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  1. University of Texas Shooting
  2. About CCW weapon and landlord's policy
  3. Wells Fargo Bank Tatum/Bell in AZ has no firearms sign
  4. Disarmed at the gun show
  5. What do you carry when you are jogging? In response to JAT40
  6. Texas State Fair Carry
  7. Bank posted in TX. . . allowing carry
  8. web resource needed for CCW
  9. Good in NC: Pizza Hut employee 2, BG 0 with one on the run. (merged)
  10. Weapon was drawn Ready to Fire - Dog
  11. The obligatory CC'd for the first time thread
  12. Attempted Dog Attack Today While Jogging
  13. What's up with all the holster/carry method threads?
  14. Concealment Purse
  15. CCW at Artprize
  16. Question about "Outside the Wire" carry on a DOD installation
  17. Why a pocket holster?
  18. conceal carried for the first time ever in public tonight... not walmart
  19. Carrying while taking Medication???
  20. Got my belly band in today
  21. I let my guard down for thirty seconds.....
  22. CCW carry in car in Kentucky
  23. visiting nyc-had to leave gun at home
  24. Regions Bank posted ?
  25. Cleveland Zoo
  26. Musician and Concealed Carry Permit Holder
  27. Concealed Carry Permit
  28. Made for the first time/CC’ing in camouflage utilities
  29. Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC
  30. Driving trip to Philadelphia
  31. Overcome by Stupid - A Cautionary Tale
  32. Inquest into Controversial Police Shooting of CCW Permit holder in Las Vegas Begins
  33. Carrying a big gun
  34. How Many carry with a round in the chamber?
  35. Nationwide CCW Permit
  36. Packing Husband and Wife Draw Weapons and End Attack on a Young Mother with Kids
  37. good day at the gun store
  38. CCing All The Time Very High Crimes
  39. Too Old To Carry?
  40. Crossbreed QuickClip Review/Question
  41. Not allowed to carry at work (but at least I now have a job).
  42. Here I was....About to pay for my new tires.....
  43. First LEO Contact With CCW
  44. Toys R Us has posted
  45. Shooting while sick
  46. Always remember to grab a cart.
  47. Sighting in a new carry gun
  48. Carry in bar in Washington?
  49. Galco Belly Band
  50. Mom's LTCH
  51. Article -- "Do Girls Need Guns?"
  52. Concealed Education
  53. Explaining to a legal immigrant
  54. Bad guy's gun goes click
  55. Going to Colorado next weekend
  56. reasons for not hitting targets in shootings
  57. 4 day defensive pistol course as substitute for CCW course in NV?
  58. Permit required vs. No permit required (long)
  59. CCW Permit Holder ignores law, and now faces Murder charge.
  60. Do you paint your sights?
  61. NY state
  62. G22 in my G27 Supertuck today
  63. Holster rash?
  64. My CCW Anniversary
  65. failed to make someone
  66. Finaly....permit in hand-Iowa
  67. Sc cwp
  68. I need some quick help please....
  69. Apperantly you can carry in a police station in WA
  70. Number of Training Hits vs Number of Real Hits
  71. No holster + alcohol = Painful Oopsie, charges
  72. For the first time in 21 years, I do not have a permit...
  73. 63 days later...
  74. Sent in my SC CWP APP, and currently waiting:)
  75. Newly "Unrestricted"
  76. What defines a "forcible felony"?
  77. Carrying Through Multiple States
  78. Quick question for LEOs
  79. It Came Today.
  80. got the call! and picked it up!
