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  1. Spin Off from the Defensive Scenarios Forum
  2. Carrying in AZ Heat
  3. Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods)
  4. Fingerprint issue - Utah permit
  5. Think I was made
  6. LEO Encounter
  7. Going to Block Island
  8. Westchester County NY Full Carry Permit Holders
  9. quick question re: Colorado car carry
  10. Opinions for NC legality
  11. Anti's "escalation" argument???
  12. Does your permit list what you can carry?
  13. Received PA Non Resident Permit
  14. No CCW Badges Please!
  15. First LEO Encounter
  16. cmv ?
  17. Got Mine!
  18. Finally
  19. I don't care if you have a CHL
  20. Florida CCW at work
  21. New to CC. Question for those more experienced
  22. Knock on the door at 10:30pm last night...
  23. I can't get comfortable in my carry. What am I doing wrong?
  24. CPL slips out of back pocket...
  25. FL Non-Res CCW Holder Here.
  26. 6 State Road Trip
  27. CCW in Kansas Signs
  28. Has the term "reciprocity" lost its meaning?
  29. Charlotte Permit Timeline
  30. Meth addict at Tullys, Seattle
  31. Process for CCP: GA Specific.
  32. Got my SC permit Friday
  33. Does this make you decide?
  34. Carry in Nebraska
  35. UTAH
  36. One business day
  37. More CCW Victories in Tennessee!
  38. Traveling in The People Republic of California
  39. Missouri CCW, Got the Card !!
  40. SC permit arrived today
  41. Wash. D.C. Holocaust Museum Copycats
  42. Which permit would you use?
  43. I hate this -- Arena, not sure what to do
  44. CC while paintballing?
  45. Employment requirement for CC license?
  46. Help me out with this!!
  47. South Dakota adds VA and ME!
  48. Finally got my NH Non-Res Permit
  49. Crazy guy on campus
  50. My email to Texas DPS
  51. Platte County, MO-14 Days Flash to Bang
  52. Tennessee question for a traveler
  53. Close call at work today!
  54. 112 days for UT non-resident permit
  55. DOH!!
  56. Moms who carry
  57. I got it!
  58. Florida Concealed Carry Permit
  59. NM laws vs. Arizona laws
  60. Response from my representative. . .if you're interested.
  61. Running, jogging, biking with CHL, what to carry?
  62. Not something to take lightly or laugh at.
  63. AZ Restaraunt Carry bill
  64. In my opinion
  65. NJ gun laws
  66. Interesting CCW facts
  67. Deputized mall security guards
  68. Can they search you?
  69. 2008 Minnesota CCW Statistics
  70. Almost had to use it at the ATM this evening...
  71. Still no permit...
  72. Houston CHL question.
  73. Rhode Island members have a question
  74. Called Texas DPS today
  75. South Carolina CWP Rules
  76. 92 days and counting...time to call SLED
  77. Thank heaven for the trigger guard.
  78. Had to "OUT" Myself
  79. Have Florida Non-Resident, now live in Florida
  80. Englishman in Indiana
  81. WOOOOOOOHOOO got it today
  82. I got my CCW today!
  83. TN-->GA-->FL Road Trip Permit Questions>
  84. Trip to my local clinic kinda funny i guess!!
  85. no recognition from Nebraska
  86. Age ranges of permittee's
  87. Sarge's little study of "carry alertness".....
  88. Fire Mission: Hit This Poll
  89. NC Church with a pre-school question answered by my states AG!
  90. My question promoting fair concealed carry issue in "Ask CA Gov re: budget crisis"
  91. Trip Report: New York to California
  92. Questions about moving cross country
  93. LEO notification?
  94. NH permits.
  95. It's now 90 days
  96. Carry at Fairfax County, VA Fair?
  97. LEO followed closely on the way home....
  98. Pennsylvania concealed carry
  99. driving cross country
  100. VA question?
  101. TN House and Senate Veto Override Gov!
  102. How long in Ark.?
  103. Revoked license stories
  104. transfer of carry gun
  105. I got in trouble on my WWW today!!
  106. County Elected official recall efforts now highlighting CCW Permit
  107. CCW license arrived today!
  108. Florida Private Sale
  109. Charlotte CHP may be getting better!
  110. Florida Concealed License Update
  111. Gun signs at Bass Pro Shops
  112. I asked the question of my company
  113. Florida Acceptable Training Documentation
  114. Active military get free CHL from Texas
  115. Do you carry IN your home?
  116. How long before receiving CCW permit
  117. Reveal you carry publicly, or spread positive message?
  118. Excellent paper on may issue vs. shall issue of CCW licenses.
  119. Moved within NC
  120. CCW at Cabelas
  121. Shhhhhhhhh I am carrying for the first time today...
  122. No weapons allowed signs
  123. Moving to CA?
  124. Attn: Fellow cold weather carriers...
