
  122. I guess they are taking over Texas also...sad
  123. My Neighborhood Meeting With The Local P.D.
  124. Pancho’s Christmas STAY-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE Card
  125. Detroit cuts 20% of police patrols, among other services
  126. Driveway Alert Sounds - Advice?
  127. Hummm I like the way this DA thinks but I am not so sure he's 100 percent correct
  128. proud of the 4 legged member of the house
  129. There is no more room at the Inn.
  130. A MUST SEE video:
  131. Guide to surviving the apocalypse.
  132. Dont't pick up water bottles
  133. Boyton Beach, FL man arrested......um?
  134. New Years plans.New guns,moving,home reinforcement...
  135. Prowler tonight
  136. 2010 City Crime Rate Rankings
  137. Knock on door early Saturday morning
  138. Article - Home Defense tips
  139. Hotel Room Defense - Al Qaeda eyes more Mumbai-style attacks
  140. Security options for a rented house? Strict landlords!
  141. You hear a noise at night right after getting in bed.
  142. I was a sitting duck.
  143. Security Camera Question
  144. A poll; your HD weapon of choice
  145. 13 Things a Burglar Won't Tell You
  146. NC Fair and Carry
  147. 6 key ways your lawyer should 'advocate' for you after a shooting
  148. So, the doorbell rang at 4:30 am
  149. PA Non-Resident permit: turn-around time?
  150. Side door alarm sounded at 5:50 am this morning, contacted 911
  151. Need help finding a decent outdoor IR camera & digital recorder system, and other Q's
  152. Question About Castle Doctrine
  153. people outside of my window at 12:30 at night
  154. Just had a MAJOR incident
  155. Man who killed intruder gets 4 years probation
  156. Caribbean Cruise Defense Options
  157. My house was broken into yesterday...
  158. I Get To Carry This Week!! Wooo Hooo!!
  159. Things you must do.
  160. The Gun Is Civilization
  161. A trip I'm not happy about.
  162. My family is in a little situation.
  163. Thinking About Building A Gun Room
  164. Renting house at college, what do I do?
  165. Chet Wilson - Free Presentation - New Jersey
  166. Car Jacking: Never leave your car running Durham, NC
  167. Wife: "Why do you want guns in the house?" was answered tonight.
  168. Best home set-up
  169. Bugging out
  170. Few Home Defense/Security Questions
  171. The Camp Chair Bag Ak/Carbine Carrier
  172. My vacation Condition Orange moment
  173. What room for a safe room? Kids bedroom or mine?
  174. Law called. Someone tied fishing line to my door knocker Sat. night?
  175. Interesting but scary situation: Texas Hill Country River Carry
  176. Beach Trip!
  178. Back in the Sandbox with memories of a great leave
  179. BG demands you open your gun safe for him
  180. Glad to be back in the land of the Bill of Rights!
  181. Self defense in Germany
  182. You're MYOB when a gun shows up in your face (video)
  183. Wife had a set back--need help
  184. New way to hide gun in bedroom!
  185. A new CraigsList scam with home defense implications
  186. Travelling to Jacksonville, FL
  187. A Real Gun
  188. Layers
  189. Rest Area robbery/shooting: North Carolina
  190. Am I worrying too much?
  191. Best Defense
  192. I don't know HOW she does it!!!
  193. When reality hits close to 'home'......my long lil' rant
  194. Friend has firearm stolen in burglary. Learn from his mistake.
  195. Need info on keyless deadbolts
  196. Door Brace
  197. Had someone try to run me off the road this morning
  198. Just ordered one of these...
  199. NJ question
  200. New Home Defense Shotgun
  201. Going on a mission trip to Rwanda next month and need advice on how to proceed
  202. Car Seat Sentry Holster
  203. My lovely nieghbor
  204. Road Trip....What to do?
  205. Wasp spray for PD.....who knows?
  206. Methinks this guy may end up in hot grease
  207. Man saves family from road-side robbery, shoots assailant
  208. Leo's and their responsibilities
  209. Late night phone call......somethings up.....how fast can you get ready/prepared?
  210. Man Shot In Westside Home Robbery
  211. Children defending home?
  212. Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault
  213. Taurus ya or na
  214. Looking for a quick acess/quick open safe
  215. Home defense with problem renter in the house
  216. best home defense pistol?
  217. What do you do w/ your CC when going on a cruise
  218. The will to kill
  219. I'm always suspicious...
  220. Affordable DVR and camera system
  221. CHL Travel
  222. Am I paranoid
  223. Boots; for the bump in the night
  224. A baseball bat for home defense
  225. Need help mounting a holster
  226. Staying overnight at someone else's house.
  227. How is your SA? What would you do?
  228. Wife declares g26 too ''wimpy'' for bedside gun
  229. Garage security advice needed...
  230. Tennessee Travel Question
  231. Ever hear of anyone firing a gun during a dream.
  232. Strange things in my neighborhood
  233. Hotels or motels.....what's your opinion on the safest
  234. Doral/Miami FL Anyplace I should avoid?
  235. Actually happened - In England
  236. Good video -- when seconds count
  237. Have you tested your four legged alarm/deterrence system?
  238. Where are the gun friendly restaurants?
  239. Medication Desperation
  240. Traveling to Arkansas...no permit...have questions
  241. Reducing your risk with a vehicle travel bag.
  242. Wrong house
  243. Magnetic holsters or mounts
  244. vault / gun room / safe room questions
  245. I think my house and or wife has been targeted.
  246. Bad Guys are getting BADDER
  247. I don't need a warrant ma'am
  248. need ideas to protect keys
  249. I LOVE my puppy!!!!
  250. Another reason to carry at home...