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  1. AIWB Tips or Tricks?
  2. More heat on the Street in WA!
  3. Utah non-Resident permit took exactly 6 weeks.
  4. How about an anti-gun-buster sign?
  5. A bit of a scare this morning
  6. HELP ME... figure out real % of with CWP's
  7. Vehicle carry
  8. where can I carry, to be clear.
  9. Check your pistol loads
  10. Gun Buster signs going away... what is your story
  11. OH-KY Reciprocity and licensing
  12. Pro-Life Concealed Carry
  13. DHS now suggesting "gunbuster" signs ???
  14. New CC'r in Missouri!
  15. soon to be new to ccw
  16. ccw in nh: Questions
  17. Minimum training needed before CCW?
  18. What do you say when you think someone spots you? Or worse, asks?
  19. Cool conversation with a Pharmacist
  20. Flying Frontier from Grand Rapids MI to Phoenix with checked gun
  21. Reciprocity
  22. Research Help on CC Saving Lives
  23. Denied Concealed Handgun Permit
  24. Florida Non-Resident CCW - Fingerprinting Question
  25. Darwin wins again. Male teen shoots self in private parts...
  26. My definition of frustration
  27. Carry and Indian Reservations
  28. school parking lots
  29. Purse carry question.
  30. South Floridians: Tri-Rail train carry?
  31. Need Michigan help
  32. What and how you would carry in a band
  33. 50 state ccw...
  34. How long is too long to carry defense ammo
  35. Do you HAVE to have a chl to conceal carry in Texas?
  36. Just because I'm printing does not mean I'm......
  37. Magazine question
  38. VIDEO: Well armed fashionista has how many concealed? 1..2..3..4..5..6..7!
  39. Conceal carry on college campus while tailgating
  40. Good News
  41. firearms free zones
  42. SHOOTING FROM THE HIP: At What Distance Should You Use This?
  43. Cross eye dominance
  44. CPL needed for higher-grade pepper spray? (MI)
  45. Premium Outlets Cincinnati/Dayton POSTED
  46. I want to get my permit
  47. Air Travel. What Should I Know?
  48. Help with kimber
  49. No gun signs on gun shops.
  50. What is Full Size? What is Compact?
  51. Always CYA
  52. Larger Caliber Pocket Carry Options?????
  53. Question about getting a non-resident permit
  54. NV Concealed Carry - Mandatory to Notify LEO if interacting with them?
  55. Proof of Knowledge of Handgun Safety?
  56. First weekend carrying!
  57. Concealing a full-sized gun
  58. Went to a movie theater today
  59. Potential New CCLers
  60. How do you carry in the rain???
  61. 19 with conceal and carry?
  62. Where can I buy a glock frame or lower
  63. When concealed carry becomes open carry
  64. Unpleasant Anniversaries
  65. Question about carrying in vehicle with CWP
  66. Richmond Flying Squirrels Firearm Policy
  67. Indiana gun licence question
  68. CCW ready Subaru Outback
  69. Mom Crossed Over
  70. Accidents while carrying
  71. Question for those in outside sales in AZ
  72. Sacramento, CA. CCW
  73. Checking a firearm in NJ
  74. Gun Control is about to become obsolete.
  75. Positive first encounter with LEO while carrying
  76. Duty to assist - revisited
  77. Applying for handgun license as disabled gun owner
  78. Flying With Firearm - First Experience
  79. Dollar Store
  80. You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up - Conceal Class Radio Spot
  81. Oklahoma to Honor Other States Constitutional Carry - - - Kentucky Info
  82. CCW permit for Canadian medical student in NYC?
  83. am i at work?
  84. Progress in Illinois?
  85. Change it around
  86. Bad: Gun drawn during fight near Palm Bay Publix
  87. lawyer on speed dial?