  125. a what if based on a real experience
  126. Its here!! Its here!!
  127. Gotta Carry Question
  128. Nevada Residents, Help Please
  129. Whole Foods No Concealed Carry
  130. Moving while waiting on CHL
  131. Moving from Tenn to Texas
  132. My Wally World Walk
  133. Relocating to Minneapolis
  134. No firearms sign at Renton Parks...
  135. What is with the Wally Walk??
  136. Took CHL class today
  137. Got SC CWP in mail today AND...
  138. Got My Texas PIN Number
  139. Taking a gun into MD
  140. A Question About Arizona
  141. Worth the time to get a Florida non resident permit?
  142. Wish her luck!!
  143. Georgia restaurant carry ???
  144. Logo gear and concealment...
  145. Parenting
  146. CO does not accept permits from:
  147. Transport across Canadian border
  148. Real situation what would you do
  149. Petite
  150. CHL question
  151. Vacation Trip to New Orleans
  152. Bush IAH Airport Deceitful Signage
  153. NC Castle Domain Law
  154. Class To Mail in 102 Days
  155. State, County & City park carry in NC
  156. Traffic Stop...
  157. How to convince Family Member their conceal carry is inappropiate
  158. Better than a concealed carry badge!
  159. Boat Owners....
  160. Airport Carry!!!
  161. Is there ANY gun I can take to NY???
  162. Trip to posted!
  163. Montana Carry
  164. Email to Congressman Brady
  165. Bolivian Gun Laws
  166. Witnessed a street fight today
  167. Carry at a theme park?
  168. Went to the mailbox...
  169. Concerned about my atire.
  170. Gangster pants and IWB carry
  171. Disarm at the hospital
  172. Good experience with a LEO today
  173. My KY ccw in FL
  174. Outta Shape Much?
  175. Making other people
  176. 1st time
  177. Reciprocity can be a recipe for disaster.
  178. Rotate mags?
  179. reciprocity change in West Virginia
  180. My wife made someone at dinner
  181. Bersa .380 for CC
  182. Church Safety
  183. Carry Permit for Military Police
  184. PA Non-resident Permit
  185. Colorado permit renewal time?? Too long
  186. Young lady clerk at the jewelry store
  187. Permit holder statistics by state
  188. Looking for video links
  189. To Carry Loaded in chamber or not
  190. Conceal Video
  191. Yee Haw! Got my Utah permit!
  192. South Carolina (limited )Reciprocity
  193. One permit down, one to go -- NC
  194. Got my VA Permit!!
  195. Question on NC CC Law
  196. Exemption for concealed carry licensee who is a student @ college in upstate NY?
  197. Urgent Action Needed: TX Campus andParking Lot Bills
  198. LTC in action in MA
  199. Helping wife CC in summer
  200. FINALLY Louisiana catches up!
  201. South Carolina members--we need you!
  202. unusual stop
  203. How tight is your belt?
  204. Help me help a friend in Dallas, TX?
  205. Daily Follow the Texas legislation on Campus Carry
  206. Employment discrimination against gun owners?
  207. Traveling to El Paso, TX should I pack my piece?
  208. The official 2009 NRA convention Wally World Walk Canadian style!!
  209. Florida Post Office Carry
  210. NY gun sale/transfer out of state
  211. Take action now!
  212. Texas Senate authorizes students, professors to carry guns on campus
  213. They really do live in a fantasy world...
  214. FL may issue w/o background checks
  215. Watch For Those Little Stickers
  216. Store owner arms himself.
  217. Bicycle to work
  218. Another joins the ranks...
  219. Louisiana Signage?
  220. No slack for disabled veterans?
  221. 71 days and counting
  222. Uneventful Travel Experience
  223. Does any one have this?
  224. HC posted sign
  225. Carrying concealed at work ?
  226. Grounds for a-peel: Authorities say NC teen ate banana after using it as gun in holdu
  227. Picture from an auto detail ;)
  228. "No Weapons Allowed" Poll
  229. "No concealed weapons allowed!!!"
  230. Utah CCW
  231. Question.....Concealed Carry in Pa.
  232. Alabama/Georgia do not honor SC permits- Help
  233. Good news for Alabama Permit Holders
  234. Wife got her CCP
  235. I fought the man....on the internet.
  236. Traveling from New York State to Florida
  237. Colorado Gov Vetos NICS bypass
  238. Be a Good Witness?
  239. Carry while boating?
  240. Something to think about.
  241. Wally World Walk
  242. Nashville Tn Metro police on citizen carry
  243. CHP Overdue
  244. "No Guns" signs
  245. Channel 3 in Memphis, WREG has run a hit piece on carry
  246. Please help in Arizona May 15th 2009
  247. Help me convince MY WIFE!!!!
  248. Confused!!!
  249. I try not to argue, but it's so hard to hold back!!!
  250. I "made" another CCW'er yesterday.