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  1. Setting my CHP aside
  2. NV CCW change 10-1-11
  3. Carrying Unchambered - Practices, techniques, tips and tricks.
  4. Opinions on plastic holsters
  5. What event made you feel the need to carry?
  6. For the chamber empty carry folks, a question...
  7. Can I carry my pistol from Va to Ga (thru NC & SC)
  8. Seventy arrested, one killed in disturbance in Charlotte NC
  9. Working in the most dangerous city in the US.
  10. I felt the freedom
  11. Mega Hug Training- AKA Baptism by fire!
  12. Do I need to harden up?
  13. FYI: Got AZ Concealed Weapon Permit in 7 days
  14. This is what I'm thinking.
  15. POLL - Do you carry: With a round chambered - No round in chamber
  16. Safety of carry a Jframe, vs a 1911, vs a Glock, vs a Ruger LCP
  17. The Anti-Anti-gun door sticker
  18. South Dakota State Parks
  19. Preparedness Discussion Thread For Those Who Carry Unchambered
  20. Trip to Florida Experiences (Part 1 - Trip To Tampa)
  21. Texas blue sign?
  22. Gym delema....
  23. This could be me
  24. car carry laws
  25. Another Pocket Gun Fail, ND in Restaurant
  26. Two weeks CC.
  27. Overweight? Skip The Gym And Buy a Gun
  28. Are there any Motorcycle riders here?
  29. Last minute travling advice (first time taking firearm on trip)
  30. Summer carry issue
  31. I have questions on CT concealed carry permit for military
  32. Cannot carry at work question
  33. First time stopped by LEO while carrying
  34. Travel Thru Mass. ?
  35. US Surpreme Court Tell California to release 36,000 Felons
  36. Alcohol and Situational Awareness- Incompatible?
  37. Saw this on TV the other day
  38. Leather holsters causing rust?
  39. Check out this website
  40. Driving Through Maryland
  41. Let's watch that trigger finger.................................
  42. Fervently anti-gun parents - what to do?
  43. Why carry?
  44. Okay, so how do YOU answer when asked, "Why...?"
  45. Got "outed" for the first time!
  46. NYS permits
  47. Bad eyes
  48. Happy Dance
  49. Accidentally revealing your gun?
  50. Does sweat damage gun?
  51. CC on Private Property
  52. First Walmart walk complete
  53. First time cc.
  54. Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC
  55. CCW from LEO's POV
  56. Hospital carry
  57. Gotta Love Wyoming
  58. And not one single bad guy was able to penetrate this barrier!
  59. wife's perspective
  60. Yes, a .22 will kill you
  61. Nevada To Honor Arizona?
  62. 10 Tips to Properly Carry Concealed w/ a Men’s Suit, Blazer, etc.
  63. Need input on the realities of peaceable journey in MD
  64. Kmart armed robbery last night-video
  65. Michigan knife laws
  66. One Officers view on CC.
  67. Wife saw the light...I thought it would never happen
  68. Life Update.... LEO encounters... new guns...
  69. First time flying: FL flying to CO, driving to WY
  70. South Carolina H3292
  71. USCCA - Wisconsin Based?
  72. New Permit holder - conflicted feelings
  73. Loss of Vision in my dominant eye
  74. S&W J-frame in ankle holster, after time, still too heavy?
  75. Your Victim Profile
  76. Carry ammo lifespan
  77. Accidently Showing CCW Not A Crime....
  78. Today I graduate from nursing school...and I am going to carry to my graduation.
  79. kids moving to DC area
  80. Knowledge, Ability, Wisdom...and knowing the difference
  81. Article from American COP Magazine May/June 2011
  82. Wisdom, knowledge and the amount of time spent on DC
  83. NAA mini-revolver 22 mag vs .380 mini auto for ccw
  84. How many others CC in your Church...
  85. Amtrak should re-think their firearm policy to get in line with LEOSA
  86. Safe at church.
  87. Carry at Mt Vernon?
  88. What exactly does "must inform officer" mean?
  89. Maine Permit Turnaround?
  90. Driving FL to NJ
  91. Just got my Virginia CHP
  92. The best understanding of Anti gun folks.
  93. "Being made" and noticing others who concealed carry
  94. Texas Issue, changing CHL to OC only; Yike????? Are they kidding?
  95. NH non-resident CWP
  96. Gun owner charged after leaving gun in Walmart restroom
  97. CC Question in MIchigan
  98. Concealed carry options
  99. CHP class
  100. Concealed Handgun License Protection Plan(
  101. Impatient in Wisconsin
  102. My first experience with a LEO since I got my permit
  103. EDC Carry and Maint.
  104. Practice time before strapping on your hip?
  105. Tucked Holsters in Summer
  106. Iowa Permit to Carry
  107. Do you carry your best gun or a throw away beater for CCS?
  108. Somone explain the DE cc laws to me?
  109. DeSantis Holster Question
  110. need a reason to CCW?
