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  1. carried conceal carry in crowded surgery center for the first time.
  2. IWB for a fat guy
  3. Glock night sights
  4. Who Loves New Hampshire?
  5. Interesting - Oregon concealed handgun licenses: Your stories
  6. Traveling to Arkansas
  7. I feel naked, oh so naked....
  8. Carrying concealed at Florida concerts
  9. Hallelujah!
  10. cpl/doctor
  11. Target size vs distance
  12. Nebraska CCW laws, rules, and regs
  13. Light on CCW pistol ? Thoughts
  14. LOOK !! Anytine, Anywhere (Video)
  15. This guy aren't very unstupid!
  16. Georgia pistol..
  17. New holster advice
  18. North Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . Arkansas Information
  19. Utah is Unreal!
  20. open carry in Virginia
  21. CCW Gun Modification Questions
  22. I found this article to be a good read...
  23. CCW @ New Mexico Balloon Festival
  24. Traveling to the east coast.......through Illinois
  25. Arizona Permit taking forever.....
  26. Finally got my CWP today in the mail!
  27. Are Guns the Problem? by Walter Williams
  28. Apendix carry with a gut advice needed
  29. FL. the last permit
  30. Alcohol?
  31. CHP finally arrived in mail
  32. Doctor and wife now on board - YES!
  33. Belly Band holster for the Big Belly man
  34. how easy it was to get my LTCF.
  35. Do I lose my CPL if I got an OWI in Michigan?
  36. The jury acquits NY dentist in Road Rage shooting
  37. Licenced Gun Owner in Kenya confronts terrorists - saves lives
  38. Does anyone have an update on Texas Campus Concealed Carry?
  39. Newyork to michigan trip
  40. Pocket carry
  41. Good news from a good part of CA.
  42. ID Enhanced Now Honored by South Carolina . . . Confirming Information
  43. Give a newbie some concealment tips
  44. PA conceal question
  45. Concealed Carry Necessity
  46. West Virginia reciprocity Indiana
  47. No firearms
  48. Carry laws for private universities in KY
  49. On vacation at the beach...
  50. On Campus Carry Legal in my unique situation?
  51. Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas NV, No Carry?
  52. NEWSFLASH: Warning shots are dumb. Especially if you are Jon Gosselin.
  53. Received my SC CWP Today
  54. Back pocket carry Bodygaurd
  55. Maine Permit Backlog
  56. No Reciprocity Between SC and Idaho Enhanced Permit!!!!
  57. Signs carry force of law
  58. VA Drops MO. . . MO AG Site Updated . . . AL AG Out of Date Info
  59. driver is legally armed.
  60. Gun transfer questions
  61. Guns while asleep with kids
  62. Texas CHL stat
  63. Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry
  64. Adams County, Colorado
  65. Chicago this weekend.
  66. Wow, just got my Florida CWP - 1 week wait.
  67. Dress clothes - Need help with either new CC method or new weapon
  68. NYPD: Hit Civilians in Shooting- Lesson About Firing In Crowded Areas? :
  69. Anyone have any experience with shepherd hybrid iwb
  70. CHP app wait times
  71. Uncle Mikes IWB adapter for Kydex / Reflex holsters
  72. Hey!!! just got my Utah Permit!
  73. Concealed Carry at 18
  74. CCW rule clairification, members from Kentucky please chime in.
  75. Who had their permit issued under "May Issue"?
  76. Sig P238 equinox owb holsters
  77. Oklahoma CCW time went fast!
  78. Today is the Day! A Call To Action!
  79. My wife announced that she's going to get her CHP!
  80. renewal repeat confusing in texas
  81. NC . . . DC & Empty Brass . . ID/SC Reciprocity . . . IL Car Carry & Laser Sights
  82. Construction safety vest & CC
  83. Taking a nap and finding mag on the floor?
  84. I got my Florida Concealed Carry License
  85. Mistake and Conversation at the Neighborhood Watch Meeting
  86. First day of CC'ing
  87. Safariland ALS for Springfield XDS .45 ?
  88. I had an out of body experience...
  89. Pocket holster printing too much
  90. gun under the pillow
  91. 57 working days later I get my CCDW letter of issuance in KY!
  92. First concealed carry pistol...opinions and .02 appreciated
  93. Arkansas concealed carry question!
  94. Having handgun in vehicle for Florida Concealed Carry Permit holder
  95. Short grip, long barrel
  96. Silencer/Suppressor- Guns & Ammo
  97. Anyone traveled Greyhound *recently*?
  98. Kelly McCann's Spotting Trouble Before it Happens
  99. Buy Buy Baby vs Babies R Us (Gunbuster signs)
  100. Illinois State Police Approve Concealed Carry Instructors
  101. Going to Chicago
  102. A story...
  103. "CCW Insurance"
  104. Need some legal advice.. Possible firearms related
  105. USCCA anyone?
  106. SC/NM Reciprocity . . . Warning!! . . . Mississippi Open Carry. . . CO Election
  107. Ever Had That "Glad I was carrying but nothing hapened" Feeling?
  108. Question about training.
  109. Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?
  110. Famy member questions CCW
  111. Dropped my carry gun in public today...
  112. Well Here She Is Folks!
  113. Is there such a thing as having too many guns?
  114. First!
  115. Traveling with a firearm, hotels, safe/durable storage
  116. Jos A Bank and a Good Salesman
  117. When "Telling" Actually Works
  118. Help! : Hand Arthritis and Practice, How Do You Handle This?
  119. Survived my first Walmart Walk
  120. Colder Weather = Comfy Carry
  121. New TN carrier
  122. Help-ideas/tips for post-surgery
  123. Important Point: "Preparing to Carry Each Time You Do":
  124. Florida CCW law question (may apply to other states)
  125. Chicago's McMoron says cops will shoot law abiding CCW'S
  126. Do you train with a safety?
  127. MWG call minus the gun
  128. Purchased my first handgun today!
  129. Well I've Been Made
  130. Moving to new county, Durham NC
  131. Got asked to leave AutoZone
  132. True or myth
  133. So, I'm in Toronto for a few days...
  134. No Guns At Fairgrounds
  135. Arizona CWP
  136. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling! Get that license rolling!
