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  1. Am I reading this right? (Maybe a little long)
  2. Leaving gun in car while at work
  3. Why do you carry?
  4. Mattress Shopping and CC
  5. Purse snatcher
  6. Have you seen this?
  7. Bluetooth ear buds
  8. Left without my weapon tonight and felt vulnerable.
  9. Can I be fired for carrying concealed at work? Your interpretation of my state law
  10. Went to my CCW class today. Not sure what to do.. need advice
  11. Sending in court diposition for florida conceal carry
  12. Concealed Carry History?
  13. CCL Transfer
  14. Tell me I'm just being paranoid
  15. gun ban at a gun show?
  16. Carry in the workplace despite the handbook?
  17. Iowa: School Grounds and "Weapons Free Zones"
  18. Coin Pocket in jeans and Pocket Carry
  19. Nashville, TN pointers?
  20. Carrying within 1000 ft. of school grounds - WI CCW Law
  21. SC: Non-Resident Permit Questions
  22. Results of knockout game comedy
  23. Conceal carry licence in florida
  24. Advice needed - Traveling from VA to MA and ME
  25. Thoughts on CCW Guardian Logbook?
  26. Gang violence on the rise...
  27. Illinois Does Not Honor Oklahoma . . . AL AG Incorrect Info
  28. Restaurant carry
  29. Is a baby stroller pouch still considered "carrying"?
  30. Holidays
  31. Cover question
  32. Confusion about Colorado Gun Law
  33. 5th or 6 th time I have reupped my Chl
  34. Owb questions
  35. Small ankle concealed carry holster, whats the best?
  36. Got my handgun permit today... Guess how long it took
  37. So, how do I break it to my mostly anti gun Dad I'm carrying when he visits?
  38. OWB while in restaurant
  40. Yet another "No Guns - No Money" card thread (Illinois in this case, but you know...)
  41. Traveling to Chicago
  42. What To Do With a Real Serious and Dangerous Gun-Jam ?
  43. New flashbang holster...bad positioning?
  44. Aim for the Pelvis?
  45. Oregon non-resident
  46. Employee handbook interpretation
  47. some kind of a nut
  48. Bringin' a knife to a gunfight
  49. Legality question to an oops
  50. Carhartt style pants with bigger back pocket
  51. NC Concealed Carry in Church
  52. Opinions on/knowledge of
  53. Glock 21SF IWB? Anyone?
  54. City banning weapons at public events?
  55. Anyone see this today? Concealed clothing
  56. Armed citizens fight crime, shoot back
  57. HR218
  58. New laws proposed for Ohio.....
  59. New permit recipient. Should I alert the local PD?
  60. Another reason to carry
  61. Tennessee is a Little Safer
  62. What My CCW Class Instructor Said VS "Real Life"
  63. Self Defense Insurance?
  64. Springfield Xds grip
  65. Conceal Carry G17
  66. A good reminder
  67. First interaction with a LEO while carrying...
  68. "Saloot" to the Dogfish Head Ale House
  69. Well when I get my Illinois CCW I can stand in a field legally.
  70. West VA Honors Iowa . . . IL Non-Res Permit?? . . . Changes . . .
  71. Guns & Ammo's List of Best Concealed Carry States
  72. Carry Position
  73. Weld County Schools
  74. What you post on DC may come back to haunt you......
  75. Moved From St. Louis County to St. Louis City
  76. How to deter criminals by projecting an "alpha male" aura
  77. Non-resident Illinois Conceal Carry Permit...Is it worth it?
  78. Update to my CC at Bed and Breakfast.
  79. How to carry with sweat pants on? SR40C in Foxx Hybrid IWB
  80. One Oregon School Board
  81. Indiana: Is a daycare operated by a church considered a school?
  82. Thoughts on Capacity/Multiple attacker logic
  83. AR/AK pistol consealed carry legal in WA/OR/ID?
  84. Concealment Jacket
  85. Concealed rifle or shotgun in NC
