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  1. If all works out.
  2. Any states besides CA have IAs requiring a psychological test?
  3. Recommend a Pro Gun Lawyer in Pa
  4. Gun placement in car?
  5. It's been 5 weeks now...
  6. First Time CC!
  7. Workplace Carry Comedy
  8. WI DNR regulation change proposal - stay 100 yards from campgrounds
  9. Best CC position for an ambush/H2H situation
  10. Concealed Carry and ruining your shirts
  11. Will CCW be allowed at NRA Annual Meeting Louisville?
  12. Should teachers in Georgia be allowed to carry,with a license?
  13. Graceland
  14. Illinois Concealed Carry Permit
  15. Concealed Carry for the first time.
  16. Frustration! 30.06
  17. It's Not A Hammer!
  18. Did anything happen to motivate you to carry?
  19. Always a good idea to try the goodies in your new gun package
  20. Alien gear 3.0 durability
  21. Should I carry a backup CCW?
  22. California carry converted guns
  23. Attended on campus forum on HB 859
  24. Liquor Store
  25. School employees carrying
  26. AZ CCW Wait Time
  27. The Barber
  28. Concealed Carry Question since Texas went open carry
  29. Wisconsin CC renewal process in November
  30. Am I limited because of my body type?
  31. Permitless Carry in WV
  32. Approval-Seeking And The New Concealed Carrier
  33. Compact ankle carry concealment???
  34. Advice on training.....
  35. Maryland reciprocity
  36. Concealed Carry - Best Source of Information
  37. Applied for CWP Jan 6 2016 still pending...
  38. Virginia CC Law: Only One Gun?
  39. I can't figure out if I can get my concealed carry or not, please give me some advice
  40. CCW Carry Near Schools in CA...
  41. Omaha NE Part 2
  42. Concealed in car...
  43. Heavy light Summer carry
  44. Md. Permit Changes ( SOP )
  45. Driving into New Mexico...
  46. Idaho Enhanced CCW
  47. Does a personal protection handgun license cover open and concealed?
  48. Summer Carry
  49. I wonder if you know... why I carry
  50. Minnesota wait time for Conceal Carry Permit
  51. 18.5 inch barrels 12 gauge side by side
  52. visiting hawaii....can't take my gun?
  53. Been PC'ing all day and loving it!
  54. WV overrides veto
  55. Self Defense against animals?!
  56. Texas LTC
  57. Denied in North Carolina.
  58. KY HB531 & SB257 are BAD BILLS, DO NOT SUPPORT!!!
  59. Do you find yourself adjusting the way you do things?
  60. Carrying to a blood donation center?
  61. WV Permitless Carry. . . SC Honors SD Enhanced
  62. Anyone use
  63. CCW App in iPhone
  64. domestic violence.
  65. Someone saw my gun at the mall
  66. Well, looks like WV is the next state for Constitutional Carry!
  67. Good news
  68. BUG vs 2nd Spare Mag
  69. USSS Report "Characteristics of the Armed Individual"
  70. I Forgot My Gun
  71. Open Carry, or Concealed Carry in a state that has legalized pot.
  72. CCW for Active Shooter Event
  73. Update on old post
  74. Pocket carry dilemma
  75. Virginia, DE, FL, GA, NE, ME & SD. . . Especially DE!!
  76. Glock 19 Mag
  77. Got asked "do you carry?" by fellow employee
  78. Discovered local Progressive Auto Insurance office was posted...
  79. Movie Theaters
  80. Virginia Reciprocity
  81. Could rear pocket carry damage a revolver?
  82. Sign at local restaurant
  83. Driver Carry
  84. CCW in Austin TX questions
  85. A Question for those who live in Louisiana.....
  86. Colorado CCW turnaround time
  87. CCW class in Colo. Springs
  88. No guns allowed sign
  89. TN non-FOL gun buster sign, sort of
  90. Concealment Options for Warm Weather
  91. Question regarding Virginia CCW
  92. New CCW Questions
  93. Modifying Trigger On Carry Gun
  94. What are the legalities for using weapons against an unarmed attacker/s?
  95. I'M in JAIL. (just kidding)
  96. So, I'm setting in jail (not really)
  97. OWB Clothing
  98. New Sign I Saw Yesterday
  99. QLine Concealment Furniture
  100. Anybody know if there's a way to take a pistol to mexico
  101. Defensive pistol courses in Denver/Boulder area
  102. Putting on your holster & gun
  103. heading to texas ?
  104. Looking for a place to start
  105. AL Great Turn Around Time!
  106. Why are people afraid of law abiding citizens?
  107. Traveling to FL for Spring Break
  108. 30.06 and 30.07 sign at Apartment complex.
  109. Washington State CPL
  110. After you Pull the Trigger
  111. We have come alongways...
  112. Know What Scares Me?
  113. Md. Permit and Maryland sucks
  114. Scary Range Moment
  115. Which Vortex Red Dot , for EDC ?
  116. S&W Shield VS. Sig P938
  117. Oklahoma Schools Display Warning Signs - Armed Teachers
  118. Scary moment today
  119. Marine Vet With Concealed-Carry Permit Saves Texas Deputy's Life
  120. The 40 ZIPs in Texas where the most CHL holders live
  121. Florida CC permit as a military member
  122. Lessons Learned from Successful NYC CCW
  123. Customer accidentally shoots toe at Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville, IN
  124. VA Resident Turnaround Time
  125. non-lethal a liability?
