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  1. Massachusetts?
  2. First time pulled over while armed
  3. Rite of passage post: First time pulled over since CPL....non-event
  4. First encounter with a police officer while carrying not so good.
  5. Now the wait begins
  6. Got the call!
  7. Star m43 9mm
  8. I am pleased to announce...
  9. Need some verbal ammo from my fellow Alabamians!
  10. Turned Down for RI Non-Resident
  11. Places you'd like to avoid from a tactical perspective, but cannot
  12. A classic letter about CCW...
  13. Question For Our Deaf Forum Members Regarding Hearing Protection.
  14. Traffic Stop Tonight - GOOD!
  15. Gun Belt question
  16. USCCA: US Concealed Carry Association
  17. Finally a member of the club (Erie County NY)
  18. New CCW Permit: Won't have to bluff my way out
  19. SA, environment, and personal history- long
  20. Incident at gas station saturday.
  21. Performers- Carry on stage?
  22. Carry on Roadways through National Forests?
  23. Flying into Massachusetts
  24. Joined my Church's "Safety & Security" team this week...........very impressed.
  25. My Haircut/Beauty school
  26. Am I too sensitive
  27. Made while changing tire!
  28. Judge won't block law banning guns in Ga. churches
  29. We live in the 'Nice' part of Town - Why I Carry
  30. My weeked carrying...
  31. 1st Class Finished: Wow.
  32. Non-resident carry in CA
  33. Getting lazy on the "concealed" part of concealed carry?
  34. Conceal carry on a motorcycle question?
  35. Has anyone ever CC'ed while ice skating?
  36. Capital One Bank?
  37. Carrying full size 1911.
  38. Dinner 'and' a Show
  39. Kroger Has Posted - Or At Least Tried To
  40. Second suspect arrested in Judge Overstreet burglary
  41. "Oh MY God! He has a GUN!!"
  42. Just got my permit and more importantly a new gun!
  43. My Personal Experiement on CC and Losing Weight
  44. Suspect wanted for burglary at judge's home
  45. Robber fatally shot; grand jury to review
  46. North Haven, CT
  47. letter in the mail yesterday
  48. Disparity of force definition and question
  49. CCW Course Prep
  50. Concealed carry in Texas in the heat
  51. Carrying IWB??
  52. Proud of the wife...
  53. Beach Carry?
  54. this year's vacation/CCW experience
  55. So what would happen if I had to shoot from inside my car ?
  56. Legal Defense - Has anyone had direct exp[erience with CHLPP or Armed Citizens Def ?
  57. Breaking up with my bank
  58. Help make a case for workplace carry
  59. Conceal permit and TSA
  60. Harper's Mag
  61. This guy is a real nut!
  62. Vegas Residents ???
  63. Friend of mine's gas station incident
  64. Glock +1 or +2 mag extension
  65. Has Anyone Heard of This?
  66. Press checks - they can save your life....
  67. Looking for work and the headaches thereof...
  68. first day carrying my new .380
  69. Carrying while visiting in-laws
  70. Took my CWP class today.....
  71. Carry in N.Carolina and Virginia
  72. Somewhat embarrassing stop by LEO
  73. Florida is fast!
  74. On my way...
  75. Mountain Bike Holster?
  76. Private Security Asks For Your Permit What Next?
  77. Outed at 7-11, how would you have responded?
  78. What a difference training makes
  79. Kahr extra magazine holder..what kind?
  80. CC welcome here!
  81. Got Approval and Passed the Test.
  82. Getting smaller... 27 or 36?
  83. Drank the kool-aid.... and bought a glock.
  84. Do you wear an undershirt when you carry on the waist?
  85. How do yall carry your spare mags?
  86. Fate or concealed carry?
  87. Nothing to see here!
  88. The Case for carrying 2 guns
  89. Is It Overkill to Carry Three?
  90. Moving question
  91. Introduced a new shooter to Class III yesterday
  92. CHP Wait in Cabarrus County, NC
  93. New Glock 26
  94. MDC Park in CT is posted >.<
  95. My Crossbreed Supertuck pix
  96. pocket gun
  97. is your name in the CC database now on the internet?
