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  1. Now I wait.
  2. PRACTICE with a .22 ????
  3. Can I get a Conceales Carry Permit/Arrested in 2000 for violation protection order
  4. New Game For CC'er
  5. It's not easy to always carry
  6. Ask Mayor Bloomberg
  7. Glock G30S question...Anybody got one ??
  8. Expand LEOSA to active duty/retired military?
  9. what should i get
  10. Florida CCW and a BCD
  11. Quite surprised..and well pleased with OWB.
  12. Ccl rejection
  13. New from Ms with concealed question
  14. Hospital Carry in FL?
  15. DE Again Honors VA ?? !! ?? !!
  16. Cocked & Locked Carry (Safety Concerns)
  17. CCW predicament
  18. Is THIS Enforceable????
  19. Concealed Carry and Alcohol (in your vehicle)
  20. So I thought I was just being paranoid...
  21. Florida ccw online status check link.
  22. Step 1: Check!
  23. Snubbie
  24. should i buy the taurus Judge
  25. What do you do with your carry at night?
  26. Kentucky, "Shall Issue" and What happens at 90 days?
  27. Shooter's Shop in West Allis, not really a gun right defender.
  28. Florida Need 1 Question Answered
  29. Another good guy wins!
  30. Do concealed "T's" work?
  31. Texas CHL waiting time
  32. This sherrif know the reponsibility of LEO.
  33. Hammer Cocked????
  34. 1911 slim mag pouch
  35. tennessee hcp waiting time
  36. Business's that doesn't want our business. (No carry stickers at the door)
  37. How many permits should you have?
  38. Have you had formal training outside of your mandated class?
  39. The Maiden Voyage
  40. VIDEO: City Councilman walks out of hearing because of vet CCing
  41. POLL: Does your job allow CC? Do you CC at work?
  42. How can I carry in Colorado?
  43. S&W Shield Double Mag Pouches
  44. We should publish a list of people with gun permits
  45. Dentist shoots teens in road-rage incident
  46. Beckle on Fox
  47. POLL: When you carry is it chambered or not?
  48. Help with permit denial in FL
  49. Question re: Florida non-resident CCL
  50. Idpa question
  51. "GUN-FREE" Zones - TEXAS
  52. Process for Florida CCW renewal
  53. Fobus Mag Holsters
  54. Radiation technology to "see" concealed guns
  55. PRINTING - Any Horror Stories?
  56. Lifetime NRA Membership, $300 Special, NO SPONSOR NEEDED
  57. A reply to my letter to Kansas congress
  58. Holy Cow!
  59. How often do you cycle magazines to save the spring?
  60. Glock has updated....??????? don't remember this from last look
  61. For any holster makers on this site........
  62. Pants & sizing
  63. New method of concealed carry (a bit of levity in these difficult times...)
  64. 5.11 Covert shirts
  65. "Night Sights" v. "Big Dot" v. Painting Sights
  66. Why my wife is choosing to get a concealed carry permit & gun
  67. Florida Concealed Carry Permit Process...Advice/Tips???
  68. A Friendly Reminder: Check Your Permit Expiration Date
  69. CC - Hopefully, it will get easier
  70. No Rifle at Sandy Hook
  71. concealed carry
  72. Who to Tell
  73. Joining the USCCA.
  74. Indiana to Ohio
  75. GA kid with CC thinks he can carry everywhere
  76. Can u carry at Boys and Girls club?
  77. OK Govenor gets CCL
  78. Active shooter vids... while armed?
  79. Ah! The irony
  80. Dry Firing - Safe for a Semi-Auto?
  81. Officially an NRA Life Of Duty Member
  82. New Hampshire HB 135 on our self defense rights. NH Residents please act ASAP
  83. WOW ... a little different to say the least
  84. And the waiting game begins
  85. Bad encounter with a LEO
  86. I am able to carry a concealed handgun in Nebraska ?
  87. conceal carry permit in wisconsin with owi
  88. ? HELP on class for ccp need info
  89. Texas CHL newbs
  90. for anyone in Michigan
  91. Revive the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act
  92. Worried about getting cpl
  93. Happy, finally!
  94. Should we ban Yosemite Sam Cartoons ??
  95. I agee with this guy
  96. renewell
  97. To Conceal or Not to Conceal
  98. Mag capacity limits and "grandfathered" mags, can I still carry "hi-caps"?
  99. Must be anxious
  100. It's Finally Here
  101. I may have shot myself in the foot.
  102. First Traveling Ammo Experience
  103. Join the NRA for free!
  104. goodyear tires and ccw not in their store
  105. Concealed Carry Permits in New York City ?
  106. Ccw vs wife
  107. Now no one will know who's carrying what
  108. Calling All Texas CHL holders....
  109. NC Turn Around Dilemma
  110. Gun owners suing City of Winston Salem NC...see where this goes....
  111. Most deadly weapon...guns or baseball bats?
  112. The WALLY Walk
  113. Good: Sandy Hook Promise
  114. CCL And Churches
  115. First day carrying
  116. Naked for five days!
  117. Finally heard from Fla about ccp...
  118. Police Shoot Suspect in Theater
  119. Help me keep my pants on.
  120. I have an idea for an EDC setup
  121. Why Concealed Carry?
  122. Syracuse Fire Investigators taking heat for concealed carry
  123. non-resident concealed carry permits showing up during a traffic stop
  124. NC Concealed Carry Denial
  125. For the LEOs on the board...
  126. Notify police of CC after accident/stalled vehicle/etc.
  127. Texas Concealment Definition and Precautions
