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  1. In MN, if I want to leave my gun in the car do I have to unload it?
  2. A trip to the DMV
  3. Michigan Concealed Carry License Renewal
  4. Subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine
  5. Fists - Deadly Weapons or not
  6. I received my CHP today!
  7. Subtle brainwashing in the media
  8. Longest gun you conceal carry?
  9. 6th sense, ESP, precognition, etc. in defensive carry
  10. Wild Wings Cafe, Raleigh NC Area
  11. Scary Indiana gun law if I am interpreting it correctly
  12. AZ CCW class in Denver, CO
  13. Clothing Considerations for Winter Carry
  14. Range Experience Today
  15. Florida Concealed Carry Under 21?
  16. CCW at Navy MWR range
  17. CHL holders info listed by newspapers
  18. Wife having second thoughts about conceal carry
  19. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon databases
  20. Gun Rattle
  21. BB&T removed no guns sign
  22. You May Be Outed Soon
  23. 45Long colt or 45acp?
  24. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon databases
  25. S.C. Restaurant Carry
  26. Non-Resident Transporting through Illinois
  27. Just for 1MoreGoodGuy
  28. Spouse Who Carries
  29. Poll: Would you support “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014"
  30. FAST Turnaround time NH Pistol and Revolver License
  31. Anti posting gunbuster signs on businesses?
  32. Michigan Employer Dilemma
  33. Help deciphering carry laws
  34. Nationwide Reciprocity Bill introduced in US Senate
  35. Time to brag on the Tennessee Dept. of Safety!!!
  36. Self Defense Coverage Under PUP (Personal Umbrella Policy)
  37. Carrying concealed with a holster
  38. And I Carry - Great Ad
  39. Boss found the gun in my company vehicle......
  40. Patients with firearms
  41. No guns allowed on beach
  42. What do you do when you go to the gym
  43. Can't wait...
  44. M&P Shield Pocket Carry?
  45. Wally World Walk - Check
  46. Dumbest Self-Defense Advice You've Ever Heard?
  47. Holster for Glock 27
  48. Idaho/Washington Reciprocity. . . Corps of Eng Injunction
  49. Company Vehicles (Not What You Think)
  50. Police just came to my door about my guns
  51. Winchester Silvertip Hp in 45 long colt??
  52. LEO Encounter(s) - 2 in 2 weeks
  53. M&P Shield and Kahr PM/CM 9
  54. Concealed Carry in Miami and Keys
  55. No guns signs in North Carolina
  56. Non-Resident CC in South Carolina
  57. Utah Non-resident permit validity
  58. Mindset of a Concealed Carrier
  59. How much printing is too much?
  60. First time CCing
  61. Florida non resident cwl
  62. South Carolina S308 Restaurant Carry
  63. New Mystery Marvel: Aid for CCW and Self-Defense:
  64. Have You Ever Used Your Gun For Self Defense?
  65. CC Permit Arrives Today!
  66. Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland
  67. Sheriff's advice when visitor with holstered gun enters public building: Call the pol
  68. Young couple shot for texting during movie
  69. Tried To Purchase
  70. non US citizen getting CCW
  71. New Holster Just Arrived!
  72. Illinois ChL
  73. Brainwashing
  74. Denied CCP in Florida
  75. Will illinois honor any other state ccw
  76. Questions about vehicle transport for a few states
  77. Illinois Concealed Carry Businesses
  78. CC while trap shooting.
  79. Road Rage Shooting has my Wife Asking Questions
  80. Applied December 31 and got my permit today
  81. florida conceal carry licence question
  82. I need an answer to my question
  83. Illinois non-carry
  84. Question about when to show an Officer your CCW permit
  85. Wife picked up her CCDW this morning
  86. Gun related stickers and clothing. Good idea or bad idea?
  87. Mall posted a 30.06 sign
  88. Don't let your ego get in the way (Repost)
  89. Doing the right thing in that split second
  90. CC while bowling
  91. What do you say?
  92. Received my Arkansas CHCL today!
  93. Poll: Do you have self-defense/CCW insurance?
  94. 10 Things Not To Do When Carrying Concealed
  95. How do you know and remember the laws?
  96. PA Gun Permit "Being investigated"
  97. Bad Concealment and Doesn't Care
  98. just returned from the post office
  99. Concealment advice
  100. Concealed Carry and SSRI Medication
  101. NRA Great American outdoor show
  102. Florida to Texas
  103. Interesting study that confirms what we already know
  104. IL State Trooper and Information on IL CCW Permits
  105. First time NOT carrying: Why/when should you not carry?
  106. vehicle carry, new Mexico usa
  107. understanding conceal carry laws
  108. Why I Can't Be Too Harsh on Those Who Live In May Issue States
  109. Is there a quick reference for gun laws?
  110. OH/AZ Reciprocity . . . Carrying 24/7
  111. Desantis Dual Carry II & the Smith & Wesson 642
  112. Your Situation Awareness Routines?
  113. Best IWB for a full size 1911?
  114. does anyone know what page 16 states in JON GUTMATCHERS book on misdemeanors
  115. WI Honors MO (Partial) . . . NY Bullet Ban . . . Folder Knife Laws . . . Cold Weather
  116. The Pathetic Lobby for Gun-Rights
  117. Now my wait begins
  118. Curious about Colorado
  119. Anyone conceal carry a Kimber 5" 1911 regularly?
  120. Different kind of fast-draw competition coming
  121. Big City Police Chief comes "out" for more Concealed Carrying Citizens!
  122. Is a bank Kiosk inside a grocery store still considered off limits for CCW?
  123. This may be a stupid question, but here goes....
  124. Consealed Carry with no lisense before 18 years old
  125. Signs in Colorado
  126. Just a random thank you to all
  127. Knife Info . . . Incorrect Information . . . Happy New Year
  128. Carrying Into A Bank
  129. Out of state permit or reciprocity?
  130. Florida nearing 1 million background checks for firearm purchases
  131. First time carrying tonight
  132. Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe Combat Cut or Standard?
