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  1. Simply Rugged holsters as IWB
  2. Carry in the car..
  3. Props to my local Godfathers Pizza
  4. Moving back to Alabama from Florida - CWL
  5. OH Crime Welcome Sign
  6. I failed, hope this helps others
  7. How do I find a pro gun attorney in Greenville SC?
  8. I'm Legal!
  9. Traveling to PA for vacation
  10. Somethings Wrong Today
  11. New sights too tall?
  12. Lost Virginity Today
  13. Conceal Carry Knife Miami, FL
  14. CC on Texas College campuses
  15. Looking for tips on not printing
  16. BBC on a Concealed carry Class in the states
  17. Hotel storage
  18. Florida law
  19. Thunderwear for IWB Carry
  20. Night sights for Ruger SR40c
  21. Anyone have trouble concealing your extra mags?
  22. Concealed Carry Magazine
  23. Self-Inflicted GSW, No 302, what are my rights?
  24. What kind of holster for a hot tub?
  25. When to put your gun up/away?
  26. Tips on how not to print
  27. Snap Caps
  28. Question for SC and NC members about must inform
  29. Had an Accident Today
  30. Colt model 80 new agent
  31. OR CHL - "Real Property" lease assistance
  32. EEZOX
  33. VCHP renewal/turnaround time - thanks to Botetourt County
  34. Received my licence today in Florida
  35. PA Hotel Shooting - an argument for needing a reload?
  36. Carry on school grounds - RI
  37. CC and work
  38. Have you ever been in a life threatening gun-related scenario?
  39. What should I expect, or be ready for?
  40. WI Honors IL . . . App? . . . Best State CCW Laws?
  41. Post-Op Revolver Reload
  42. Colt new agent carry
  43. Advice needed in Ulster County NY
  44. From Respectable NRA Member to Trash
  45. Military training in place of NRA class in Westchester County, New York
  46. Need help from New Mexico members!
  47. Wisconsin now honors Illinois' CCL!
  48. Funny conversation at Bass Pro tonight...
  49. Taking second Idaho CCW class
  50. A Carry Experiment
  51. Gun metal/holster clipes eating through your clothes
  52. Lindsey Graham gets it
  53. Carrying your spare mag....bullet orientation?
  54. Work Carry Method
  55. Visiting New Orleans Area
  56. Flashlight in the Hand
  57. OMG! I've been going around all day w/o one in the pipe.YIKES!!!
  58. brandishing
  59. New Laws Pending Laws - MO & ID Residents
  60. Small of Back Carry
  61. Florida Carriers -- Would you fire a warning shot?
  62. Question about concealing
  63. I am ASHAMED of Texas.
  64. Mag falls out when I conceal carry!
  65. So...I went to the post office today and.......
  66. Less ammo, less gun, less playing hero
  67. SYG Legal Discussion and poll
  68. Carry 100% of time when legal?
  69. Where do you aim?
  70. Illinois revokes the first CCL
  71. Hatfield & McCoy Trails
  72. The dreaded NICS "Delay" - infuriatingly random
  73. Oklahoma Law Help
  74. Virginia nonresident CHL
  75. Motorcycle concealment
  76. CZ Customer sevice
  77. Gun laws in GA
  78. Mental illness diagnosis after obtaining CCL
  79. Carrying more than 1 gun
  80. Does anyone follow Bob Harvey?
  81. I almost shot someone last night
  82. For Non-LEO's: How Many Extra Magazines Do You Carry?
  83. No Second Place Winner
  84. Question for New Jersey Residents
  85. CC Class today
  86. Questions for a sunny SW FLorida
  87. Would you loan a gun to a friend?
  88. Most Ridiculous Carry Outfit
  89. Leather Holster with suede backing pad
  90. Is a private daycare off limits?
  91. Can I carry in a Church Gym?
  92. Does age matter?
  93. Defensive Carry University - Chance for you to be the professor
  94. Still waiting on Concealed permit in Guilford County
  95. How to carry legal in the truck in SC & NC?
  96. Sleeping on the couch tonight and don't understand why
  97. Can't carry at work, leave gun in car?
  98. Need advice on car carry setup
  99. Good LEO Encounter
  100. Should I become and Armorer or Gunsmith
  101. What do you wish you had purchased earlier?
  102. M&P Shield carriers???
  103. Won't be moving to the dark (Glock) side
  104. Illinois permit approved and in the mail
  105. Becoming a CCW instructor.
  106. Holster question
  107. When is not enough time a good thing? When your CWP comes early
  108. Carry question for Indiana
  109. School Administrators in Chicago lose even more brain cells...
  110. How is your aim?
  111. Wash. Coffee shop packing heat...
  112. Going Home from church incident Wednesday night
  113. What apps do you use for Defensive Carry / firearms any good new ones out there?
  114. Virginia Law Clarified!
  115. Thoughts on flashlight use?
  116. Do you always carry where it is legal to?
  117. What got you started?
  118. Having been in a wheelchair recently
  119. Quick Question
  120. Firehouse Carry in VA?
  121. Stuff like this makes me not want to CC
  122. Ruger LC9 holster - first time CCW
  123. NPR discusses recent 9th Circuit Court Decision on California on Concealed Carry
  124. Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, SC,
  125. No Guns in my Bank
  126. Concealed Carry and Faith? Which Comes First?
  127. CCW Class yesterday
  128. New "house gun" that is easier for the inexperianced wife to use?
