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  1. Concealed carry at school organized event on private property? Georgia
  2. FMJ or JHP?
  3. questions about training for a Michigan carry permit
  4. Nevada CFP
  5. Carrying from car to house or vice versa in Florida
  6. Alcohol & Concealed Carry
  7. In OC state printings no issue right
  8. South Carolina CWP
  9. ? about open carrying in your own home
  10. Traveling Through Illinois
  11. Hospital/ER carry dilemma
  12. Gun in your get home bag/ bug out bag?
  13. Hand gun on school grounds
  14. Handgunlaw.us & Long Guns in Vehicles (Update)
  15. Wives "ah ha" monents.
  16. Halloween carry and candy
  17. Heard something I did not expect
  18. New to VA
  19. Traveling To New Orleans
  20. Harrodsburg conceal/carry class for deaf a first for KY
  21. Concealed Carry Local Parks (Texas)
  22. Utah Non Resident CCW Update.
  23. Do You Publicize 2A Support
  24. Does Anyone OWB a M&P 9c?
  25. Carry rotation question
  26. need help with missouri ccw definition
  27. Things you learn when confronting a knife-wielding killer
  28. Poll - How do you carry when in your vehicle
  29. Grammy got her unrestricted Class A MASS license today!
  30. CCW Permitting...too easy?
  31. If you EDC - do you also carry at home?
  32. Alaska Air easy does it
  33. Obtaining concealed carry permit in tennessee
  34. NC Handgun purchase permit and administrative discharge from the military
  35. Funny experience at the bank a few weeks ago
  36. Corps of Eng. . . DC May Issue. . . Long Guns. . . Answers
  37. Move across the country, noticing a few things
  38. Nosy Neighbor Puts Up Sign to “Out” Concealed Carrier
  39. Gun Ban Sign
  40. Starting the day
  41. Question About Hand to Hand Training
  42. Florida man given life in prison for loud music shooting
  43. Philosophy of EDC Argument help
  44. Health Alert
  45. Wording on No-Carry Signs for States (Specifically NC) Where They Have Weight
  46. Sig P232 Mags
  47. My legal heat- ut non ccw
  48. TX CHL came in the mail (11 days!)
  49. Belt clip holster
  50. When you start to get old....
  51. Moved from MI to NC
  52. A first for me
  53. A "why you carry question"
  54. My SC permit came quick!
  55. Opinion about notice at the office
  56. Wife and I disagree on concealed carry
  57. Guide rod on LCS
  58. Sighting in my SR40C
  59. Carrying a firearm in a personal vehicle
  60. Moving to Pennsylvania
  61. CCing with an injury
  62. Confused about 30.06
  63. .22 Girlfriend Concealed Carry Conundrum
  64. Implied-In-Fact Contract
  65. Question for those who remember CCW in the 60s/early 70s
  66. Ruger Customer Service
  67. Planning (hoping) on taking my KS CCHL Class Sunday 10-12-14
  68. Drawing From Concealment While Seated In A Vehicle
  69. carry on public transit
  70. Arizona Non-Resident CCW Training
  71. Concealed in car
  72. Health Care Professional - Concealed Carry at Work
  73. Hiding the weapon
  74. --Keep Thinking
  75. California Man needs some Advice.
  76. Just wanted to share a story that occurred really close to home.
  77. Houston Bar this morning
  78. Shot and Killed at Work
  79. Just got a new CC gun, now looking for advice
  80. Moving to OH
  81. Strange question
  82. PA laws on a loaded handgun in a car
  83. Visiting MA
  84. confused
  85. Pulled off my plane today (travel cc related)
  86. CO Non-Resident Carry
  87. SC CWP Online renewal
  88. The History of Concealed Carry In Ohio
  89. This is why I Love The South !!!!
  90. Concealed carry for the win.
  91. Procedure if pulled over by LEO in a state not recognizing CCW
  92. CANT - Is revealing you have a carry permit the verbal equivalent of brandishing?
  93. Taurus Employees not allowed to carry on site.
  94. What determines your CCW? Size, Capacity, price, crime in your area?
  95. Do you unload your CCW at home everyday?
  96. Carry: Legal Or Not
  97. I'm in Chicago
  98. Restaurant In Port Allen La : Show Your Gun And Get A Discount
  99. Post CCW Vacationing
  100. Short Guy's Carry
  101. Big guy question/issue.
  102. On the road to Lebanon TN. Anything good nearby?
  103. Any weird thing I should know about Georgia laws?
  104. Glad CWP is in hand, got a long drive coming up
  105. N82 Pro for Glock 30S
  106. Responsibility vs. the Law
  107. WalMart Shooting "If You Were There"...
  108. FBI: Mass shooting incidents occurring more frequently
  109. Stories of having to draw your weapon.
  110. Gun control activist carries into school.... and gets off scott free
  111. So We Can Carry In DC Now (sorta) If We Register Our Gun
  112. Nevada is copying California!
  113. Risks of posting on gun forums
  114. Anyone know carry rules at Centre College in KY?
  115. How badly am I printing?
  116. M&P shield
  117. Help to Repeal the Hughes Amendment
  118. Back up guns.
  119. Full size mag in a compact Glock
  120. My gun was stolen today.
  121. Jeans for carry if you have large thighs and butt.
  122. Texas CHL received
  123. anyone lost a holster?
