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  1. Waiting. Not patiently, but waiting in Davidson County, NC
  2. Update to my Incident in Tulsa
  3. New Mexico apache tribal land
  4. Using the bathroom while CC...?
  5. Best books about concealed carry or winning gun fights, etc
  6. Right Choice?
  7. If You Have Ever Used Your Weapon In Self Defense, We Need Your Input
  8. Secret compartment laws?
  9. My wife is contributing to my gun addiction
  10. CWP App Question???
  11. What should I always carry as a soon to be CC'er?
  12. First time CC
  13. Great Email from my Sister In-Law, she is considering carrying
  14. Oregon Air show safety restictions
  15. Concealed Carry and Employment Dilemma
  16. How often do you place your hand on your weapon?
  17. Galco for Glocks
  18. question while carrying a pistol??
  19. CCW in Military recruiter offices
  20. Jury duty questions
  21. Owning Firearms in on campus housing in Utah
  22. Does She Carry? If So What?
  23. NM, AR, WA, NC, OH, MS, OK & WI Law Updates
  24. Active Duty Mil CCW discount in FL?
  25. show your concealment holsters>>
  26. Glove box, gym locker or leave at home in safe?
  27. FL CWL processing time
  28. How to get over apprehension of having one in the pipe?
  29. How to draw while your in your car?
  30. How Are These States As Far Being CCW Friendly?
  31. CCW in Boston or Seattle?
  32. Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants
  33. Of all the shops to do this one...New reality show on Colorado gun shop
  34. Small Zoo postings
  35. IWB Carry
  36. Man drops gun at city hall meeting....
  37. The mindset of the fight and how to train
  38. drug test while carrying..
