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  1. age to own and carry
  2. Moving for Grad school -- How hard to get a permit in these locations???
  3. State Fair of Texas?
  4. Indiana is trying to get me killed
  5. Attorneys please respond!
  6. Surviving Disaster: Mall Shooting
  7. FLA non-resident permits no longer recognized by LA
  8. NH Non Resident Permit Update
  9. Minimum Carry Caliber vs Primary Carry Caliber
  10. Carrying in the car?
  11. Worry about Printing or being Made
  12. How to legally carry in "No Firearms" areas
  13. Long time reader, first time poster.
  14. how long does it take
  15. Notified for the first time tonight
  16. Motorcycle Carry / Pocket Carry
  17. Taurus 709 Carry Report
  18. Its Here!
  19. Driving from TX to CA
  20. Received my Florida Non Resident in 29 DAYS!
  21. CCW Course
  22. Grrr.... Can't carry at the state fair this weekend
  23. My Life Changed Today. Got my MO CWP today
  24. Seattle, WA: Unconstitutional Gun Ban
  25. Received my Oregon CHL Today :)
  26. CCW Question For LEO's IN Indiana
  27. Question: Securing My Firearm in a Hotel Room
  28. Congrats, Oklahoma
  29. VA to NC via DC
  30. NRA Convention
  31. Businesses with security officers
  32. Airline travel
  33. Lenny's Sub Shop next to work posted
  34. You would think a gun store would know better!
  35. I need some help
  36. When you go to a pistol free zone...
  37. 61 is my new favorite number!!!
  38. Florida Permit Came Today
  39. Utah CCW also
  40. KelTec P3AT belt clip question...Class 3?
  41. Flashing, Brandishing, Intimidating
  42. Utah CCW
  43. Poll: Minimum Caliber You Carry
  44. SC CWP question
  45. New Jersey Members please Read. CCW permit
  46. Will i be denied??
  47. What do you do for Post Draw Protection?
  48. New CCW issue with the wife
  49. First "real" day of CC....SUCCESS!!
  50. Company Weapon's Policy - Do they have the right?
  51. Do You Feel Safe In Your House of Worship?
  52. Cops at the door
  53. My Positive LEO experience yesterday
  54. Heading to OH
  55. Florida is getting better
  56. Conceal Carrying at a Gun Show?
  57. Concealed Carry and Fixed Sights Moving
  58. TN & KY Questions
  59. FL Questions
  60. New Gun Belt from the Beltman
  61. Another positive LEO traffic stop story
  62. CHL as a car passenger
  63. Is it me???? Or am I paranoid???
  64. Got my OK today!
  65. Is school's parking lot/drop off area considered a "no carry zone"?
  66. YOUR ID & YOUR GUN- How to carry
  67. After you drew... what happened next?
  68. Las Vegas CCW Instruction
  69. Whole family with CWP
  70. Do you ever wonder,
  71. Got made at work today... surprising reactions from all.
  72. Coworkers
  73. Vacation....
  74. I work at a gun friendly place.
  75. Corporate came to work today
  76. Lawyer on call
  77. Safety - Holstering G27 in Supertuck
  78. Newbe CCW Question
  79. How often have you needed to draw CCW?
  80. It's not that hard (CCW)
  81. cwp holder, minister, can I carry at work.
  82. Concealing a weapon where signs are posted: PA Specific
  83. What else is needed for edc???
  84. Finally picked a forum to share my excitement!
  85. How Safe is your gun
  86. How to talk to parents?
  87. Transport CCW on airplane???
  88. First Time Pulled Over w/CCW
  89. Do any women carry like this?
  90. Question on my CCW permit....
  91. Got pulled over today, handed Lic an CCW to officer.
  92. Chl renewel? How long of a wait?
  93. North Dakota/Virginia Sign Reciprocity Agreement
  94. Thoughts Regarding the Lapse Between Lethal and Non-Lethal Force
  95. Trip to TX, State Fair carry, and a Sig followed me home...
  96. Where do you keep your CPL/CHL/CWL.....
  97. Left it at home, once, and guess what...
  98. FLORIDA cutting CWP processing time from months to weeks
  99. Another sheeple argument
  100. Do I have the right mindset on this?
  101. Springfield xd9 sc
  102. Your Favorite CC Slogan
  103. alert LEO
  104. Office Carry, Help me Parse This Language
  105. Florida goes public NEWS RELEASE: Program will expedite concealed weapon license apps
  106. Uneasy wife
  107. First encounter with Houston Leo
  108. Texas 51% sign question
  109. Delaware and Non Resident Permits
  110. Carry Permit frustration
  111. this is a dead man
  112. class A misdemeanor and conceal carry HELP
  113. Carrying in PA
  114. Some hot head gets the point... I think
  115. Washington state Non-resident CCW?
  116. Impressive Disney security man.
  117. What do you check for CC?
  118. CCer ousted by constant fidgeting
  119. Scary Encounter This Morning
  120. Hypothetical question regarding CCDW "Sudden Need"
  121. CC and drinking
  122. Who feels more comfortable with their "big clunky" gun?
  123. Non-Res Wally Walk!
  124. Carried for the first time today
  125. Anti-gun Senator Shoots Intruder??
  126. I need AGAIN advices for CCW,
  127. NH non-res cwp
  128. National Forest
  129. Disabled people more likely to be victims of crime
  130. Based on your CC permit photo, how would the general public describe you?
  131. TEXAS: Question about Postings at Hospital
  132. Stupid: CCW Permit Holder Threatens to shoot his iPhone (Merged)
  133. Gave IWB holster away to CCW`er.
  134. My experience at the Maricopa County court in Surprise, AZ
  135. My Firearms License Experience
  136. ... My Brother's Keeper
  137. It took longer to get my PF9 back from Keltec
  138. UGA trip part II...
  139. Leaving for NOLA today
  140. Orlando This Weekend
  141. Got my ccw today!!!!!
  142. 2 CC issues I am having.
