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  1. My girlfriend asked a question I can't answer
  2. Almost made at a friend's house
  3. My wife's recent movie experience.....proud, but
  4. Sig P250 Shoulder Holster Suggestions
  5. SC CWP Coming Sooner
  6. New twist on ban sign
  7. How long is Florida taking?
  8. CCW'ing in another's residence
  9. Texas CCW On Campus Poll
  10. Took my Nevada CCW class
  11. Sad state of the press in the US.
  12. Travel & carry into Rhode Island
  13. Colorado recip???
  14. Charleston SC Performing arts theatre
  15. How many weapons do you carry concealed?
  16. transporting properly??????
  17. Are your friends aware that you carry?
  18. Carry near school zones
  19. 62 days and still waiting
  20. Judge takes Lynchburg man's concealed carry permit away for one year
  21. Do you Live in a Dream World?....
  22. To tell or not to tell
  23. I graduated
  24. Local Wal-Mart becoming dangerous, father finally gets it.
  25. PA Police Arrest CCW Holder.... Confiscate Firearms.......
  26. Make sure your gun's where it should be
  27. Why would you need multiple CHP?
  28. one in the pipe
  29. Issues with car carry.
  30. Talking to your kids about CC
  31. what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses?
  32. single woman against 5 guys
  33. Bill Haslam, Pro gun candidate, wins Tennessee Gov.
  34. Walking The Dog Almost Drawed
  35. Does your search and rescue team allow you to carry?
  36. Lasermax for birthday
  37. Have you used a gun for self defense?
  38. Have you used a gun for self defense?
  39. No castle doctrine, or stand your ground law, Buuuut....(long)
  40. Vermont Polling Places
  41. Moved out of state now back...
  42. So we're at McDonalds the other night...
  43. Got my certificate now I get to wait again
  44. Safely chamber a round, and "safe" a firearm
  45. One in the chamber
  46. Night Sights for Glock 19 Gen 4
  47. As I am walking my dog, an older teen (19ish) starts taunting my dog from his porch
  48. LCR's.. Speedstrips or Speedloaders?
  49. Anti-gun Spouse
  50. Haloween night!
  51. airport security detains man with disassembled handgun
  52. Picked up my CHP today
  53. Carrying while TDY
  54. Just can't trust that gun.
  55. I'm getting OLD
  56. Glock 39 Question
  57. SmartCarry vs Pocket Holster
  58. Got My MA Class A Unrestricted Permit, A Bit Confused...
  59. CC while DD
  60. day 2
  61. Using a Mic to constant Record
  62. Attention New Yorkers: Need some help
  63. Flying with a handgun(in baggage)
  64. CCing Halloween Night
  65. A question about NC admission law
  66. I'm a Convert!
  67. "Relevant Practice", recoil personalities and your CCW of choice...
  68. Went to a CHCL Class - Again
  69. Dark Nights and Lonely Places..... a short read
  70. To you ladies out there... question about holster for purse:
  71. Droppin' Your Pants..
  72. Tennessee Permit Question
  73. Can I leave it in Six Flags' parking lot?
  74. Pennsylvania LTC Renewal Day Today
  75. Slim 1911 grips for comfort
  76. Try Before You Buy
  77. First patrol LEO encounter, went smoothly
  78. Stepped up to .45 from 9mm. Feeling great about my decision.
  79. "I was anti gun, until I got stalked(Merged)