  86. West Virginia/New Hampshire Sign Agreement . . . Pennsylvania Court Ruling
  87. Un-holstering in Rest Room?
  88. Oregon CCW permit
  89. A real story
  90. Concealed Carrying Church Pastor
  91. Just picked up my second permit
  92. TopGolf posts 30.06 signs in Texas locations prohibiting concealed carry
  93. Moving AR to CO. Stuck in limbo?
  94. New Hampshire non-res renewed by mail
  95. My Great Fear And What Would You Do In The Following Sitaution?:
  96. Another Naval Base shooting
  97. Airsoft good or bad for kids ??? i AM TORN
  98. This is getting aggrevating!
  99. Facebook hostile to anything pro-safety, pro-2nd Amendment or, Pro-gun
  100. Can chaperones with a permit carry for band trips?
  101. Gun in gym bag when working out
  102. Hard Decision - Won't be carrying much anymore
  103. Lets learn knife fighting....
  104. Bathroom Woes(not what you think)
  105. Automatic knives in Texas
  106. VA/ID Reciprocity . . Illinois . . . Arkansas . . . . CCRKBA . . . .NRA/ILA
  107. Help finding a good pro 2 Attorney
  108. Manufactured crisis
  109. Uh oh...I messed up
  110. "Maybe we should have armed citizens around the world," says... Interpol?
  111. Honest CCL question
  112. Father Charged After 2-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Herself
  113. Thoughts on "gunning down" for summer.
  114. Realizing this weekend how good we have it in Colorado.
  115. Report of shooting at Nevada middle school
  116. Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View
  117. Idaho CCW permit possible at age 19?
  118. Have to brag on the wife a little.
  119. Does holster color help with concealment?
  120. Handgun Law Phone App?
  121. Submitted my app last night.. permit in hand today.
  122. Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem
  123. Holy Crap!!!
  124. How nervous were you the first time?
  125. What to do when you #2?
  126. Need advice on CCW at Bed and Breafast this weekend.
  127. State fair of Texas (no knives allowed!)
  128. Glock 30s too big for iwb conceal and carry
  129. Tennessee Training
  130. Permitless Carry . . Illinois . . . Connecticut Information
  131. Empty holster carry
  132. Finding qualified legal advice on firearms laws
  133. Breaking in IWB holster
  134. Just got GA CCP
  135. Perp's Gun Is Pointed at YOU !! What Would You Do? See It For Real: (Video)
  136. On the News
  137. carried conceal carry in crowded surgery center for the first time.
  138. IWB for a fat guy
  139. Glock night sights
  140. Who Loves New Hampshire?
  141. Interesting - Oregon concealed handgun licenses: Your stories
  142. Traveling to Arkansas
  143. I feel naked, oh so naked....
  144. Carrying concealed at Florida concerts
  145. Hallelujah!
  146. cpl/doctor
  147. Target size vs distance
  148. Nebraska CCW laws, rules, and regs
  149. Light on CCW pistol ? Thoughts
  150. LOOK !! Anytine, Anywhere (Video)
  151. This guy aren't very unstupid!
  152. Georgia pistol..
  153. New holster advice
  154. North Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . Arkansas Information
  155. Utah is Unreal!
  156. open carry in Virginia
  157. CCW Gun Modification Questions
  158. I found this article to be a good read...
  159. CCW @ New Mexico Balloon Festival
  160. Traveling to the east coast.......through Illinois
  161. Arizona Permit taking forever.....
  162. Finally got my CWP today in the mail!
  163. Are Guns the Problem? by Walter Williams
  164. Apendix carry with a gut advice needed
  165. FL. the last permit
  166. Alcohol?
  167. CHP finally arrived in mail
  168. Doctor and wife now on board - YES!
  169. Belly Band holster for the Big Belly man
  170. how easy it was to get my LTCF.
