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  1. glock 19 not chambered or Ruger SR9C safety on
  2. saw this on the news.......glocks-holsters+removing seatbelt=man shot and killed
  3. In self-defense: No charge in Walla Walla shooting incident
  4. CC Observations from a Newbie
  5. ANTI-GUN SIGN - lets change their attitude, or at least try to.
  6. 22 lr conceal carry and home defense
  7. EDC for My Girlfriend (Kahr P380 or Walther PPK)?
  8. Why would anyone carry a gun they haven't shot?
  9. Timing of NYT article = Nat'l Right to Reciprocity Vote?
  10. Are you ready for a hand injury?
  11. Which Is Greater: Drivers Having Car Accidents Or Shooters Having Gun Accidents?
  12. Why do I carry at home
  13. Chicago CCW
  14. Congress to vote on Nat'l CCW Nov. 15
  15. Property rights issue
  16. Safety on or off
  17. A Shooting - And a Tragic Example of What a .22 Can Do.
  18. Is New Hampshere Non-Resident permit the best deal: Now
  19. MI & ME – WI & NM Sign Agreements MT Honors WI + OR/MS Updates
  20. Judge Throws out case in Canton,Ohio!
  21. IWB holster question
  22. Where is your balance on carry vs. life?
  23. My Criteria for Choice of Good CCW Gun
  24. New Mexico Adds NE & KS. WI Update on Training + More
  25. Am I reading the laws right?
  26. Has any Fellow SC resident has used the online Renewal web page
  27. WI no longer requires 4 hours of training
  28. Finger Prints & Getting a Non-resident CWP
  29. now a ky ccdw instructor
  30. will i be denied ccw permit for juvenile record in ohio?
  31. Help Getting Wife to Carry More
  32. what happened to my bullet?
  33. My answer,
  34. My Beretta "Ghost"
  35. Are Guns Inherently Unsafe?
  36. Quick question for you Virginia folk
  37. Mossy 500 Cruiser?
  38. Walmart confounds me
  39. "Don't be a victim of your own mistakes, Shoot or Don't Shoot"
  40. "No Guns Allowed"
  41. Perfect Timing: Milwaukee Area LEO "Accidentally" discharges at the Mall
  42. Perfect timing for WI CC
  43. 10 years of Concealed Carry
  44. USCCA, Again.
  45. Code names or Nicknames for your EDC?
  46. CC Backpack?
  47. Using the glock factory case when flying
  48. AR Honors WI / DE Honors NM
  49. Anyone go Jame Bond in their House?
  50. Suggestions wanted for the best option for checked luggage with firearm
  51. Concealed Campus Carry video idea
  52. First time carrying in Vegas
  53. FNC: "THE FIVE" Lively CCW Discussion
  54. Crockett Keller May Loose CHL Instructor Lic. for Radio Ad
  55. Things in WI just keep getting better
  56. Wisconsin CCW Permit Time...Keep us posted!
  57. Wisconsin Online for CCW Applications!
  58. Bad Guys Better Loo Out in Spartanburg SC
  59. Why is "Printing" bad?
  60. WI CC paperwork
  61. Had a pleasant hospital experience today
  62. Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves
  63. Spartansburg County Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves
  64. First CC experience
  65. WV CCW, registration issue
  66. Indiana Work Trip
  67. ABC News-Concealed Carry Permit Holders Live In A Dream World
  68. Accuracy expectations in the smaller 9mms
  69. I hate this expression
  70. Going to Vegas
  71. Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters
  72. Surviving a traffic stop
  73. The CHP positive influence
  74. Church Carry
  75. Who has gotten lazy?
  76. Saw this sign on line....
  77. Fascinating Shooting-Ballistic Videos - Gotta See !!
  78. Work carry concerns...
  79. Philadelphia to NJ
  80. Texas: CHL Renewal Question
  81. How do you get the squeak out of leather holster?
  82. West Virginia: legal saga involving campus carry
  83. Hold Times on Handgun Purchases
  84. Air Travel With Handguns
  85. Need some advice on traveling with my pistols...asking the experts!
  86. Which gun for a trip to Houston?
  87. Need ammo... For a debate with the wife!
  88. What is alcohol?
  89. New (to me) Anti Sign - Knives?
  90. Learned something interesting yesterday
  91. Fall has fell.
  92. What to do in those gun-free zones?
  93. Took my Wisconsin Concealed Carry Weapon class tonight!
  94. What's a "good" time to draw and fire 1 round?
  95. Thinnest 9mm?
  96. Supplies to Treat Gunshot Wounds On Hand?
  97. Very Interesting Conversation today
  98. Napa County, CA - CCW friendly or not?
  99. WI & Who They Will Honor, NM Drops MN, NC Changes Coming, Image
  100. Folks From Iowa...
  101. Erie County Permit Upgrade DENIED!!
  102. Special Passenger!
  103. Pro-carry, anti-carry question..
  104. E-mail and reply from McDonald's
  105. Posting Property Doesn't Change Insurance Rates or Libility
  106. Meandering from North Georgia to Florida and back.
  107. Holy cow another traffic stop story!
  108. Temporary Idaho CWL
  109. GA GFL to AZ CCW Question
  110. My experience traveling through Hartsfield Atlanta Airport
  111. Applebees in Ohio posting no guns! Need your activism ASAP
  112. Local Tandy store is now posted in Wichita Ks.
  113. CCW Denied, Oklahoma
  114. 1911 Benefits Questions
  115. Tell me about the carry laws in TEXAS.....
  116. Great advice from police on informing officer.
  117. Moron drinks, gets in a bar altercation, and brandishes gun in Cincinnati
  118. Georgia-Carolina State Fair
  119. Adding a second gun to the line-up
  120. Ask A Potential Employer About CC Policy?
  121. McSafety - I guess Ronald will be providing security today!!
  122. Last night situation..
  123. military CC in uniform?
