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  1. What I've Learned Here About CC
  2. A Few Comments About Monday Morning Quarterbacking
  3. ABC Forum sunday morning
  4. CC44
  5. Holstered gun falls, fires in FL WalMart. Owner arrested and charged
  6. Good LEO Encounter - VDGIF Conservation Officers
  7. Peoples experiences changing from a Florida CWP, to a Georgia CP?
  8. Indiana carry questions
  9. Mirandized, question for LEOs
  10. Question about Florida/Georgia Reciprocity
  11. CC During Winter Recreation
  12. My first (Positive) LEO encounter
  13. Sir, You Dropped Your...(merged)dropped pistol
  14. A couple LEO interactions the last month.
  15. Would a Judge, Jury, or LE find it excessive to carry a BUG.
  16. Are women who carry viewed differently than men who carry?
  17. Traffic Stop Today.
  18. Safety concerns about pocket pistols
  19. Wal Mart Walk video
  20. Wife got her CHL today!
  21. The Wait Begins
  22. And Everyone Said that I was crazy for carrying a BUG.
  23. "The NRA should just change their name to the 'Assassin's Lobby,'" Bill Maher .
  24. SCBT Not CCW Friendly... thoughts?
  25. New NO FIREARM policy at my favorite restaurant
  26. Does the events in AZ change your habits when out in public?
  27. Fox poll
  28. What most will fail to recognize
  29. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Condemns Arizona Carry Laws Today
  30. Change of address for non-resident permits.
  31. Awkward at the YMCA
  32. Idaho Meeting
  33. Carry in "posted" buildings in Nevada?
  34. Utah permit may require a permit in your own state
  35. State of Texas and Utah permit
  36. Letter to Boondocks corporate office.....
  37. Could ANYONE be this stupid??
  38. Florida Permit Turnaround Time - Great Service
  39. You Can Still Get PA Non Resident By Mail!
  40. Navy Federal Credit Union - Montgomery, AL - Posted "No Firearms"
  41. Help!!
  42. stopped by a LEO tonight while carrying
  43. Off Duty LEO ND in restaurant, first hand and official report
  44. A day that started bad, but could have been a lot worse.
  45. CCW vs Vicious dog attacking woman
  46. false imprisonment question
  47. Wheel gun. Coat pocket carry. No holster.
  48. CHL Holder Stops Home Robbery in Houston
  49. San Diego Court Rules Against Concealed Carry - NRA to Appeal to 9th Circuit Court
  50. This just happend this morning down the street from me !!!!!!!
  51. AZ Campus Carry bill filed
  52. Did the Wally World Walk today.
  53. Iowa carry
  54. S&W Bodyguard .380: Is this thing the clunker it seems to be?
  55. Rant - Plans for SC vacation hosed
  56. Will New PA Law Hinder Home or Other State Renewals?
  57. Ohio Notify LEO
  58. Major Update Completed at Handgunlaw.us
  59. Retired Wisconsin DA Condemns Concealed Carry - Fights Legislation to bring CCW to WI
  60. Drinking while Carrying
  61. traveling to michigan for a day. need some info.
  62. To BUG or not to BUG?
  63. Did I somehow waive my rights?
  64. Pulled over by the Santa Fe Police...
  65. Another poll to vote in - CC on college campus
  66. Kind of Comforting...
  67. Question about possible ADHD and CCW
  68. Cold weather lube
  69. NC Civilians Disarmed by Governor Again!!
  70. A CC Christmas
  71. Ccw at work
  72. Confronted in parking lot by a Drug Addict..
  73. Carrying To The Doc's Office?
  74. Expecting first child questions about daily carry methods
  75. I thought I got made todayat Wally's World but......
  76. Her SC Permit Came Today
  77. How many is too many?
  78. My fiance said she wants her permit!
  79. Them badges do no good at all and CAN do harm... proof
  80. Gun Confiscation
  81. Concealed Carry on Philly subway
  82. CCing On Christmas Eve And Christmas Day
  83. Talk with Pastor
  84. Encouraging the wives
  85. Georgia Opinion
  86. Leave it in the car or at home
  87. I need a concealed carry recommendation
  88. Holster for inside Purse or Bag??
  89. Animal threats
  90. Handgunlaw.us Seeking Help on No Gun Sign Laws.
  91. This does not bode well...
  92. Update - My Lass and her CPL
  93. Something to consider when ignoring no gun signs
  94. A New Angle on Carry at Work
  95. Daughter pulled over while carrying last Friday Afternoon
  96. Great Loop Boat "Carry"
  97. Massad Ayoob
  98. Coming Home
  99. Wife finally got her permit today
  100. Poll - Would Listing No Gun Sign Laws at Handgunlaw.us for Each State Be Useful?
  101. +2. Score for my girlfriend/Score for me...
