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  1. Question regarding Indiana LTCH
  2. Mistake 7 yrs ago...please help...
  3. OWB carry XDM 4.5
  4. My church carry up for debate
  5. Carrying multiple guns? (BUG)
  6. Why Don't We Use LEAD (from Civil War Info)
  7. KS & MS Info. . . States Honoring Other States. . Happy 4th of July!
  8. I'd rather cut my eyes out with a plastic spoon...
  9. Which CCW permit is best for me?
  10. Great Advocate of CCW - background checks daily ?
  11. Painful Practical Joke Attempt
  12. Springfield Armory Customer Service..Stupid ? or Hiding something?
  13. AZ permit renewal wait time?
  14. PA concealed carry
  15. You can't make this stuff up................
  16. 1000th post!
  17. Help Choosing a Holster
  18. When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.
  19. The Off-Hand Dilemma
  20. Forming a disaster plan
  21. Anyone have the Sheriff's department screw up your application?
  22. Wow! Seriously Anti CC article on Huffington Post...
  23. Don't bet your life on averages
  24. Am I Being Paranoid?
  25. Concealed carry in Philadelphia?
  26. To carry or not to carry, that is the question
  27. Concealed carry and the gym
  28. More proof..Gun permit laws and BG checks don't deter bad guys
  29. Arming/disarming before/after lunch with coworkers
  30. XDS .45 or Glock 30S..comments welcome please
  31. Does anyone know if there is REALLY any difference HST vs Hydra shock
  32. looking for bank in SC that will honor my cwp
  33. New CDC "gun control" report
  34. Totally Obilvious Concealed Carry
  35. Printing & concealed carry
  36. Another Win for a Good Guy...aka, Why We Carry.
  37. Concealed Carry Training Plans
  38. Does your EDC change for rain?
  39. Anyone ever turn one of these around for OWB use...
  40. Glock 19 - What position do you carry it at, and with what holster?
  41. Utah CFP: Can I cc into a movie theater?
  42. My new Everyday LCR strategy
  43. Why Worry About Wait Times
  44. NC CCW question
  45. Current Wait time on Virginia Non-Resident CWP?
  46. I messed up today
  47. Nevada CC or OC?
  48. Louisiana makes it a crime to publish CC permit holder info
  49. Irony
  50. CCing for Week! Sig P6 & Old Faithful Holster
  51. Snub Nose v. Semi
  52. Is this concealed or open carry?
  53. This is why everyone should have a revolver.
  54. School Campus carry???
  55. When is a School not a School?
  56. Introduce a newbie
  57. Just bought a pistol.
  58. Dog the Bounty hunter - Pro gun & Anti Bullet
  59. About our CCW Permits/LTCF's
  60. What Kind of Drills do you do at the range?
  61. SC CWP and banks/credit unions
  62. Interesting revelations at luncheon today...
  63. State v. Jones, officer does not have "carte blanch authority" to secure all weapons
  64. Perplexing problem with tuckable carry options
  65. 5.11 Tactical Concealment Shorts
  66. HK p30 V3, really worth it.
  67. Refusing to hand over firearm at a traffic stop - MO
  68. Explain snap caps.
  69. Powerless No CCW Policy? VA University
  70. Ex-wife finds security in a gun, CWP & shooting lessons: Good Article
  71. Late night bargains!
  72. Looking for experienced pistol users. I've been thinking of buying one for safety.
  73. Tampa, Florida Utah approved CCW Instructor/Course?
  74. How you got your start?
  75. CC course Dallas Texas for Veterans
  76. Two more join the CCW clan.
  77. Have to inform homeowner of CC in AR
  78. A Five Year Analysis
  79. current Florida non resident ccw turn around time
  80. Anone know the current REAL wait time for FL CCW?
  81. Is this a new trend?
  82. Changes coming in NC CCW laws
  83. Did my Wally World walk... kind of.
  84. Compact .22 for my wife to carry.
  85. Ccw iwb
  86. Sheriffs Dept Just Called Me..
  87. Tough decision on shooting range membership
  88. I work in a park...Gun in Car?
  89. 72 year old grandma gets the job done in Calif.