  128. My First Revolver - Ruger SP101 2/14 in barrel. (My choice for concealed carry)
  129. NEW Carriers - A Little Nervous????
  130. Hot summer, Hot car, are mags safe.
  131. cc permit approval? misdemeanor expunged
  132. Utah/Arizona Concealed Carry permit
  133. NRA reps say Biden/Obama already had mind made up
  134. Winchester PDX .45 elite failed to fire
  135. USA Brand AMMO 9mm/.380
  136. CCW Child Support Texas
  137. There are morons amoung us who will make the Anti's win !!
  138. Headlight out,met Mcallen Tx finest
  139. carrying a registered handgun
  140. Not naked anymore
  141. CCW question all Nashvillians and frequent visitors!
  142. Obedience to laws/postings or respectful disobedience?
  143. 911 Tapes of mother defending her children and herself
  144. Stowing your firearm in your car while at work
  145. Least Expensive Quality Practice 9mm Ammo?
  146. can you get a conceal permit if you have had a owi?
  147. Get That Gun Up!
  148. Mental Health Question
  149. Deep Conceal tuckable
  150. NC concealed carry medical bill?
  151. S/W 357 model 28
  152. Concealed Carry Classes for Teachers
  153. Worth the trouble?
  154. Texas HB 47
  155. Moving to CT
  156. No Guns = No Money cards
  157. Take it or leave it
  158. problem with iwb
  159. CALL TO ACTION: March on state capitols, 19 Jan!
  160. Confused In Florida
  161. Permit coverage issues moving to another state
  162. Governor Cuomo Announcement tomorrow on New NY Gun Laws
  163. Our cause does not need spokesmen like this !!!!
  164. Car safe ?s with a twist
  165. Two interesting articles in Seattle
  166. Is there any chance of repeal of "Gun-Free Zone" laws?
  167. Dresses & CC: Marilyn, Remora, or what?!?!
  168. NC Permit Turnaround Time
  169. My Saturday
  170. ruger sr9c vs other pocket pistols
  171. New to cc...few questions
  172. How do we maintain our positions with Idiots like this
  173. 1911 Platform VS Glock Platform
  174. OMG: published map of texas gun owners!
  175. As spoken about on Hardball Jan 7th..Biden Gun Task Force
  176. Transportation / Separation Question
  177. Car Carry...
  178. Need suggestions for my left handed girlfriend.
  179. WI Conceal Carry Laws?
  180. Arizona Permit Issue Time
  181. Florida CCW Eligibility Question (Loop Hole ?)
  182. Gun Show Protest Seem to be on the Rise
  183. Ankle Carry vs. Front Pocket Carry & Which Gun???
  184. Gun ownership as a civic virtue
  185. HOW do you RESPOND?
  186. unemployment office
  187. conceal carry in a unemployment office
  188. We need more of this: Teachers get lesson in gun training
  189. Non-lethal option to gun - Pepper Spray, OC Spray, Mace, whatever you call it?
  190. AIWB / Holster help
  191. Left = No Responsibility...
  192. Carrying guns save lives!
  193. printing concealed carry weapon
  194. How many "Conceal Carry" are there in America?
  195. Concealed Carry Purses
  196. Another Home Invasion...Larger Caliber Needed?
  197. Rack a Glock during draw, or carry in chamber
  198. target size?
  199. How big is your CCW in relation to yourself?
  200. Faliaphotography
  201. Requirement to notify if you are NOT carrying?
  202. I need some legalish CYA advice about gifting a gun
  203. Illinois gun this for real and how can
  204. First time pulled over as a CHL (Very Positive)
  205. It Happens To The Best of Us...
  206. shoulder surgery
  207. I have a question for gutless people
  208. Send this video to everyone who says "low" capacity mags will stop mass killings
  209. VA Now Honors IN. NM St Parks. NRA/GOA/CCRKBA/St.Orgs/Etc. Civil Discourse
  210. Help me spend some cash on Concealed Carry stuff!
  211. Renewed
  212. GTG on CC,
  213. City Municipal Employee
  214. The Fallacy of Being Above it all
  215. Please to concealed carry and Have big question????
  216. Which is more gun friendly - Oregon or Washington?
  217. Employer policy what would you do
  218. How Open Are You?
  219. EDC clean or dirty
  220. Do you tell or not tell when entering other peoples home while carrying?
  221. Concealed carry clothing choices.
  222. Gotta be a record
  223. What am I missing here?
  224. Hypothetical situation - what would you do?
  225. Check this you tube about Holliwood Hypocrisy regarding guns
  226. Rarely covered in the News..... PLS DELETE
  227. Any women carry while running?
  228. Missouri to Virginia-permit
  229. New here, and need some help on what to buy!
  230. Got Made
  231. Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013
  232. Ride height and cant poll
  233. Hats off to the liberal media!
  234. Plop Goes the Ammo!
  235. Wisconsin backround checks
  236. CBI Requests $500,000 to Help It Reduce Background Check Backlog
  237. How do you carry a spare mag?
  238. 2nd and 3rd days carring concealed
  239. Feinstein Releases Proposal
  240. How Do You Carry?
  241. The "First Walk"
  242. Body Armor
  243. New York Press gone amok?
  244. Why I carry a concealed weapon.
  245. Denver Instructors & Ranges
  246. I dont have my CCW/CWP and have a question
  247. GFSZA question
  248. [Urgent] Traveler CC and transporting in St. Louis, MO
  249. Columbine Dad speaks out
  250. Petition to NOT ban ccw, "high cap magazines", semi auto weapons