  111. Who has a MD cc permit?
  112. need some help
  113. Des Moines, Iowa paper
  114. I didn't know about Costco until today...
  115. Rotating Mags
  116. Well this is a load of crap.
  117. * Question about CHL application
  118. Female Persuasion
  119. Why you have to carry EVERY day: My incident tonight.
  120. How much do you carry?...
  121. Gabe Suarez Interview
  122. Things that made me go, Humm.
  123. Concealed carry in airport question
  124. North Carolina Laws and (State of Emergency)
  125. This is the kind of nut job anti-gun idiots we are up against
  126. Crazy Anti-gun Logic
  127. Concealed carry issue with clothing type
  128. Traveling questions
  129. 62 year old man nearly beaten to death
  130. Curious about permitless carry
  131. New Sig Sauer Pistol- Ultra Compact 1911
  132. Tips When Stopped by Police
  133. Montana: Final Legislative Hurdle for Permitless Carry Expected this Monday
  134. Ayoob's Tips: After a Real Shooting (Video)
  135. Ayoob's Tips On How To Handle A Traffic Stop (Video)
  136. Handicap License Plates.... Do they make you more of a target???
  137. Moving to NV...a few questions...
  138. NYS Gun show syracuse fairgrounds
  139. Carrying Concealed in Ohio Restaurants
  140. Hot deal from Sportsman Guide!
  141. Why do you carry (or not carry)?
  142. ccw when place has no gun sign?
  143. caught last 20 minutes of "gun fight" on hbo
  144. Arizona bill for campus carry
  145. National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill
  146. had to show my CHL today.
  147. Wait Time for CCHP in Wake County, North Carolina: 82 days
  148. Texas Brethren: We need help!
  149. At work carry
  150. First post, few questions for you guys!
  151. letter to judge
  152. NC Gun Buster Signs
  153. Ccw permits in ulster county, ny
  154. Listerine Combat - In Your Face Gunfighting
  155. My buddy found out why I carry!
  156. Extra Key......
  157. I Can't buy a gun at gun store but I can get a CCP in Virginia...Dont Understand
  158. First time flying with CCW pistol
  159. COSI in Columbus, OH Prohibits Concealed Carry
  160. Local gun shop wont let you carry loaded???
  161. Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga....posted?
  162. Carry at the NRA show in Pittsburgh
  163. CA Assembly Oks Concealed Carry for four Legislators
  164. Left handed holster suggestions for 1911
  165. Issues with traveling
  166. New CCW permit
  167. Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy??
  168. First time CCing out of state
  169. Opponents of Gun-Free Zones at Universities Find Unlikely Hero in Nevada Woman Read
  170. Augusta Civic Center
  171. Carry While Hunting? Seeking Information
  172. Carrying With Kids - Seeking Fellow Parents Advice
  173. Lost CCW permit...
  174. Traveling next month. need some advice
  175. Chicago false facts?
  176. Do you carry spare mags and why?
  177. Practice Practice Practice
  178. Boating in N.C. Question?
  179. Florida statutes and weapons on campus
  180. The $1000, six month wait Concealed Carry Permit
  181. who carrys 100% of the time no matter where they go?
  182. fire mission!
  183. It came!! It finally came! *laughs manically*
  184. NY state CWP
  185. Florida Non Resident Permit in 37 Days!
  186. Medical Marijuana User Demands Gun Rights
  187. My head just exploded.
  188. Employer Liability - Kentucky
  189. Concealed Carry on Crutches
  190. The Unconcealed Truth About Carrying Guns
  191. Indianapolis Zoo, posted? Carry OK? Asking Indy members.
  192. First Declined....Later Accepted
  193. My boss is the coolest boss ever.....
  194. Carolina Cup
  195. Florida Carry Alert! Military Concealed Carry Rights Held Up
  196. Got exposed real bad at work.
  197. Soon to have one less gun in my carry inventory.
  198. One of my main concerns
  199. Recording police stop may be illegal!
  200. New guns and shooters.
  201. Got made while getting a hair cut
  202. i wanted to share this app with you guys
  203. Manager said we better bring our guns :)
  204. holster
  205. Non Resident FL Permit Not Accepted in SC?
  206. Add Another to the List!
  207. ATF coming to my work
  208. Moving States - CCW Question
  209. Poll pertaining to Campus Carry
  210. For Those That Refuse To Travel Where You Can't Carry
  211. Utah permit backlog
  212. The wait is over! I am officially one of the crew!
  213. Extra mags
  214. Going to lunch at the site of shooting...
  215. Coca-Cola store
  216. Carry to Vegas
  217. Traveling from Florida to Nebraska
  218. Do you travel to states you cannot carry?
  219. Pocket Carry Video...
  220. Another rant from a rural perspective.
  221. Time Running Out for Some to Get Utah Non Resident Permit/License.
  222. No firearms signs carry weight of law in Indiana?
  223. Well its about time!
  224. Confidence Booster
  225. Carrying in GA ( non-res)????
  226. Did he handle the Situation Correctly?? (Sorry it's soo long)
  227. Car carry in SC and "must inform"
  228. College speech on conceal carry!
  229. Got Made...Good experience
  230. Hospital Carry Frustration
  231. Now i wait!
  232. Reciprocity Question
  233. Fingerprints Rejected For AZ CWP
  234. Traveling
  235. Macomb County Forcing Applicants to get $15 CPL Photos at Clerks Office
  236. New Jersey and Firearm Purchase
  237. Cracker Barrel Alert (LONG)
  238. My daughter is really glad I carry
  239. A bit frustrated
  240. Trying to pick a CCW handgun
  241. NC Carry Law
  242. Concealed Carry in a shared office building
  243. Well, The Wait Begins..... :D
  244. Store clerk involved in shoot-out
  245. Store clerk involved in shoot-out
  246. Philips Arena Atlanta GA.
  247. Desantis Inner Piece
  248. Desantis Inner Piiece
  249. I bet many of us would like an answer to this question.
  250. Concealed Carriers......fear mongers, power trippers, or responsible people?