  90. Right to carry in Movie Theatres and Resturants Serving Alcohol in NC
  91. How Concealed does a gun need to be?
  92. shooting one eye closed or both eyes open??
  93. Question about D.C. handguns
  94. Kentucky CC on a Motorcycle vs Car with no CCDW Permit - How to Differentiate
  95. Would you intervene?
  96. [rant] registration and licensing a la cars and drivers
  97. Randolph county Illinois has joined Madison county
  98. CC confirmation
  99. SC CWP approved today!
  100. Gun Free Zones
  101. Access to Gun while Driving
  102. San Antonio Bound!
  103. MI resident traveling through Ohio
  104. Duty to render aid?
  105. Carry in Michigan with one of my father's pistols?
  106. "Lazy Carry"
  107. Carrying extra ID/Permit/Cash
  108. Not sure if I was an idiot or not..
  109. MA Class A purchasing question
  110. 300 BLK Supressed AR-15, Reccomendations please!
  111. IWB aginst your skin..problem for leather or not.....
  112. South Carolina CWP
  113. Guy's shirt pulled up
  114. Bone Head Mistake; has anyone done this before?
  115. New Firearms Industry directory launching June 12th (
  116. Verify TX CHL instructor credinatials
  117. Rob Pincus on Empty Chamber Carry
  118. When may a state honor my CCW?
  119. CCDW and a night out.
  120. I hate getting pulled over...
  121. Car seat holster using a Blackhawk SERPA CQC
  122. Texas carry question
  123. Remember the Plug your Glock's Butt thread..Here's Glocks reply
  124. Concealed carry and making your clothes last longer.
  125. Conversation w/ owner of a Post Office "outlet"
  126. Found the ultimate comfort and concealment setup
  127. Signs posted after you commit the crime.
  128. Madison county Illinois says "carry on"!!
  129. S.C. Restaurant Carry Question
  130. Nc ccw permit
  131. .380 vs 9mm vs .40 vs .45 - Which is best and why?
  132. FL Governor Fires Sheriff in 2A Dispute
  133. Illinois gets another 30 days to not implement CCW
  134. How do you carry most often-poll
  135. Just moved to TN, question about background check
  136. Don't talk to Police
  137. Nevada CC Permit?
  138. the best self defence pepper spray?
  139. Faint Fingerprints
  140. New (not legal) Sign at Mall in TX
  141. Probably wierd but just thinking here....your thoughts please
  142. Getting fingerprinted
  143. Pennsylvania non-resident permit
  144. Just strapped on to carry concealed for the first time
  145. Got "Interviewed" on my road trip
  146. Medical info tied to CHL application/renewal process in your state?
  147. Did I read this right?
  148. Ever since I got my CCW permit I...
  149. WOW: 9 year old disarms robbers, fires gun
  150. To educate/change the antigun mindset of Americans
  151. IA CCW recognized by WI
  152. My Daughter wants t get her CC permit in Florida
  153. Texas will be a safer place to live (soon)
  154. New documentary on Conceal and Carry
  155. Just arrived in the mail..Purddy and functional
  156. Workday With New Rig
  157. Fun Time at favorite summer CC attire
  158. the New York reload - is it REALLY the fastest?