  102. Wife denied CHP in Amelia County Va.
  103. Strong-side or Weak-side pocket carry?
  104. Chalk Up Another for the Good Guys............
  105. Never tell. (I should heed my own advice)
  106. Carrying a "Tool"
  107. Revolver Carry?
  108. Boycotting anti-gun employers and anti-gun companies...
  109. Do You Have a Psychological Plan?
  110. Sheep, Sheepdogs....
  111. Another "gotta love options" thread
  112. New CCW member with holster/belt question, please offer suggestions!!!
  113. Spotted one
  114. Never realized I was addicted to CC
  115. OH and MI residents, I need help
  116. Handgunlaw.us Post on DC Permit Law Was Wrong (Old Law)
  117. Some good may come from horrible dream
  118. On or about your person?
  119. Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network LLC
  120. Question for Missouri CC'ers
  121. LEO Pulled Me Over Last Night @ 1:00 AM!
  122. Need some help with my CWP Badge!!!
  123. Mrs. HKinNY applied for Nassau County Pistol Lic
  124. Is there a Supertuck Holster for a Sig P232?
  125. Anyone use this pocket holster for their LCP
  126. The Wife almost but didn't
  127. Winter Carry and Gloves
  128. CCW At Work? Sound off..
  129. Christmas Came Early for Me....
  130. Daughter checked to see if I was packing last night
  131. XD Subcompact 9mm -- that was easy!
  132. Gotta love options
  133. Oregon Dutch Brothers Barista protects his life from armed robbers
  134. Robbery Suspect Jumps My Neighbor Fence
  135. Dad finally got his permit
  136. The obligatory "proud of the Mrs" thread...
  137. Like we need more problems
  138. Local establishment refusing to acknowledge ccw permit.
  139. Good .45 Hollowpoints?
  140. The Myth that .380acp is ineffective for personal defense.
  141. The CCW Killers ??? Violence Policy Center Attacks those who carry concealed- link
  142. Can I carry my CCW when I travel from Georgia to Pennsylvania?
  143. Interesting encounter at Wal-mart today...
  144. Got my permit
  145. AZ CWP Question
  146. My Girlfriend and Guns
  147. Court house parking lot in FL
  148. Centre County PA special announcement on license to carry firearm
  149. Texas State University Student Senate Votes to Allow Concealed Carry on Campus
  150. Deciding when to stand and fight
  151. Neighbor Property
  152. Driving from South FL to Ft. Benning, GA
  153. Another at the doctor story (good)
  154. "Concealed Weapons Prohibited"
  155. Are revolvers making a comeback on TV and in the movies?
  156. Tell me what you think of my work.... (concealed carry on campus)
  157. polished metal frame vs black
  158. Info from Secret Service on School Shootings
  159. Illinois Rant
  160. Flying to Atlanta tomorrow
  161. www.handgunlaw.us Needs Your Assistance
  162. Concealed Carry at HSBC Arena in Buffalo?
  163. Where do you carry your wallet?
  164. Oklahoma State Students Demand Right to Carry Concealed
  165. Thanksgiving Day Incident
  166. Requesting opinions from MC riders
  167. Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)
  168. Cold-Weather Carry
  169. the brick stays home
  170. Hope for NYC CCW
  171. Anyone here carry a PX4 Sub-Compact?
  172. Ruger P95
  173. My CWP is in!
  174. Gun while hiking
  175. Request your input please
  176. Mass update
  177. Went to the movies
  178. Delaware has added SC CWP
  179. Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves
  180. Now able to CC in most parts of my town!
  181. Legal question about "Firearms Prohibited" Signs
  182. CCW while driving in Ohio with an unaware relative
  183. Gunbelts..
  184. My wife is already tired of purse carry
  185. Florida Non Resident Permit
  186. Got boarded by the Coast Guard today.
  187. Going to Atlanta
  188. gun security inside truck?
  189. Thanksgiving
  190. FL College Campus Car Storage
  191. Got made by future Father-in-law...
  192. Question about carrying in vehicle (GA)
  193. College Campus
  194. DE CCDW: What is taking so long?
  195. Georgia CWP ?
  196. Survived my first "family event" while CCing
  197. Practical Tactical-Conceal & Carry School On 41 Spike
  198. Great Loop (Circle Eastern US on a boat)
  199. Got made tonight
  200. Active Shooter Response Training...what a joke
  201. Alabama -Off limit places ?
  202. Wife's new job - Gun Friendly
  203. TSA hard case?
  204. Is Oklahoma permit a CCW or a Carry Permit
  205. Recieved my SC CWP today!!!!!
  206. Moving, weird question.
  207. My anti sisters
  208. Some times..... just accept it .... (age) semi-rant
  209. Transferring CCW/CPL to another state - FL/TX/AL/TN? (switching residency) Question!
  210. Ten rules of a gunfight
  211. KY CCDW Sign
  212. The Post Office and The Law
  213. Over 164,000 CWP's
  214. My girlfriend asked a question I can't answer
  215. Almost made at a friend's house
  216. My wife's recent movie experience.....proud, but
  217. Sig P250 Shoulder Holster Suggestions
  218. SC CWP Coming Sooner
  219. New twist on ban sign
  220. How long is Florida taking?
  221. CCW'ing in another's residence
  222. Texas CCW On Campus Poll
  223. Took my Nevada CCW class
  224. Sad state of the press in the US.
  225. Travel & carry into Rhode Island
  226. Colorado recip???
  227. Charleston SC Performing arts theatre
  228. How many weapons do you carry concealed?
  229. transporting properly??????
  230. Are your friends aware that you carry?
  231. Carry near school zones
  232. 62 days and still waiting
  233. Judge takes Lynchburg man's concealed carry permit away for one year
  234. Do you Live in a Dream World?....
  235. To tell or not to tell
  236. I graduated
  237. Local Wal-Mart becoming dangerous, father finally gets it.
  238. PA Police Arrest CCW Holder.... Confiscate Firearms.......
  239. Make sure your gun's where it should be
  240. Why would you need multiple CHP?
  241. one in the pipe
  242. Issues with car carry.
  243. Talking to your kids about CC
  244. what itís got in its nassty little pocketses?
  245. single woman against 5 guys
  246. Bill Haslam, Pro gun candidate, wins Tennessee Gov.
  247. Walking The Dog Almost Drawed
  248. Does your search and rescue team allow you to carry?
  249. Lasermax for birthday
  250. Have you used a gun for self defense?