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  1. Chase after armed home invaders?
  2. What motivates home invaders?
  3. Designing for defense
  4. can my girlfriend use my guns in self defense?
  5. Carrying from Florida to Alaska?
  6. Different Defense Needs
  7. My neighborhood is being cased
  8. Piccadilly Cafeteria - Greenville MS. NO guns allowed.
  9. Bad learning experience in New Jersey - ABC
  10. On a trip, first time carrying
  11. Vehicle as Instrument?
  12. Another "Shotgun Joe" adherent fails.
  13. New House
  14. Weird feeling
  15. In Colorado, Bloomberg is the man gun owners love to hate
  16. Clearing the parking lot
  17. How To Remove Your House From Google Street View
  18. InfoGraphic on States and Violent Crime
  19. A Pathetic Tale from South Texas
  20. Incident At My Son's House
  21. Home invaders sometimes come back.
  22. Montana Meth Project Home Invasion Ad
  23. Keeping the Police out of My Yard
  24. Sometimes, young ladies get lucky.
  25. Going to visit friends in SC and traveling with my pistol
  26. When seconds count, police are only... 1,200 miles away !!!
  27. bump in the night
  28. $500K in an armed home invasion.
  29. Argument for Open Carry at Home/Property Along Southern Border (bigger the better)
  30. What would you do with a bump in the night?
  31. IP Motion Sensor Camera for a church
  32. Behind Enemy Lines-TLS
  33. Wow, eye opening slam against "Stack-On" gun safes
  34. Be safe, yet ready with kids in the house
  35. CCW Safe "insurance"
  36. Things that go bump in the middle of the night
  37. Police seek 3 in home invasion
  38. Locked doors and drunks
  39. Do-It-Yourself Home Security System
  40. VA: My wife's friend
  41. A good dog...
  42. A place of my own
  43. Another Potential Lethal Force Scenario
  44. Does the yet unsigned FL warning shot bill weaken Castle, and SYG law?
  45. The Internet of Things and Home Defense
  46. FN PS90 a legitimate home defense weapon?
  47. Famous singer victim of home invasion
  48. Increasing home defense
  49. Chattanooga..... Tell me what to see and where to avoid
  50. Power Grid Threat
  51. Got a peephole in your door?
  52. Jack in the Box Caves to Gun Control Pressure, Restricts Open Carry
  53. Sigh. Alarm systems, again...
  54. Lockdown!!!
  55. If you use a rail mounted light, how will the badguy know you have a gun?
  56. Liability Insurance
  57. Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection
  58. new tactic by BG's
  59. This is why.
  60. FL: BG's impersonating police... and wearing body armor
  61. For SHTF/Home Defense Body Armor, do i really need side plate armor?
  62. How can I secure my guns without a gun safe or cabinet?
  63. Talk to me about your indoor home defense light
  64. Memphis TN: How the Safe Room works:
  65. Remembering the LA Riots 4.29
  66. Can you use deadly force in your home against a public servant?
  67. loaded magazines
  68. Carry in Palo duro canyon?
  69. TX: Artemio says, "They need to carry a gun."
  70. Going camping - need car safe recommendation
  71. Legal at home, Felon Across the River
  72. Home invader caught on tape...
  73. Can you survive a bear attack?
  74. my wife is rehabing a home invasion victim.
  75. Caught on camera:
  76. Good neighbors, a rare commodity
  77. Online Defense (Heartbleed Bug)
  78. Chris Costa on shotgun vs. handgun for home defense
  79. Warning shot fails to stop home intruder
  80. Finding good guidance for those starting out
  81. Indoor Lighting
  82. Not good, not good at all. Not much that can be done either
  83. Another Case of Anytime, Anywhere
  84. 13 yo hides in one closet, little sis in another... Home invasion
  85. Defending Yourself Against a Mob (Detroit)
  86. Why is it the criminal class is following "Shotgun Joe's" advice..?
  87. Can happen anytime, anywhere.
  88. Doggie doors
  89. When can I use my firearm
  90. what you carry in a unfriendly state
  91. Never charge a cell phone in a closet
  92. Grid Down First Week
  93. What locks do you use to secure your windows?
  94. When I see things like this...
  95. 2 killed in shooting aboard USS Mahan at Naval Station Norfolk
  96. Someone in your home when your wife and kids get home...
  97. Clear your guns!: Possible ND, bullet found in Neighbors cabinet.
  98. My girlfriend doesn't like me... So you're gonna get robbed..!
  99. Road trip through Illinois with Michigan CPL
  100. Self defense shooting in Houston...
  101. Shooting in my Neighborhood Today
  102. What To Do If There Is A Riot In Your Town
  103. 5th time in 2 weeks: Detroit homeowner kills one invader; police seek 2nd suspect