  81. Scariest thing ever...
  82. Does an officer have the right to?
  83. Quick question on travel to New Jersey...
  84. What is it with all the LEO threads?
  85. Perry Suspenders - Which Model?
  86. Kinda odd LEO behavior on traffic stop
  87. Any diabetics here? Weird thing happened
  88. Nosy kid almost makes me...
  89. Officer Contact - "To Advise Up Front of CCW or Wait Until Asked?"
  90. Paranoid or Safe?
  91. You Thoughts: Carrying a 1911 Half-Cocked...
  92. Here they go again...
  93. Frequency of civil suits?
  94. Home Depot encounter
  95. Police encounter - I debated even posting it
  96. Traffic Stop with Concealed Carry
  97. Anyone train with Louis Awerbuck ?
  98. Really Bad LEO Encounter
  99. OWB/Shirt
  100. Carrying around kids?
  101. Shooting of officer is ruled justifiable (Off-duty lawman called aggressor)
  102. Anyone else have trouble deciding on which gun to carry?
  103. Renewal in New Mexico
  104. Walmart manager's bad joke
  105. Crossbreed quickclip
  106. Traveling from Texas to Michigan
  107. Conceal FAIL LEO encounter
  108. CCW class and range qual tomorrow...Iowa
  109. Traveling to Missouri; are there many 'No Gun' signs?
  110. Still very proud of my wife...
  111. Advice for extreme hot weather areas
  112. OK my turn - First traffic stop
  113. CC While Skiing/Boarding( Yea have to include you losers to)
  114. Oregon - What's the problem with reciprocity??
  115. ITS Almost Fair Time For SC & GA
  116. If carrying a gun outside of your home in North Carolina you are breaking the law!!!!
  117. So, Does WY Honor a MO CCW Permit or Not?
  118. Observation Thread
  119. An interesting read on Arkansas' Castle Doctrine
  120. Hostage Scenario - What Would You Do?
  121. Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Course covers 32 States
  122. Penn State CC
  123. NYS Fairgrounds conceal carry
  124. EPIC Rear Pants Pocket Carry Fail !!!!!!!!
  125. Need help from Arizona residents!
  126. CCW from another state in my state?
  127. Light attachment or flashlight? Pros and Cons
  128. Raven Concealment Holsters???????
  129. Front Sight training? Is this guys deals for real? or BS????
  130. CCW and Scoliosis - Anybody out there with both?
  131. "It's gonna be a good day, 'Tater"
  132. Arkansas definition of concealed
  133. First time to CC, different than I expected.
  134. I've officially moved from 9 to .45 ACP-FedEx lost my holster-post 16
  135. Police Report: "This Armed Robbery Went Very Badly for the Suspect"
  136. Massachusetts?
  137. First time pulled over while armed
  138. Rite of passage post: First time pulled over since CPL....non-event
  139. First encounter with a police officer while carrying not so good.
  140. Now the wait begins
  141. Got the call!
  142. Star m43 9mm
  143. I am pleased to announce...
  144. Need some verbal ammo from my fellow Alabamians!
  145. Turned Down for RI Non-Resident
  146. Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot
  147. A classic letter about CCW...
  148. Question For Our Deaf Forum Members Regarding Hearing Protection.
  149. Traffic Stop Tonight - GOOD!
  150. Gun Belt question
  151. USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association
  152. Finally a member of the club (Erie County NY)
  153. New CCW Permit: Won't have to bluff my way out
  154. SA, environment, and personal history- long
  155. Incident at gas station saturday.
  156. Performers- Carry on stage?
  157. Carry on Roadways through National Forests?
  158. Flying into Massachusetts
  159. Joined my Church's "Safety & Security" team this week...........very impressed.
  160. My Haircut/Beauty school
  161. Am I too sensitive
  162. Made while changing tire!
  163. Judge won't block law banning guns in Ga. churches
  164. We live in the 'Nice' part of Town - Why I Carry
  165. My weeked carrying...
  166. 1st Class Finished: Wow.
  167. Non-resident carry in CA
  168. Getting lazy on the "concealed" part of concealed carry?
  169. Conceal carry on a motorcycle question?
  170. Has anyone ever CC'ed while ice skating?
  171. Capital One Bank?
  172. Carrying full size 1911.
  173. Dinner 'and' a Show
  174. Kroger Has Posted - Or At Least Tried To
  175. Second suspect arrested in Judge Overstreet burglary
  176. "Oh MY God! He has a GUN!!"
  177. Just got my permit and more importantly a new gun!
  178. My Personal Experiement on CC and Losing Weight
  179. Suspect wanted for burglary at judge's home
  180. Robber fatally shot; grand jury to review
  181. North Haven, CT
  182. letter in the mail yesterday
  183. Disparity of force definition and question
  184. CCW Course Prep
  185. Concealed carry in Texas in the heat
  186. Carrying IWB??
  187. Proud of the wife...
  188. Beach Carry?
  189. this year's vacation/CCW experience
  190. So what would happen if I had to shoot from inside my car ?
  191. Legal Defense - Has anyone had direct exp[erience with CHLPP or Armed Citizens Def ?
  192. Breaking up with my bank
  193. Help make a case for workplace carry
  194. Conceal permit and TSA
  195. Harper's Mag
  196. This guy is a real nut!
  197. Vegas Residents ???
  198. Friend of mine's gas station incident
  199. Glock +1 or +2 mag extension
  200. Has Anyone Heard of This?
  201. Press checks - they can save your life....
  202. Looking for work and the headaches thereof...
  203. first day carrying my new .380
  204. Carrying while visiting in-laws
  205. Took my CWP class today.....
  206. Carry in N.Carolina and Virginia
  207. Somewhat embarrassing stop by LEO
  208. Florida is fast!
  209. On my way...
  210. Mountain Bike Holster?
  211. Private Security Asks For Your Permit What Next?
  212. Outed at 7-11, how would you have responded?
  213. What a difference training makes
  214. Kahr extra magazine holder..what kind?
  215. CC welcome here!
  216. Got Approval and Passed the Test.
  217. Getting smaller... 27 or 36?
  218. Drank the kool-aid.... and bought a glock.
  219. Do you wear an undershirt when you carry on the waist?
  220. How do yall carry your spare mags?
  221. Fate or concealed carry?
  222. Nothing to see here!
  223. The Case for carrying 2 guns
  224. Is It Overkill to Carry Three?
  225. Moving question
  226. Introduced a new shooter to Class III yesterday
  227. CHP Wait in Cabarrus County, NC
  228. New Glock 26
  229. MDC Park in CT is posted >.<
  230. My Crossbreed Supertuck pix
  231. pocket gun
  232. is your name in the CC database now on the internet?
  233. Finally going to a T-Bones game; Info on Community America Ballpark in Kansas please
  234. I am a very proud husband.
  235. Armed, and representing
  236. How many rounds through a carry gun before trade in?
  237. Please clarify a VA law
  238. *Video* The Concealed Carry Protocol
  239. Can a business say you can not possess a firearm in the parking lot?
  240. Military MEPS Physical Exam tomorrow - Carry or leave it at home??
  241. Problem getting my CWP..
  242. Dickson, tn
  243. Being disarmed unconsciously
  244. How much of a deterrent is the red dot of a laser?
  245. No firearms sign at AMC Movie Theater
  246. My wife's attitude on firearms - an update.
  247. Crossbreed qwikclip
  248. Is it worth applying for a TX CHL?
  249. Stopped last night
  250. Poorly concealed pistol spotted (minor rant)