  126. KY CCW travelling to MI
  127. First Carry Experience
  128. NC CHP, the countdown has begun
  129. Cleared for shooting
  130. Applied... Georgia Weapon's License
  131. Advice For People New To Concealed Carry
  132. Concealed Carry Permit Illinois
  133. Any updates on Puerto Rico CCW?
  134. South Carolina reciprocity with Georgia
  135. Concealed carry in Louisiana
  136. Trained teachers carrying guns?
  137. CHL Holder Saves (Texas) Bastrop County Sheriff's Deputy
  138. All no guns signs are dumb
  139. Looks Like VA has seen the error in it's decision to drop 25 states recognized
  140. CPL Michigan
  141. Vacation in Texas, flying out of NJ
  142. Concealment vs Capacity (the shot timer don't lie)
  143. Concealed carry in a car
  144. Daughter and concealed carry...
  145. traveling on airline ?
  146. What The Well Dressed Gentleman Is Wearing This Year
  147. Georgia Campus Carry in 2016?
  148. I'll fly with these guys anyday.
  149. My son and Conceal Carry
  150. I Don't Want My Family's Guns Around My Kids
  151. Long-haired freaky people need not apply
  152. New to Concealed Carry---Please help me understand
  153. Making THE decision of all decisions
  154. are you permitted to carry in the metro station?
  155. Gun Free Campus - How to Carry Off Campus?
  156. disabled carry
  157. Close Call (Mistakes Made/Lessons Learned)
  158. Could have been a disaster if I OC'd
  159. Car Gun in Cold Weather
  160. Learned a lesson
  161. Utah Permit - Is it worth it?
  162. Gun is setting off store alarms?
  163. Trunk vs. glove box
  164. Glock 42 And A Brand New Shooter
  165. Did a New Jersey CWP become easier to get?
  166. Concert @ BB&T Center Concert (Florida)
  167. Why is the NRA sending out membership premiums made in China?
  168. Appealling CCW Denial - Ohio
  169. thoughts on the Urban Carry holster
  170. How do I get a Utah non-resident permit?
  171. Why CC Holders Should Ignore Anti-Gun Signs Posted in Stores
  172. Concealed Carry laws in Florida
  173. Can I be denied a conceal carry permit if I had Assault but no injuries?
  174. Florida CCW acceptable training?
  175. How it All Went Down for Virginia CC Reciprocity
  176. Shipping a gun for warranty work
  177. Kentucky conceal to carry class completed
  178. "You make me feel very safe and I like that feeling." (That's what she said)
  179. Stupid is as stupid does
  180. A serious question about concealed carry
  181. New gun purchase from the gun show-let the bashing begin!
  182. Moving back to MI
  183. Forbidden Areas - clarification
  184. Welcome back old friend.
  185. Arizonz or Utah Non-resident Class Oregon?
  186. Orange County NC turnaround time for CCW
  187. Over Seas Carry
  188. best way for carry a reload?
  189. carrying and alcohol
  190. Possibly moving to SC
  191. Bad: Victim over steps his authority and shoots teen in the back.
  192. Autonation putting up 30.06 signs in dfw texas
  193. Turning down the SA
  194. Christmas Gun?
  195. Driving through Illinois?
  196. Driving through military base with weapon in car safe
  197. Houston Business Journal Poll: Does a company's stance on guns affect your patronage
  198. Glock custom slide plate covers on a carry gun.
  199. Must Read Virginia Wow!
  200. Walther PPS 9. Looking for a kydex AIWB (Appendix Cary) Holster
  201. TSA and Drivers MO License
  202. SC & GA Reciprocity
  203. SC Reciprocity Has Changed
  204. Concealed Carry Permit (AD Military)
  205. Reciprocity: Maine and New Hampshire
  206. My daughter took the class.
  207. Gap in my system
  208. All I Need Now Is A Notary
  209. Correct thread for CCP application process ending in problem with sheriff?
  210. Can they really be this clueless?
  211. Concealed carry courses. Are they all the same?
  212. VA . . .TX . . . CA . .
  213. Does Florida honor resident Indiana permit holders under 21?
  214. Putin's Unusual Walk Shaped by KGB CC Training
  215. Senario
  216. Military CC OFF-BASE
  217. Conflicting notices at movie theatre
  218. AMC 24 Disney Springs Metal Detectors
  219. Thou Shalt Let Threats Made Against You (While Concealed Carrying) Rule Your Life?!?
  220. VA to TX move...
  221. Lifetime Handgun Permit. Worth the Price?
  222. How do you care for your everyday ammo?
  223. What's your thoughts on the legal defense pre paid options
  224. VA GOP may strip McAullife of his protection detail
  225. Texas CHL - Non-Alcoholic Beer?
  226. When Does Open Carry Become Concealed Carry?
  227. Traveling to Front Sight
  228. Get anything good gun/ccw related for Christmas?
  229. Do you fully load your magazines for carry?
  230. Merry Christmas Eve, my CCW permit arrived!
  231. Concealed carry opinions
  232. I'm getting lazy and picking up a bad habit.
  233. Virginia changing recognizing states next Feb
  234. Oh-oh....What would you do?
  235. Massad Ayoob on the "against guns" issue, CCW but not carrying, and why women should
  236. Virginia is revoking CC reciprocity with 25 states!
  237. Utah NR CCW Permit/License
  238. My Wife's First Time Shooting
  239. Virgina Attorney General Revokes CCW agreement with 25 states.
  240. Good: USA Today Article
  241. Waynesville NC man impersonates officer
  242. No Guns = No Money Cards
  243. Private business firearm exclusion signs
  244. Heart warming Christmas story with bonus pink gun!
  245. Christmas gift for my daughter
  246. An Anti-Gun Sheriff Mike Johnstone Negligently Shoots Himself
  247. This Forum!
  248. Section against carrying firearms in my lease
  249. Puerto Rico Reciprocity
  250. Nebraska theater chain gets it right - Liberals are appalled