  88. Looking for pointers on carrying a revolver
  89. CCW in the news?
  90. Is It Time To Re-Sole Your Shoes?
  91. Traveling from FL to SC
  92. concealment versus ease of use
  93. The Right to Keep and Bear ArmsCCW Explanation HD VIDEO
  94. Finally!
  95. VIDEO: SHOOTING: Empire State Bldg + Legal Question of Wounding Bystanders "?"
  96. Ohio House Session on HB 495, 3 items they want to change on CCW Rules.
  97. Help, please! New female CC having problems concealing!
  98. BAD: Loaded gun left in car taken....
  99. IWI Desert Eagle
  100. Another one for the good guys.
  101. Active shooter PSA from the city of houston video
  102. Arizona no weapons signs
  103. You know you've become effective at proper concealment when...
  104. First time flying with gun TSA question
  105. Questions before a trip and my first flight with a handgun
  106. Bad: pastor shot by burglar
  107. Misleading information on CC
  108. how concealed is concealed.... question
  109. Aurora movie theater scenario armored shooter, need advice and facts
  110. NC, FL Concealed Carry Permit questions
  111. New Member
  112. 1st Police Interaction while carrying
  113. Shoulder Holster: Under Armor OR Miami Classic 2
  114. Definition please: Intend to go armed
  115. Tips for making sure you close and lock your safe?
  116. Knowing your enemy.
  117. Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover NH.
  118. On Medication, Okay to carry or shoot?
  119. Do you feel safe at work?
  120. Sorta made a mistake last night (In Alabama)
  121. Is there a thread that list all the "NO Conceal carry"places?
  122. extra ammo carry
  123. Yosemite National Park: Gun Policy
  124. Random thoughts on personal concealed carry evaluations
  125. Heat and this humidity is just awful.
  126. University of Colorado segregates permit holders
  127. Recommendations for IWB holster
  128. HELP with an issue on IWB carry please.
  129. Movie theater considered "Public Gathering?"
  130. Work in NJ, how to legally secure CCW before entering.
  131. Denied Indiana permit, mysterious police reports, Appeal impossible?? Please Help!!
  132. A year of stats on crime and CCW holders in texas
  133. Non-Resident Florida CCL question.
  134. I Know I'm Preaching to the Choir but...
  135. need help on old cpl app.
  136. Bad! This guy is a real pain in the butt for us who carry responsibly!
  137. A reminder for our Florida members
  138. CCW permit - leaving gun in car??
  139. Scrub carry
  140. Self Defense Insurance and protecting yourself
  141. And Yet Another Shooting
  142. Security Theater
  143. Non-Resident pistol permit fingerprint cards?
  144. Going from a Ruger SR9C to a .357 loaded w\.38+p, for CC
  145. The .22 pistol and round for self defense...My take on it.
  146. Another, "have you ever actually...?" question. external hammers?
  147. have you ever actually had anyone see the printing of a J-frame/LCR?
  148. SCAM! Over 600 Ohio weapons permits invalid
  149. Bad: Another Mass Shooting
  150. Looking for letters to mail to stores with gun-buster signs
  151. Got my new BUG today
  152. Carrying the message
  153. NC Military CCW
  154. Mens' Warehouse fit me up with shoulder rig in place!
  155. Funny: Randy Travis Drunk, Threatened Officers while wearing Invisible Clothes
  156. What would you do?
  157. Extension of the workplace...Can an employer prohibit carry?
  158. A little bummed...
  159. Sikh Shooter Suicide !?
  160. Batman copycat crisis averted... or not?
  161. Nothing Concealed About THIS Weapon and the Good Guy Wins :
  162. Road trip from Texas to Colorado
  163. CCW Holsters for J-Frame
  164. Any way to get a ccw in places like NY/CA/IL? (loopholish type stuff?)
  165. Illegal Concealed Carry in various states. What is the charge?
  166. baby on board
  167. Going to Minnesota tomorrow
  168. Snubs for Self Defense?
  169. Indiana carry
  170. Concealed carry in Pennsylvania State Parks
  171. OWB CC holster for M&P9?
  172. I have Florida CWL, but moving to GA
  173. YAY! It's in the mail!
  174. Might be moving.....
  175. I dont not normally like stats, But.....
  176. Has Illinois always been an antigun state?
  177. Retention Straps and Need for Speed Drawing? :
  178. Got made entering Disneyland...
  179. On duty jframe concealment?
  180. how do you handle an IWB hoslter (like remora) and using a public restroom?