  104. Woman shoots, kills intruder in Detroit
  105. First IL CCW's Approved
  106. GA: Call 911, hope you get thru...
  107. RARE: Burglar alarm does its job...
  108. WA: Visiting friend draws and fires on armed robbers
  109. Need advice on driveway infrared motion sensors
  110. Carrying in a national park.
  111. Mom uses rifle to repel thugs!!! NICE
  112. Detained in a parking lot
  113. Flying with a firearm, part deux
  114. Your School Principal: sheep or sheepdog?
  115. Meth is EVERYWHERE.
  116. What happens to the gun?
  117. Can I shoot the possum?
  118. Brookstone catalog - night stand with hidden handgun safe
  119. Recommendation for Doors and Locks
  120. How many times do I have to tell you?
  121. Wife's decision on a gun
  122. Looking to go a little bigger...
  123. Job opportunity of a lifetime.. In California
  124. Warning Signs?
  125. Traveling Thru Maryland with CHL.
  126. Daddy did a BAD, BAD thing! Today! (Chris Isaak song playing)
  127. Vacation planner
  128. Retired police officer shot and kill one in home invasion
  129. The Home Defense set up (long, really)
  130. Pistol v revolver for seldom use
  131. Home invasion SPREE... 4 elderly victims in neighborhood
  132. Strange Situation
  133. Fact or Fiction?
  134. Apartment Hallway Domestic Dispute
  135. Nightstand Holster
  136. Go take the poll on MSN: would you rather eat at a place that allows or forbids guns?
  137. Oregon news
  138. Terminal Insecurity- Making bombs AFTER security.
  139. GOOD Magnetic Driveway Alarm?
  140. Safe stowage
  141. Kayak Trip Concealed Carry
  142. Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse
  143. Curbside garbage can alert burglars to what's new to steal
  144. Frangible Ammo
  145. Just another reason to be armed mother and daughter killed in daytime home invasion
  146. Incident Today.
  147. Having a handgun at home...
  148. Knockout Game Reminder
  149. My Short Rant...........
  150. New shotgun security setup
  151. how to explain that a loaded gun is not necessarily a safety guarantee
  152. Drunk(?) neighbor rattling fence, harassing dog
  153. Event the other night and lessons learned
  154. Air travel carry-on bag items
  155. Confronted a prowler this morning
  156. Relative almost murdered by two thugs
  157. Home defense Daniel Defense Super Bowl ad
  158. Thanksgiving Day gas station clever scam.
  159. How do you carry your weapon into mexico?
  160. Using a Messenger bag for edc items ..
  161. Flashlight makes you a target
  162. So, you think you don't feel safe in America?
  163. My Hell Cat daughter thumps mean in parking lot
  164. Citzens hire private security to make up for the lack of Police presence
  165. Dog "saves" homeowners in home invasion...
  166. Survived another New Jersey Trip Unarmed
  167. Ahhh... The holidays are upon us...
  168. Road trip with a Gun
  169. Marauders portrayed as preppers !!!
  170. Gun safe recommendations.
  171. Requested carry at work
  172. The City of Brotherly Love
  173. Lessons from the Renisha McBride Killing
  174. NEWS: Home invasion, 3 killed ... with .308 rifle in NYC
  175. Does everyone know about the Gonzaga U. controversy???
  176. Kitchen Gun and the LAW regarding minor children access to firearms
  177. Fatal WA dog attack; Shoot/Don't shoot?
  178. Whats your routine?
  179. "It's Land Shark."
  180. Meth head home invaders, in Iowa.
  181. Improvised carry in Texas
  182. 1 burglary, 3 home invasions, one home invaded 2 times
  183. Back from Brazil...with a message
  184. I guess I picked a bad day to fly
  185. Gun in hand......
  186. BWI Airport (Baltimore, MD) while travling with handgun
  187. Thugs escalate from home invasion, to home invasion and sexual assault...
  188. Dog May Have Prevented An Incident Last Night
  189. Capitol Murder of an 87 yr. old WWII Vet............
  190. My personal protection and home alarm is 1 year old today
  191. colt 380 stops an "intruder"
  192. Interviewed In A Supermarket Parking Lot
  193. Going to Vegas advice
  194. Going Old School
  195. Someone opening my fence at night. Need advice.
  196. Dateline: Detroit...Subject: Carjacking
  197. Need some advice on HD carbine or SG and storage.
  198. Could your home security system help...
  199. Best Home Defense Concealment
  200. Why you always have something handy because begging may not cut it.
  201. S.C. Homeowner Took Biden's Advice
  202. 20 gauge shotgun for home defense??
  203. Bedside Carry
  204. Home Defense
  205. Your Plan for SHTF? Prep and Stay / Prep and Go / Minimal Prep & Forage/Force?
  206. Home Door Lock Review.... Pitiful Results....
  207. Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is
  208. Stand your ground extended in sc
  209. knives in DC?
  210. Kids home alone
  211. Dog defense
  212. How much ammo at the ready?
  213. Trip to D.C
  214. Dogs and Gun Shots
  215. Securing doors and windows
  216. This is why Home Cybersecurity is important
  217. Praise for Fritz, my 5 yr old German Shepherd!!
  218. Marine fires at car thief...
  219. An Article About Engaging the Active Shooter
  220. Pit Bull Attacks, Shot By Bystander
  221. Four attempted burglaries in my neighborhood in the last month!!
  222. This happened in Warren, MI today...
  223. Now the fun begins- SHTF home securty in post-flood Colorado
  224. In a Pinch - when the big one happens - make one of these Defensive Bows
  225. Home Defense Pistol
  226. Pregnant Anti Gun Woman
  227. HD Pistol Target, 10 yards
  228. WA to Arkansas, without disarming
  229. Travel across Kansas
  230. Drunk guy tried to start a fight
  231. Putting gun yard signs to shame
  232. Man in your backyard carrying a silenced hunting rifle...!
  233. Off to Commiefornia for work
  234. Called the police out yesterday
  235. Does anybody live on the US/Mexican border?
  236. Dopers hit the wrong house...
  237. BG robs one lady, fondles another...
  238. Sleepy Suspect
  239. A gated community is not enough...
  240. Defense attorney: How much time did you have,
  241. That's no missionary ...
  242. "DEA: Get on the ground!!!"
  243. UPS delivery... Or not
  244. Home security
  245. GPS Tracking recommendation request
  246. Why should all lawful and legal residents carry....here is a perfect example....
  247. Alternative to flimsy chain locks
  248. Securing a patio/French exterior door
  249. Seven. Yes 7! Home invaders..
  250. Bug out Bags and Prepping and General Preparedness