  137. Shirts outlining my gun...could I get in trouble for this?
  138. The TERRY STOP . . . The Stop and Frisk . . . The drama reigns on . . . thoughts?
  139. Preserving the 2nd Amendment...Wife's CCL
  140. Spouse for or against CC?
  141. IWB holster
  142. S.C. CCP Renewal
  143. Best way to carry a 4 inch K-frame revolver?
  144. Milestone
  145. Securing a Handgun Poolside
  146. Why did you wait to get a CCW?
  147. It never fails...
  148. Traveling from Alabama to North Carolina.
  149. Florida CCW timeline...
  150. Help with CHP application and problem mil. discharge
  151. Carrying at the Michigan State Fair
  152. Yesterday Bob Harvey interviewed Mark O'Mara (Zimmerman's Attorney)
  153. "Gun-Free Zone"
  154. Changing address on permits?
  155. Finally, CWP Came In
  156. Washington state CPL and civil penalties
  157. Wife wanted a more "concealable" weapon so...
  158. Just listened to Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn on Greta Van Sustern
  159. Got my permit and did the walk (sort of)
  160. Hope y'all are going to Starbucks tomorrow
  161. Safelite glass repair against guns
  162. Conceal class certificate
  163. Guilford County, NC CHP Wait Time
  164. Airport Carry
  165. Colorado Concealed Carry Instructor Question
  166. What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)?
  167. WV/CO WV/GA Reciprocity . . . MO/RI/ID Warning . . . Confirming Information
  168. Traveling from Iowa to Michigan ?
  169. Keltec pf9 or revolver?
  170. Police took my guns...
  171. Depression medication and CCW application
  172. Violence In Self Defense..
  173. Springfield XD OWB Holster
  174. Mrs. Stove Got Her Permit Today
  175. Heard back from Sen Feinstein...
  176. Why we practice.
  177. New to conceal carry fears
  178. Sign question for South carolina Residence
  179. Sig On My Mind
  180. texan to carry in tennesse?
  181. My Mayor gets her permit
  182. Pulled over by police! Drama and excitement...
  183. As the seasons change, how does your carry method change?
  184. Fort Wayne zoo, Indiana signage laws, Ohio CCW
  185. Advice for storing gun in car after seeing NO GUNS posted
  186. Finally My Wife Applied For Her GWP!!
  187. What would you ?????
  188. Just dropped my Utah app in the mail
  189. Walmart .380 ammo
  190. how much printing is acceptable
  191. States Honoring Each Other. Court Cases ? Constitutional Carry? Thank You!
  192. Change CCW requirements
  193. Is This Odd Or What?
  194. Should I carry even though employer says no?
  195. CCW Glock or 1911
  196. Someone is posting private info of concealed carry holders
  197. Best compact, lightweight, AND quick-access lockbox?
  198. CCW Considerations
  199. Be Mindful When Dining Out
  200. The Concealed Carrier's Creed
  201. UN-Eventful Traffic Stop
  202. Accidentally cocked hammer
  203. 7 Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry Licensees and New Shooters
  204. Weapon Light Attached to EDC
  205. Nursing Home Carry
  206. How Often Do You Carry ? Poll
  207. What to do when you get 'made'
  208. There Will Be A Lawsuit On This One
  209. Countries that allow concealed carry to the citizens
  210. Ohio CHLs May Double Last Year's Total
  211. Trying out "Gun Free Zone" app
  212. Auto holster
  213. Article: "Wisconsin Will Fall Out Of Love With Concealed Carry"
  214. myron
  215. IWB holster clips and belt bulge.
  216. Physiological Changes Brain/Body During A Shooting:
  217. Car carry
  218. day at the beach
  219. Fight Like a Girl And Other Lessons From a Stabbing
  220. Texas CHL Turnarounds
  221. Door alarms/metal detectors in stores?
  222. USCCA Offering $1000 prize
  223. out of these choices...
  224. Riverside County CCW
  225. Does a recent background check speed up your CHL time?
  226. wrongful denial of cpl oakland county mi.
  227. Moving to CO; Parker or Centienial. Is it harder to get a CCW in Arapahoe County?
  228. What I've decide to do with travel and Illinois
  229. Have you ever been outed by your kid? I have.
  230. 7 weeks for TN carry permit?
  231. Concelled carry traveling
  232. Got My AZ CCW Today
  233. Is it ok?
  234. Missouri - Carry on public school property
  235. Michigan reviews "Stand your ground"
  236. Florida Protesters Get Their SYG Hearings
  237. Wife's Range practice report
  238. Did not see the sign
  239. Ruger SR Series Safetly on or off?
  240. How often do you put your gun away because of a no carry situation?
  241. What to do if you are involved in a traffic stop while CCing
  242. ND Invalidates Non-Resident Permits Issued to Residents of Some States!!!!!
  243. THIS Is The Last Danger To Life AFTER An SD Shooting: The Police:
  244. SouthNarc's Managing Unknown Contacts
  245. WA State... Guns allowed on person while dropping off kids at school?
  246. Sturgis SD Motorcycle Rally
  247. silly question about texas CHL
  248. Able to Obtain my CCW After Completing Diversion Program in Ohio?
  249. George Zimmerman Stopped For Speeding in TX, And.......
  250. NV Drops MO and RI. Adds ND and ID. . . ND Adds NV.