  39. Public Events Question
  40. Traveling with a Texas CHL to Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado (road trip)
  41. What do you say if a little child asks about your gun?
  42. The process has begun...
  43. Ever leave the house just to try new carry set-up?
  44. Anti Gun State senator uses gun
  45. Car Travel from SC to NY/NJ Area
  46. What to Do After You Have the Draw on the BG?
  47. Wait time in Durham NC...Day 89 today
  48. Advice for new CC people on how to get used to carrying
  49. Traveling back to WI
  50. Looking for a CCW-friendly country other than the U.S.? Try the Czech Republic!
  51. Oklahoma Carry Laws
  52. Reciprocity carriers beware!
  53. Have You Ever Had To Draw Your Firearm In Self Defense? - Have You Had To Fire It?
  54. Can I carry too much?
  55. High Speed Video: .357 Magum vs. Gelatin:
  56. Franklin County Alabama CCW?
  57. On any 'average' day, what are you carrying? Gun, knife, flashlight?
  58. Smaller Gun
  59. Do you carry ALL the time?
  60. Defending someone else while carrying
  61. Does homeowners insurance cover criminal/civil liability for a self-defense shooting?
  62. Ohio CCW Class
  63. So,When Will This Happen In Texas?
  64. Another poll they'll try to use against us in Legislative Seessions
  65. 1st Traffic Stop with CCW
  66. Carrying While Wearing A Suit
  67. Armed citizen intervention
  68. Carry in Federal Reserve Banks
  69. Face palm CC
  70. Traveling to OR from WA tomorrow
  71. Traveling from Texas through New Mexico to Colorado
  72. I went to the bank this morning
  73. Mall Confusion
  74. Waistband Carry Accident, Say farewell to future generations!
  75. Remember to chamber check...
  76. CCDW Instructor Business Cards
  77. Real purpose of tiny little signs?
  78. TN Question
  79. I spent almost an hour last night with my wife trying on new clothes...
  80. No carry at PGA event
  81. LEO off duty ccw
  82. The RIGHT sign if a business is uncomfortable for guns
  83. Waffle house
  84. Second Video On Rouge Cop Surfaces
  85. Maine for the Canadian
  86. Virginia Tuck in TGIFs?
  87. Mas Ayoob on the Tucson shooting
  88. Incident at Woodland Hills Mall
  89. My take on Davidson's Gallery of Guns
  90. How do you find an attorney for retainer?
  91. A rant about places you can't carry
  92. Canton officer Harless also lost temper on earlier arrest
  93. After a FFT denial, is an appeal required?
  94. CC in Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville, MI
  95. My MWG call
  96. steyr m9 m40 vs glock 19 and 23
  97. Another example of why open carry is a bad idea and discretion could keep you alive.
  98. Medium wait over in Colorado
  99. So sayeth you all...
  100. How to be legal to carry in SC
  101. Help From Michigan Residents
  102. Good! (And it seems that it was a .22!)
  103. Concealed Carry Usefullness in Connecticut (and elsewhere?)
  104. LEGAL TO CARRY?: FL Resident CCW; Living in Delaware Part-Time (w/ rental lease)
  105. Center of Mass or Secure-it for car storage?
  106. MI: News Flash Re: In Vehicle Carry
  107. First Weekend Carrying
  108. WIll I ever open carry? At this point probably not due to someone such as this...
  109. STUPID! Airport employee shot in leg at ticket counter
  110. Really strange feeling at Cabella's yesterday
  111. Must See Ohio Traffic Stop Highlights Concealed Carry Tensions
  112. Carrying when part of your trip involves non carry area. Where to stow your weapon??
  113. Mass ltc-a all lawful purposes (renewal)
  114. Interesting Video
  115. Something mystical about carrying my 1911
  116. I love carrying...
  117. Ouch! My ribs!
  118. Going to Sturgis, SD end of the week by cycle, intend to carry! Thoughts??
  119. Crazy phone call just now.
  120. Washington State Permit - FAST Turn around
  121. Almost there...
  122. Thinking Rationally Through Anger
  123. What Can We Learn From This ABC Study On Concealed Carry?
  124. CWP's No Longer in Database in Colorado
  125. I'm going to exercise my right to CCW in our national parks this weekend
  126. Video: Police officer threatens concealed-carry driver with execution, beating
  127. Ohio CHL holder has life threatened by hot headed cop in Canton, OH
  128. First traffic stop while CC
  129. Carrying while I have a newborn or very young child with me
  130. Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...
  131. Do you conceal while driving a car?
  132. concealable cross draw carry options for glock 19
  133. Going to Vegas next month, staying at Planet Hollywood
  134. Arm-chair quarterback time!
  135. This just seems like a set up. Could a CCW carrier be this stupid?
  136. Who needs to know?
  137. Love this 30.06 website
  138. Been messing around with my Serpa and XD
  139. Bought interesting Tshirt today - wondering what you guys think
  140. Iraq War Vet holds burgler at gun point in his home
  141. Local music shop and carrying....
  142. unreliable cell phones....decisions
  143. No Guns = No Money: Let's educate the masses.
  144. need help fast....carrying handgun in car through georgia and florida???
