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  1. What "Shall Issue" state is the most strict?
  2. UPDATE - 3rd LEO Encounter - Bad to Worse to Better (maybe)
  3. Concealed plus open?
  4. Florida Permit
  5. Stopped by a Maine State Trooper today
  6. Canada
  7. VA, TN, NC, SC, GA Signage ?
  8. Most Not Concerned For Safety Around Those Permitted To Carry Weapons
  9. The CCW dialogue now and 20 years ago
  10. Hit this poll (WI CC)
  11. Why I love Missouri CC laws.......
  12. What is this "BS" and how do we stop it?
  13. GW Parkway gun trap
  14. Colorado community colleges to allow guns on campus
  15. Got my CCL today - Pitt County, NC
  16. Whats the wait time for a MA and RI Non-Resident Permit?
  17. uncomfortable when not armed
  18. Louisiana-Bill allowing guns in church is approved by House
  19. OWB vs. IWB for carry
  20. Staying overnight in NJ??
  21. Ridiculous Wait Times for Carry Permits
  22. concealed carry in VA
  23. How many handguns have you carried...
  24. Anyone know the laws concerning carrying pistols in a private plane?
  25. Teaching an Aussie
  26. Wife's college prepared what to do in case of shooting video.
  27. Moving, need help
  28. CCW "Shooting Test"
  29. Taking a trip MO-> AR-> LA-> MS-> AL->FL
  30. Its about time!
  31. Flying without CHL (ccw) possible? Texas
  32. Why so few choose to carry?
  33. Unarmed Security and CCW
  34. wish me luck
  35. Application update for IND
  36. Issue with mag release while carrying
  37. Help! Do I need a FL CCW CLASS?
  38. PA gun laws for dummies-HELP Please
  39. Naked
  40. Transporting through NY
  41. To Orlando from Georgia
  42. What Do you think about this?
  43. CC confidence booster
  44. Conceal Carry Permit Illinois???
  45. How to deal with your own children?
  46. I goofed last night
  47. Printing penalty
  48. YES!!!! Passed My CCW Class Today...
  49. NV Now Honrs NM, NC & RI Update ON AZ, OK and WY
  50. Renewing out-of-state CPL (Washington)?
  51. mapping 1000' bubble around all schools
  52. New AZ Carry Law DOES NOT Provide Same Benefits as CCW Permit!
  53. Off-body concealed carry in your vehicle
  54. Kansas Does It Again...
  55. As much as I hate bathroom threads....
  56. New Arizona ccw laws?
  57. Concealed Carry BADGE spotted at work.....Oh brother!
  58. In the headlights of the police
  59. Possible travel to Canada by car... where to leave firearm?
  60. West Virginia CCW- Unloaded in the Car?
  61. Why I don't carry a gun...
  62. LEO Encounter, Did He "Make" Me?
  63. "Just don't shoot me, okay?"
