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  1. To tell or not to tell.............
  2. On Huckabee tonight on why women carry
  3. Women and pistol weight
  4. Dilemma: Can't carry while volunteering...
  5. Question for Texas CHL Instructors
  6. Print or no print, does it matter?
  7. Got a call a few minutes ago Organization for Action oh boy
  8. Mall of America in Minnesota, Carry or No Carry?
  9. Michigander carrying in FL
  10. Glock 26 or Springfield XDs 9mm
  11. New Orleans carry question
  12. chl renewell
  13. The most uncommon places you carry?
  14. Record Numbers of Americans taking Concealed Carry Classes
  15. Started a new job and given no policy on guns. Looking for deep cover holster .38 sn
  16. KS CCW wait time?
  17. Rifle Transfer Help
  18. Best Pants for IWB Carry
  19. Subject: Chicago
  20. Step 2: Check- And more waiting begins!
  21. S&W 442 Airweight vs. Bodyguard 38
  22. Concealed/Carry class online in Florida?
  23. FNX vs M&P
  24. Arkansas: Right-to-Carry Confidentiality Bill Passes / Also Concealed in Church
  25. Colorado Proves No Where Is "Safe"
  26. CC While Running
  27. CPL holders storage of a loaded handgun in your vehicle
  28. Daddy, what's that under your shirt?
  29. What is the rule for parking lots in Tennessee?
  30. Concealed Carry on Busses and Crowded Trains
  31. Proper age for CCW?
  32. Michigan - Oakland County - CPL turn around time
  33. SC Senate Committee Passes Bill Allowing Concealed Guns in Bars, Restaurants
  34. 357 vs. 38+P
  35. 357 vs 38+p
  36. CCW Iphone/Android App
  37. Had to pull my gun the other night.
  38. FYI for MO CCW applicants
  39. A Well Regulated Militia.....
  40. Drivers' License office
  41. Many do not really understand the 2A. Although it's cool to say you support it!
  42. Pocket carry
  43. Would like to see more of this....much more...
  44. Concealed Permit age being lowered
  45. Need some advice on .45 for cc
  46. Carrying disassembled in a prohibited location
  47. Wife's first response to a friends home being broken into
  48. Wife's first concealed carry day.
  49. TX CHL and Employment
  50. Tennessee permit waiting time
  51. Moving To Portland, OR
  52. Carry 380 chambered or not while mountain biking
  53. FL non-res fingerprints
  54. Friday Morning Coach..
  55. Best SA pocket gun with Left safety
  56. First IDPA - A Real Eye Opener!
  57. Newbie with an interesting experience this morning
  58. New Taurus Pt709 Slim not working, any suggestions?
  59. How much longer is the current craze expected to last?
  60. And the debate rages on in Colorado..
  61. Increasing prices for Concealed Carry Classes?
  62. "Grey Man"
  63. What is cant and what is the purpose
  64. CCW holster suggestions for Glock G26 Gen4.....
  65. York Arms to NY
  66. Texans, Are You...?
  67. Should I inform a law enforcement acquaintance of my CCW?
  68. Upgrading to semi-auto
  69. 1st LEO encounter while CCW in Virginia, non-event
  70. Made the wally walk..
  71. Middle School Teacher Arrested for CC at School
  72. SC CWP Holders NEED Action ASAP: Resturant Carry Bill
  73. Pro 2A businesses that we should go to.
  74. Still confused about parks - Tennessee
  75. Tucking and IWB (Remora Holster...but applies to all tuckables I think)
  76. A little message from AppleBees
  77. What if the rules you can't carry.
  78. First step to concealed carry and self defense
  79. To Cant or Not To Cant
  80. Really?! Really!?
  81. Is it weird that I really enjoy carrying?
  82. Holmes county ohio ccw processing time
  83. Mandatory training advocates, Here's your bill. No card, no gun.
  84. CT / MA Introduce Bill to Require Liability Insurance
  85. Question about rules of Open vs CC?
  86. Shoulder Holster?
  87. Moved from 5 o'clock to 3 o'clock and...
  88. Pocket carry
  89. Diet Time!
  90. How critical is not "printing" in Arkansas?
  91. Bad printing at 3:30 position when sitting down..
  92. Check your firearms at the door?
  93. Interesting trip to Cabelas today
  94. How many of you do these things since you've started carrying?
  95. First ccw
  96. Photos On WV Concealed Pistol/Revolver Permit
  97. taser
  98. CCW is in
  99. How Often Do You Spot (or suspect) Another Person Carrying Conceiled?
  100. 12 o'clock vs the 4 o'clock in concealment
  101. App that lists anti-gun establishments
  102. FL & PA Reciprocity Changed! -- OH & AZ Non-Resident -- Other Info
  103. It's Here!!!!
  104. Receiving an ordered firearm in FL, wish I'd realized
  105. To Protect and Provide
  106. Moving to Kentucky
  107. Barry buying bullets
  108. Do any of you have a gun attorney on your contact list?
  109. Things you can do to become comfortable (physical not mental) with carrying before yo
  110. Other possible benefits of having a CCW permit
  111. First time CC experience - no problems, just felt a little odd initially
  112. Texas Law Shield
  113. CCW renewal - gotta love a rural county
  114. NY state CCW permit questions
  115. Just received my Georgia Weapons Carry License today!
  116. CC and the work place!
  117. Problem with 5 Star Firearms
  118. Ankle Carry Ruger LCR
  119. mailed my Utah application
  120. Helping in any way I can
  121. florida ccw
  122. Motorcycle carry?
  123. Louisiana act 874 and conceal carry legality question
  124. THIS is LUDICROUS!!!
  125. 40 days and still waiting for permit in mo
  126. Am I reading this correctly or am I confused ???
  127. South Carolina Non-Resident Question
  128. How and why CCW works.
  129. Thought I'd share a site with the members
  130. "No firearms" posting by private companies
  131. Just ordered 1st time Talon grips..hope I got it right.....
  132. CCW controls
  133. Conversion Kit for S&W Shield??
  134. CCW permits to get when living in IL
  135. Home Depot answer to my CC question.
  136. Florida
  137. Request for DHS troops in Chicago
  138. oh crap, g30 got my attention.