  145. Lucky CCW.
  146. New CCW
  147. Conceal Carry on Campus (Texas)
  148. Going to Illinois (with guns)
  149. buying a pistol in north carolina
  150. johnston county ccp
  151. Florida License Issued
  152. Interesting article on citizen carry from a LEO's perspective I had not seen posted..
  153. Flying to CO with my firearm?
  154. Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Carolina Updates
  155. SC CWP Renewal turnaround?
  156. Irony of Store Posting
  157. USCCA
  158. px4 CCW holders
  159. Question for FL permit holders
  160. Printing in the wind
  161. Arizona state Sen. Lori Klein merged x3
  162. Need info on arkansas carry. ASAP
  163. Flying with guns...
  164. S&w 60 vs sp101
  165. Suit Up for Battle
  166. Nebraska
  167. Montana Concealed Carry
  168. Local Waffle House IS Posted. NO FIREARMS
  169. Have a few questions??
  170. Using a public restroom while CC'ing.
  171. Traveling To Washington State . . .
  172. Have you noticed?
  173. Should I risk it?
  174. Lasermax replacement battery...
  175. Grizzly Attack in Yellowstone Park
  176. XDM9 vs FNP9 vs SR9
  177. No Firearms Sign @ AMC Movie Theater
  178. Negligent discharge video (nsfw language)
  179. Wisconsin SB-93 Personal Protection Act Fact Sheet, published by NRA-ILA
  180. Responsibilities of carrying a concealed handgun
  181. SR9C vs Glock 19
  182. Presenting concealed carry to the Church leadership, seeking permission to cc inside
  183. Asking For Medical Attention
  184. Anyone have an update on Illinois/Chicago concealed carry?
  185. Traveling to CA.
  186. Hurt my back! Now what?
  187. My local hospitals are "NO GUN ZONES" I don't like that because:
  188. Gettysburg National Battlefield Park
  189. Could Use Some Clarity Please!
  190. 30.06 signs in Texas.
  191. Bugout bag/ammo trade off?
  192. Trauma Kits: Do you have one nearby?
  193. Expanding on Ohios permit
  194. New CPL just arrived, So I treated myself to a XD SC 9MM and my first WWW!!!
  195. Carrying out of state
  196. May have to reconsider chambering a round.
  197. Big Mistake For CCL Holder In Idaho......
  198. Going to TX. Looks like IND CCL works
  199. Two new carry bills go into effect today in Indiana
  200. Traveling through PA into WV
  201. First Trip on an Airline w/handgun
  202. Anyone in Guilford County NC get their permit recently?
  203. Just wanted to say thanks
  204. Trip to NC
  205. Is a holster considered "concealed?"
  206. NC To Honor All Othere States?????
  207. NC Bill
  208. Buffalo Wild Wings - No Gun sign
  209. What do you think is in the future for concealed carry holders vs criminals?
  210. MI concealed carry permits on the rise
  211. A good day!
  212. ccw permit: Arkansas
  213. 30.06 sign at gun show
  214. Particular kind of waist pack needed
  215. Theme Parks
  216. CC saved me and my wife yesterday
  217. Opinions on un-concealing with friends
  218. Respect shown for CHL holders
  219. You'll shoot your junk!
  220. I can't believe my brother acted like this.....
  221. Glock 27 4G
  222. Rethinking My Decision To Carry
  223. Urge your representative to co-sponsor National Reciprocity bill - H.R. 822
  224. Today at McDonalds, Firearm drawn (by me)
  225. Quinn ok with no concealed weapons in Illinois
  226. mt clemens michigan accidental discharge of firearm
  227. Interviewed for an RN position today...Nurse threatened by knife last night!
  228. What States do not allow us to canceled carry more than one gun?
  229. Wisconsin on the way!
  230. wichita, ks concealed carry
  231. Drug tests and CC?
  232. Need advice for wife.
  233. Help me please! Decisions decisions
  234. Arkansas/New Mexico Reciprocity???????
  235. PSA: Mumbai Style Attack Warning for United States and United Kingdom
  236. Lost wallet with Texas CHL
  237. Perfect IPhone app for ccl
  238. Concealed carry on a bicycle?
  239. Enhanced Firearms And the Courtroom
  240. Applebees says no guns allowed
  241. Fox News: Conceal Carry & Bars Ohio
  242. Holster For PX4 Sub-Compact
  243. CPL backlog /macomb county
  244. Calling all that live in; Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland
  245. Victim of Employer Descrimination of Gun Owners, What to Do?
  246. Cc in Ohio, calling ahead for permission to carry in a Church. Is verbal enough?
  247. Picked up my Colorado Permit today
  248. MAN! I love being home! Back in the U.S. for 30 days!
  249. Airport Rules/Almost had a free gun!
  250. Pocket Carry