  124. Heading to Wisconsin...
  125. Dry fire drills
  126. Do "haunted houses" allow CCW?
  127. Cringed watching the news tonight
  128. You CCw, Don't you?
  129. Security searches
  130. Ohio Barber Shot When Customer's Gun Falls
  131. C.C. on ferry to mackinaw island, mi
  132. Number of Cases of Self-Defense With Handgun
  133. ER reaction to CC?
  134. Fellow Military Personnel... CC While in Uniform??
  135. We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this
  136. Changes in the Kentucky Revised Statues regarding KY CCDW
  137. Road rage in uniform
  138. LC9
  139. Question on HR 218
  140. Concealed Carry With Police Escort....
  141. Telling On Himself
  142. Workplace sign removed
  143. Dealing with PESTS
  144. Another Idiot With Road Rage
  145. Cover garments/dressing around your CCW and EDC gear
  146. Rechambering every day
  147. "Brandishing" from inside a vehicle
  148. Do you have a specific gun for running/sports activities?
  149. Update: OH Restaurant Carry Law/Maine Park Carry/Seeking Additional Info
  150. To any LEO's out there.
  151. Lunch Today In Ohio Restaurant
  152. Road Rage and my LC9
  153. It came! It came! It came!
  154. Permit in wallet?
  155. Fire Mission - Ohio Restaurant Carry
  156. Ideal carry physique?
  157. Chicks with Guns’: Some 15 million US women pack heat
  158. LCP and LC9
  159. Allegheny National Forest
  160. Atlantic city NJ?
  161. Question about a "No Carry" Zone in Texas....
  162. Applied for CC permit, possibly moving before it arrives...
  163. Been carrying my blue gun
  164. Wish more sheriffs felt like this
  165. Question for South Carolina permit holders....
  166. Can Commercial Truck Drivers Carry?
  167. Advantage Tactical Sights
  168. Concealed carry without having your permit in your possession
  169. Concealed Carry at Fort Hood, Texas
  170. Grip
  171. Looking for options
  172. Would you disarm to meet a celebrity
  173. Great FEMALE Carry VID. I'm A GUY & I Really Liked It Too!
  174. 61 days down.. 29 to go
  175. 57 days...
  176. Finally....and it feels so good.
  177. Carry when HOME??
  178. Pipe-cleaner wearing a shoulder rig...
  179. First 6 months carrying, my thoughts
  180. Frustration with local Governments in WI
  181. Concealed carry
  182. Never Knew I was Concealed
  183. Sig 226 Grip for OWB Carry
  184. Wally Walk with pics
  185. Write up on Carson City IHOP
  186. Crime in decline, but why? Low inflation among theories
  187. Is it best to standardize on a caliber as much as possible?
  188. Concealed while Suit fitting
  189. Pretty Quick...
  190. here's ? for you
  191. Great Idea?!
  192. The Wife's first carry expereince
  193. Lazy state not so lazy this time!
  194. CHL Numbers in Texas...
  195. BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad)
  196. Bank Question
  197. question for the TX people
  198. Can't carry @ work, do you store your gun in car all day?
  199. H.R.822 if you support it, let your State Representative know >>>>>>>
  200. Oklahoma Concealed Carry Permit - about to expire
  201. Have you convinced others to carry, how?
  202. what other states honor my ohio cc permit
  203. Noisy carry
  204. Suggestions on Spousal Assurance of my CC...
  205. Son busted at Boise Hawks ball game.
  206. Can I only carry one concealed weapon at a time??
  207. Possible homeowners insurance policy that will cover defensive Firearm liability
  208. After how long do you tell someone?
  209. are there any statistics backing up carry, concealed or open
  210. Why do you carry? (A serious discussion)
  211. Division of Motor Vehicles and Concealed Carry
  212. Had something funny happen to happen to me today.
  213. Local Store Visit While CC
  214. Some people have just given up trying to conceal!
  215. What happens when you are threatened?
  216. Scenario: controlling anger after accidental injury to your child
  217. Traffic Accident While Carrying
  218. Just ordered my new holster
  219. Location choice for Breakfast today: Guess which one she picked...
  220. Looks like I am moving to Ohio
  221. OH/LA Sign Agreement. MI/Maine have Agreement in Works. New Mexico
  222. what is your suggestion for a concealed carry gun
  223. Carrying in North Carolina this Weekend
  224. Pharmacist sues former employer, Walgreen's
  225. 9/11 Anniversary, Has it affected your Carry Habits
  226. Another LTC shooting in the news,,
  227. I-Hop shooting
  228. out of state knowledge
  229. Carry in the County Extension Office
  230. Current wait time in the lazy state??
  231. Lessons from Jihad in America
  232. Carrying in General...
  233. Glock 36 or Glock 39 for Concealed Carry???
  234. confused please help comprehend....
  235. take off gun/holster when laying down?
  236. Concerns about carrying conceal and...
  237. The Tactical Bag/Purse
  238. Anybody change or modify their "carry gear" after taking an Advanced Class?
  239. Tomorrow is "Bring your Gun to Work Day" in Texas.
  240. GOOD: Homeowner acted in self defense in fatal shooting of armed robber.
  241. Time to stop being lazy
  242. Holster Rules in IPSC and IDPA Competitions
  243. Would you wear this?
  244. Another Bad Example
  245. Acting irresponsibly
  246. Good: NM Governor renews CCP
  247. Code Red Not A Drill
  248. GOOD: Home invader killed in Small Town, WI
  249. Working in the worst spots of CA - no gun allowed
  250. Anybody ever carry an empty gun?