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  1. Memphis Robbers Pick Wrong Victim
  2. Had the scanner on...
  3. how many states have a caliber limit?
  4. How many states have hi-cap mag restrictions?
  5. My first CCP experience with an LEO (Ohio)
  6. Holes in my shirt
  7. The TRUE meaning of the Wally-Walk
  8. Today is the day!
  9. What's wrong with this picture?
  10. Anxious Comfort
  11. Wife Getting Utah Permit!!
  12. Question about the VA restaurant carry law
  13. Glock backup mag question.
  14. questions about travelin with a gun
  15. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
  16. Texas CHL update
  17. Concealed carry in action
  18. Beltman
  19. SC CWP Increase
  20. Change for SC CWP holders
  21. CCW in Big Cities
  22. Conceal+Carry=Survive..It's a TV show on spike
  23. Cleveland Clinic
  24. CCW Legalities in MS?
  25. College Student and LEO
  26. Should They Ban Baseball Bats and A News media Rant
  27. Virginians, who is going out to dinner tomorrow?
  28. PNC Park (Pittsburgh, PA) Issues?
  29. One of you...
  30. Need news articles where CC saved a life
  31. My application is in "The System" & wife's view
  32. How to spot a hidden handgun
  33. Did my CPL class stink?
  34. VA & WV Rest Stops
  35. Navy Gun Policy
  36. Making a Trip to Pigeon Forge
  37. Now That Chicago's Law is Unconstitutional..
  38. Concealed carry, which other country ?
  39. Time for open carry?
  40. The Wait Ends!!!
  41. Charger
  42. Printing rules ?
  43. Gun-Toting Homeowner: 'Shut Up -- No Crying'
  44. Texas CHL
  45. New SCOTUS decision
  46. What a day!!!!!
  47. High Court’s Big Ruling For Gun Rights
  48. Supreme Court Monday extended the federally protected right to keep and bear arms to
  49. NM to allow carry in eateries that serve alcohol
  50. Georgia Carry Questions
  51. oops at the movie theatre
  52. How to carry wearing a kilt.
  53. CC revolver loads
  54. A new carry (carrier?) issues and questions...
  55. CC'ing two
  56. Handcuffs a part of EDC?
  57. Weapons Free Zone.....
  58. How 'Bout This - My Concealed Test
  59. Univ. of CO Regents vote 5-4 to appeal.
  60. Any CCW friends in Florida?
  61. CHL records -- Are they public or private, in your state?
  62. Going to Florida in Sunday
  63. Sigh......really lady? (Sonogram tech)
  64. The Wait Begins...
  65. Getting closer... FINALLY
  66. Gun shy friends?
  67. Public bathroom
  68. It came today!!!
  69. Disarmed by police; legal?
  70. Why so few choose to carry OC/Pepper Spray
  71. Goodwill gets another shirt
  72. Sig p239 question
  73. CCW in Norfolk Airport?
  74. Agreeing to Disagree
  75. New to CC and will be traveling to Yellowstone National Park
  76. What Do You Carry?
  77. Everyone can see it...
  78. Going to San Antonio, need info1
  79. Colorado Security Guard, Can I Carry?
  80. How often to lubricate?
  81. Attention all ARKYS ! We're good in Maine!
  82. Got made and I wasn't even carrying
  83. Traveling on planes
  84. John Stossel Show -- Fox
  85. Ten minutes Can Be A Very , Very Long Time
  86. I did not know this
  87. virginia hb171 concealed in car @ work
  88. Made at WalMart
  89. Out of Town and not carrying
  90. My wife did not want me to get my cwp
  91. I opened my mailbox and...
  92. does CCing cause you physical pain / aches
  93. Anti-Gun Businesses
  94. Kimber 1911 Issue
  95. Schnucks allows concealed-carry in stores after six-year ban
  96. can you pull your weapon sitting down
  97. BW3's allowing CC ...
  98. Florida Sun Coast Gun Shows
  99. Hotel with a restaurant in it, VA
  100. no concealed knife permit?
