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  1. Another legal CC permit holder--Thank God for VA
  2. Chattanooga Reporter Finally "Gets It"
  3. Ready to apply!
  4. South Carolina while driving and CC
  5. Finally!!
  6. Men's Wearhouse Close Call
  7. CSU delays weapons policy
  8. Mesa County Colorado Commisioner
  9. TN Premit holder going to Savannah GA....
  10. Idiot at the TN Drivers License Service Center
  11. Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN
  12. My holster no longer fits !
  13. Professor Called Police After Student Presentation
  14. Quick turn around on CPL license
  15. Can you carry a firearm into Night Clubs in NC or any other state?
  16. She passed
  17. Protecting your family in states that don't recognize your state's CC license.
  18. Wife taking test
  19. And now I'm finally at peace: New CPL owner
  20. Finally got my CWP!
  21. City ordinance on concealed weapons
  22. Have you ever wondered if WallyWorlds employes know???
  23. Be honest!
  24. Just got my NYS carry permit!!
  25. Woohoo
  26. Sign of the Times
  27. New XD9sc...carry for click-n-bang?
  28. Be Honest. Do you respect signs and no gun zones ?
  29. Moving to Hawaii, now what??
  30. finally permits for the whole family!
  31. Unlicensed carry on grounds of Apartment Complex in Texas??
  32. Finally got my permit
  33. Transitioning
  34. First Day of CC
  35. Let the waiting game begin!
  36. Interesting slip up..
  37. How discreet are you about CC?
  38. Help for my Mom....
  39. Few Questions about NH / MA Gun Laws.
  40. Dumb Question about Gun Carry Signs
  41. Minimum residency for license...
  42. Love handles
  43. Building that houses federal offices, carry ok?
  44. Magazine modification
  45. New Gun Bill in the House
  46. Possibly good news for Michigan Concealed Carry
  47. Oh I wish we could CCW in Wisconsin......
  48. 3rd degree felony punishment????
  49. Musings of a new member of the concealed carry community...
  50. Virginia Law on Brandishing
  51. My turn to play the waiting game
  52. Playing the waiting game
  53. Houston area folks, Petroleum Club CC??
  54. Carrying while cycling (bike not motor)
  55. Half Way there!
  56. Old Town Spring - Texas
  57. Moving from TX to LA...still waiting for CHL
  58. Lake Conroe area specific question-TX ??
  59. Half of my CPL quest is complete!
  60. Wife got her CHP
  61. Packin' mentioned in a sermon
  62. Rookie Question About Carry
  63. GA Carry question - Hotel Convention
  64. Your thoughts
  65. what seemed
  66. Just a couple more days...
  67. College glove box carry
  68. SC public gathering law?
  69. I got it!!
  70. I'm a student of history and I'm curious...
  71. any chance of future reciprocity in Nebraska?
  72. TN permit
  73. Finally Got My CPL!
  74. My evening.. A bit long winded..
  75. Wal-Mart Walk
  76. Cc @ post office
  77. What other non-resident CCW will fill the gaps that a FL CCW does not?
  78. Wyoming and CCW's
  79. The CWP delay in Florida...
  80. Anyone else waiting in Texas?
  81. Wife popped the question.
  82. First CSP Encounter
  83. Why Carry a Gun?
  84. Moving back to Mississippi
  85. New Hampshire CCL.
  86. Anyone got word that the number of CCP has increased?
  87. Where to find state codes? AZ
  88. My GFL came today, Wally World walk and then some
  89. Wait time for WA CPL
  90. CCP fees
  91. Retired Fed Officers and CC
  92. What is the Wally World Walk exactly?
  93. Could Sooners and Texans help me out?
  94. Now the real work begins.
  95. Maine carry?
  96. Am I legal?
  97. Congratts on yor new XD 40 bi tone TN Mike
  98. finally got it
  99. They sent the wrong badge in mail..
  100. Took CHL Today!
  101. Concealed Carry in the Workplace
  102. cc in san juan p.r.
  103. Carry in AZ Bank?
  104. Gun registration and CC laws???
  105. Not an uncommon scenario
  106. Illinois Question
  107. CC in PA but must cross into MD whats correct
  108. You must inform LEO - Texas
  109. TN Permit Holders Published
  110. Can drug addiction /rehab keep you from a CWP?
  111. Sooo my wife doesnt really agree on me carrying any ideas??
  112. Carrying in the galleria in birmingham AL
  113. Holsters for all of 'em?
  114. No Concealed Carry In Gun Store?
  115. Idiot in Gun Store
  116. Is Wyoming Reciprocity Changing?
  117. Concealed Carry vs Divorce
  118. Utah Permit Classes
  119. Wow - made a guy in a gun store. My first!
  120. NC Concealed Carry Permit
  121. Carried my new XD45 today for the first time
  122. Walmart Ammunition
  123. PA Concealed Carry Permit
  124. Can you believe this?!
  125. My 3$ Check
  126. Well I just got done with my Utah concealed firearm permit class
  127. Did my WWW
  128. Excellent way to end the week !
  129. Opinons on police dogs
  130. Are there federal laws against college carry?
  131. Taking CHL Class - Texas
  132. Florida CC App question.
  133. Need advice. Faith and self defense.
  134. Las Vegas CCW renewal class
  135. Firefighters Carrying Concealed!
  136. Still getting used to carrying
  137. Got Made at the Temple Auction
  138. Do you let LEO's know? (Merged)
  139. Which for carry
  140. can I carry here?
