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  1. It took exactly 3 months, but it's here!
  2. Those who carry in condition 1 or 0: When you leave the gun in the car, do you...
  3. CNN Reporting - The Senate has defeated a compromise proposal ....
  4. Beginning the process in Fl.
  5. Should we care how we look?
  6. My Article: Stand-your-ground law even applies to felons with guns [Florida]
  7. PA & Non-Resident Permits…… AR To Honor All … Other News.
  8. 10mm Redux
  9. What are the odds?
  10. Wally World had ammo!!
  11. Colorado Resident Permit
  12. Multi state carry
  13. Experience
  14. Application for CHP turned in last Friday...
  15. The day we have all been waiting for... Not really just me
  16. on duty concealed carry
  17. Note to Tennessee CCW Holders : State Is Receiving 600 NEW CCW Applications Per Day
  18. Negligent Discharge
  19. If Life Were in Danger: Would You Impersonate A Cop?
  20. Texas question
  21. Cuyahoga County, Ohio renu time turnaround
  22. What to look for in a suit?
  23. I feel safer already.
  24. Shooting ability does not equal self defense ability
  25. Stopped at dui checkpoint.
  26. Will new gun owners be less committed and/or have less skills after CT?
  27. What Is The Minimum Legal Standard of Police Identification On The Street?
  28. Charges against St. Louis County gun instructor put 1,770 concealed permits in doubt
  29. Check this out.
  30. A Hard Decision
  31. After 12 years of marriage...
  32. MO CC laws
  33. Everybody look at my gun Im an Idiot !
  34. CC in WI, MN and FL..questions
  35. Some Good News for Concealed Carry
  36. Opinions on how to hold a revolver
  37. Arkansas governor signs Act 1089
  38. AZ & Va Non-resident Lic. Not Valid in PA.
  39. Guns confiscated
  40. Missouri gives Feds list of CCW holders
  41. Was I justified in drawing my concealed handgun in this situation?
  42. School and car carry
  43. CAN carry in banks in most states
  44. FYI – PA no Longer Honors AZ and VA Non Resident Permit/Licenses
  45. The most compelling argument for concealed carry from a very brave young woman
  46. Reason #7456 why Chicago/Illinois needs concealed carry law
  47. psychiatric clearance form to get and LTC
  48. Good : Fellow Musical Group Member Getting Permit!
  49. Has concealed permits changed guns.
  50. Funny story, feel like an ass...
  51. IWB Carry..
  52. Typical Self-Defense Shooting?
  53. ccw permit wait in washington county
  54. Open carry for PA
  55. Another Gun Free Zone Success Story
  56. Bad: Report: Up to 14 People Stabbed on College Campus in Houston
  57. Feeling naked...
  58. When entering PFZ do you remove IWB holster and gun or just gun?
  59. New Mexico Honors South Carolina – Kansas to Honor All – Other Info
  60. Different dominant eye from my dominant hand.
  61. Did the Wally World walk today
  62. ATTN: Texas Basic Pistol Instructors
  63. school property question?
  64. Nevada no longer honors AZ Carry Permit
  65. Tenn handgun carry permit update
  66. Did the Wally walk today
  67. Finally my holster has arrived, BUT.......
  68. Question about visiting an inmate
  69. A new renewal record??
  70. Students Refuse to Be Victims
  71. My CCW Permit :D
  72. Secured Work Parking Lot
  73. Carrying Concealed Firearm in Vehicle Between Reciprocal States
  74. Live in MO traveling to Tenn.
  75. MO conceal carry question
  76. Texas 30.06 Database (Or Equivalent for Your State)
  77. Any advice in Ohio delay in getting card
  78. Carry at Texas Roundup
  79. TEXANS - New Laws Being Proposed
  80. Concealed Carry restrictions
  81. TEXANS...NEW CHL-16 Online Dated Oct 2012..............
  82. Use Deadly Force at work
  83. Tennessee heads up
  84. Ohio CCW permit times
  85. My Favorite Warm Weather CC Device.
  86. IWB carry for compact 1911
  87. CHL Instructor in Texas - Insights?
  88. Interesting video that everyone should watch.
  89. renewed my permit!