  80. SC Concealed Law Change Publicly Owned Places
  81. GA vs NC License
  82. Pocket Carry - looking for opinions..
  83. Carjacking victim defends his family with CCW and kills BG
  84. Going to Virginia
  85. Given up on pocket carry?
  86. Carry in Great Smokey Mountains National Park?
  87. I need a holster recommendation
  88. Why you should carry at home.
  89. Unfortunately i will be going across the IL border into Chicago. Im confused
  90. Need in car Gun safe that will hold my G30 in it's holster.
  91. New web site on Long Island NY
  92. Nc school Parking lots
  93. How could this happen? I thought ALL Post Office's had the "No Guns" signs!
  94. I have a MO CCW but travel to FL often - Is it worth it for me to apply for a FL CCW?
  95. I am proud of my wife.
  96. Stopping power...*GRAPHIC PICTURES*
  97. Traveling on commercial aircraft and CC
  98. Going to see a friend
  99. Skinny Jeans Rant....yes there is a question at the end
  100. NYS CCW License Question
  101. Indy Wally World Walk.
  102. My maiden concealed carry to Wal Mart (the Wal Mart Walk)
  103. Va. non resident
  104. Just joined the club! License arrived today!!
  105. Opinions/Suggestions on carrying with a broken clavicle (slinged arm)
  106. Did My Walmart Walk Tonight!
  107. More detail in the Jonesboro IHOP shooting (see my other post)
  108. Camping and Florida National Forest Carry Questions
  109. Jonesboro, AR off duty ASU campus policeman shoots one of 2 robbers in an IHOP
  110. Michigan Concealed Carry Laws
  111. My plastic came!!!
  112. Well I don't like Speedway anymore
  113. compliant victims
  114. Almost had to draw today, (hostile animal)
  115. Stepping into Oklahoma tomorrow
  116. Different holster
  117. So it finally happened..........why I carry!
  118. Anti going "Fred Sanford"
  119. Tunica Casinos
  120. The best gear is your enemy.
  121. Got pulled from my car at gun point yesterday!!
  122. CHL Test Results
  123. Il residents with Fl non res permit pls step in
  124. She Finally Took The SC CWP Class
  125. Going to a wedding Sunday
  126. Dominate eye, and non-dominate eye aiming and shooting
  127. Auditory Exclusion or Squib?
  128. Using bathroom
  129. I had a real test of my CC tonight.
  130. I feel accomplished today
  131. She Knows Her Stuff (vid)
  132. MI Conceiled Pistol
  133. Glock Safties??
  134. TSA and Secondary Searches
  135. If you need your PA permit, HURRY
  136. Best day with mom ever!!!!!!
  137. Major Printing problems.
  138. Project in New York
  139. Traveling is a lot of work!
  140. Bank in Chappell Hill, TX welcomes Concealed Carry Permit Holders as Customers
  141. Problems with Hornady Critical Defense?
  142. PA knife carry
  143. Texas Study: Affluent Neighborhoods Have Far Higher Rate of CCW Permits
  144. Conceal-carry permits on rise
  145. Make sure you carry! 25 Most dangerous Neighborhoods
  146. Travelling Arrangements / Complications
  147. advice on ways to convince my wife to get her CHL
  148. Nightstand gun legal in WA st?
  149. Traveling to Richmond Va.
  150. Poll to allow CCW on college campuses in KY
  151. Is it commonplace for a LGS to not allow guns?!?
  152. What to do in Washington DC and Maryland
  153. Ad in Local Paper Alerting Others You Are Seeking CCW?!?
  154. Carry while swimming
  155. Unintentional CCW at a hospital as a patient in an emergency situation?
  156. Mrs GB Is Now Legal (To Carry)!!
  157. Tampa Convention Center
  158. First time carry - 2 questions
  159. Gotta Give MA Credit
  160. Felt the need to disclose my CWP status to non LEO
  161. Carrying everything you should
  162. Need some help from Dallas Residents: Is Hilton Garden Inn DFW posted?
  163. Back from Colorado vacation (kinda long)
  164. UT Austin Cancelled John Lott
  165. University of Texas Shooting
  166. About CCW weapon and landlord's policy
  167. Wells Fargo Bank Tatum/Bell in AZ has no firearms sign
  168. Disarmed at the gun show
  169. What do you carry when you are jogging? In response to JAT40
  170. Texas State Fair Carry
  171. Bank posted in TX. . . allowing carry
  172. web resource needed for CCW
  173. Good in NC: Pizza Hut employee 2, BG 0 with one on the run. (merged)
  174. Weapon was drawn Ready to Fire - Dog
  175. The obligatory CC'd for the first time thread
  176. Attempted Dog Attack Today While Jogging
  177. What's up with all the holster/carry method threads?
  178. Concealment Purse
  179. CCW at Artprize
  180. Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation
  181. Why a pocket holster?
  182. conceal carried for the first time ever in public tonight... not walmart
  183. Carrying while taking Medication???
  184. Got my belly band in today
  185. I let my guard down for thirty seconds.....
  186. CCW carry in car in Kentucky
  187. visiting nyc-had to leave gun at home
  188. Regions Bank posted ?
  189. Cleveland Zoo
  190. Musician and Concealed Carry Permit Holder
  191. Concealed Carry Permit
  192. Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities
  193. Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC
  194. Driving trip to Philadelphia
  195. Overcome by Stupid - A Cautionary Tale
  196. Inquest into Controversial Police Shooting of CCW Permit holder in Las Vegas Begins
  197. Carrying a big gun
  198. How Many carry with a round in the chamber?
  199. Nationwide CCW Permit
  200. Packing Husband and Wife Draw Weapons and End Attack on a Young Mother with Kids
  201. good day at the gun store
  202. CCing All The Time Very High Crimes
  203. Too Old To Carry?
  204. Crossbreed QuickClip Review/Question
  205. Not allowed to carry at work (but at least I now have a job).
  206. Here I was....About to pay for my new tires.....
  207. First LEO Contact With CCW
  208. Toys R Us has posted
  209. Shooting while sick
  210. Always remember to grab a cart.
  211. Sighting in a new carry gun
  212. Carry in bar in Washington?
  213. Galco Belly Band
  214. Mom's LTCH
  215. Article -- "Do Girls Need Guns?"
  216. Concealed Education
  217. Explaining to a legal immigrant
  218. Bad guy's gun goes click
  219. Going to Colorado next weekend
  220. reasons for not hitting targets in shootings
  221. 4 day defensive pistol course as substitute for CCW course in NV?
  222. Permit required vs. No permit required (long)
  223. CCW Permit Holder ignores law, and now faces Murder charge.
  224. Do you paint your sights?
  225. NY state
  226. G22 in my G27 Supertuck today
  227. Holster rash?
  228. My CCW Anniversary
  229. failed to make someone
  230. Finaly....permit in hand-Iowa
  231. Sc cwp
  232. I need some quick help please....
  233. Apperantly you can carry in a police station in WA
  234. Number of Training Hits vs Number of Real Hits
  235. No holster + alcohol = Painful Oopsie, charges
  236. For the first time in 21 years, I do not have a permit...
  237. 63 days later...
  238. Sent in my SC CWP APP, and currently waiting:)
  239. Newly "Unrestricted"
  240. What defines a "forcible felony"?
  241. Carrying Through Multiple States
  242. Quick question for LEOs
  243. It Came Today.
  244. got the call! and picked it up!
  245. Scariest thing ever...
  246. Does an officer have the right to?
  247. Quick question on travel to New Jersey...
  248. What is it with all the LEO threads?
  249. Perry Suspenders - Which Model?
  250. Kinda odd LEO behavior on traffic stop