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  1. I guess I did a good job of CC today
  2. Best Belly Band for G26 Carry
  3. Printing...?
  4. Some info.
  5. First time CCW with a loaded weapon
  6. RK gunshow officially posted NO CONCEALED CARRY!
  7. We are educating the BGs - defense of property
  8. I think this forum saved me tonight
  9. Carrying Concealed
  10. Target Team Members...
  11. Does my employer have the right to fire me for carrying at work?
  12. GOOD: It Happened, I got stopped by LEO
  13. Mall of America - Bloomington, MN
  14. Obtaining MA & RI Permit
  15. How many of you carry a loaded chamber?
  16. What I learned from John Dillinger (warning: long)
  17. Is this a win or loss?
  18. secure carry in a bag
  19. Driving the CCW I-75 gauntlet south to Ga.
  20. Wow... fast! Texas processed my CHL in 5 weeks!
  21. Finally Caught Me a Thief
  22. Pepper spray vs bear spray
  23. Florida Carry Question: State of Emergency
  24. Man acquitted in Va. Beach of double shooting at cafe
  25. Gunshops with no loaded weapon signs??
  26. South Carolina Gun Show Carry
  27. How do you maintian CC when moving to another state?
  28. Colorado State University considering ban on CC
  29. Discussion At Work
  30. Apartment complex No CC signs
  31. Finally!
  32. A VICTORY FOR CC & Self Protection
  33. Opinions on Pocket Carry.
  34. Legal Defense "Retainer"
  35. Discussion with my Dr. about "One Bad Apple"
  36. Cell phone + video camera
  37. Bicycle Carry Options
  38. How do you get out at all?
  39. Jimenez Arms 380
  40. SA failure on my part!
  41. I need to get back into the habit of looking for no-gun signs
  42. Where do you sit in a movie theater?
  43. Standing in the local ATT store, with my elbow on the counter, and what do I spot?
  44. I think i broke a record this month on ccw permit!!!
  45. 53 days and couting
  46. Odd dude at WM
  47. Physical Activity Carry Question
  48. Carolina Panthers Stadium CCW?
  49. Texas Gun Law and Scenerio
  50. No Weapon Signs
  51. Opinions on the Taurus PT-945
  52. Moving to NC---Questions on transporting my firearms
  53. GOOD: Centre County, PA
  54. Driving through Mass
  55. Weapon Free Zone - Ikea in Mesa AZ
  56. Rec'd NH permitt after 5 months!
  57. Do I have any way to carry in the Imperial State of New York?
  58. To inform or not to inform, that is the question
  59. Not Up To Date!
  60. Will be applying for a PA non-resident permit!
  61. had a run-in with a irresponsible cc permit holder the other night
  62. Should i wait to carry.
  63. Traveling Advice for Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota
  64. How does your wife/girlfriend carry concealed?
  65. which holster for a 709 SLIM ?
  66. Interesting Sign at Seattle Airport
  67. CO. Specific, I should probably know but...
  68. You won't believe this one!
  69. Living near and elementary school and CC'ing
  70. First LEO encounter
  71. My latest screwup...
  72. NH non-resident permit comes in
  73. Taurus millenium pro
  74. Seeking Holster for S&W 438 Bodyguard
  75. Magazine being released while carrying
  76. Question from a newbie
  77. "No firearms" signs on private property in WA.
  78. Support Taco Cabana, they support our CHL effort.
  79. My first CC day...
  80. NRA Store - concealed clothing
  81. Springfield EMP 9mm vs. .40
  82. Good encounter with officers
  83. Can I CCW in a New Orlean's restaurant?
  84. Thanksgiving Carry At Dinner?
  85. Licensed again
  86. KY carry question please
  87. How many CWP's in your family
  88. Iowa - who really gets issued?
  89. Why carry spare ammo?
  90. North Carolina Raleigh/Durham Airport
  91. Headed to Arkansas for the first time CCW from MO.
  92. first concealed carry days
  93. what does WMA's stand for??
  94. Encounter with a NC State Trooper (good)
  95. Got my MN permit today!!
  96. Belt for CCW
  97. Encountered my first sign today
  98. Can Finally Conceal!
  99. I am P'd off!!
  100. anytime now...
