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  1. Campus carry in LA heating up...
  2. time to change banks?
  3. Breaking: Colorado Supreme Court rules against CU gun ban.
  4. Your States Emergency Powers Act and Firearms.
  5. wisconsin conceal carry Q & A
  6. Bad example for CCW holders.
  7. CC info needed for trip
  8. Why carry chambered article
  9. Recived approval letter today
  10. How Long Has Your State Had CCW?
  11. Self Defense Findings from NRA's "Armed Citizen" Column
  12. Firing techniques for revolvers
  13. Florida Permit
  14. CCW application makes me potential homicidal maniac??
  15. Free Milwaukee (Serb Hall) Area Conceal Carry Training
  16. Backup choices .32 vs .380
  17. Indiana Legislature Defining Home Owners Rights vis-a-vis Illegal Police Actions
  18. How do you carry everything?
  19. Carrying in GA
  20. Why is everyone looking at me?
  21. Glock 26… nervous about keeping one in the chamber
  22. Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance
  23. Do You Feel Naked Without A Gun Now? I SURE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Carrying during fitness activities
  25. How many rounds do you regularly fire during weekly range practice?
  26. Questions about Florida
  27. Glock Shortage
  28. Omaha Zoo
  29. Utah CFP Class
  30. Now the Wait Begins!
  31. NV & UT Permit Costs - State RKBA's Orgs - From Handgunlaw.us
  32. Sheriff's Offices in SC to Offer Free CC Classes
  33. Carry Always... And Tell?
  34. Proposed Ohio Law - concealed compartments in your vehicle
  35. Ammo
  36. Ammo in your vehicle?
  37. IT CAME!!!!!…………………….now back to waiting….
  38. Dallas Texas Cheer Competition
  39. Snubbie Accuracy
  40. Carry Options for the Overweight Impaired
  41. CCL------why does it take so long?
  42. A couple questions on out-of-state Florida permits
  43. Street Robberies and You -- The Basics
  44. Ever wonder what a .45ACP will do?
  45. Excellent Pro-gun article in Forbes!
  46. Waiting to meet with Sac County
  47. May have to change carry style due to acid reflux.
  48. What LEO's expect of you for "Neighborhood Watch"
  49. Reminder
  50. Do You Feel Naked Without A Gun Now?
  51. Going to the bathroom (has been covered)
  52. This is an example of how stupidly ridiculous anti gun States have become
  53. Police Video: How IT Happens When "IT'S HAPPENING!", Interesting, Instructive:
  54. rock island armory
  55. Help? NRA?
  56. SCORE! Now for the WOC???
  57. Question for the ladies
  58. For 'Southpaws' Only
  59. Glock or sig
  60. Finished OK CCW Course
  61. No Guns Signs in Michigan?
  62. 1st time
  63. Taught My First CHCL Class Today
  64. AMBER ALERT: Keep Eye Out, Kidnapper Sounds a Really Bad One:
  65. AZ Crew: I have a question about concealed carry.
  66. H.R.822 - National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
  67. Cannot make up my mind
  68. Arizona University police chiefs lobby against guns on campus
  69. Friend attacked and robbed
  70. Are future background checks waived with WI CCW
  71. what is the most outrageous gun you have ever concealed,largest, heavy, caliber,ect.
  72. Anti-Gun Mother Suggested Bringing Gun To Play Group
  73. Effectiveness of the 380 at 10+ yards
  74. Rahm Emanuel in the news
  75. What activities do you plan for?
  76. TX CCL question
  77. Contemplating a switch
  78. happy v-day me!
  79. Do criminals bother with Conceal Carry permts?
  80. Body armor holster
  81. Having a bit of a CC holster dilemma
  82. This subject comes up often....
  83. Special circumstances, is it legal to carry here?
  84. handgunlaw.us is down?
  85. Carrying the Kahr CW9
  86. Justice Breyer robbed by machete-wielding intruder
  87. Concealed Carry Law State of Florida
  88. Declaring CCW firearm for flight.
  89. best holster for kel tec pf9
  90. Got my CWP renewal back in 16 days
  91. Reciprocity in question
  92. Gun free zone theoretical
  93. (WA) Olympic College revising campus weapons policy (for the better)
  94. Accidentally exposed firearm today GASP!
  95. OOPS! I violated my employers no weapons policy!!!!
  96. Mall Parking Lot posting (WI)
  97. Chime in West Virginia
  98. Better than Nothing.
  99. carry around anti gun family
  100. Got it ----- parts of california aint so bad--------
  101. Ohio castle doctrine
  102. Colorado CC in Police Station and Municipal Court
  103. ccw class
  104. Hawaiian vacation knife carry
  105. At the doctor's office
  106. Anyone have problem with seat impressions?
  107. Question on AZ non-resident CHL
  108. The pros and cons of concealed carry with a round in the chamber?
  109. Legal Heat Class
  110. Carry adjustment in the field
  111. Why does everyone worry about "printing" so much?
  112. Penalty for carrying in a bar in WA state
  113. Most desirable non-resident state permits?
  114. KY CCDW Course Complete
  115. say my uncle owns a restaurant/ bar...
