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  1. Which is more gun friendly - Oregon or Washington?
  2. Employer policy what would you do
  3. How Open Are You?
  4. EDC clean or dirty
  5. Do you tell or not tell when entering other peoples home while carrying?
  6. Concealed carry clothing choices.
  7. Gotta be a record
  8. What am I missing here?
  9. Hypothetical situation - what would you do?
  10. Check this you tube about Holliwood Hypocrisy regarding guns
  11. Rarely covered in the News..... PLS DELETE
  12. Any women carry while running?
  13. Missouri to Virginia-permit
  14. New here, and need some help on what to buy!
  15. Got Made
  16. Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013
  17. Ride height and cant poll
  18. Hats off to the liberal media!
  19. Plop Goes the Ammo!
  20. Wisconsin backround checks
  21. CBI Requests $500,000 to Help It Reduce Background Check Backlog
  22. How do you carry a spare mag?
  23. 2nd and 3rd days carring concealed
  24. Feinstein Releases Proposal
  25. How Do You Carry?
  26. The "First Walk"
  27. Body Armor
  28. New York Press gone amok?
  29. Why I carry a concealed weapon.
  30. Denver Instructors & Ranges
  31. I dont have my CCW/CWP and have a question
  32. GFSZA question
  33. [Urgent] Traveler CC and transporting in St. Louis, MO
  34. Columbine Dad speaks out
  35. Petition to NOT ban ccw, "high cap magazines", semi auto weapons
  36. Carry overkill
  37. New no cc signs at malco
  38. Found an interesting tidbit.
  39. What are your local schools doing to prevent gun violence
  40. ccw changing states and seperating from military
  41. A Little Gun History
  42. Concealed Carry in action in Florida
  43. Not sure?
  44. Sandy Hook - Weapons used?
  45. Was my question answered?
  46. Center Vent or Side Vent Jackets for CC
  47. Oblivious
  48. Found this statement on another polling site.
  49. CCW smartphone app
  50. CCW processing in Delaware County, OH
  51. Cc'ing in the Mall of America
  52. Aggravated at the State of Florida
  53. 2 Weeks of CC
  54. Just visited the TX Caiptal yesterday
  55. Changing up - LC9 or PPS
  56. Mental Illness & FL Conceal Carry License
  57. I'll be honest. Recent events have me changing my carry habits...
  58. Good Article...Understanding the Criminal Mindset for your......
  59. Christmas Wishes !!!
  60. Newtown Shooting -- Ban Guns -- Why not change ....
  61. Friends that are way out of ??
  62. Somehow, today when I was CC'ing, I felt more thankful than before....
  63. Someone in public calls you out for CC, what now?
  64. Fighting to the Gun
  65. Denver: Training and Shooting Range Resources
  66. New Orleans Hilton Riverside
  67. Gun-free zones in Florida
  68. Stopping power or the gun I can shoot best?
  69. Gander Mountain OK's Open carry
  70. If they ony knew...
  71. TX GOVERNOR says Let CHL holders carry everywhere
  72. Cheaper than dirt stopped selling firearms
  73. Oklahoma legislator says teachers need option to carry guns at school
  74. "For the Children" re-post
  75. CCW Revoked PRIOR to conviction
  76. Man Drops TX Theater Shooter With One Shot Yesterday
  77. Glock has now become a 4 letter word.
  78. Teachers to carry guns in school in Texas community.
  79. How Smart is this? Train your Physco Kid how to shoot a Bushmaster
  80. School Principals Should be Armed!!
  81. Portland Mall Shooter Thwarted by CCW
  82. Must Read on Stoping School Shootings.
  83. Let's draft a well-tailored letter to our Senators and Representatives
  84. Busch Gardens, VA
  85. Christmas came early, FINALLY got NM CHL
  86. It is FINALLY here!!!
  87. For people that live in PA
  88. Weight of law (WI)
  89. Rampage Shootings
  90. I have moved and forgot to notify my sheriff's office.
  91. Please advise...which gun should I carry?
  92. No Co-Sponsors for Bill to Repeal 1990 Gun-Free Zone Act
  93. Clackamas Mall Shooter Was Confonted By Concealed Carrier (Oregon)
  94. Which Guns? (optimistic IL resident planning ahead)
  95. Got to see a M&P Shield today
  96. Obama's speech
  97. Clue in a younger board member
  98. Letter I sent to Gov for Bill 59 in Michigan
  99. another thought on not carrying chambered-young children
  100. got my carry permit yesterday
  101. I Love my Church
  102. Even my minister...
  103. Wanted to say thanks
  104. Did you watch the Sunday talk shows today..Meet the Press, CBS morning news, etc.etc.
  105. Will they ever take our guns?
  106. I guess some people need to learn it the hard way to support CCW.
  107. Conceal Carry Confessions and Dirty Little Secrets
  108. Concealing Glock 19
  109. Oklahoma High School massacre averted..
  110. Made it a whole day CCing
  111. Hello once again. . . Long time member here (long post)
  112. I Don't Carry Chambered; Yet
  113. SR40 for CCW, what do you think?
  114. Can I still Carry
  115. Texas school superintendent that allows armed staffmembers. Go figure...
  116. Moving To Indiana - A question
  117. state trooper harassing?
  118. Florida CCL warning.......
  119. This is what is being allowed to happen (CONN Shooting)
  120. I GOT DENIED!!! An im new here.
  121. new gun law could help stop tragedies like Newtown massacre
  122. This saddens me greatly....
  123. If you we're there at a mass shooting
  124. One step closer..
  125. Boys and Girls Club
  126. Max Load for safety question..is there a way to know
  127. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says time to talk gun laws
  128. Legal!! Finally....
  129. Ask family/friends if you can carry in their homes
  130. conceal carry question?