  141. Dress and a CCW
  142. Wife finally came around on CCW.........
  143. First time carrying
  144. My letter to a Sheriff
  145. Define A Bar In Florida
  146. Arkansas allowed to CC in Church?
  147. After The Shooting: Online Resources to read?
  148. Bank Employees Does your company have a carry or weapons policy?
  149. USMC student, lawfully carrying concealed is arrested and kicked of Western Oregon Un
  150. Help Me With A Rebuttal To This Comment
  151. Uncover or not?
  152. Help me re-write our "Weapon Free Workplace" company policy!
  153. She's coming around
  154. Applebee's No Gun sign in WA State
  155. Application in the mail feb. 9th
  156. I'm having a debate with myself at this moment!
  157. So you've done the wally world walk, but have you ever...
  158. Carry in a bowling alley
  159. Legal Concerns Re: Modifications
  160. Little Nuiances of Carrying...
  161. CCW Carrier shoots self in leg - Denver [MERGED]
  162. South Carolina CCW Bill S.347...Thoughts?
  163. Winchester Restaurant Manager...Anti-Gun
  164. "in your own place of business". (VA)
  165. new guy
  166. Kansas workplace gun law?
  167. Do you carry a long gun in your vehicle?
  168. Handgunlaw.us
  169. Tennessee Concealed Carry Licensee List
  170. It finally arrived!
  171. Red Robin
  172. Need info on handgun permit in Westchester Co. NY
  173. WWW........ The other side
  174. Why does adding "...while carrying" change anything?
  175. I didn't get made, didn't get pulled over, didn't have a ND..........
  176. Not WWW, but first CCW outing
  177. Pennsylvania non-residence licence
  178. I made the stupidest mistake of my life
  179. Wally World Walk.. Grad???
  180. Never Pocket Carry.....BAD
  181. A Democrat with a CCW, Oh MY!
  182. My Wally World Walk
  183. Another LEO encounter
  184. Safe, secure way to car carry?
  185. NH Non Resident License
  186. Guess what I just picked up!
  187. More CWP's in my area
  188. Thoughts on our responsibilities as CCL holders
  189. Star on the belt???
  190. Va. Gun Tax Legislation Heads to Senate Floor! NRA-ILA ACTION ALERT
  191. Electronic Training for Concealed Handgun? Virginia ACTION ALERT
  192. Why are people so afraid of guns?
  193. Got pulled over today while Carrying: first time
  194. Your Wait Time
  195. How to get a non-resident Florida CCW
  196. Do you carry while at work?
  197. We're everyone... and everywhere
  198. Dallas Museum of Art/Tut Exhibit
  199. Gotta Love Shasta County, CA.
  200. Carried to the doctor today
  201. Looking for a particular past experience
  202. How weird is this?
  203. Flying w/ your EDC: what do you do?
  204. Keep your guard up and working on witness skills
  205. Tense situation today
  206. Carry to church???
  207. California HG Laws Question
  208. Weak Wally World Walk
  209. Concealed Carry in North Carolina State Parks?
  210. I would like to thank HITCH KING for a heads up, LIMA for the resulting interest.....
  211. Flyfishing Carry
  212. Maybe itís just meÖ.
  213. CCW - Stealth or protection?
  214. Interesting article regarding TX open carry and campus carry
  215. Why do YOU carry??
  216. LARGE caliber concealment
  217. this is weird
  218. Today helped me confirm my decision to conceal carry...
  219. So Happy!!!
  220. Family does not know
  221. I am now legal
  222. Wally World Walk & Strange encounter with environmental police officer
  223. Pulled over twice in one day...good LEO experience...generally bad day for me
  224. CC okay at gun show?
  225. Wife took CCP Course - Odd Advice
  226. CCW in National Parks
  227. Crimes committed by ccw holders in N.Y. (stats)?
  228. Question for all WOMEN who carry...
  229. How do you carry when you have young kids?
  230. Do YOU qualify annually for LEOSA?
  231. FL: not at airport, but dropping friend off
  232. AZ: Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced SB 1270
  233. Is it Legal to CC while on your own property?
  234. You see someone at Wally World printing...
  235. What condition do you carry your "non-1911" DA semi-auto gun?
  236. Mi ccw/cpl
  237. OMG I finally got it!
  238. child honesty
  239. Girlfriend finally taking class.
  240. Profiling
  241. Convincing/Explaining CC to the wife
  242. Got my permit today.
  243. CCW applied for!
  244. It's in the mail
  245. Damn! Got made at work today...
  246. Special Delivery to me...
  247. Iowa: Two Shall Issue Bills Introduced. See Post 22 for Update.
  248. Converted two of three
  249. I feel like Ralphie
  250. Getting Too Close - My Turn