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  1. Well.. My wife got hers today..
  2. Glad I checked first.
  3. Louisiana Permit Arrived
  4. Sig 229 Accidental Discharge Question
  5. Why would anyone do this?
  6. I hope this doesnt sound stupid!
  7. Pulled over for the first time since 2004
  8. Please answer news poll on CC in restaurants
  9. question about my out of state Utah chl
  10. About Statute 930 Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facility
  11. Took my Texas CHL class this weekend
  12. Gen4 Glock Thoughts and Opinions
  13. CC in a post office?
  14. Question about VA CCW permit
  15. Does Open Carry Threaten Concealed Carry?
  16. Employee CCW policies of firearms related businesses?
  17. Carry to Hospital for Delivery of Baby
  18. My VA Permit Arrived tonight!!
  19. Question for my fellow Floridians, or anyone else =)
  20. Road Rage
  21. Question for you FL folks, daytona 500 parking lots....
  22. Thoughts on ClipDraw for CCW
  23. LEO Encounters and Firearm Inspection
  24. The Real Reason " Does the punishment fit the crime"
  25. What would make a concealed carry class better?
  26. "Citizen's Arrest"?
  27. From Glock Talk Observations from actual shootings....
  28. Applying for CWP today.
  29. Question about my FL CCW
  30. CC around the house in Sweats/wind pants??
  31. TN HCP Renewal time
  32. Got TOTALLY made last night
  33. Daycare Posted..
  34. Will I still be able to buy a gun?
  35. Temp permit came Friday going to get the reg permit Monday
  36. S&W Model 915
  37. Situational eye opener.....
  38. Conceal carry in Nebraska
  39. Took my CCW course today
  40. Now what?
  41. OC or CC while at home?
  42. Sign the Starbucks Counter-Petition to the Brady Campaign's.
  43. Playing dumb
  44. Fast draw, and why "reassess" in Mozambique drill?
  45. Is it impossible to conceal a Glock 21 ?
  46. SC CWP Permit Is Here!!
  47. Done it twice now, what do you do?
  48. New gun frame wearing
  49. CC Ban On Tenant Business Owner?
  50. Entire Shopping Complex Posted No Carry(OH)
  51. Waiting sucks!
  52. Possible outcomes of a situation?
  53. They say 1911, but...
  54. Shoulder holster carry question
  55. Possibly moving to MD!
  56. Regard for Human Life
  57. Are night sights useful for CCW?
  58. Brutal, mind-numbing recoil from my 442!
  59. Pulled over tonight
  60. Just wanted to stir the pot ;)
  61. Ex Sheriff's deputy Charged W/ Felony Menacing
  62. Lawsuit pits state law vs. University of Ky regulations
  63. Bulletproof Tailor
  64. Campus Carry
  65. ccw permit going to my old address what to do?
  66. Arizona bill: No background check, no course for CCW
  67. More stringent Qualification for Permits
  68. You got a gun?! Yea, don't you?
  69. Employer Concealed Carry Policies
  70. Flip 'Em The Bird And Die Like A Viking
  71. I'm finally a cc instructor
  72. Baton carry in Washington?
  73. Transporting Ammo on plane?
  74. Jury Duty.......some people just need to keep their yapper shut
  75. Looks like it's legal to CC in Public Schools in Alabama
  76. Carrying where alcohol is served?
  77. Very Interesting..............check it out.
  78. Dallas Shooting Groups
  79. Concealed Carry Safety Rules (Add One)
  80. Need help convincing wife
  81. I Would Appreciate If EVERY DC'er Would Read...About The Basics!
  82. Night Sights
  83. Concealed Carry Permit Holders
  84. Permit Amendments
  85. Mission Accomplished...almost
  86. Non Lethal Rounds?
  87. New Sheriff in Town--I Hope
  88. Need some insight
  89. List of CC/OC Unfriendly Establishments
  90. I'm giving up basketball
  91. Do rubber grips cause problems?
  92. xd40sc cc holster?
  93. My wife is against me CCing. What do I do?
  94. Concealed Carry to Shooting Range?
  95. I finally joined the +1 carry club
  96. Going for permit.
  97. What condition do you carry your ________ (fill in gun type) ccw in?
  98. Is it a crime to disobey the sign?
  99. National Park Carry FAQ
  100. Las Vegas bound. Carry question.
  101. permit Suffolk Va.
  102. A personal request as to those who carry...
  103. Got made TWICE in one night
  104. Dare travel with higher end guns?
  105. Finally turning in my paperwork....
  106. Here's one for ya.
  107. just got my TN HCP!!!
  108. Who's got the best price on CT Laser Grips?
  109. What Lawyers Need to Know?
  110. Finally got my Michigan CPL!
  111. How do you carry in your car?
  112. Why Treo Doesn't Inform
  113. Don't mess with hotel workers(video)
  114. Silent Thunder by Garrett
  115. boulder county ccw wait
  116. AR- Duty to Flee??
  117. Michigan CPL 3rd renewal.
  118. Body Language Book
  119. What does it mean if a state is called "shall issue"
  120. Which state has the most concealed permits?
  121. South Carolina CWP
  122. Concealed Handgun permit numbers
  123. Is It OK To Use Your CHP To Get Out Of A Ticket?
  124. obtaining permit suffolk va.
