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  1. Orange County NC turnaround time for CCW
  2. Over Seas Carry
  3. best way for carry a reload?
  4. carrying and alcohol
  5. Possibly moving to SC
  6. Bad: Victim over steps his authority and shoots teen in the back.
  7. Autonation putting up 30.06 signs in dfw texas
  8. Turning down the SA
  9. Christmas Gun?
  10. Driving through Illinois?
  11. Driving through military base with weapon in car safe
  12. Houston Business Journal Poll: Does a company's stance on guns affect your patronage
  13. Glock custom slide plate covers on a carry gun.
  14. Must Read Virginia Wow!
  15. Walther PPS 9. Looking for a kydex AIWB (Appendix Cary) Holster
  16. TSA and Drivers MO License
  17. SC & GA Reciprocity
  18. SC Reciprocity Has Changed
  19. Concealed Carry Permit (AD Military)
  20. Reciprocity: Maine and New Hampshire
  21. My daughter took the class.
  22. Gap in my system
  23. All I Need Now Is A Notary
  24. Correct thread for CCP application process ending in problem with sheriff?
  25. Can they really be this clueless?
  26. Concealed carry courses. Are they all the same?
  27. VA . . .TX . . . CA . . Handgunlaw.us
  28. Does Florida honor resident Indiana permit holders under 21?
  29. Putin's Unusual Walk Shaped by KGB CC Training
  30. Senario
  31. Military CC OFF-BASE
  32. Conflicting notices at movie theatre
  33. AMC 24 Disney Springs Metal Detectors
  34. Thou Shalt Let Threats Made Against You (While Concealed Carrying) Rule Your Life?!?
  35. VA to TX move...
  36. Lifetime Handgun Permit. Worth the Price?
  37. How do you care for your everyday ammo?
  38. What's your thoughts on the legal defense pre paid options
  39. VA GOP may strip McAullife of his protection detail
  40. Texas CHL - Non-Alcoholic Beer?
  41. When Does Open Carry Become Concealed Carry?
  42. Traveling to Front Sight
  43. Get anything good gun/ccw related for Christmas?
  44. Do you fully load your magazines for carry?
  45. Merry Christmas Eve, my CCW permit arrived!
  46. Concealed carry opinions
  47. I'm getting lazy and picking up a bad habit.
  48. Virginia changing recognizing states next Feb
  49. Oh-oh....What would you do?
  50. Massad Ayoob on the "against guns" issue, CCW but not carrying, and why women should
  51. Virginia is revoking CC reciprocity with 25 states!
  52. Utah NR CCW Permit/License
  53. My Wife's First Time Shooting
  54. Virgina Attorney General Revokes CCW agreement with 25 states.
  55. Good: USA Today Article
  56. Waynesville NC man impersonates officer
  57. No Guns = No Money Cards
  58. Private business firearm exclusion signs
  59. Heart warming Christmas story with bonus pink gun!
  60. Christmas gift for my daughter
  61. An Anti-Gun Sheriff Mike Johnstone Negligently Shoots Himself
  62. This Forum!
  63. Section against carrying firearms in my lease
  64. Puerto Rico Reciprocity
  65. Nebraska theater chain gets it right - Liberals are appalled
  66. So, what do you do when you see this?
  67. First Time Carrying
  68. Disney, SeaWorld, Universal parks announce new security measures
  69. New CCL in the House Soon
  70. Perry ubee holster harness
  71. "No Weapons Allowed" sticker posted, Do you still carry?