  98. Finally going to a T-Bones game; Info on Community America Ballpark in Kansas please
  99. I am a very proud husband.
  100. Armed, and representing
  101. How many rounds through a carry gun before trade in?
  102. Please clarify a VA law
  103. *Video* The Concealed Carry Protocol
  104. Can a business say you can not possess a firearm in the parking lot?
  105. Military MEPS Physical Exam tomorrow - Carry or leave it at home??
  106. Problem getting my CWP..
  107. Dickson, tn
  108. Being disarmed unconsciously
  109. How much of a deterrent is the red dot of a laser?
  110. No firearms sign at AMC Movie Theater
  111. My wife's attitude on firearms - an update.
  112. Crossbreed qwikclip
  113. Is it worth applying for a TX CHL?
  114. Stopped last night
  115. Poorly concealed pistol spotted (minor rant)
  116. Centre County still the place to go?
  117. Carrying Concealed and Remaining Feminine
  118. Trip to a different airport (CLT)
  119. Traveling into Las Vegas by air.
  120. Smart Carry And Overalls
  121. Of all the silly.....
  122. Hello Texas
  123. You you tell? Would you do it?
  124. Airport trip
  125. News Article Good Reason to Carry
  126. I can't believe it!! CCW & wife
  127. Non Resident carrying in Missouri under 23
  128. Husband and Wife at the range/store yesterday
  129. Adding More states to SC CWP?
  130. Anyone else get worried about this?
  131. Things I learned this summer
  132. Bummer of a conversation with my son
  133. Amusing anti observation in the wild
  134. First night out....
  135. My recent Concealed Carry/LEO Experience (Long)
  136. Where is your permit?
  137. NY question
  138. Is This a Good Choice for My Wife?
  139. Got made by my barber...
  140. Washington State- carry in a park?
  141. North Carolina Reciprocity Concealed Handgun Laws
  142. Colorado carry questions
  143. Johnnie Pulley Junior sentenced
  144. Concealed Carry in NH State Parks??
  145. Double Snub carry combo
  146. Does Anyone Carry a Weapon with a Tactical Light Attached?
  147. How do you carry your extra magazine(s)?
  148. Made a guy today (not really)
  149. It is a privilage , not a right !
  150. Legal Transport Intrastate (SC)
  151. Zoos and Carrying in cities
  152. A Great Day
  153. Concealed Carry on Campus Research
  154. Help me decide whether or not to take my pistol on my vacation (NV & AZ)
  155. Concealed Carry on Campus
  156. Arizona SB 1108 Concealed Carry is the LAW today.
  157. Irresponsible move? you decide
  158. Interesting article on cops dealing with CCW license holders
  159. Amazing experience today.
  160. New to CCW question on carrying loaded
  161. Traveling to Denver in September and have questions
  162. Printing while sitting down
  163. 4 year old asks, loud, "Do you have your gun!"
  164. A few thoughts for NEW CCW shooters/citizens...
  165. Serious "printing"
  166. CC On An Emergency Vehicle
  167. interesting convo with my local legal beagle
  168. When Should/Do You Stop Carrying?
  169. Going to House of Blues in Orlando. CCW?
  170. Have you had trouble buying a pistol, even with a CHL?
  171. Carry Belt
  172. CC undershirt
  173. Driving from NJ. to Myrtle beach, SC.
  174. My first Conceal Carry Experience
  175. Couldn't say it better
  176. Does weight really bother you?
  177. My idea for an invention and change in the law
  178. Should you advertise that you carry concealed?
  179. Pocket carry help please
  180. Possibly Made by SD?
  181. Happiness is a Worn Gun-A Liberal Democrat and His Permit to Carry: Harper's Mag.
  182. my friend in church
  183. Rob Pincus
  184. What exactly is a backup gun?
  185. The Wife Has Seen the "Light"!
  186. "The Reluctant Gun Owner"
  187. I'm starting to see why.
  188. In todays Mail
  189. what a long 90 days....
  190. pocket carry concealment help!
  191. The State of Texas doesn’t know how to answer a simple question for me
  192. Travelling by Plane....
  193. Last minute trip, need some info.
  194. Disarmed by Security Guard legal?
  195. Legal Or Illegal
  196. Signs Prohibiting CCH in NC...any standards or conformity?
  197. That warm, fuzzy feeling
  198. I think i need to give in to my wants and needs
  199. Bus Carry in MO
  200. conceal carry (legal or not)
  201. Do you buy clothes based on their CCW-worthiness?
  202. Sturgis?
  203. Bubbiesmom "gets it"
  204. I've never heard it put so eloquently...
  205. Talking to the police
  206. CC in church
  207. Got My Permit!
  208. Florida Concealed Carry Question
  209. Annoyance with the renewal process (KS)
  210. Gun permit allows quick access to Texas Capitol........
  211. My first traffic stop since CHL
  212. 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry
  213. How do you carry while running?
  214. Judge Gives Sheriff Unusual Punishment for Illegally Denying CCW Permit
  215. Anything you say can be used against you...
  216. carry in summer
  217. Does your state allow guns in churches? I'm writing to a newspaper, need your input.
  218. How to carry where.....
  219. Location/type of carry gun
  220. Utah CFP
  221. Carry All the Time?
  222. No CCW at IDPA matches or shooting ranges in NC
  223. Got IT!
  224. Pant size for IWB holster
  225. Barami hip grips?
  226. Here's A Scary Thought....Texas?
  227. Workplace carry
  228. Carrying in a Fitting Room
  229. Good News , bad news
  230. G23 in Cross Breed supertuck deluxe
  231. New member - new CWP holder - couple questions
  232. Help.
  233. Carrying and gym locker rooms
  234. MO CCW renewal time.
  235. Very close to home!
  236. I need a little schooling!
  237. Thinking about a ankle BUG
  238. spouses views?
  239. Taurus 651
  240. Upstate NY - need info
  241. West Point/Duke Graduate Killed in Nevada by LEO's
  242. What are your security priorities?
  243. How to convince my fiancee I need more firearms...hmmm
  244. Passing through GA
  245. "made" by a 5 year old
  246. Another Reason to Carry in a Good, Secure Holster -- News Story
  247. Is it a violation?
  248. So put yourself in my shoes on Saturday on my drive to Vegas...
  249. Chicagos new law
  250. slight change in method of carry