  133. Sprouts Farmers Market Posted No CHLs
  134. Gunbelt??
  135. Car holstered when pulled over???
  136. Concealed carry in car/truck
  137. Spare mag carry?
  138. Illinois cary over issue
  139. Washington State CPL Times
  140. Another interesting twist on Mental Helath and weapons ownership
  141. Question about gun show CC
  142. When you carry do you use an OWB holster or IWB Holster?
  143. Ballistic diviation over different barrel lengths
  144. Your Walmart ammo situation
  145. law enforcement cant find out come on a misdemeanor from 1998
  146. A good Conceal carry semi auto for the price.
  147. Another California Success Story!
  148. My wife just doesn't understand...
  149. Transporting weapon in vehicle
  150. Guy nearly makes it through the year without being an idiot...
  151. Anyone CC with a ligt attached?
  152. Question for PA and OH residents.
  153. Concealed Carry with Misdemeanor?
  154. If you could only have one carry piece..
  155. Concealed Carry at Work
  156. 10mm Kimber and Sprinco recoil-reducing guide-rod?
  157. Arkansas Carry Law
  158. Christmas Carry
  159. Concealed carry during Norway visit
  160. What would your answer be?
  161. Carrying concealed on a nude beach.
  162. got the conceal carry license news today
  163. CC on Christmas Eve?
  164. Carrying Concealed as a Lifeguard
  165. "No Firearms" sign locations
  166. Belt Makers: Belt Idea
  167. Mall Concealed Carry
  168. Book Review: Defensive Revolver Fundamentals by Grant Cunningham
  169. Always carry, never tell mindset
  170. What`s The Deal With Delaware Towards Virginia?
  171. What happens if you Carry....
  172. Am I being too cautious?
  173. illegal cc permits
  174. Road Rage is a dangerous encounter
  175. Interesting discussion with LEO at starbucks tonight......
  176. What did you tell your children when you decided to CCW?
  177. issuing a florida conceal carry licence
  178. Carry Ammo
  179. Collection of some of the best training video on the internet
  180. Teaching SA to my teenage daughter
  181. Gun belt???
  182. CCW in California
  183. USCCA, is it worth it?
  184. New to CCW
  185. Very proud of my wife
  186. Texas NSA/SA licenses
  187. First official contact with LEO while carrying
  188. CCW and Active Shooter Survivors
  189. IL CCL Class - Some Thoughts
  190. Don't leave home without it.
  191. Cold to warm...?
  192. Importance Of The RIGHT TARGET At The Range ! : I Just Learned That:
  193. 1911 question
  194. BondArms Derringers???
  196. Winter Parka Pocket Carry: Problem?
  197. Carrying Concealed As A Service Technician
  198. WV Honors AL. . . Florida, Illinois & Mississippi Updates.
  199. CCW in Cabelas or Scheels
  200. WV Concealed Carry Question regarding school property
  201. H&k p2000sk
  202. Open Carry vs Conceal Carry = More no carry establishments?
  203. Accused of shoplifting while conceal carrying
  204. CCW Licensing laws ( Indiana in particular )
  205. West Virginia & Alabama Reciprocity Agreement!
  206. More Gunbuster Signs Out There Than I Thought
  207. And I Carry - The real face of permit to carry holders in MN
  208. Would you take the risk?
  209. Need some opinions...
  210. Cold weather carry and glove issues
  211. Simple advice for new carriers
  212. CNN tonight
  213. Sleeping Medication.
  214. HIPAA, Mental Health Care, and CHL
  215. -20 degrees F effect on Glock
  216. Why the snubby revolver is the best carry gun, all factors considered
  217. Interesting first day carrying
  218. Baby's 1st day out in polite society
  219. CrossBreed vs Shepherd Leather
  220. Does this mean I can carry at work?
  221. travel?
  222. Colder Weather
  223. Alabama Carry into Tennnessee
  224. Too close to small of back carry?
  225. Anyone in Arapahoe County Colorado?
  226. OK: NEW AND DEFINTIVE Info for NY State Shooters: Rounds Allowed In A Handgun:
  227. This young woman has figured it out.
  228. Delaware to Drop Virginia . . . Heads Up Armed Citizens United
  229. How to convince an anti to go pro?
  230. Backup gun?
  231. CCW Delay... XDs Recall
  232. Concealed carry In Indiana Kentucky and Tennessee
  233. Ruger security six 2 3/4
  234. I am better than this, but it was my time I guess.
  235. Definition of "Brandishing" in Tennessess and Penalties
  236. Personal Carry Options
  237. The truth about concealed carrying
  238. Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Thanksgiving Day Shooting of Bronx Thugs
  239. There is no muscle memory.
  240. Anti-Gunners secretly putting up no gun signs on businesses
  241. What does your EDC like to eat?
  242. Bad Instructors spoil it for everyone
  243. NEW YORK STATE SHOOTERS: Heads Up !!!! :
  244. Got My Sheriffs dept call today
  245. At the Range Around UNSAFE Behavior: What To Do? :
  246. Am I reading this right? (Maybe a little long)
  247. Leaving gun in car while at work
  248. Why do you carry?
  249. Mattress Shopping and CC
  250. Purse snatcher