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  1. Can i Carry a Black Powder Revolver in SC without a permit???
  2. GOT MY CCW!!! was so excited, left gun at home
  3. Dilemma
  4. Probably going to miss an important clinic due to location
  5. Contact with armed citizen today.
  6. Question regarding state of Maine no gun signs
  7. SC Road Check
  8. Hand Size
  9. Funny yesterday at the gun shop
  10. Do you Carry A Glock with A Round in the Chamber?
  11. "Why do you carry a gun?"
  12. 1st Time To Fly With Firearm
  13. Picked up my NCCHP today and went to walmart
  14. OC and the Use Of Force Continuum
  15. Holster for my G32????
  16. "Spotting concealed carry" diagram by NYPD
  17. Clarification on FL CCW laws
  18. CC vs OC
  19. Mass NonResident CC and approved firearms
  20. Ammo Storage
  21. Car safes
  22. What is up with legallyarmed.com?
  23. What workout are you doing these days?
  24. Spouse Getting It
  25. Extra Ammo Long Trip
  26. Texas CHL/CCW inside a restaurant/bar setup like Pappasitos
  27. People understand need for self-defense on airlines...
  28. The Wait!!!
  29. Carrying two CCW guns legal?
  30. Getting Old!
  31. 2:30AM Christmas Eve Alarm Activation
  32. Why we don't blindly jump in ...
  33. unique ways to carry, mags, holsters, etc
  34. My comfortable snub nose
  35. WWW
  36. Falling crime statistics ... related to CC laws?
  37. New Carry Applications
  38. Driving Through Illinois
  39. A Non-Encounter W/LEO (traffic stop)
  40. Good story today...
  41. How do you convert spouse
  42. handgunlaws.us error?
  43. license
  44. Question on car carry in Tennessee
  45. IWB carry with extended controls
  46. I must have been a good boy!
  47. When I see a sign on a store that says "no weapons".......
  48. no guns at snowball fight
  49. Fast turn-around on Las Vegas CCW app!
  50. Blind CCH holder
  51. Woot Woot!! Utah permit showed up today.
  52. Traveling for Christmas. Need some help from the North Carolina folks.
  53. GA Law
  54. Great Christmas so far
  55. Will you carry on Christmas Day ?
  56. Unlikely Carry Permit Person
  57. It is all O.K.-- No Body is Home
  58. My 8 year old Daughter made me proud
  59. Should a Mother Carry a Gun?
  60. Finally got it!
  61. The wait is over!!
  62. Accosted by another driver today-AAR
  63. New Year's Idea
  64. states that pay for your court defense?