  101. Interesting CC discussion with SAPD
  102. CC'ed for the first time yesterday
  103. Trying to help a friend make the right choice
  104. Fairfax County Circuit Court Permit - 54 days later
  105. Carrying only your BUG
  106. Most concealable handgun
  107. Pulled over by LEO Tonight- County Sheriffs Office
  108. Oregon CCW WA?
  109. Emotional Consequences from CC'ing
  110. Comfort Waist Pants
  111. New VA Gun Laws
  112. How long is your....
  113. IWB 3 o'clock carry.
  114. Do you use your permit as identification?
  115. Wa State storage of carry pistol in vehicle at work
  116. Cabelas says OK to CC and OC
  117. NRA possible sell out
  118. Missouri Supermarket comes around on CCW...
  119. How We Pair Up
  120. Kansas City MO Gunshops
  121. How Long Does it Take for Wayne County, MI Renewal
  122. Newb Question
  123. Hilton Hotels Are Not Gun Friendly
  124. Nyer trying to get FL CCW
  125. Camping with a gun in Massachusetts
  126. travel every week
  127. Update on the Mass LTC
  128. About flicking a 1911’s safety off once the gun is holstered
  129. Wanted to say thanks and share a thought.
  130. This privilege carries with it a significant responsibility
  131. Why does MN only accept a few out of state permits?
  132. N.Y. Permit holders information is online
  133. Belt Suggestions
  134. Dropped my extra mag....OOPS!
  135. Stopped tonight by local LEO
  136. Concealed permit in car with others
  137. First leo encounter already :(
  138. Database of Church Shootings
  139. New Mexico Question...... need quick answer
  140. Best holster/gun for a fat guy?
  141. Surprisingly decent LEO encounter
  142. SC question on informing LEOs.
  143. Help Defend CC
  144. My first time...
  145. Feel like a kid at Christmas part 2
  146. Naive Sheep
  147. My LEO Experience - Springfield, MO
  148. An interesting story about the Division of Licensing regional offices...
  149. SIG 238 - Cocked & locked?
  150. Disarmed by my better half...Kinda
  151. CC not allowed in BANK!?!?
  152. Question for the Instructors
  153. Kings dominion - Six flags DC-MD-VA
  154. USA Poll
  155. WV Renewal fees
  156. Things I'm learning not to do with my strong arm
  157. New Job With "No Carry" Policy Poll
  158. Threatening dogs
  159. 2010 World Equestrian Games, Lexington KY - NO FIREARMS ALLOWED
  160. Changes and Happenings Since Getting My Permit
  161. I feel like a kid at Christmas
  162. Concealed Carry Permit and WWW (sorta)
  163. Carrying a large fixed blade knife
  164. CT non-resident permit question
  165. Texas CC law question....
  166. LEO encounter/motor accident
  167. New Georgia law!
  168. No More Racist Public Gathering Clause in GA Law:)
  169. Why the gun in civilization
  170. The origins of the term “Mexican Carry”
  171. Just returned from National Park visit
  172. Bad: New Company Policy
  173. Making a convert...
  174. Friend Has Turned the Corner
  175. My friends LEO (maybe) Experience...BAD (Long but interesting)
  176. Parish permit
  177. Summer
  178. Hotel Safety Warning
  179. Cell Pal
  180. N.C. Highway Patrol
  181. Things like this make me glad I decided to CC... you just never know.
  182. Anonymous self defense?
  183. It takes a tragic event w/ a friend for my wife to come around.
  184. 158 grain shooting high in snub
  185. Concealed carry: Upsizing clothes.
  186. Had to shoot at a dog while walking down my own street
  187. Loved ones' and friends' reactions after lethal action
  188. Anyone know of a shooting club in affiliated with a house of worship???
  189. Arkansas Restaurants - 60%
  190. After applying for your permit, how long did it take?
  191. Moving out of state...maybe.
  192. Running with a gun
  193. So I visit the West side of Chicago today...
  194. Driving from New Mexico to Washington state.
  195. No carry in restaurants
  196. Went to the bank in Indiana....
  197. Give me your best definition of a Sheep.
  198. Wifes first CC alone.....
  199. Today's encounter with LEO
  200. First Traffic Stop
  201. Most important dimension for CC
  202. A man without a state
  203. Support stores that support cc... by not shooting yourself in those stores.
  204. Trying to simplify my carry life.. need input..
  205. Anyone from Colorado-Rocky's game
  206. Florida and Other Coastal State CCWers
  207. Michigan questions
  208. Texas Lobbist Find Loophole: Concealed Carry
  209. Recieved some mail from the local PD today...
  210. Guess it was justifiable...after getting shot first...wonder how it would have gone..
  211. Thanks to all
  212. Open (mouth) carry
  213. Ladies CC website
  214. Welcome My Step-son to Concealed Carry
  215. WV CCW Laws
  216. This is why I started carrying....
  217. Thank God the U.K. banned handguns!!!
  218. Mass LTC
  219. NV non-resident CC class experience
  220. Nonresidence Permits
  221. Do you always go out "+1"
  222. Turnaround time for a FL CWP?
  223. Firearms Liability Coverage
  224. UK Shooting spree.
  225. Travelling to California from Florida with my CWP...
  226. My best friend thinks I'm looking to start trouble...
  227. LEO notification: smartcarry and passenger
  228. My First Day Carrying
  229. Vigilantes in Britain
  230. Arkansas Residents can only carry with Arkansas permits?
  231. Carrying while performing (musician)
  232. The Art of Concealed Carry
  233. Florida vs Utah non resident permits
  234. Who knows you carry?
  235. CCW questions for Georgia members
  236. Finally had to get a new carry weapon. FNP-40
  237. Anyone carry kids while carrying? Retention issues?
  238. Anyone Pocket Carry M&P Compact?
  239. Shooting in Chicago
  240. Carrying to Festivals
  241. Finally Got Pulled Over in Florida...
  242. question for LEO's
  243. No carry at Sam Ash?
  244. Concealed carry in PA with LTCF
  245. Seconds Count ~ How Fast ??
  246. Craig Park
  247. Stopped at DUI Checkpoint Tonight
  248. Got my AR CHCL Today!
  249. Help with upcoming air travel please!
  250. Just got my CCL