  125. Aint Thata Good News!!!!!
  126. Texas Highway Patrol
  127. wally world associate ccw policy
  128. Security Clearance and CCW
  129. Interesting shoot no shoot at the local Wally World.
  130. No carry in certain places what happened?
  131. need help
  132. need some help
  133. Do you carry chambered???
  134. Incident nearly turned ugly…
  135. Need your help.
  136. WOOOHOOOOO Got my SC CWP!!!!
  137. Call It in First And Get Your Side on Record, and Never Talk to the Cops
  138. Armed Citizen Legal Defense Foundation?
  139. No Firearms signs in NC
  140. Tuckable holster videos to help me decide
  141. When you see the sign "no firearms" on businesses....
  142. Don't Bring A Handgun To A Rifle Fight (video)
  143. Spare magazines - how many do you carry, etc.
  144. What to do about your concealed permit when moving?
  145. Checking only ammo in baggage?
  146. FL CCW finally!
  147. Amount of ammo to hold in CCW?
  148. Lawyer up or not???
  149. Submitted Maine Non-Resident CCWP Application
  150. Going on a trip from pa to ky got to go thru OH
  151. TN must be stepping up
  152. How about some credit for concealed carry?
  153. Embarrassing CC moment today
  154. Long term Wear/Tear from back pocket Carry
  155. Concealed Carry Class....Fail
  156. Well..a fear of mine came true..
  157. Which State is the friendliest for CC
  158. Belts
  159. Off to the Imperial State of New York on Friday, so no carry for a week.
  160. Family gathering
  161. Priorities for Carrying a Weapon
  162. Wondering who is clergy on DC
  163. I almost had a heart attack from the shock!
  164. AWESOME Pro-Concealed Carry Video MUST SEE!!!
  165. After You Defend Yourself......
  166. A South Carolina glitch - heads up
  167. Abortions and Guns
  168. Slowly but surely
  169. First Traffic Stop While Carrying a Non-Event
  170. Kansas City Star Story this Weekend
  171. Maintenance man almost got himself killed
  172. apartment?
  173. Lawyers
  174. Kel Tec P-11 magazine rattle
  175. Church CCW carry discussion
  176. Completed my CCH class!
  177. Don't Talk To Cops (Unless Your Attorney Is Present) - 5th Amendment Right!!!
  178. Utah Hospital carry?
  179. First time carrying in a store
  180. 2 carry signs at a bar last night!! one yes and one no?
  181. Scared at Costco
  182. Putting down my carry weapon for a while. Depression related
  183. Here's a Poser for you.......
  184. Carry in National Parks Information
  185. Does your permit make you "A cut above"?
  186. Stopped By Eugene Police Traffic Enforcement Today
  187. I'm dissappointed in Fl.
  188. Permit holder encounter
  189. CCW in Washington
  190. Virginia Gun Shows
  191. Oregon...... and Reciprocity
  192. LEO Encounter
  193. Anyone from Louisiana? Need do's and dont's
  194. Finally Took the Class
  195. Dissapointed with my local Gun Shop
  196. Florida wait time for handgun
  197. Maryland Conceal Permit Holders
  198. FL ccw in 16 days
  199. Florida non-res permit just arrived
  200. transporting a handgun in Maryland?
  201. Oregon Permit in two weeks!
  202. If you had to carry a .22 cal
  203. Why CCW Makes a Lot of Sense.
  204. Areas of Emergency and Riot
  205. passing through NY?
  206. Israeli Carry method
  207. CCW Class for Pregnant Wife
  208. Ohio Sporting events
  209. Do you practice point shooting
  210. Local paper: 10 kidnapped in McDonald's robbery
  211. Louisiana - No Carry Where Alcohol Served
  212. nearly drew/sprayed bum today, LEO saw and intervened
  213. MI through OH to KY
  214. Was the law broken?
  215. Brandishing??
  216. Legal to use deadly force to protect property?
  217. CCW Permit for Missouri (Florida)?
  218. NH non-resident times
  219. Is This Legal in WA?
  220. Kudos to K&G Men's Store, CC Friendly Tailor
  221. Happy day......
  222. Opinions on this
  223. Question for those in VA
  224. i finally got my LTCF
  225. Carry at work?
  226. A very comfortable feeling
  227. Concealed or Open carry in your home
  228. This Will Enrage You!
  229. Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  230. Walther PPK .380
  231. I'll be giving the NRA safety class to MLB players
  232. Great Article by John Lott on NBA players
  233. Glock 23 Holster
  234. Took my chl class today
  235. My first 2 weeks in Texas, haven't seen a 30.06 sign yet...
  236. Showing ID
  237. Spent the day with a bunch of great white hunters
  238. Carrying to a concert in Florida
  239. Should a CCW Officer Carry a loaded weapon (bullet in barrel) while on post?
  240. Getting old
  241. SA thoughts?
  242. Hearing Protection
  243. CWP revealed during a traffic stop?
  244. Unexpected things to practice?
  245. Utah CFP came in the mail today
  246. My First Concealed Carry "Issue"
  247. Flying with firearms!
  248. Right to Carry Map!
  249. Georgia Working On Concealed Weapons Law
  250. The attack of the gun belt