  181. PA Now Honors MS. MD Still May Issue For Now!
  182. VA CWP Not Honored in GA
  183. Keeping a firearm in a vehicle
  184. Please don't do this...
  185. Good instructional picture
  186. Another University Screws Up: Colorado Killer Was Reported Dangerous By Psychiatrist
  187. IL Gov Quinn wants to ban all Semi-Autos, Hi-Cap Mags and "parts"
  188. Take a Look, Surprising: "Analysis: Fewer U.S. Gun Owners Own More Guns"
  189. "I'LL SHOOT YA !" : What Would You Do With This One ? :
  190. Concealed carry / home defense....with children?
  191. Legal requirement to use your concealed firearm?
  192. Oregon CHL Application at Sheriff Dept next week - Questions
  193. sitting down in public
  194. Travelling to Cincinnati
  195. jogging with a gun
  196. FrogLube
  197. PA FFL Question
  198. Carry the Gun You Shoot Best or the Gun You Shoot Just OK with the Higher Caliber?
  199. Marines place $22.5M order for the Colt .45 M1911
  200. Ccw and my child!!!! Pet peeve
  201. Regal Cinema posted
  202. After the shot ..
  203. How a CCW Could Stop A Mass Murder:
  204. Score one for our side...
  205. Did Cinemark's policy prevent people from defending themselves in Aurora?
  206. Florida first to a million
  207. "Happiness is a Warm Gun: My Concealed Weapon and Me" (Harper's Magazine)
  208. utah - cc stops stabbings
  209. Anyone ever "lost" their CC weapon?
  210. Why was the poop thread closed?
  211. Sig 938 & 238 cocked and locked?
  212. No Gun Signs For Insurance Purposes
  213. what to do when you got to do #2?
  214. Mass Murders; Pre Pistol
  215. Realistic thoughts on theater defense as a CHL holder
  216. Finally, more balanced coverage is showing up re: Colorado
  217. Need photo Denver Theater
  218. Michigan Medical Marijuana and CCW/CPL
  219. Purposely Printing.
  220. no concealed weapons signs?
  221. Are You Obligated to Report a Murder?
  222. Lifetime NRA Membership Special $300.00 (sponsors needed)
  223. John Lott for NY Daily News
  224. Good - Police: Lancaster man with axe demanded money from local restaurant
  225. Where is "printing" illegal?
  226. Concealed carry wheelchair user
  227. Mel Robbins and the Colorado Mass shooting
  228. wisconsin gunbuster signs?
  229. How do states determine reciprocity laws re: CCW?
  230. Wondering why the wait is so long for an Oklahoma CCL?
  231. Concealed Carry in Colorado question.
  232. Pops and the FL internet cafe shooting
  233. Unpopular or Not: For Open Minds This May Make You Think:
  234. Wal-Mart Trigger Goof
  235. Haley thinks you're a liability
  236. GOOD: Gun weilding man stops stabbing spree..
  237. hospital policy
  238. risk/benefit
  239. Odd Gun Control Editorial in "The Economist"
  240. I have a question for Police Chief Daniel Oates
  241. What happens if you use your weapon for SD in a No-Gun Private Est.?
  242. Found This.
  243. Tavel question, from Ohio thruogh WVA to VA
  244. Turning into my father
  245. The Mental Health of Americans on the decline?
  246. Interesting Illinois Stat
  247. The Media is beating the Gun Control drum again
  248. Theater Shooting
  249. Some Good Advice for Staying Safe in Crowds from FBI :
  250. If I had brought my handgun into that theater in Colorado...