  139. Acquiring target with both eyes open
  140. Who has practice guns?
  141. Milt Sparks Executive Companion
  142. Mental health checks
  143. An Excellent Write-up in the Stanford Review Why CCW Should Be Allowed on Campus
  144. Following your instinct
  145. Carry empty holster
  146. Gander Mountain Tactical gun belt with permastiff insert
  147. OWB carry problems...Anyone have a solution?
  148. Carrying on a Military Installation
  149. Mandatory traing states for CHL vs non training states
  150. Firearms not allowed at work, but we've been cautioned about a disgruntled fired empl
  151. Medication question with concealed carry
  152. CWL turnaround time in Georgia
  153. Just finished the CCL class in Arizona - Sending my App. in tomorrow!
  154. Ccw denied in Missouri
  155. Where does the gun go when I'm at the gym?
  156. dumb question needs answering
  157. Different Ammo for Different Guns?
  158. How long can our LGS last without product to sell????
  159. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers
  160. Carrying with Badly Painful and Diseased Hands?
  161. Good grief! Please be responsible
  162. 20 year old in SC looking to get CWP when I turn 21
  163. Its here!!!!!
  164. NC concealed carry help!
  165. SUAREZ Defensive Pistol Skills Training
  166. Unexpected developments as a newbie...
  167. 83 year old man gets CWP
  168. Now I wait.
  169. PRACTICE with a .22 ????
  170. Can I get a Conceales Carry Permit/Arrested in 2000 for violation protection order
  171. New Game For CC'er
  172. It's not easy to always carry
  173. Ask Mayor Bloomberg
  174. Glock G30S question...Anybody got one ??
  175. Expand LEOSA to active duty/retired military?
  176. what should i get
  177. Florida CCW and a BCD
  178. Quite surprised..and well pleased with OWB.
  179. Ccl rejection
  180. New from Ms with concealed question
  181. Hospital Carry in FL?
  182. DE Again Honors VA ?? !! ?? !!
  183. Cocked & Locked Carry (Safety Concerns)
  184. CCW predicament
  185. Is THIS Enforceable????
  186. Concealed Carry and Alcohol (in your vehicle)
  187. So I thought I was just being paranoid...
  188. Florida ccw online status check link.
  189. Step 1: Check!
  190. Snubbie
  191. should i buy the taurus Judge
  192. What do you do with your carry at night?
  193. Kentucky, "Shall Issue" and What happens at 90 days?
  194. Shooter's Shop in West Allis, not really a gun right defender.
  195. Florida Need 1 Question Answered
  196. Another good guy wins!
  197. Do concealed "T's" work?
  198. Texas CHL waiting time
  199. This sherrif know the reponsibility of LEO.
  200. Hammer Cocked????
  201. 1911 slim mag pouch
  202. tennessee hcp waiting time
  203. Business's that doesn't want our business. (No carry stickers at the door)
  204. How many permits should you have?
  205. Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?
  206. The Maiden Voyage
  207. VIDEO: City Councilman walks out of hearing because of vet CCing
  208. POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work?
  209. How can I carry in Colorado?
  210. S&W Shield Double Mag Pouches
  211. We should publish a list of people with gun permits
  212. Dentist shoots teens in road-rage incident
  213. Beckle on Fox
  214. POLL: When you carry is it chambered or not?
  215. Help with permit denial in FL
  216. Question re: Florida non-resident CCL
  217. Idpa question
  218. "GUN-FREE" Zones - TEXAS
  219. Process for Florida CCW renewal
  220. Fobus Mag Holsters
  221. Radiation technology to "see" concealed guns
  222. PRINTING - Any Horror Stories?
  223. Lifetime NRA Membership, $300 Special, NO SPONSOR NEEDED
  224. A reply to my letter to Kansas congress
  225. Holy Cow!
  226. How often do you cycle magazines to save the spring?
  227. Glock has updated....??????? don't remember this from last look
  228. For any holster makers on this site........
  229. Pants & sizing
  230. New method of concealed carry (a bit of levity in these difficult times...)
  231. 5.11 Covert shirts
  232. "Night Sights" v. "Big Dot" v. Painting Sights
  233. Why my wife is choosing to get a concealed carry permit & gun
  234. Florida Concealed Carry Permit Process...Advice/Tips???
  235. A Friendly Reminder: Check Your Permit Expiration Date
  236. CC - Hopefully, it will get easier
  237. No Rifle at Sandy Hook
  238. concealed carry
  239. Who to Tell
  240. Joining the USCCA.
  241. Indiana to Ohio
  242. GA kid with CC thinks he can carry everywhere
  243. Can u carry at Boys and Girls club?
  244. OK Govenor gets CCL
  245. Active shooter vids... while armed?
  246. Ah! The irony
  247. Dry Firing - Safe for a Semi-Auto?
  248. Officially an NRA Life Of Duty Member
  249. New Hampshire HB 135 on our self defense rights. NH Residents please act ASAP
  250. WOW ... a little different to say the least