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  1. Road Trip....What to do?
  2. Wasp spray for PD.....who knows?
  3. Methinks this guy may end up in hot grease
  4. Man saves family from road-side robbery, shoots assailant
  5. Leo's and their responsibilities
  6. Late night phone call......somethings up.....how fast can you get ready/prepared?
  7. Man Shot In Westside Home Robbery
  8. Children defending home?
  9. Take a short test, and rate your risk of serious assault
  10. Taurus ya or na
  11. Looking for a quick acess/quick open safe
  12. Home defense with problem renter in the house
  13. best home defense pistol?
  14. What do you do w/ your CC when going on a cruise
  15. The will to kill
  16. I'm always suspicious...
  17. Affordable DVR and camera system
  18. CHL Travel
  19. Am I paranoid
  20. Boots; for the bump in the night
  21. A baseball bat for home defense
  22. Need help mounting a holster
  23. Staying overnight at someone else's house.
  24. How is your SA? What would you do?
  25. Wife declares g26 too ''wimpy'' for bedside gun
  26. Garage security advice needed...
  27. Tennessee Travel Question
  28. Ever hear of anyone firing a gun during a dream.
  29. Strange things in my neighborhood
  30. Hotels or motels.....what's your opinion on the safest
  31. Doral/Miami FL Anyplace I should avoid?
  32. Actually happened - In England
  33. Good video -- when seconds count
  34. Have you tested your four legged alarm/deterrence system?
  35. Where are the gun friendly restaurants?
  36. Medication Desperation
  37. Traveling to Arkansas...no permit...have questions
  38. Reducing your risk with a vehicle travel bag.
  39. Wrong house
  40. Magnetic holsters or mounts
  41. vault / gun room / safe room questions
  42. I think my house and or wife has been targeted.
  43. Bad Guys are getting BADDER
  44. I don't need a warrant ma'am
  45. need ideas to protect keys
  46. I LOVE my puppy!!!!
  47. Another reason to carry at home...
  48. State law posted, legalities of shooting burglar or home invader?
  49. put in a really uncomfortable situation.....
  50. Fake LEO invasions
  51. Simple HD combo
  52. A Word of Advice on Hearing Protection
  53. "Shot Placement Is Key"
  54. Laser for Home Defense Hand Gun?
  55. Two Suggested Additions For Home Security
  56. Suggestions for high rise condo security?
  57. New security system up and running
  58. How to mount a shotgun to bed frame?
  59. Unlicensed occupant using gun in SD
  60. No Trespassing Signs
  61. Making a Family Plan
  62. Anyone Reenforced their bedroom doors?
  63. Bump in the night... well, at dawn
  64. Mountain lion enters home
  65. Gun Storage at Home While Away From Home
  66. Protecting my "American Dream"
  67. GPS a vulnerability?
  68. Lets see your home defense setups
  69. home security systems and alarms
  70. Baiting Dogs
  71. Home Defense Ammo In Condo
  72. Home Defense Help/Suggestions?
  73. In Reality- Long guns for home defense
  74. Home Security/Defense Strategy
  75. A few notes on layered defense.
  76. Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?
  77. HD Scenario Options
  78. Best fence for home defense?
  79. 13 things your burglar won't tell you.
  80. A good wireless home security system (non-monitored type)
  81. Neighbor Lost Car Stereo Saturday Night
  82. Emergency gun stash...
  83. Hideyourguns.com
  84. I think my house was being scouted
  85. Question regarding DAO as a night stand gun
  86. How would y'all feel about this.
  87. security cameras, u have them? / retailers
  88. Lighting Stratagy for Home Defense
  89. My Attack Chihuahua
  90. UK Finally starts to talk about self defence
  91. Four-legged defense system question
  92. What would you do? Room Clearing Exercise
  93. Consider a four footed furry thing as your first warning system
  94. Armed Citizen: Falls man shoots burglar, Falls police say
  95. Broadview Home security commercials......
  96. Mods please delete
  97. Trick From My Blind Uncle
  98. My new Home Defense Weapon! My New Toy haha!
  99. Old question, new thread
  100. How many have home security systems?
  101. Home-defense discussion
  102. How to plan for a home break in at my residence.
  103. Handgun vs Long gun for Home Defense - a discussion starter
  104. My Home alarm tested me....
  105. Home Defense Strategy points to ponder
  106. Carry at home.
  107. Do you disarm when you get home?
  108. My turn, last night at my home just before midnight. <Long Post Warning>
  109. Being at the ready at home
  110. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do This To Your Doors!!!
  111. Home Invasion
  112. Hardening your Home -- doors, lighting, alarms, weapons, neighborhood awareness
  113. Is It Wise To Carry At Home?
  114. Home Defense... what would you do??
  115. Hardening your Home?