  159. Overweight dress clothes carry
  160. Anyone out there with a self imposed curfew?
  161. 115g 124g, 124g+p then's all greek to me
  162. Changes/adjustments you made
  163. Here's a reason to carry concealed: The Knockout Game.
  164. Revolvers and semis in a carry rotation
  165. Got two new holsters yesterday
  166. Concealed Carry prior to Permit
  167. What is your primary carry position and why?
  168. Congrats Illinois!
  169. No CC at work -- bummer
  170. CPL wait in kent county Michigan
  171. Suggestions for Cargo/Tactical Pant for IWB Carry
  172. IWB Holsters causing a problem....need so good direction....
  173. Operation Backfire: Unintended consequences of CT gun laws.
  174. Can a "AOW" be carried with a CHP?
  175. 9 Days for CHP in Norfolk
  176. Shall-Issue CCW Law Passes IL General Assembly
  177. New Mexico CCW as non-citizen.
  178. Notify Question (Texas CHL)
  179. NRA, Law Shield, Retainer Fee, Pre paid lawyer
  180. Lifetime permits now an option in LA
  181. Illinois CCW??.. .. Open Carry Info .. .. Thank You!
  182. Should I take an extra gun?
  183. New Glock warranty registration queston
  184. Article: With Stand Your Ground Laws Still Standing, Two AL Shooters Escape Liabilty
  185. Frist groups with BP-9cc
  186. Interesting thing happened today
  187. Good news for a change....LGS and Ammo Aplenty
  188. St Louis Zoo and CC
  189. Ugly: Man Leaves Gun On Ride at Disney World
  190. Gun free zones - what do you do?
  191. Concealed Carry in Maryland
  192. Carrying Concealed..
  193. Zimmerman's lawyers: Defense fund depleted
  194. Does TN permit count as enhanced carry permit in MS?
  195. Carrying at bell terra in indiana
  196. PLEASE !! Don't feed the greed
  197. Understanding gun law.. Please Help!!!
  198. You know you are developing in your CC methods when...
  199. How I realized I really do need training.
  200. Firearms in coastal waters
  201. What a day with my new BP-9cc !!
  202. Looking for a little knowledge from the NC members
  203. Concealed carry jacket issue
  204. Does anyone know where 9mm ammo may be available
  205. Oregon CHP
  206. Ammo Shortage...Really?
  207. I have never sold a gun, need some advice.
  208. Defensive caliber
  209. My CHP was denied. Any help?
  210. Tenn. and N.C. travel question?
  211. Comfort vs Concealment
  212. 147 grain flat nose 9mm
  213. Gun Cameras
  214. Must inform question
  215. Prepping and Sinus Infections
  216. Good News I hope for NC. It's long overdue
  217. Taking my wife to the range for the first time
  218. Texan Arrested At Capitol For Illegal Knife (link)
  219. Found this discussion in another forum...your thoughts I have no idea....
  220. Where To And Not To Carry Question
  221. Woot !! Woot!! Drinks on me......
  222. Legality - vehicle holster
  223. So, would you?
  224. Night Sights
  225. Mommy, why does that fat man have a cannon on his belt?
  226. OOPS...My new Glock-26 may have an ammo problem...Help!!!
  227. Those that carry. Are you a 'morning person'?
  228. Traveling to AL and need some clarification on laws
  229. I feel so lucky!
  230. Glock 26 OWB leather molded..any good ones to choose from?
  231. Favorite YouTube Channels for Gun Info
  232. Moving to KS for school from MI
  233. Police and Roadside Stops(Common Sense)
  234. Knowlege gap - I cant buy a gun in every state
  235. Las Vegas NV Getting CCW Physically Disabled Need to see Psychiatrist for Medical
  236. NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!
  237. what states dont allow hollow points
  238. Joke of the Century, or false advertising ????
  239. I am looking for a CCW recommendation
  240. A First is always exciting...especially a new family member.
  241. Missouri Winery/Restaurant
  242. Always Carry, Never Tell... Even Your Wife
  243. It's time
  244. South Carolina Law regarding handguns in VEHICLES?
  245. Planning a trip to Virginia
  246. Question about city/county parks (PA)
  247. A tactical handgun training class and after thoughts
  248. All Right!! Got my interview appointment!
  249. Finaly got my Wally Walk in
  250. Carry at work off the clock?