  116. Do I have a chance?
  117. Sig P-238 Magazine Failure
  118. Kudos to Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  119. Carrying across state borders
  120. Milwaukee Aldi CCW shooter not to be charged
  121. Nice new study from the Cato Institute.
  122. Any Masons out there carry conceal at lodge?
  123. Hidden in plain sight, the ultimate carjacker medicine.
  124. I'm ready to start my concealed carry journey!
  125. Did I commit a crime this morning? (WI)
  126. DPS Received my application today
  127. Reciprocity between Kansas and West Virginia
  128. I moved to Texas and I have a few Permit Questions.
  129. WV Honors KS – GA Update – Major NRA Screw Up
  130. Federal , State Laws re: registration.......
  131. Back issue with IWB carry
  132. How long for FL CCL?
  133. Starbucks BUYcott pdf
  134. I stopped carrying at school/work, restaurants, why I think my NM CCW was waste of $
  135. do i need to answer leo if asked
  136. Story from a MN State Trooper
  137. Gangs tagging gun owners vehicles
  138. Conceal and carry class certificate
  139. am i wrong
  140. Boycott scheduled for Starbucks 2/14 ... by anti-gun... let's make it a BUYcott
  141. LEO question - if I have general interaction with an officer while CC...
  142. Spotting a hidden handgun
  143. New Documentary on conceal and carry
  144. Many relying less on police, more on personal protection from concealed weapons
  145. A small victory...
  146. moving to pryor oklahoma
  147. S.C. CWP Instructor arrested for perjury
  148. GA Honoring IA/WI – KS & Iowa Updates
  149. Victim kills teen robber on trail, police say
  150. Leave gun in car at work?
  151. CCP in California (Need Advice)
  152. Off Person Carry Ideas?
  153. New to forum.. need help with a response to an anti CCW poster
  154. Try and not be too obvious would ya?
  155. Possibly visiting Arizona and Nevada in a few months CCW options?
  156. Mn permit to carry info??
  157. Andrew Jackson: Brilliant guy
  158. moving to a new state that does not honor non resident permits from other states
  159. In MD
  160. New Gun Buster Sign for WI
  161. Roadtrip...... to Indianapolis for the big game!
  162. This video is a few years old but many of you may not have seen it
  163. Someone stole my magazine!
  164. lots of malfunctions
  165. CCW experiments in college classes
  166. State by State
  167. and ANOTHER one for the good guys
  168. Didn't expect this response…. and how to answer/counter it.
  169. Got made at work.
  170. Streets like the old west?
  171. Another one for the good guys
  172. Post Office
  173. Shocking comment from my dad the other day
  174. Man arrested in Oshkosh after pointing loaded pistol at another person
  175. End to Concealed Permits Considered in SD
  176. Physical readiness
  177. Galco King Tuk
  178. Buffalo Wild Wings = anti concealed carry
  179. Positive LEO encounter
  180. moving to AR. any personal experiences?
  181. This is NOT why we carry.
  182. Government owned buildings
  183. CCW at IX Center
  184. Naked in New York City
  185. Going to New Orleans for 10 days
  186. Traveling from VA through NC to SC soon. Any advice?
  187. NYPD testing gun-scanning technology
  188. i think im going to carry at work.. wwyd?
  189. I feel horrible
  190. Cross Draw Concealed Carry
  191. non resident ccw
  192. Breaking the rules, Carrying at work.
  193. 9 months cc, how things have changed
  194. How do you carry at a dance?
  195. Pooping in Public while Carrying: Advice?
  196. Arizon Non-Resident CCW
  197. 82 Yr Florida Resident Old Shoots Through Door And Isn't Charged
  198. When is the best time to tell a date/potential girlfriend that you carry?
  199. Self Defense Shooting
  200. CCW Training for WI, UT & Fl
  201. Suggestions for carrying XD40SC while seated?
  202. sig sauer mosquito
  203. Concealed Carry in the "Deep South"
  204. No carry zone (WI) I feel duped!
  205. Positive Article Concerning Recent Gun Sales Increase
  206. States NOT honoring "non-resident" permits???
  207. Accidentally exposed my firearm
  208. Weapons carry is not for everyone
  209. My concealed carry dilemma
  210. traveling with gun?
  211. Kill or get killed.
  212. For my Illinois neighbor's here is a question..................
  213. Got made....... by a 7 year old
  214. New Mexico "No Gun" signs, and home-defense laws. Need clarification please!
  215. lose/lose: you will be fired for breaking policy
  216. Gun Confiscation Due to CCP Databases
  217. anyone use these floorplates for glock?
  218. What to do after accident?
  219. Harless Fired!!!!
  220. Kansas Highway Patrol Officer Pulls Over Pistol-Packing Grandma with Concealed Carry
  221. Snap Fitness
  222. Another armed tourist arrested in NYC
  223. A Girl and her Gun
  224. The Truth About Gun Sales (anti-gun article)
  225. Laser or no laser that is the question?
  226. Another accident and how my gun was handled
  227. Belly band Holster?
  228. People ask so...accident - gun - ER :-(
  229. What would YOU DO? (No firearms allowed in premisses)
  230. State Line Gun Storage?
  231. Left my Gun at home today
  232. Fiancee Doesn't Like Me Carrying
  233. Utah CCW application question
  234. bullet ballistics and target hold
  235. Tennessee - National Park Carry - No Federal Buildings - What about restrooms?
  236. WI/LA – St Gun Laws - Georgia??? More from Handgunlaw.us
  237. Avoiding "No Firearms Allowed" Businesses
  238. Etiquette: Concealed Carry in friends, or F of F's house and vice-versa
  239. edc carry
  240. Threaded VS . non-threaded barrel for concealed carry
  241. Right totally violated
  242. Notifying Leo when using their services.
  243. Another "Do you carry" question.
  244. Going to my conceal carry class tonight
  245. CCW Tomorrow
  246. CC at Work - Against Policy
  247. Question about possession/carry distinction in the proposed federal reciprocity law
  248. CCW carrying wife flying to IL
  249. Thanks!
  250. "Good Cause" statement for Ca CCW permit application