  131. Negligent Discharge in vehicle. Wake up call to the CCW community. Sig P238
  132. Untucked shirt snagging/catching on grip when concealing IWB
  133. Experience is valuable..so help me with yours....
  134. Issue with Florida CHL process
  135. Alright, which of you is responsible.....
  136. USCCA I Don't Know
  137. Tampa morning radio show
  138. Why do we carry?
  139. Guns.com Editorial - Why You Need to Carry a Gun
  140. What do you think of the P938?
  141. Crossbreed Supertuck clips being seen
  142. Would you intervene in a shooting attack where shooter has bulletproof vest?
  143. Neighbour of mine and Carry Permits.
  144. LGS Experience
  145. Carrying a gun can save lives....at least it did in Casper, WY
  146. Clarify for me please
  147. Its all fun and games till !!!!
  148. Is "printing" illegal in FL ?
  149. Good: Illinois MUST pass concealed carry law
  150. Delaware Drops Virginia - Info on OH, MI & WI
  151. Planning a trip from NC to VT for a 2 week visit... time to get a law degree...
  152. applicaction for ccw non resident in floida
  153. Odd CCW reaction
  154. The Old - The Lazy - and ME...
  155. Recent pistol incidents.
  156. Texas, Guns, and Alcohol????????
  157. Father shoots Son-How
  158. RE-locating from Texas to Missouri
  159. Denied handgun purchase... Weird
  160. Doctor visits while carrying concealed
  161. My wife just took the class today! another CCL application on the way!
  162. North Carolina CCW Permit Holders, Please Read
  163. First Wally World Walk!
  164. Traveling from Florida to NC
  165. Magazines while CCW
  166. M&P Shield with Crimson Trace Laser holster
  167. Motorcycling and CC
  168. Learned some things today
  169. How to handle a touchy situation without a gun
  170. Hilarious
  171. Double standard or do as I say not as I do...
  172. A different perspective on concealed carry
  173. Carrying to a show in the "Cultural District" of Pittsburgh?
  174. Carrying your permit??
  175. Crow being served..I owe a few of you an apology
  176. Carry at school
  177. Santa Wish List
  178. I want a georgia ccp, but heres the the thing...
  179. Adding Tact To Your Training
  180. Anyone used Gun-Kote spray on finish on their CCW?
  181. Our Permits got Approved!
  182. Another employee not allowed to defend himself.
  183. Any stories of awkward CC moments?
  184. Autozone FIRES employee for stopping serial armed robber
  185. CHL Turnaround in Franklin County, Ohio
  186. Concealment solved..now a whole new problem
  187. In Need of a good comfy OWB
  188. Advice needed from experienced cc's
  189. Watch who you tell about guns and CC
  190. Wife gets off the fence...
  191. Needed: 100% legal (own, transprort, use) weapon for self defense in all 50 states...
  192. LTCF and drinking?????
  193. Question about reciprocity
  194. How do you stop creaking?
  195. Knowledge needed to avoid problems
  196. Help fight for Freedom in MICHIGAN!
  197. SE Wisconsin Members: Bayshore Mall's poorly-placed anti-firearm signs
  198. Anyone ever carry a sig p250?
  199. Uncomfortable at school
  200. DAO sp101
  201. There is a map for that... Interactive CC states
  202. Texas CHL holder? Eventually? ....maybe?
  203. LCP Lovers..you're gonna love this.....
  204. Wish Me Good Luck: I See The Hand Surgeon Tomorrow and WARNING (Again)!
  205. What gun did you take the CHL course with?
  206. Discussion with co-worker
  207. Save a ton of money if you're interested....
  208. Just passed my CCW Class today!
  209. Why is it 3:45pm and the mailman isn't here with my CHL license yet???!!!
  210. Addiction is a terrible sickness
  211. Just bought it...anybody else have one ??
  212. NC permit recognized in VT? Conflicting info
  213. Distinctions needed please....................
  214. Another Employee's Reward for Stopping a Crime
  215. Now you see it
  216. OK to carry in grocery store with in-store babysitting service?
  217. New to concealed carry... Sr9c
  218. Here I sit....
  219. Renewal time for CCW
  220. Just Curious ... Something to think about....
  221. Which States Do You Have Licenses From?
  222. Need York City ruling
  223. Can't get my hybrid holster to be comfortable HELP
  224. PA / NJ concealment issue ????
  225. Denied Conceal Carry permit, how to go about the Appeal process?
  226. This is EXACTLY what I dislike about some people!!!!!
  227. NV non-Resident permit took 33 days from submission to post-marked letter
  228. Gander Mountain....I dunno about them......
  229. Firearms at Work
  230. So, a friend of mine..
  231. Just passed my TN Carry permit Class with my Shield, here's my qualified Silhouette
  232. CCL Turnaround time....interesting...to say the least
  233. NE vehicle transport question
  234. Best Handgun Safe for a Vehicle?
  235. No takers in CO Gun Dorms
  236. New study shows gun violence down in Virginia
  237. Anyone here use SHTF GEAR holsters ??
  238. Recoil Spring Questions ??
  239. Gun Show Double Standard
  240. If you have a Concealed Handgun License how many guns can you carry.
  241. Michigan Stun Gun Law
  242. Idiot makes us all look bad... CCW Permit holder pulls gun in black friday crowd
  243. Buying firearms after a DUI
  244. Ruger LC9,,,White dot sights..how to adjust.??????
  245. Carrying at the gym...how to do it?
  246. OC..Why Hassled?
  247. Take my CC tomorrow.
  248. Road Rage...how far do you take it?
  249. Wait time for CCW in Cuyahoga, OH?
  250. Without a doubt...the best IWB holster to date any handgun