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  1. Sturgis SD Motorcycle Rally
  2. silly question about texas CHL
  3. Able to Obtain my CCW After Completing Diversion Program in Ohio?
  4. George Zimmerman Stopped For Speeding in TX, And.......
  5. NV Drops MO and RI. Adds ND and ID. . . ND Adds NV.
  6. Travel thru Tribal lands
  7. Observation tell me what you think
  8. It's been a month and I'm just fine!
  9. Looking for a "Unicorn"
  10. Drawing And Holding Gun At the Ready - Legalities?
  11. Need IWB holster recommendations for P-01 ( G19 size)
  12. Gun Control and Promotion in Colorado
  13. I Felt NEKKID!!!!!!!
  14. How strong are lock boxes?
  15. Can't put the genie back in the bottle
  16. Post-Zimmerman Hate Crime
  17. Question for females who conceal....
  18. Church carry in Mississppii
  19. Posted gun shops
  20. Washington State CC Question
  21. EDITED Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas, North Carolina Law Changes!
  22. Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ?
  23. Trading the extra mag for pepper spray..........
  24. Charges dropped against man who shot dog.
  25. Big Dot Sights for Bersa Thunder Plus
  26. It Finally Happened
  27. "unloaded" concealed carry
  28. Gun Laws not enforced
  29. Buckeye Firearms web site under attack
  30. Am I doing IWB wrong? Trouble drawing.
  31. Another Question On White Hat Holsters (Max-Tuck vs. Micro-Tuck)
  32. Carry a weapon. New to it.
  33. My buddy is so stupid.
  34. What does Wisconsin consider "concealed" and "uncased"?
  35. 45 acp defensive ammo alternative
  36. Cutting grip, do it or not?
  37. How do I CC when traveling from Illinois to Missouri?
  38. White Hat Holsters
  39. Kydex hybird tip if you are interested......
  40. Nation Wide Permit to Conceal
  41. Guns and Such
  42. Has anyone else tried VersaCarry?
  43. Info on New Mexico, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi and Arkansas.
  44. Should I chance it?
  45. Having a gun in checked luggage?
  46. Eighty Hours of Training in Illinois for concealed carry permit. How much is enough?
  47. South Carolina CWP Renewals. New Information from SLED.
  48. Prosecutor overrides NY SAFE act
  49. Moving states - Multiple Concealed carry permits
  50. A week without my pistol.
  51. Just joined NRA
  52. Attention Horizontal Shoulder Holster Users.
  53. Checking only pistol case on airplane?
  54. Residence change in MO
  55. CC in NYC??
  56. ccw suspension
  57. Shipping A Firearm
  58. Pulled over and carrying
  59. Which state has the most Defensive Carry members?
  60. Can you draw in this situation?
  61. Anyone in NC having to get their fingerprints redone for CC renewal?
  62. Why do you carry?
  63. jogging/sprinting carry
  64. Good resource for finding pro-ccw attorneys
  65. Have recent events changed your way of thinking regarding CCW?
  66. Considering carrying OC spray in addition to a gun.....or instead of one. :/
  67. Getting tired of dressing around a gun
  68. Vacation in NYC and what I learned.
  69. How effective are minimally-trained armed citizens?
  70. Advice to the new CC instructor
  71. Got lucky
  72. Why I will always carry from now on
  73. traveling take gun or not
  74. US Bancorp Keep Your Legal Guns Out of Our Banks
  75. Out of state CCW
  76. Christopher Deedy Trial
  77. CCW problems
  78. 2 men with CCW permits engage in five-mile gunfight
  79. Running into a dilemma - Advice welcome....
  80. I Bought Beer With My CHL Tonight
  81. Carry in posted place.
  82. Did anybody else buy "The Law of Self Defense"?
  83. Not much longer I think
  84. Found on youtube; ATSN Stop The Threat videos
  85. One in the chamber. Do you ever remove?
  86. Colorado, cwp and reefer
  87. Carrying at the Workplace
  88. "Controvesial" Stand Your Ground Laws?
  89. Wallet Question
  90. Tailoring Suit Pants Without Weapon
  91. Question for NJ Permit Holders
  92. Overheard (Half) a Phone Call Today...
  93. Great Firearms Training Source for the Novice or Experts
  94. When will first CC permit be issued in IL?
  95. Why I now carry with a chambered round
  96. RV trip from NY-VT-NH
  97. CCW and Liability Insurance
  98. Illinois - Today (July 9) is the Day Concealed Carry Becomes a Reality
  99. A comment on my XDs
  100. TV Test - Open Carry in Pa
  101. Obtaining a license to carry in Maine
  102. Our Grand Parents Pocket Pistols
  103. Best Pocket Carry 40?
  104. Concealed carry in schools
  105. Listen in to The BULLSEYE Radio Show today 7-8pm in Florida (EST)
  106. Restaurants & Retail
  107. Esoteric gear placement dilemma
  108. Indiana Resident Carrying in Michigan
  109. Kansas ... Now recognizes CC licenses of all States (July 1, 2013)
  110. Maine CCP Wait Time
  111. would this still be a BIG hassel
  112. Leaving a weapon in the car repeatedly during cold and hot weather.
  113. Georgia Weapons License Under 21 Military Exemption
  114. Vacation carry
  115. We Are The Pauline Kaels of Carry
  116. GZ trial aftermath
  117. Nonresident CCL in Oregon
  118. Brother got CCW today.
  119. my ccw in fl ?
  120. Not so fast Gov Quinn
  121. MA Non resident permit ???
  122. learned a valuable lesson yesterday afternoon...
