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  1. What to tell nosy coworkers --- your suggestions wanted!
  2. Good: FL Governor rejects gun ban for RNC
  3. Old ? but mind sets do change.
  4. No Firearms Allowed sign....but good
  5. COSTCO firearms policy
  6. my take on caliber
  7. This may be a bit controversial here but...
  8. Here's a new take on a CC Badge
  9. Upcoming WA and OR Vacation- No CCW
  10. Seattle declares emergency 5/1 confiscate firearms order
  11. dealing with the police
  12. New Mexico Has Backed Down (Updated)
  13. Complain to the New Mexico DPS/Governer's office?
  14. Help - Missouri Carry Laws
  15. Michigan Signs?
  16. I support ccw bumper stickers???
  17. New Mexico Drops Numerous States From Handgunlaw.us
  18. Why the .380 won't protect you
  19. Bad - TSA Seizes Record Number of Guns at Love Field
  21. Gun-Buster Signs all over, do people even give it thought?
  22. Purdue University visit tomorrow
  23. NM now honors only 5 states
  24. "No retreat, no surrender."
  25. Add Red Lobster to the list
  26. Security beeps while exiting a store.
  28. Good: Lets see if the "mainstream media" publicizes this
  29. New Mexico Drops Arizona – KY Sup Ct Rules on Car Storage on Campus
  30. Should I Talk To The Police? - I Just Want To Explain What Happened.
  31. Are hybrid holsters the best IWB option?
  32. The term WEAPON vs. .........
  33. Fingerprints tomorrow
  34. Amateur Radio Operators - ARRL ARES "weapons policy"
  35. Lesson Learned - no round in chamber...
  36. Does 1/2" make that much of a difference
  37. Can i still get into trouble or fired for this?
  38. "Command voice" works.
  39. CO CCW valid after moving?
  40. Georgia granny thwarts 2 would-be robbers in shootout
  41. Help With A Poll
  42. Leaving the gun in the car question.
  43. Wife is at the doctors and she sent a chat message! Gun Dropped
  44. Do you feel your CCW training prepared you for using your weapon in self defense?
  45. Pros and Cons of CCW
  46. MS to Honor All States! Quirks in Who Honors Who!
  47. What were the requirements to obtain your permit?
  48. Gun pulled on me, how would you handle the situation?
  49. Driving across country or, I love my TN permit.
  50. Dogs at Walmart - How'd I do?
  51. Concealed guns and the Appalachian Trail
  52. kel tec pf9 for carry
  53. Advice on concealing a weapon with certain pants...
  54. CCW Badges
  55. If only sanity was contagious! Judge E.B. Legg for President!
  56. CCW insurance recommendation
  57. Open Eyes
  58. Black Panther Death Threat... Against You?
  59. Defending others under attack?
  60. Recent LEO encounter
  61. Arizona non-resident permit
  62. kel tec pf9
  63. New concealed carry permit worthless?
  64. Ohio Will Only Honor Arizona Resident Permit/License
  65. I felt like I was missing something today
  66. Interesting carry question
  67. Found a new use for my laser sights
  68. For the Okies
  69. I'm done with CNN and their 2A/SYG rhetoric
  70. Consent to search or not?
  71. Second package of protection
  72. Finally
  73. Why can't we legally carry on a military installation?
  74. Short Road Trip...Through Maryland
  75. Printing question???
  76. Would you have intervened? Shooting at Cracker Barrel.
  77. Which would you carry......
  78. Lightweight vs. heavyweight carry
  79. Back in TN 2 weeks and CCW is awesome.
  80. How do you check your 6:00 without looking paranoid?
  81. Company Car and Concealed Carry for Salesmen Prohibited...what are your thoughts?
  82. Bill Would Allow Nebraska Teachers to Carry Guns
  83. Bill O'Reilly calls Stand Your Ground Law "quirky"
  84. Using Glock 17 Mags in a 19 Will Get You Killed?
  85. I have become a preacher at work....
  86. non resident Florida ccw question
  87. Burglar Alarm goes off….
  88. Is "following someone" really illegal?
  89. what's considered OVERKILL when concealing?
  90. Reommendations on a Shoulder Holster....
  91. Statistics of winning the lottery vs armed
  92. Deleted Post: Clarification of FL Stand Your Ground Law
  93. Question about No Gun postings
  94. "I don't care what the state says"
  95. Carrying pepper spray
  96. The Reason Why EMS Should Be Allowed to Carry Weapons
  97. Finally!
  98. Firearm Sale up in Ohio for Concealed Carry and Castle Defense
  99. Thieves Met with Guns
  100. Concealed Carry Question
  101. Having to draw or fire on an acquaintance?
  102. training? who needs training?
  103. Athletic cut shirts
  104. Bill Cosby and Gun Control
  105. Gun control laws going nowhere
  106. check my weapon??
  107. No Grand Jury For Trayvon martin Case says.....Special Prosecutor.
  108. Securing your firearm and calling 911
  109. Texas DL and Oklahoma CHL
  110. carry to the gym?
  111. tough choices
  112. CC and Alcohol
  113. Ideas for concealed carry on Bicycles
  114. how effective is OC spray?
