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: Black Arch Holsters

  1. Black Arch Holster of the Week- $ 77.95
  2. Factory Seconds
  3. Happy New Year! Free Color Upgrades on Holsters through January 1st!
  4. Black Arch Holsters Sales Continuing through Cyber Monday!!
  5. Black Arch Holsters Black Friday Specials Available Now!
  6. ACE-1 Update! Suede backed leather now STANDARD! $59.95 with FREE SHIPPING!
  7. The most beautiful holster we've made! (And more pix of custom holsters)
  8. Keep your body dry, and your gun dry!
  9. New breathable hybrid holster from Black Arch
  10. Holsters for your Ruger LCP II
  11. New Guns Supported!
  12. New Custom Clip!
  13. Free shipping on all holsters!
  14. Announcing the Protos-M
  15. Viridian Reactor compatible holsters now available!
  16. What makes the Protos a great holster?
  17. Philips vs hex for holster hardware - Comment for a chance to win a free Mag Carrier!
  18. What makes the Black Arch ACE-1 Gen 2 different? Check out this short video!
  19. Walther Holsters - Shipping same-day
  20. Suede Backers Growing In Popularity
  21. Free shipping on all holsters!
  22. Holster lead times now 2-4 business days!
  23. Any interest in custom laser engraving on holsters?
  24. Sig P938 Protos available now!
  25. Free Shipping on all Black Arch Holsters (Formerly SHTF Gear)
  26. What do you look for in a concealed carry holster? Win a free Holster!
  27. Suede backers now available for all holsters
  28. Walther & Black Arch made for each other
  29. Free Shipping on all holsters!
  30. Ultimate CCW Giveaway!
  31. SHTF Gear is now Black Arch Holsters!
  32. Spring Sale! $10 off select holsters, and deep discounts on mag carriers
  33. SHTF Gear expands production facility, begins renovation on a new showroom in...
  34. Now accepting Paypal and Amazon Payments at
  35. SHTF Gear Holsters now available for the Ruger American Pistol!
  36. New hanguns for the Protos Holster
  37. Walther PPS M2 Holsters now available-SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2
  38. The SHTF Gear Protos and the Patent Pending "3/4 Hybrid" System
  39. Rethinking the hybrid holster-new SHTF Gear holster is patent pending
  40. Holsters for Springfield Armory XD Mod. 2 4" Service Model Now Shipping !
  41. SHTF Gear IWB holster giveaway
  42. How to build the best hybrid IWB holster
  43. Glock 43 holsters shipping with 3 day lead time!
  44. SHTF Gear IWB Holster Giveaway
  45. Free SHTF Gear IWB holsters - first come, first served!
  46. XD Mod. 2 holsters now available
  47. How do you choose the right holster?
  48. I, as a Simple Marine, actually won somthing from Clay/ SHTF (DC Sponsor)! Thank You
  49. Black Friday Sale at SHTF Gear-%15 off! DC Members enter to win a free holster.
  50. New Holster Options: Walther, CZ, Sig
  51. 50% Off SHTF Gear Holsters
  52. Why Do You Carry?
  53. SHTF Gear Introduces New Hybrid Holster
  54. PMAG Giveaway
  55. Kel-Tec PMR-30 for Concealed Carry?
  56. The People Have Spoken
  57. New Holster Options Available
  58. Same-Day Shipping on ACE-1 Holsters for the XDS!
  59. Gear Discounts
  60. Current average shipping time is 2 days
  61. New milling machine!
  62. Announcing SHTF Gear Holsters for the new Springfield XDs 4.0
  63. Job opening at SHTF Gear in Logan, Utah
  64. New Horizontal Mag Carriers Coming Soon!
  65. SHTF Gear to Introduce Holsters for the GLOCK 42
  66. The Mag Carrier you have been looking for
  67. Shipping Time Update: 3-5 business Days
  68. Introducing SHTF Gear Lock Loops- Tuckable loops for Hybrid Holsters
  69. New Upcoming Products from SHTF Gear
  70. Thanks for your service, Past and present service members 25% discount.
  71. Average ship times
  72. FN FNS Holsters now available!
  73. SCCY CPX-2 Holsters now available!
  74. First pictures of our new Tuckable Belt Loops
  75. NRA, LEO, and Fellow Military member discounts.
  76. Holsters now available for the Taurus PT111 G2! (and 140 G2)
  77. New Holster Arrived
  78. is back up!