  101. Good and Bad LEO stop in Kansas City yesterday!
  102. Carry in Orlando Cevention Center? Auto Show!!
  103. Texas Veteran ?
  104. when walking or standing carrying
  105. Biker either badly OCing or very badly CCing
  106. Successful WWW today!!!
  107. Finally legal
  108. How many of you practice drawing with your carry weapon?
  109. the truth and only the truth
  110. Tennessee Judge
  111. What would happen if....
  112. Current info on CT & ME CC?
  113. Are you comfortable with Appendix carry?
  114. Cici's Pizza in NC
  115. WWW.....and Autozone, and Lowe's, and Abuelo's.........
  116. Does your cwp show up when LEO runs your license?
  117. 1st LEO encounter
  118. Traveling to South Dakota from North Carolina
  119. Wondering about New York CC laws
  120. Law vs Common Sense
  121. New Here, need carry help
  122. Technicality question
  123. Florida not honoring SC??????
  124. CC at work???
  125. 59 days
  126. YIPPEE! Got my WA CPL to-day...
  127. To CC or not that is the question!
  128. Judge KILLS Resturant Carry in TN
  129. Carry in MA
  130. Bars, alcohol and lawful concealed carry
  131. Any way for GA resident to CCW in SC?
  132. Why would I need an outstate permit?
  133. mi ccw just came today
  134. Yes officer, I have weapons you need to be aware of
  135. Article for those considering CC.
  136. Need advice
  137. Political Statement
  138. How to get FL CC?
  139. Florida CCW permit arrived in the mail today...
  140. A guide to carrying while dancing! (slightly tongue in cheek)
  141. Non-Res
  142. First day of CC'ing
  143. Another newbie legal question
  144. Need update on Texas CHL process.
  145. $1,000+ for my PA LTCF
  146. Newbie question
  147. Bought a new Console Vault for the truck
  148. Finally got my permit yesterday....
  149. Norfolk, VA
  150. Looking for wisdom
  151. i need assistance on some info for ccw
  152. Does your local Wally World sell firearms?
  153. Russia trip...any suggestions for "protection"
  154. Confrontation
  155. Ohio vs Florida CCW Class
  156. Pardon me sir, your concealed weapon...isn't
  157. For those in South Carolina
  158. CHL Approval
  159. Busted: Someone finally noticed my carry gear
  160. WMA's
  161. Another irresponsible gun owner
  162. Where do you keep your ammo?
  163. Confronted in the Parking lot
  164. Amazing what the media will print!! (2nd attempt)
  165. My second amendment rights and how they pertain to my place of worship.
  166. NH Non-Res Permit Finally Arrived!
  167. The REAL Life Lessons
  168. CCW permit will be useless now?
  169. Mich, man killed hrs. before he could carry !
  170. is it legal to carry......
  171. Are Night Sights Really Necessary?
  172. Requirement to Notify in Utah???
  173. How much to you budget for items other than the gun (for carry duty)?
  174. # of rounds before you "trust your gun"
  175. Concealed Carry Options
  176. Editorial: Gun-free zone risky place to follow law
  177. Gun laws for California residents
  178. Online PA CCW application?
  179. A Different Problem
  180. Should I stop carrying a pistol?
  181. A Must Read
  182. Let the 90 day wait begin!
  183. My Wife bought me pants...
  184. Notify Law Enforcement Officer in VA???
  185. Legal in Tx. to carry in school parking lot?
  186. Found a handgun along side road today
  187. N. C. Carry While Hunting?
  188. What do you members think?
  189. Just need to express my feelings
  190. Who wears a shoulder holster?
  191. 15 days, including the holiday
  192. First CC
  193. FL is still very speedy
  194. Concealed Carry on Campus
  195. Traffic stop procedure
  196. NH Non-Resident Permit Arrived!
  197. Applied for NV Non Res permit + first time air travel w/ firearm
  198. She just don't get it!
  199. How do you carry your spare magazines
  200. Questions about CC for a lady
  201. A prayer before putting on CCW?
  202. Outed in the barber chair
  203. FFL Transfer North Dallas
  204. I'm Finally Legal in South Carolina.
  205. Smartcarry, Maximum concealment with maximum firepower...
  206. Here's a few from the Dayton Daily Snooze
  207. CCWing in LA
  208. Issue questions: Carrying in Israel
  209. Those of us in the Northeast
  210. why New Mexico's BUG prohibition?
  211. Questions About Fort Hood
  212. VA: Mall food court off limits for CCW if any restaurant serves alcohol?
  213. Detroit City Council - 4 of 9 Carry
  214. Banks... Federal Institutions?
  215. How many states have you carried in?
  216. Senerio: Shooter in the workplace
  217. They will sell you anything
  218. My Daughter Finally noticed my Gun
  219. Maryland Self-defense
  220. nutnfancy (sheepdogs)
  221. Couple hypothetical situations and questions about rights
  222. What should I do?
  223. Concealed Carry Would Have Saved Lives at Fort Hood
  224. A hypothetical situation
  225. Getting a concealed carry permit in VA
  226. Scrubs and carrying
  227. Somewhat off topic....
  228. Hassan's wounds - how severe? what caliber?
  229. Don't know source of this but might be good news.
  230. Native American "Indian" Gun Laws
  231. what do you do
  232. Need help with question on Florida CWP application....
  233. Carry in Indiana Question...
  234. Is it even possible to get a concealed weapon permit in LA Ca?
  235. Brady Campaign response to recent events...
  236. Non-Resident Permit States
  237. Pro-Gun, Pro-Defense Saying and Pictures
  238. No CC on Military Base; Example Fort Hood
  239. CCW class
  240. The cheap gun that could have got me killed
  241. Smart ways to sell guns?
  242. New to CCW > Gun Recommendations
  243. Could someone Advise? CWP/SLED
  244. I'm legal again!!...this time in MN
  245. whatS the number to call nd checkon your LTCF?
  246. Had To Draw My Weapon Today
  247. Why get a Utah CCP?
  248. Fort Hood texas
  249. Get this guys
  250. Waiting for my CHL... still