  171. Do I lose my CPL if I got an OWI in Michigan?
  172. The jury acquits NY dentist in Road Rage shooting
  173. Licenced Gun Owner in Kenya confronts terrorists - saves lives
  174. Does anyone have an update on Texas Campus Concealed Carry?
  175. Newyork to michigan trip
  176. Pocket carry
  177. Good news from a good part of CA.
  178. ID Enhanced Now Honored by South Carolina . . . Confirming Information
  179. Give a newbie some concealment tips
  180. PA conceal question
  181. Concealed Carry Necessity
  182. West Virginia reciprocity Indiana
  183. No firearms
  184. Carry laws for private universities in KY
  185. On vacation at the beach...
  186. On Campus Carry Legal in my unique situation?
  187. Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas NV, No Carry?
  188. NEWSFLASH: Warning shots are dumb. Especially if you are Jon Gosselin.
  189. Received my SC CWP Today
  190. Back pocket carry Bodygaurd
  191. Maine Permit Backlog
  192. No Reciprocity Between SC and Idaho Enhanced Permit!!!!
  193. Signs carry force of law
  194. VA Drops MO. . . MO AG Site Updated . . . AL AG Out of Date Info
  195. driver is legally armed.
  196. Gun transfer questions
  197. Guns while asleep with kids
  198. Texas CHL stat
  199. Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry
  200. Adams County, Colorado
  201. Chicago this weekend.
  202. Wow, just got my Florida CWP - 1 week wait.
  203. Dress clothes - Need help with either new CC method or new weapon
  204. NYPD: Hit Civilians in Shooting- Lesson About Firing In Crowded Areas? :
  205. Anyone have any experience with shepherd hybrid iwb
  206. CHP app wait times
  207. Uncle Mikes IWB adapter for Kydex / Reflex holsters
  208. Hey!!! just got my Utah Permit!
  209. Concealed Carry at 18
  210. CCW rule clairification, members from Kentucky please chime in.
  211. Who had their permit issued under "May Issue"?
  212. Sig P238 equinox owb holsters
  213. Oklahoma CCW time went fast!
  214. Today is the Day! A Call To Action!
  215. My wife announced that she's going to get her CHP!
  216. renewal repeat confusing in texas
  217. NC . . . DC & Empty Brass . . ID/SC Reciprocity . . . IL Car Carry & Laser Sights
  218. Construction safety vest & CC
  219. Taking a nap and finding mag on the floor?
  220. I got my Florida Concealed Carry License
  221. Mistake and Conversation at the Neighborhood Watch Meeting
  222. First day of CC'ing
  223. Safariland ALS for Springfield XDS .45 ?
  224. I had an out of body experience...
  225. Pocket holster printing too much
  226. gun under the pillow
  227. 57 working days later I get my CCDW letter of issuance in KY!
  228. First concealed carry pistol...opinions and .02 appreciated
  229. Arkansas concealed carry question!
  230. Having handgun in vehicle for Florida Concealed Carry Permit holder
  231. Short grip, long barrel
  232. Silencer/Suppressor- Guns & Ammo
  233. Anyone traveled Greyhound *recently*?
  234. Kelly McCann's Spotting Trouble Before it Happens
  235. Buy Buy Baby vs Babies R Us (Gunbuster signs)
  236. Illinois State Police Approve Concealed Carry Instructors
  237. Going to Chicago
  238. A story...
  239. "CCW Insurance"
  240. Need some legal advice.. Possible firearms related
  241. USCCA anyone?
  242. SC/NM Reciprocity . . . Warning!! . . . Mississippi Open Carry. . . CO Election
  243. Ever Had That "Glad I was carrying but nothing hapened" Feeling?
  244. Question about training.
  245. Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?
  246. Famy member questions CCW
  247. Dropped my carry gun in public today...
  248. Well Here She Is Folks!
  249. Is there such a thing as having too many guns?
  250. First!