  124. MO. . . DC to Issue. . . Carry Apps . . . Thank You!
  125. Speed reload time
  126. Leaving your weapon in your vehicle while on school grounds in Florida
  127. Overpenetration question 380 v 9mm
  128. lil test of skill
  129. Sheriff oblivious about CC
  130. Anyone in Borger Texas?
  131. Wife against C.A.N.T (Carry Always, Never Tell)
  132. Wa law info
  133. New CCW...picking the right carry gun (SP101 or SW .40 Shield)
  134. 1 in the chamber with a full mag XDM?
  135. carrying 2 today
  136. Road trip
  137. Question about non resident permits
  138. Combat course
  139. My CCW came today
  140. I hate parking lot meters in poorly lit areas!
  141. Hand in a cast: another SP101 benefit
  142. Well finally after many years waiting we are legal here in IL.
  143. Motorcycle Carry
  144. New natural area banning weapons... Right next to the Ghetto
  145. negligent discharge in school bathroom- how did it happen?
  146. Carrying off hand
  147. Now I know I am old
  148. Concealed carry: Thinking outside the holster
  149. CC Laws On Indian Reservations
  150. Elementry school teacher and ccp shoots self in leg
  151. Dumbest things challenge/request
  152. Vice Principal of CA School Sues City and PD After Being Arrested for Carrying Gun
  153. Observations From Self-Defense Law Course
  154. Combat course
  155. One in the chamber with little kids around?
  156. Would you draw in this situation?
  157. pro gun signs
  158. Non Resident CCW
  159. Arizona non resident CCW in Tennessee
  160. So, I'm in Walmart and...
  161. A major break thru with my wife
  162. Conversation with wife yesterday. Ay Yi Yi moment.
  163. Dinner was interesting tonight..
  164. What I've learned in 10 years
  165. Test run with CC'ing the SP101
  166. Internal lock: Potential repurcussions of removal?
  167. Bring on the cooler weather
  168. Spare magazines one last time
  169. If you have a small pocket sized gun do you actually carry it in the pocket or IWB?
  170. Cabelas Buffalo NY
  171. My gun came out today in a road rage incident.
  172. Boneheaded CCW move!
  173. CC an AR pistol
  174. Prepared to use deadly force against family and friends?
  175. OWB vs IWB
  176. Yes, another edc thread
  177. Conceal carry while confined to a Wheelchair
  178. ccw while jogging
  179. Can an employer prohibit a field employee from carrying in their company vehicle?
  180. Concealed Carry Issues
  181. New Wallet/Different way to carry LTCF
  182. Well, now what do I do?
  183. Question about Washington State
  184. MI- First LEO contact as CPU holder
  185. Informing LEO of carrying in non wrong-doing situation
  186. Medical marijuana and CPL
  187. "Is that what I think it is?"
  188. Will MI honor CCW training from another state?
  189. travel to unfriendly cities
  190. Movies last night reafirmed the reasons for carrying
  191. Imminent attack on southern Border
  192. So I'm getting old, and
  193. Transporting gun from AZ to NV (Laughlin)
  194. Had to return to the car and disarm today
  195. CHL expired
  196. First time carrying on campus
  197. Let's see your knife & gun together
  198. Florida Trip Soon
  199. CC dilemma
  200. Do you inform a LEO that you're carrying?
  201. 3,000th Post!
  202. where do i go from here?
  203. Loud-mouthed, Never Carry, Always Tell CCW Permit Holders
  204. Off shore Fishing / Carry in MD
  205. Motorcycle trip thru lower 48
  206. carry choice
  207. SC CWP staying in Atlanta
  208. DC,MD And My Daughter Going Back To School.
  209. Glock 19 and Alien holster
  210. Back to School Thread
  211. Pretty good article about teachers CCW at school
  212. Minimum age for CCW
  213. Number of WV Concealed Carry Permits Increases
  214. Actually Met Someone with an Illinois Carry Permit!
  215. ccw'er accidentally shoots and kills woman in georgia
  216. Call 911, Even If You Don’t Shoot
  217. CCH and impact on occupants in vehicle in NC
  218. In two weeks I'll be surrounded by 100 liberals!
  219. Thanks Utah!
  220. Little Nashville , IN.
  221. Road Trip to Arizona
  222. Guess who has two thumbs and
  223. Glad I took a look at mapquest.
  224. Am planning on visiting the Biltmore Estate next weekend
  225. Nashville, TN
  226. Corvette Museum in Bowling Green posted??
  227. Renewal Time
  228. Interesting article about gun ownership.
  229. Kansas renewal
  230. Indiana Carry Laws
  231. Met a new CC'er today
  232. Opinions on travel from Ohio to Wi, work trip.
  233. Be careful how you carry!
  234. Great state on TN
  235. I lose 10 lbs. and now my gun prints
  236. Campus Concealed Carry in Kansas
  237. For those who live in the area of
  238. Florida and Ohio ccw license
  239. Interesting Situation when Returning from Vacation
  240. Day 0 and counting...
  241. Great reaction from a dmv employee in wv
  242. Quick question, hopefully easy answer
  243. Reaction to people you find CC'ing
  244. Range Report (with pictures) - I am improving
  245. Mass Murder Memorial Speech, What you may not be training for... and should be.
  246. Got real lucky at traffic stop
  247. LEO Carry at Georgia's Philips Arena
  248. Son was pulled over after buying new weapon
  249. Smaller Restaurants Allowing Guns
  250. List of Texas CHL Certified Instructors in Dallas Area Please