  143. Best Place to buy?
  144. CCW'd at the Fair, Acid Test and Carney observations
  145. Vote on MSNBC
  146. Carrying on a date.
  147. Round or no round?
  148. AZCentral poll: CC in bars / restaurants
  149. Which .40?
  150. If OC was your only option
  151. Tennessee carry question about advising an officer?
  152. Caught a guy accidentally showing
  153. Anatomy of a violent encounter...
  154. How many would still carry?
  155. I got so excited...
  156. Odd LEO encounter
  157. CT Laws on Storing Gun in Car
  158. And now I wait...
  159. Busted carrying at the Hospital
  160. How many rounds do you own (poll)
  161. carry in defensive driving class
  162. Waiting for my HCP.
  163. What do you do with your gun in the car?
  164. Unarmed for a night out
  165. Giving gun as gift in FL
  166. Lost my favorite IWB holster....(better half got her permit)
  167. exactly 90 days in SC
  168. How is Gatlinburg, Tennessee for CCW??
  169. East Texas State Fair (Tyler) -- any CHL hassles?
  170. Took my ccw class at vanguard td
  171. Concealed Permit, Glock Fever & NH Non-Res.
  172. Wife is Tactically Ignorant
  173. Really funny LEO encounter
  174. uneducated friends and ridiculous stats....
  175. Wife almost outed me in a most unfriendly environment
  176. 61 days !!
  177. Who has the most permits?
  178. Got my permit today
  179. Pocket Holster Retention -Rookie Concerns
  180. moving within state, renew or reapply
  181. The draw from alternative carry methods
  182. Texas State Fair - Bring it!
  183. Health Tip
  184. A letter to Mr. Duffy San Diego Sheriff Candidate
  185. Taking a class to get your CCW permit?
  186. Concealed Carry Holder Outgunned?
  187. bought my first gun
  188. my first time in public to cc
  189. Comments on ammo shortage
  190. Traveling in NJ for trade show.
  191. About gun shops that prohibit/frown upon concealed carry inside the store...
  192. Parking Lot Storage Law for Minn., Miss., Louisiana & Georgia
  193. I need to rant...
  194. CHL in Texas after Marijuana Charge
  195. Where exactly is "in" a Federal building?
  196. It works!
  197. Frustrated in Texas
  198. Anti-RKBA businesses List
  199. Utah Permits on the Rise
  200. How stable is ammo?
  201. Kudoes to Cabelas
  202. S&W Model 60 .357 or Ruger SP101 357 for IWB Carry
  203. NYC CCW Question
  204. Is waiting the hardest part?
  205. I had a great experience with the government today!
  206. Florida Concealed Weapon License in 6 Days
  207. Alright, I give.
  208. On the road to Concealed Carry (finally)!
  209. Revolver CCW question
  210. Tactical Lights
  211. Interesting LEO experience last night...
  212. Wow, just learned my wife carrying for 15 years
  213. Thought's on Federal 9mm 115+P+ 9BPLE
  214. Question about new signs in TN
  215. Who should issue Carry Permits
  216. CCW on Monday
  217. Utah Non-Resident Permit Arrived!
  218. Carrying while driving through Ohio
  219. My Husbands Comments.......In Regards 2 My CCW
  220. Just received my CCW
  221. Ohio CCW Laws and Liquor Establishments?
  222. What is "Mexican Style" carry?
  223. How many bullets are enough?
  224. Met my new lawyer today, and he was armed
  225. Texas CC - prevalance of 30.06 signs
  226. Quick help from Washingtonians
  227. Problem: College Carry
  228. No firearms signs at 2 places
  229. Update, Please? Tennessee and Alcoholic Beverages
  230. Spare Mags???
  231. First day of Carry
  232. Court proofing guns
  233. Situational Awareness...
  234. Something to tell the Sheeple who ask...
  235. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  236. Old Subject, new Post. CCW weapon for wife
  237. Pocket carry with dress slacks
  238. Need help with a research paper please
  239. RBCD what can ya tell me???
  240. Security concern about my wife
  241. Proud of My CCW Wife!
  242. Visiting Vegas from TX question
  243. CCW renewal. WOW!!!!!!
  244. 30 days in S. E. Colorado!!!!!
  245. CCW class this weekend!
  246. Waiting Time CWP Utah?
  247. One gun
  248. Texas Law Regarding Company Policies
  249. There I was, surrounded by State Troopers.....
  250. Something is bothering me