  123. Gov. Quinn of IL Continues to Drag His Feet with CC Bill Passed
  124. Update on new range being built in Raleigh NC
  125. A true story of a self defense
  126. Question regarding Indiana LTCH
  127. Mistake 7 yrs ago...please help...
  128. OWB carry XDM 4.5
  129. My church carry up for debate
  130. Carrying multiple guns? (BUG)
  131. Why Don't We Use LEAD (from Civil War Info)
  132. KS & MS Info. . . States Honoring Other States. . Happy 4th of July!
  133. I'd rather cut my eyes out with a plastic spoon...
  134. Which CCW permit is best for me?
  135. Great Advocate of CCW - background checks daily ?
  136. Painful Practical Joke Attempt
  137. Springfield Armory Customer Service..Stupid ? or Hiding something?
  138. AZ permit renewal wait time?
  139. PA concealed carry
  140. You can't make this stuff up................
  141. 1000th post!
  142. Help Choosing a Holster
  143. When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.
  144. The Off-Hand Dilemma
  145. Forming a disaster plan
  146. Anyone have the Sheriff's department screw up your application?
  147. Wow! Seriously Anti CC article on Huffington Post...
  148. Don't bet your life on averages
  149. Am I Being Paranoid?
  150. Concealed carry in Philadelphia?
  151. To carry or not to carry, that is the question
  152. Concealed carry and the gym
  153. More proof..Gun permit laws and BG checks don't deter bad guys
  154. Arming/disarming before/after lunch with coworkers
  155. XDS .45 or Glock 30S..comments welcome please
  156. Does anyone know if there is REALLY any difference HST vs Hydra shock
  157. looking for bank in SC that will honor my cwp
  158. New CDC "gun control" report
  159. Totally Obilvious Concealed Carry
  160. Printing & concealed carry
  161. Another Win for a Good Guy...aka, Why We Carry.
  162. Concealed Carry Training Plans
  163. Does your EDC change for rain?
  164. Anyone ever turn one of these around for OWB use...
  165. Glock 19 - What position do you carry it at, and with what holster?
  166. Utah CFP: Can I cc into a movie theater?
  167. My new Everyday LCR strategy
  168. Why Worry About Wait Times
  169. NC CCW question
  170. Current Wait time on Virginia Non-Resident CWP?
  171. I messed up today
  172. Nevada CC or OC?
  173. Louisiana makes it a crime to publish CC permit holder info
  174. Irony
  175. CCing for Week! Sig P6 & Old Faithful Holster
  176. Snub Nose v. Semi
  177. Is this concealed or open carry?
  178. This is why everyone should have a revolver.
  179. School Campus carry???
  180. When is a School not a School?
  181. Introduce a newbie
  182. Just bought a pistol.
  183. Dog the Bounty hunter - Pro gun & Anti Bullet
  184. About our CCW Permits/LTCF's
  185. What Kind of Drills do you do at the range?
  186. SC CWP and banks/credit unions
  187. Interesting revelations at luncheon today...
  188. State v. Jones, officer does not have "carte blanch authority" to secure all weapons
  189. Perplexing problem with tuckable carry options
  190. 5.11 Tactical Concealment Shorts
  191. HK p30 V3, really worth it.
  192. Refusing to hand over firearm at a traffic stop - MO
  193. Explain snap caps.
  194. Powerless No CCW Policy? VA University
  195. Ex-wife finds security in a gun, CWP & shooting lessons: Good Article
  196. Late night bargains!
  197. Looking for experienced pistol users. I've been thinking of buying one for safety.
  198. Tampa, Florida Utah approved CCW Instructor/Course?
  199. How you got your start?
  200. CC course Dallas Texas for Veterans
  201. Two more join the CCW clan.
  202. Have to inform homeowner of CC in AR
  203. A Five Year Analysis
  204. current Florida non resident ccw turn around time
  205. Anone know the current REAL wait time for FL CCW?
  206. Is this a new trend?
  207. Changes coming in NC CCW laws
  208. Did my Wally World walk... kind of.
  209. Compact .22 for my wife to carry.
  210. Ccw iwb
  211. Sheriffs Dept Just Called Me..
  212. Tough decision on shooting range membership
  213. I work in a park...Gun in Car?
  214. 72 year old grandma gets the job done in Calif.
  215. Right to carry in Movie Theatres and Resturants Serving Alcohol in NC
  216. How Concealed does a gun need to be?
  217. shooting one eye closed or both eyes open??
  218. Question about D.C. handguns
  219. Kentucky CC on a Motorcycle vs Car with no CCDW Permit - How to Differentiate
  220. Would you intervene?
  221. [rant] registration and licensing a la cars and drivers
  222. Randolph county Illinois has joined Madison county
  223. CC confirmation
  224. SC CWP approved today!
  225. Gun Free Zones
  226. Access to Gun while Driving
  227. San Antonio Bound!
  228. MI resident traveling through Ohio
  229. Duty to render aid?
  230. Carry in Michigan with one of my father's pistols?
  231. "Lazy Carry"
  232. Carrying extra ID/Permit/Cash
  233. Not sure if I was an idiot or not..
  234. MA Class A purchasing question
  235. 300 BLK Supressed AR-15, Reccomendations please!
  236. IWB aginst your skin..problem for leather or not.....
  237. South Carolina CWP
  238. Guy's shirt pulled up
  239. Bone Head Mistake; has anyone done this before?
  240. New Firearms Industry directory launching June 12th (
  241. Verify TX CHL instructor credinatials
  242. Rob Pincus on Empty Chamber Carry
  243. When may a state honor my CCW?
  244. CCDW and a night out.
  245. I hate getting pulled over...
  246. Car seat holster using a Blackhawk SERPA CQC
  247. Texas carry question
  248. Remember the Plug your Glock's Butt thread..Here's Glocks reply
  249. Concealed carry and making your clothes last longer.
  250. Conversation w/ owner of a Post Office "outlet"