  65. Can't carry while at work, suggestions / options as find myself not carrying after
  66. MI no gun zones
  67. Kay Jewelers Doesn't Want Your Money...
  68. Why the Swiss have one of the world's lowest crime rates
  69. Found out the holdup on my CCW
  70. concealed carry fanny pack for wife
  71. Just moved to Texas - question about 30.06 laws
  72. Wally World Walk Bingo Card
  73. Need a little help from the Texans
  74. Only LE should carry guns
  75. Why Carry?
  76. The move from NC to NY.
  77. Legal in TX and NC (thanks PA)!!
  78. I went to Jared's...then left
  79. All Day Comfort and Then Some!
  80. Kind of funny
  81. Glock fans
  82. What is your everyday carry set-up?
  83. Does your ammo change with the weather?
  84. Random CCW police encounters
  85. CW in Walmart parking lots
  86. Travel to PRNJ
  87. Some random, miscellaneous observations about various stuff
  88. Real Estate - How do you enter vacant properities?
  89. Traveling to Missouri
  90. I hate working in the 'hood...
  91. Florida CCW-6 months and my reflections...
  92. PA License...Fast, Fast, Fast!
  93. Forgot something important (LEO encounter)
  94. Where do you keep your CCW license?
  95. SC Road Check
  96. Best and worst of state laws
  97. ITT Tech is crazy. The doors in our new building dont lock from the inside!
  98. CT Carry Law
  99. Concensus of CC in SC
  100. Multiple CCDW'ers and LEO
  101. NH Law on CC in liquor serving restaurants
  102. Outback Steakhouse (again)
  103. Martin Gottlieb in the Dayton Daily Snooze
  104. Why Do I Carry in My Little 'Ol Town?
  105. State Trooper Warned Me
  106. Amazing Florida
  107. State seeks death penalty for man who murdered officer Phil Davis
  108. TX CHL arrived today
  109. Non-Resident CCW permit
  110. Gun/work
  111. Concealed Carry Permits Rise, Police-Officer Killings Decline
  112. anyone have or use a holster shirt
  113. Typo in Law Establishes Mandate to Lock Gun-Toting Train Passengers in Boxes
  114. Anybody know about FedX Forum
  115. Wooo Hoooo - got my Nevada Non Res today!!
  116. Talking to a guy at a shop; "Fat people have it easy"
  117. FL Permit traveling through GA, SC, NC, and staying in VA
  118. BG's Using Holsters?
  119. A disturbing TSA experience
  120. Transporting firearm through other States
  121. A liberal news guy gets it PART II!
  122. And on the 83rd day.....
  123. I Never Know What To Expect At The Airport!
  124. Why you should with carry a round in the chamber.
  125. Concealed Carry=Probable Cause of criminal activity
  126. ...and the wait starts
  127. How many states?
  128. Center of Mass Pistol Safe Installed
  129. Fred Meyer official statement
  130. Let the wait begin
  131. CC ... college graduation...at a Civic Center?
  132. Swiss gun ownership
  133. Best Gun Law States
  134. 30 State CCW Permit
  135. Does your CCW false-trigger inventory-control systems?
  136. I'm Certified!
  137. Why Carry
  138. BOB users
  139. A liberal news guy gets it!
  140. Rendering aid
  141. Need a refresher course
  142. Incredible Police / Concealed carry encounter at work
  143. State Residency
  144. Getting my CCW out of CT
  145. when is it inconvenient to carry
  146. CCW and printing
  147. Was exposed today
  148. Turned in my gun today!
  149. Out of state permit ?
  150. Deep Conceal "AirMarshal" holster set-up
  151. Different acronyms for a permit
  152. It wasn't that bad afterall....
  153. Federal Concealed Carry
  154. Car Gun...
  155. Anyone here reenact?
  156. CC in Car
  157. PA non-resident permit arrived!
  158. What to Carry?...What to Carry?
  159. New ccw question
  160. NYS ENCON Police encounter today.
  161. Gun laws are getting looser across much of U.S.
  162. Is This Considered Federal Property?
  163. In Oklahoma the women know how to defend themselves
  164. Weapon, Firearm...I don't get the controversy.
  165. Those in Texas who have not started their CHL process...
  166. Medical Mary-Jane
  167. North Carolina CCW
  168. Is your Walgreens posted...
  169. Sc cwp
  170. LEO Encounter
  171. Concealed weapons permit Certificate
  172. Wondered if this would work
  173. Now The Wait Begins
  174. Man charged with the murder of a pelham AL police officer had a permit
  175. SC CWP'S Soars
  176. this is why we have the 2nd amendment
  177. Finally got to CC!
  178. prosecution for legal modifications?
  179. I guess I did a good job of CC today
  180. Best Belly Band for G26 Carry
  181. Printing...?
  182. Some info.
  183. First time CCW with a loaded weapon
  184. RK gunshow officially posted NO CONCEALED CARRY!
  185. We are educating the BGs - defense of property
  186. I think this forum saved me tonight
  187. Carrying Concealed
  188. Target Team Members...
  189. Does my employer have the right to fire me for carrying at work?
  190. GOOD: It Happened, I got stopped by LEO
  191. Mall of America - Bloomington, MN
  192. Obtaining MA & RI Permit
  193. How many of you carry a loaded chamber?
  194. What I learned from John Dillinger (warning: long)
  195. Is this a win or loss?
  196. secure carry in a bag
  197. Driving the CCW I-75 gauntlet south to Ga.
  198. Wow... fast! Texas processed my CHL in 5 weeks!
  199. Finally Caught Me a Thief
  200. Pepper spray vs bear spray
  201. Florida Carry Question: State of Emergency
  202. Man acquitted in Va. Beach of double shooting at cafe
  203. Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??
  204. South Carolina Gun Show Carry
  205. How do you maintian CC when moving to another state?
  206. Colorado State University considering ban on CC
  207. Discussion At Work
  208. Apartment complex No CC signs
  209. Finally!
  210. A VICTORY FOR CC & Self Protection
  211. Opinions on Pocket Carry.
  212. Legal Defense "Retainer"
  213. Discussion with my Dr. about "One Bad Apple"
  214. Cell phone + video camera
  215. Bicycle Carry Options
  216. How do you get out at all?
  217. Jimenez Arms 380
  218. SA failure on my part!
  219. I need to get back into the habit of looking for no-gun signs
  220. Where do you sit in a movie theater?
  221. Standing in the local ATT store, with my elbow on the counter, and what do I spot?
  222. I think i broke a record this month on ccw permit!!!
  223. 53 days and couting
  224. Odd dude at WM
  225. Physical Activity Carry Question
  226. Carolina Panthers Stadium CCW?
  227. Texas Gun Law and Scenerio
  228. No Weapon Signs
  229. Opinions on the Taurus PT-945
  230. Moving to NC---Questions on transporting my firearms
  231. GOOD: Centre County, PA
  232. Driving through Mass
  233. Weapon Free Zone - Ikea in Mesa AZ
  234. Rec'd NH permitt after 5 months!
  235. Do I have any way to carry in the Imperial State of New York?
  236. To inform or not to inform, that is the question
  237. CarryConcealed.net Not Up To Date!
  238. Will be applying for a PA non-resident permit!
  239. had a run-in with a irresponsible cc permit holder the other night
  240. Should i wait to carry.
  241. Traveling Advice for Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota
  242. How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?
  243. which holster for a 709 SLIM ?
  244. Interesting Sign at Seattle Airport
  245. CO. Specific, I should probably know but...
  246. You won't believe this one!
  247. Living near and elementary school and CC'ing
  248. First LEO encounter
  249. My latest screwup...
  250. NH non-resident permit comes in