  72. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri threatens to shoot concealed carriers
  73. First LEO Encounter While Carrying
  74. Does increasing threat of terrorist activity change your training and how?
  75. KY ~ Remember that old song "Somebody's watching me"?
  76. What is the Protocol for posted businesses
  77. Emotional Transformation From Hoosier to Cheehead
  78. Physical Therapist Concealed Carry
  79. Mocking mass shooting??
  80. Florida sheriff threatens concealed carry holders ...
  81. Gun belt
  82. FL definition of "sheriff station"
  83. DE Honors NM. . . TX Open Carry CA Schools K Thru Universities
  84. FL accidental exposure if shirt was stuck over gun?
  85. Excellent facebook post
  86. CCW Holders vs Mass Shooters
  87. Non Resident AZ CCW
  88. Thoughts on Wearing Empty Holsters on College Campuses
  89. How to measure when guns aren't used violently
  90. When you cannot carry in the workplace
  91. An Ugly Reminder Today, with a Silver Lining, of Sorts
  92. My Anti Wife no longer is giving me grief....
  93. CCWSafe Members, Question for you
  94. The Xmas Gift of Training
  95. What to expect at CCW appointment with sheriff (Ohio)
  96. iwb vs owb carry preference
  97. Why Do I Carry A Gun
  98. Do you or would you holster in front of coworkers?
  99. Commonwealth Of Virginia Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permit
  100. Cz p07
  101. I Like Our Sheriff
  102. North Carolina carry question
  103. Transporting Handgun in MD
  104. CC of an unloaded weapon?
  105. Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" guy...
  106. TX and AZ concealed carry in PA
  107. Concealed carry dressed in business casual
  108. Winter here folks
  109. Concealing Full Size Gun OWB
  110. Arizona Question
  111. Great pocket carry cargo shorts at Walmart
  112. CCL cases in Illinois
  113. Coats and jackets
  114. Post Office Questions (Magazines, Holster)
  115. Concealed Carry Now A Part of Chicago Culture
  116. CCW holster for business attire.
  117. This is a stupid way to get a permit to carry
  118. Cruise port of miami parking with ccw
  119. Things haven't changed after Paris
  120. Cross draw style holster
  121. Blue Jeans Front Pocket Carry Anyone?
  122. Roped Me a Unicorn! Picked up My WASHINGTON, D.C. PERMIT TODAY!
  123. Your Choice for Concealed Carry?
  124. CCer Arrested in TX for Traffic Violations
  125. Cold weather is here or coming.
  126. Holster for new gun
  127. does the class expire if you do not mail off your application right away?