  115. Carry in your car with convenience
  116. Quite a contradiction here about when pulled over by cops..
  117. Location Of Your Permit In Your Wallet?
  118. Worried I'll be denied in VA
  119. PCS'ing to TX from FL. Would like some info on the CCW/L rules/laws in AL, LA and TX.
  120. Challenge
  121. Caught a guy breaking into my truck
  122. What is your take on this?
  123. Do you have to carry your permit paper everytime you carry?
  124. WOW, 11 days in MO
  125. My CHL came today!
  126. NM Drops AK, KY, MT, SC & WY - - - WV/TX Sign Agreement
  127. Can someone who got denied for CCW and/or gun purchase, (BUT not a felon) still own
  128. Problem/Issues with Printing or Accidental Display TX, OK, AR
  129. How old to possess a handgun in public?
  130. Renewal Times for SC CWP
  131. Carry options for a small person?
  132. Traveling and need info
  133. What is Wisconsin's law on printing?
  134. MD License
  135. BIG hunter, but anti-conceal carry.....
  136. First year of HCP - CCW Life Observations
  137. Conceal Carry Channel for Beginners
  138. Wisconsin, if Walker is recalled...
  139. How to Renew in Florida
  140. Jogging with a Kahr P380
  141. Judge rules in North Carolina law
  142. Sig Sauer Tacops Carry Review
  143. South Carolina Gun Rights
  144. driving to florida
  145. Left handed CCW
  146. CCW process finally complete
  147. Texas Parking Lot Bill
  148. Conceal Carry of a large Fixed blade knife in WI
  149. Spread this video - it may help convince someone to carry
  150. CHL Finally came in today!!!
  151. Simple Carry Pleasures
  152. CCW on railroad property?
  153. Unidentified LEO pulls gun - how to react?
  154. Double Tap: Heizer shows off smallest .45 CC
  155. number of handgun sales in Wisconsin
  156. Being more alert
  157. CCW and motorcycles?
  158. About a week away for me in Ohio!
  159. ? on interpretation of Florida's SYG statute...
  160. Some statistics about 2A and CCW
  161. The Discetionary Mindset
  162. Macys at the Maine mall in south portland Maine
  163. Carry-in-car through FL, AL, MS, LA and TX?
  164. kel tec pf9
  165. Noticing a new trend
  166. What Percentage Of Your Shooting Acquaintances Have Their Permit To Carry?
  167. Where do they come up with this stuff?
  168. Oklahoma CWL (something funny)
  169. SA Failed - The Aftermath
  170. Diving out the nearest exit
  171. hello. wisconsin specific questions here.
  172. Anyone in the Pittsburgh area?........
  173. Free Conceal Carry Training around the Wisconsin area
  174. My wife asked me if I really needed to take my gun to the dentist...
  175. Traveling to Kansas by Car
  177. The wife has spoken... New CC gun for her soon...
  178. CC with hippies
  179. NM Drops VA and FL. _ OR Campus Carry
  180. New Michigan legislation..
  181. Gun Sales Explode...FOX News
  182. WI: Conceal carry in campus area?
  183. Suing a state that does not issue you a permit
  184. New to CC
  185. Concealed carry in public places... particularly the mall and restaurants.
  186. Marine accepts plea deal
  187. unlawful use of telephone
  188. North Carolina Ar-15......
  189. Marine and Nurse both take plea deals.
  190. Carry-Friendly/Unfriendly Location App?
  191. Trayvon/Zimmerman Incident: FL CWP Holders - know the Law.
  192. Denied PPL....Will same thing happen with CCW?
  193. A walk in the neighborhood
  194. 86 days
  195. Study Finds "Packing a Gun Makes You Think Everyone Else Is Too"
  196. Will campus carry get boost or a block from the Virginia Tech ruling?
  197. Legal or Illegal
  198. The importance of proper maintenance
  199. CPL renewal denied/mich.
  200. Height, Weight, Firearm & Carry Method?
  201. Just got my chl
  202. Zimmerman: Self defense or murder?
  203. Texas and Arkansas questions - Flying out of BWI
  204. Mexican Carry goes south
  205. CCW in Kentucky State Park lodge permitted?
  206. Why carry extra magazines?
  207. Has anyone ever carried a Desert Eagle?
  208. Toddlers killed in accidental shootings
  209. OH Now Honors Kansas – State Emergency Laws
  210. Help on gun issue
  211. Traveling Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Need Input and Advice
  212. CSM Article: Inside America's Gun Carry Culture
  213. Carrying G27 v. Kahr PM9?
  214. Data on what percentages of distances shooting incidents with CCL have taken place?
  215. How concealed is concealed?
  216. Heads up all! The United States Concealed Carry Association has free webinar
  217. Tragedy for child with access to firearm of CCW permit holder.
  218. New To Carrying
  219. Was involved in an automobile accident while carrying...
  220. Ga and issuing 18 year olds ccp
  221. Paramedic carrying while on duty?
  222. utah permit
  223. Just got the call!!!
  224. Neighborhood Watch Cpt. kills Florida Teen UPDATE
  225. Bullet set back
  226. carry with a laser/light
  227. Kansas House Passes Concealed Carry Reform Bill
  228. Locational Awareness
  229. What's taking so long?!?!
  230. Member Organization
  231. What is up with Illinois?
  232. Back Pocket Carry (Poll)
  233. Is it concealed carry if holster visible?
  234. NYS Pistol Permit and ADD
  235. Wisconsin Antigun Group Wants List of CCW Holders Published
  236. Milwaukee, WI Police cheif flynn Changes reguarding CCW
  237. Milwaukee, WI Police cheif flynn
  238. Another level of protection
  239. Safety video - we ALL need to watch this
  240. Should I get CT Laser grip for my full size or compact M&P??
  241. I'm going broke!!
  242. NYS pistol permit advice
  243. kel tec pf9 holsters
  244. Have you CC'ed while injured?
  245. Kahr serial #'s
  246. Is it Wrong for the Milwaukee Police to keep the Gun
  247. Caliber and ammo are low on my priority list
  248. Good CPL example
  249. CT pistol permit
  250. How to handle this