  79. All Glock 9/40/357, Sig P938, Sig P238, and XDs Holsters are shipping in just 24 hrs!
  80. SHTF Gear T-Shirts and Stickers now available!
  81. Springfield XDs Holsters now shipping in 24 hours
  82. What type of screw do you prefer on holster hardware?
  83. Finally! Holsters availalbe for the S&W SD9 VE and SD4- VE
  84. Sig P224 Holsters now shipping@
  85. SHTF Gear Holster-Free upgrade to our new hardware for all customers
  86. Current average ship time is just 3 days!
  87. SHTF Gear-Company Update
  88. Reduced quoted shipping time- 3-6 days
  89. Ruger LCR with Lasermax Centerfire Laser- PIX
  90. Shipping update- 5 days!
  91. What's wrong with this picture?
  92. New equipment arrived and I'm pretty excited!
  93. SHTF Gear Shipping Update: 9 Days
  94. .45 and 9mm XDs Holsters
  95. Attention To Detail - A key Characteristic Of SHTF Gear Holsters
  96. Glock 30S holsters now shipping!
  97. New pants for my LCR
  98. No more guessing about holster shipping times!
  99. SHTF Gear ACE-1 holsters available for the Walther PK380 with factory laser
  100. Ruger LCR with Lasermax holster now availalbe!
  101. Loops for my hybrd holster
  102. Did you know that we offer holsters for over 200 handguns?
  103. New gun options for the SHTF Gear ACE-1 Holster! Walther PPX, Sig 1911!
  104. Beretta Nano with Crimson Trace and Lasermax -Holsters now available!
  105. Shipping Update!
  106. New photos of the SHTF Gear ACE-1
  107. SHTF Gear Review by TheYankeeMarshal
  108. Got a Sig? We have LOTS of options for you!
  109. UPDATED SHIPPING TIME- Good news! 10-15 business days
  110. Due to military service obligations, ship time is temporarily extended to 3-5 weeks.
  111. Review, AKA, I must be weird
  112. VIDEO: Initial Review of the SHTF Gear ACE-1
  113. My first holster, first impressions.
  114. Ruger LC380 Holsters
  115. New accessories for SHTF Gear holsters availalble for a discounted price
  116. Have a handgun with a Crimson Trace Laser? We can probably make a holster for you!
  117. New belt clips are on the way,
  118. SHIPPING UPDATE: Orders from shipping in 7-10 business days!
  119. Win a FREE SHTF Gear holster! What does the 2nd amendment mean to you?
  120. Springfield XDs with Crimson Trace Laserguard, S&W M&P Shield with Lasermax & More!
  121. Shipping times are getting shorter!
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  123. Current orders shipping 7-10 business days!
  124. An unexpected reason that SHTF Gear Holsters stand out in a competitive market
  125. 2013 Will Be An Exciting Year!
  126. New holsters for Walther P22, Golan
  127. Education Discounts for SHTF Gear Holsters
  128. Customer Reviews
  129. Bersa BP9CC Holsters now shipping!
  130. Military, Law Enforcement, and NRA Discounts for SHTF Gear Holsters!
  131. What does it take to make the best hybrid holsters on the market?
  132. Like us on facebook to receive product updates and specials!
  133. S&W Governor and Bersa BP9CC Holsters Available for Pre-Order!
  134. NEW! SHTF Gear Horizontal Magazine Carriers! $19.95 w/ free shipping!
  135. Top 9 features of the SHTF Gear ACE holster
  136. A Great Option for Carrying In Business Clothing.
  137. Carry an H&K? We've got your holster!
  138. Featured Holsters
  139. All Holsters Ship in just 3-5 Days!
  140. The only hybrid holster with Kevlar stitching, SHTF Gear
  141. Now its even easier to purchase your SHTF Gear Holsters!
  142. New Holster options again! Ruger SR22, Railed 1911's, S&W, Taurus, Sig!
  143. Tuckable Leather Belt Loops! Works for most Hybrid Holsters! Free Shipping!
  144. Lower Shipping Prices!
  145. Holsters for handguns with Crimson Trace LaserGuard
  146. Springfield XDs Holsters in 3-5 days!
  147. Springfield XDs holsters now available for order!
  148. Broberg XR9-S, Sig P938, FN FNX, Springfield XDs, HK P7 PSP -New Holsters!
  149. New Holster Options!
  150. SHTF Gear ACE-1 holsters now available for $59.95!
  151. S&W M&P Shield holsters now available to order!
  152. So you carry a Bersa? We've probably got a holster for you!
  153. Ruger LCR .38 and .357 Available!
  154. Did you know...?
  155. now easier to use!
  156. Finally, My First FN!
  157. Got a Walther? We've got options for you!
  158. Introducing our new tuckable leather belt loops!
  159. User pics?
  160. Have a 1911 with rail? I've got you covered with three of the most popular options
  161. New Diamondback Holsters
  162. Have a Ruger? I just started offering new holsters!
  163. An Introduction!
  164. SHTF Gear LLC is a Supporting Vendor!