  129. Campgrounds and fire arms.
  130. Dual Residency
  131. Moving to Florida.
  132. This should be taught in schools!!
  133. Which draw and first shot is best?
  134. Ruger-sp101??
  135. Sign Confusion
  136. Non-Resident Pistol Permit for Connecticut
  137. How has CC changed your personality?
  138. Woooohoooo
  139. Almost real life simulation, is this possible?
  140. Concealed carry question
  141. You're ATTACKED! You ACT! You're OK............. EXCEPT! :
  142. Application submitted but drivers license is soon to expire..
  143. Taking the CCW Training tomorrow morning.
  144. Is there a way of measuring recoil?
  145. Secret gun compartment in motorcycle air box
  146. IL CC Permit.. Anyone has one yet?
  147. Sweating with IWB holster against bare skin
  148. Just got my CCW badge!!!!!
  149. Finally signed up for the IL CCW class.
  150. WA State CPL - Still just 30 days
  151. Timing of going off safe.
  152. Concealed carry classes offered on college campus !!!
  153. Carry while on the job.
  154. To light, or not to light, that is my question.
  155. Getting a Lawyer Afterwards
  156. Wow! Way to go Chief Craig
  157. Holster recommendations.
  158. Florida CWP wait time is how long?
  159. First day carrying P226 IWB
  160. Do you carry at home?
  161. New concealed carry weapon Beretta 92 compact vs 1911 compact
  162. does lasermax on a snubby make appendix carry harder?
  163. Wayne County Michigan
  164. Can I get 2 Resident Full carry pistol permits in NY and CT
  165. Wash. CPLs top 451,000 but demand slows...for a moment
  166. XDS Pocket carry and where my loaded gun is pointing
  167. First Mozambique Drills... what a rush
  168. Just like the first time.
  169. What kind of questions are asked after a SD shooting?
  170. First time in 12 years. a little nervous.
  171. took my concealed weapon class today
  172. Went shooting today, good results, but problems with grip
  173. Sight picture or instinct
  174. Military Discharge Status and CCW
  175. Do you give your guns names?
  176. Reminder: Run your guns
  177. What to say when someone asks
  178. concealed class costs? and class procedures (in florida)
  179. Going to CCW class today
  180. order in which to do things?
  181. Who all knows that you carry?
  182. Detroit Police Chief to Residents: Defend Yourselves
  183. Glock 23c carry options
  184. This forum is addictive and possibly hazardous to my health
  185. How Long for AZ CCW Permit Renewal?
  186. Reciprocity between states and age to obtain a permit. Help!!!
  187. How long is your state's CC permit form?
  188. Sd9 ve 9mm
  189. Vacation to Maine and no reciprocity!
  190. Do you support Concealed Carry in public schools??
  191. Riding and carrying
  192. Scenario: In retrospect, what are the legal ramifications?
  193. Ready and waiting
  194. KS CCW approval
  195. concealment issue
  196. How to carry while jogging or workout
  197. CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night
  198. Empty Chamber PTSD
  199. Scenario: Never seen this discussed
  200. Address History for Concealed Carry Permit
  201. Colin Noir holster, need help finding
  202. Use of camera after a shooting?
  203. Fellow school employees
  204. New "RIP" Ammo
  205. Only in The Rio Grande Valley
  206. Clearing up the NICS record
  207. Would you carry with a non-stock barrel?
  208. Suncrafts Bad Experience
  209. Record Number of Carry Permits Issued in Ohio
  210. Illinois Mailing Out Carry Permits!
  211. how do you prepare for the legal side of a justified shooting?
  212. Concealed Weapons Permit Holders
  213. IWB Holster Sig P250 Compact with Laser
  214. When to shoot a bad guy ?
  215. Finally got my Gold Dot
  216. Which type of holster to choose?
  217. CPL denial question Please help.
  218. Laws about carrying firearms in a vehicle in PA?
  219. Not a newbie, but this is a newbie question
  220. Approved - il ccl
  221. Moving to Portland, Or
  222. Anyone carry a backup to their ECP?
  223. New to CCW surprised first impressions
  224. More then an opinion about CCin and drinking.
  225. What would you do in this situation.....
  226. New from northeastern Indiana
  227. Ohio Permit Renewal Turnaround Time
  228. Explain this reciprocity issue please.
  229. Atlanta this weekend
  230. Receiving permit within a few weeks, how to prepare?
  231. From Iowa to Nevada & Back
  232. Lasers
  233. Teaching Your Children About Firearms
  234. "Stand Your Ground Nation"...from "Slate"
  235. Sr1911
  236. Changing out magazines
  237. Interstate travel
  238. Sometimes I like the USPS
  239. iowa conceal question.
  240. Age of Concealed Carry People
  241. Encounter outside of Walgreens
  242. Honest EDC
  243. Open carry with IWB or is it still concealed?
  244. Got my carry permit today
  245. Moving from New York to Delaware. How hard is it to transfer pistol permit???
  246. Tampa Bay woman sues Wells Fargo over gun issue.
  247. CCW'ing with Spare Ammo
  248. Virginia Now Honors Kansas. . . TN Parking Lot Storage Law (UPDATED)
  249. Utah CWP application question
  250. Williams Fire Sights for M&P Shield