  64. Laser for small sighted guns
  65. CSU Rescinds Gun Ban
  66. Glock 26 inadvertantly releasing mag?
  67. Questions asked at VA Clinic
  68. What can I do? need advice!
  69. Wife Takes Care Of Me!
  70. pocket carry J frame making me lazy
  71. Carry gun laser
  72. Anyone tried the Desantis Intruder
  73. Lessons Learned today, that I wont repeat.
  74. Airport Silliness
  75. A short story on an educational experience of a non-gun owner.
  76. Transporting Gun on Motorcycle
  77. Suing stores that ban guns
  78. Colorado State University Recinds Ban
  79. The story of my wife and concealed carry
  80. Chicago suburbs and a pistol in my car and hotel room
  81. So what would you do if you see a person with an exposed gun ??
  82. The economy caught up with me and i'm without a carry weapon now
  83. Finally got pulled over while carrying
  84. Got My Permit in the Mail Today - 7 Weeks
  85. Seeing the light (dimly)
  86. Just had a horrid thought.
  87. Colonial Williamsburg, VA
  88. Ccw and Disney World ?
  89. Starting Into My Second Week of Carrying Concealed
  90. Those of you with iPhones - CC & OC App
  91. I do not know why, but for some reason I enjoyed CC'ing more tonight
  92. traveling to sc
  93. Defensive shooting statistics
  94. Do you carry EXTRA ammo while CCW'ing?
  95. Nashville Grand OL Opry
  96. can you review my applicaion statement
  97. Training requirements
  98. It's so easy to make a mistake...
  99. Situational Awareness
  100. Strange wife reaction
  101. LEO Encounter Today - Was This Right?
  102. Ohio Now Honors NE / Updates on OK, WY, NC, IA, GA & AZ
  103. Out of state FL permit...quiccccccck turn around!
  104. Gun control at it's finest.....
  105. Where do you stand on restaurant/bar carry?
  106. Excuse me officer, is this yours?
  107. Slight concern about vacation carry
  108. Something Got Me Thinking...
  109. Arizona new law for real ?
  110. My lovely day.
  111. Glock Magazines
  112. CCW in Applebee's Park, Lexington, KY?
  113. How to help push the ex-wife into getting her CFP
  114. Concealed Carry in the Office and Company Policy.
  115. 5.11
  116. Why is the Wally World Walk so important?
  117. Question - Firearm transport in North Carolina (out of stater)
  118. Interesting Conversation with Relative
  119. WOW My Wife Shocked me
  120. Ruger LCR Kicks!
  121. How stupid
  122. Carrying Chambered - Lesson Learned
  123. Well I'm officially CPL/CCW holder.
  124. Just got my Handgun Permit (CCP - TN)!
  125. Daughters birthday on the 29th
  126. Carrying a BUG
  127. Question about cwl
  128. score one for the good guys
  129. Carrying Concealed in the Military
  130. Post-crash LEO Experience (Long and minor)
  131. SC Question
  132. Picking Up My Permit Tomorrow
  133. Life's too short for an ugly gun
  134. Securing your CCW when you can't carry
  135. Got my permit!!!
  136. My LEO experience
  137. Shooting Incident
  138. My Father had a interesting point about CCW permits
  139. P220R SAO Carry - New permit holder
  140. School Project
  141. How to get comfortable with carrying with a round in the chamber
  142. Printing
  143. Iowa is soon shall issue!!!
  144. Question on Wyoming prohibited CC areas
  145. My first time.....
  146. Firearms banned? (FL question)
  147. Calling all LEO's
  148. 50 State Spreadsheet
  149. How do petite women cc?
  150. My Anniversary!!
  151. Weekend / church camp retreat and other stuff
  152. To Keep Reciprocity New Mexico RKBA Needs Your Help.
  153. Appropriate stance while ankle carrying?
  154. Dr Pepper Ballpark, Frisco, TX
  155. The FedEx man learned a very valuable lesson!
  156. Driving While CC
  157. Physical Fitness and Carrying Concealed
  158. weekend trip planned in vegas
  159. Giving handgun to out of state daughter
  160. That was fast!
  161. New CC'er: what to expect to spend?
  162. How do you handle family and friends that don't like you carry?
  163. Embarrassment of "Letting One Go"
  164. St. Louis Man w/ CCW shoots thief-No charges
  165. Ohio "no gun" signs
  166. No more permits!
  167. Spreadsheet of OC/CC for States I Visit
  168. I have my permit, firearm, holster. Now what...
  169. Kansas Conceal and Carry Class
  170. Concealed Carry & the People Who Apply/Get a Permit
  171. Attacked by someone with BB gun...
  172. Flying To Florida...What Do I Do??
  173. 1st contact with LEO and CCL!!!
  174. Excellent Video
  175. Sent in my application today
  176. One more armed citizen
  177. An EDC Carry Poll
  178. VA approves guns in unlocked compartments
  179. Texas CHL Law
  180. FBI temporarily suspends fingerprint background checks
  181. My Taurus PT 145 vs TCP
  182. Cheapest Source for Glock 26
  183. Why You Might Want to Carry on Campus...
  184. SC CWP Question
  185. NY carry question Allegany State Park
  186. Traveling to GA
  187. Which tuckable iwb holster conceals best
  188. Buffalo Wild Wings
  189. Residents of Louisiana
  190. Wyoming Reciprocity Problems!!!
  191. laser and light combo
  192. Sw40ve
  193. Concealed Carry Question
  194. Does anyone else find this description aggravating or biased?
  195. Man and dog barge into my new apartment.
  196. Gun in the Car Summer Heat
  197. CT - open vs concealed carry article
  198. T.V. Coverage of Todays Anti-Gun Control Rallies
  199. Funny concealed carry with an obviously OPEN carry holster I saw today...
  200. Restaurants
  201. Tell-tale sign a cc'er
  202. Just called Mall of America and they said "No guns."
  203. Attn mississippi residents!!!!!
  204. model 60 3" IWB holster
  205. Georgia - Using 1st offense as "get out free card"
  206. NC - Legal to Carry in Dr or DDS Office ???
  207. Would you make this information public?
  208. Well this sucks
  209. My advice to new gun owners.
  210. Doing my part and requesting help
  211. Guns and bars
  212. Tuck-able IWB Holster
  213. Protest today (4-18-10) at Denver CO Starbucks'
  214. Primary vs Backup
  215. Gone too far
  216. Polite request from a New York resident.
  217. Glasers
  218. New license holder!
  219. A semi-funny story this evening
  220. No Firearms May Be Carried At The NRA Convention!?!?
  221. Disarmed by the Texas Highway Patrol, busted by a former LEO, and other trip stuff
  222. NC-WY Sign Agreement - NC Only Honrs Res NH Permit
  223. New to CC
  224. First LEO Encounter while CCing
  225. I am not a CCW virgin anymore (TX); EDC
  226. Kimber for Concealed Carry
  227. Repo Man Scenario
  228. CCW in CA?
  229. Because its not said enough...
  230. Removal of restrictions & credible threats
  231. Court Sides With Those Seeking Guns on Colorado University Campus
  232. Going to the Memphis Zoo on Saturday...
  233. A good line to say to an anti gun person
  234. IWB, gun grip is chafin me bad.
  235. carry on school grounds in Texas
  236. Any Sticky Areas for Carry in NC?
  237. Concealed carry around children
  238. ND Now Honors WY and NM
  239. VA Gov signs restaurant carry bill
  240. Thinner women
  241. Woodforest Bank in Walmart
  242. VA Restaurant Carry Signed Into Law
  243. New Gun Owner- Need safety Advice
  244. Arkansas - Wyoming Sign Reciprocity Agreement
  245. Leo's and Permits
  246. The flip side....I stopped a CHL holder
  247. Glock 36 v. H&K P2000 US 357Sig
  248. Pulled over by Police today and.....
  249. Silly Wife
  250. Using the bathroom when cc'ing