  128. What do you carry and why?
  129. Southern Boy traveling to Socialist Republic of New Jersey.
  130. How practical is it to travel by air and take your gun?
  131. Carrying on a business trip
  132. A step in the right direction
  133. Tru-Glo Night Sights
  134. Cell Phones = Great Pocket Carry
  135. Galco Belly Band Review With Pictures
  136. Opinions needed with deep concealment
  137. NV Honors MI - AZ On Honoring ID . . . WV Again
  138. Anyone ever smooth rear sight edges?
  139. District of Columbia - Good Guys Carry Illegal Guns Too
  140. Franklin TN
  141. Ayoob on colored guns
  142. CCW AR-15 Can you?
  143. Getting a CC permit in Washington State....while out of state
  144. Trump states the obvious
  145. Conceal Carry Cases for AR15
  146. How concealable is an owb holster?
  147. Revolver to semi carry or practice
  148. Here we go, TCU Opts out of Campus Carry
  149. Concealing at place of business???
  150. Finally.
  151. NDAA Contains Military Firearm Carry Provision
  152. XDS 9mm failure to feed.....Little help please
  153. ME Requires ME Permit in Nat Park! NV Honors SD
  154. Southern Nevada -California Border--CHP looking for mistakes
  155. Bizarre Malfunction
  156. SC CWP Audit? anyone else get lucky?
  157. Louisiana timeframe for payment link
  158. Got made by my doctor today...
  159. MA no restrictions
  160. letters of reciprocity-Texas/Arizona
  161. Greatest NEW integral suppressed PISTOL EVER with awesome commercial
  162. Jeff Cooper Meme
  163. Cracker Barrel Accidental Shooting
  164. Purse or person? Knife or Hand gun?
  165. Alternative to Scott eVest for concealment, warmth, and utility.
  166. Concealed Carry Insurance
  167. Florida concealed carry in car -- on person
  168. Privacy of Concealed Carry License Holders
  169. Got caught carrying, good for a chuckle
  170. deadly shooting in Walmart parking lot .. my wife was inside
  171. Armed Black Man Wearing Hoodie Gets Pulled Over...
  172. Question about signage
  173. FAST Service - Excellent!
  174. Govt. Travel, Traveling in TX, CHL in Texas, GO or NO GO??
  175. Someone finally got their Calf. permit.
  176. Back-Up Gun? No thanks!
  177. A big step for Mrs Thin!
  178. Almost Pulled On An "Intruder" At Work
  179. Leave it at home or leave it in vehicle
  180. Cafe gives discounts to custmers with CCW permits after robbery
  181. Maine/Pennsylvania Drop Reciprocity!
  182. NY Times...say what??
  183. Packing at lunch? Restaurant robbery triggers discount for gun owners
  184. Concealed carry in market ???????????????
  185. New to forum and carrying
  186. Oklahoma Trajedy
  187. Flying with a handgun
  188. Careless handgun fell out in grocery store today!
  189. ccw and training
  190. New carrier thinking of a Glock 43
  191. First Days Carrying, Wally Walk AAR
  192. Update on Concealed Carry Permit
  193. John Farnam: Personal readiness with a running gun
  194. Body Camera
  195. "This Makes Us All Look Bad"
  196. KFC YUM! Center
  197. The carry choice and who reccomends what.
  198. Revolver vs semi-auto
  199. Only a matter of time things come to my small town...
  200. "Since 1950, all but 2 public mass shootings have been in gun free zones"
  201. Forgot to notify sheriff of address change
  202. Alex Kincaid Law
  203. Kansas ... Tool
  204. 5 cases where a Mass shooter was stopped.......by a citizen with a gun
  205. Kansas Gun Laws
  206. Concealed Carry In Michigan Schools
  207. Alabama specific question
  208. My wife dropped the bomb on me.
  209. Am I Getting Too Comfortable With My Gun?
  210. Looking for Specific Data
  211. Ohio Now Has the Most Recognized CHL In the US
  212. sign, no sign law question
  213. OMAHA?
  214. school carry
  215. Trump Driving Libs Crazy: "I Carry a Gun Sometimes"
  216. Good guy with a gun that's Waffle House robbery
  217. Yeah, that'll fix it...FACEPALM!!!
  218. Maine Permitless Carry Reminder!
  219. So, let me ask this question...
  220. Carry on Campus
  221. Got the news today... It's Offical
  222. Campus Threat? No Worries.
  223. My new EDC
  224. Michigan Concealed Carrier Opens Fire on Shoplifter
  225. Campus Carry open mic discussion at University of Texas
  226. EDC.....
  227. Apparently they're okay with brandishing in Georgia.
  228. Glock in Alabama Rain
  229. My first day carrying concealed!
  230. The continuous hunt for a comfortable spare mag carrier
  231. Relocated is my Permit still valid?
  232. Question for Arkansas members
  233. Saw This Gun Sign.
  234. I have a KY permit. Any non-resident permits I could get to expand my legality?
  235. Church Security/Active Shooter plan.
  236. Video of CHL Holder Ambushed/Killed at WalMart
  237. Concealed Carry in a Police Station?
  238. Road rage
  239. USCCA and Self-Defense Shield
  240. Concealed Carry Mindset
  241. Playing Soccer with a Full Size
  242. Validity of "No Firearms Allowed" signs
  243. Back up Wallet..? Your thoughts
  244. What do You do?
  245. Clearification on CHL/Concealed Weapons laws in ohio
  246. carry into FL.
  247. Need more places like this!
  248. Tacti-Cool Silliness
  249. Question for NC, SC, GA, FL permit holders
  250. AZ Permit ... Damn that was quick