  90. Stylish shirts for warm weather CC
  91. Help needed with confusing situation.. any advice/help is greatly appreciated.
  92. Does Utah Mail Renewal Package?
  93. Question about NC concealed carry...
  94. Gun Free Zone mobile app
  95. MC went PC: Micro Center in Sharonville, Ohio now a "Gun Free Zone"
  96. Post Office Carry ?
  97. What is the excuse for weeks and weeks of turnaround time for cc permits?
  98. New Mexico Honors Alaska . . PA Only Honors Maine Resident Permit
  99. Defense against a rapist...
  100. Cheap DIY Center Console "Holster" w/ pics
  101. Maryland resident seeking PA. Non-resident Carry Permit
  102. Costco changing it's policy? Maybe just locally?
  103. EAA Witness compared to carry and conceal
  104. WA pro 2A lawyers
  105. Texas will require CHL instructors to have another certification.
  106. "no-gun" places in Va and NC
  107. How often do you clean your concealed carry firearm due to sweat?
  108. New CWP and Printing (with work clients)
  109. Issue with carrying at work....
  110. CC in hospital in Texas
  111. Passing through GA?
  112. Gander Mountain & ammo policy
  113. The evolution of "What to Carry"
  114. Why doesn't the public trust us?
  115. Can I sell a gun in CO?
  116. Casino Carry in Florida
  117. Just crossed off Bufflao Wild Wings from place to eat!
  118. CHL Instructor: California Issues Temporary Concealed Permits for Visitors?
  119. Minnesota Pro 2A Lawyers
  120. Alaska/Wisconsin Conditional Reciprocity - Other Info
  121. Do You ALSO have an Assault Rifle for Home Defense?
  122. question about work and concealed carry
  123. Female carry options
  124. Concealed Carry Badge: Eight LEOs Weigh in Reply
  125. Missouri CCL Turnaround Time
  126. More Security Theater
  127. flush mount EMP mag
  128. Dumb CCW question - Public Bathrooms
  129. Concealed Carry Badge: Good or Bad Idea? Eight LEOs weigh in.
  130. TX CHL, Good Karma and a State Senator
  131. Tennessee permit question
  132. St Charles MO
  133. 18 year old concealed carry in GA
  134. After the Shot
  135. Taking auto train from VA to FL
  136. Pocket Carry and rule # ?
  137. Ok Im New To This But I Have A Question About CRB 2917.11a1
  138. Guns & Ammo rank Best States for Owners in 2013...
  139. CC of single action autos
  140. End of day gun storage
  141. ND in restroom
  142. A counterproposal to Jemsaal's propsed CC law
  143. Concealed carry in Illinois by non resident
  144. Huffington Post having it both ways
  145. Wife is taking her CC class today.
  146. Real common sense legislation
  147. How would react to this kind of a law?
  148. Herbert vetoes Utah's Barney Fife Carry Bill
  149. PTSD
  150. re-chambering a carry round
  151. Ideas on holsters that work for women??
  152. Support a Virginia Sheriff's pro-2A statement on the WEB
  153. New carry in NC
  154. Yoko Ono Post Anti Gun Tweet
  155. Missouri permit wait time.
  156. I've come to a painful conclusion about my concealed carry
  157. SC/ND Sign Agreement. CO Limits Mags 15 Rds.
  158. FN BDAOc- My CC What do you think? Have you seen one before?
  159. Question on Arizona carry law
  160. Haugen verses Mitch Rosen holster
  161. Motorcycle carry
  162. Hot Digity Dog Dang - it took only 7 days!
  163. Just got this email from the NRA
  164. 5 Key Principles of Tactical Readiness
  165. A Good reason to carry: example
  166. Mobile Bay Ferry & Fort Morgan
  167. Assault Weapons Ban Loses Steam
  168. Concealed Carry in Virginia
  169. Craziest places you've ever been made
  170. Help with revolver carry
  171. Road Rage Causes Death by CCW
  172. How to get the wife to get on board with CCW?
  173. I getting kitted up for front pocket carry...
  174. Helping Another Person to Conceled Carry
  175. Wow that was awkward!
  176. Geeked!
  177. Interesting First Meal CC's in Restaurant that Serves Alcohol.
  178. CCW Instructor: Don't tell the police if you had to use your weapon in self defense.
  179. Excercising with thunderwear on a hot sunny day * 2 thumbs up
  180. How much, in yoour opinion, is too much?
  181. Just received my CC permit
  182. Dealing with a hypothetical accusation.
  183. World of coke
  184. Possible trip to Canada this summer
  185. Arkansas law and use of force rights...
  186. University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry
  187. Idahos new enhanced concealed carry permit
  188. Finally found a holster that works for me
  189. Anybody in FL, please take a look at the link
  190. Recently qualified 2guns in Cali ccw
  191. Texas CHL/Crossbreed Holster Order Timeframe updates
  192. At what point do we stop being grey men/women?
  193. 41 days
  194. Found a treasure trove of 9mm ammo today
  195. Where shouldn’t we carry?
  196. Concealed Carry holder SAVES woman being beaten (VID)
  197. Got it!!
  198. Appendix carry
  199. Pistol Wear Holsters
  200. permit to purchase wait fro sherburn co. mn
  201. Holsters
  202. New Workplace Violence policy posted...need help interpreting the lawyer-ese
  203. When to draw
  204. hornady ammo ?
  205. Utah non-res time
  206. Babies r us
  207. Arkansas permit turn around time
  208. Damn leather gun belt "squeak"
  209. Gun Bill in S.C. (Merged)
  210. Have you ever been asked?
  211. 1911 magazine holster
  212. Ideas for the Fiancee
  213. Question for West Virginia residents
  214. In the market for my first concealed holster.
  215. uplula speed loader
  216. Hidden WA St CPL laws
  217. Need advice on Remora holster
  218. Unusual public un-holstering experiences
  219. Spotted a CCer On TV Tonight
  220. Carrying in other peoples' homes
  221. Just had my ccw class this evening
  222. Conceal carry instructor requirements for colorado
  223. P95 vs G19: Concealability
  224. Work Carry!!!!!!
  225. Argument for constitutional carry in MO
  226. I got made.
  227. Front pocket carry
  228. SC turn around time for renewals?
  229. Hennepin County, MN Permit Time Wait
  230. Feeling Fortunate
  231. How long of wait for CCW Permit in Saginaw, MI?
  232. Above waist band holster??
  233. Anyone else leave their gun at home?
  234. Carried with the least concealment yet last night, success!
  235. Colorado's ban on Concealed Carry on campus FAILS
  236. Gunshot - 80-95% chance of survival
  237. How tuff is my sig p238
  238. Carrying in friends homes
  239. Carrying in a customers home
  240. How do you ask?
  241. Friends wife attacked by pitbull, shoots dog
  242. I can buy rifles but cannot get pistol or concealed Carry permits Siri
  243. Full size owb in the summer?
  244. Finally got it
  245. Squeaky leather?
  246. DIA concealed carry
  247. Concealed carry permit online?
  248. Has anyone accidentally exposed their fire arm?
  249. Do some people print on purpose?
  250. Bank welcomes concealed carry