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  1. would you draw your CCW to shoot a wounded animal?
  2. CC at a Tea Party
  3. Do you know any Blind CCW'rs?
  4. CCW in Georgia
  5. Sign Question
  6. Reciprocity ?
  7. Got my FL non-res... 5 MONTHS!
  8. USCCA?
  9. Bag Carry???
  10. Wally Walk.....At Last!
  11. VA Gold Cup: Carry or No Carry?
  12. Carry at Disney on Ice?
  13. Can I get multiple CFLs from multiple states?
  14. Can You Carry While Drinking At A Bar?
  15. Committed or just involved
  16. Does anyone know of any churches in Columbia,SC...
  17. How do you get a CWP in Binghamton, New York?
  18. The Official "Restroom Thread"
  19. Quick air travel question...
  20. Conceal Carry without a Holster
  21. College carry MO. Please hit this poll
  22. Importance of CCW To You?
  23. Concealed Carry as Part of the RKBA???
  24. Florida law concerning vehicles and schools
  25. Florida carry in vehicle at work at a school
  26. Meaning of "printing"
  27. Received my Utah Concealed Firearm Permit today
  28. FL members, whats the phone # .....
  29. How Do You All Handle Alarm Activations
  30. Defining "Concealed Carry" or How deep to cover
  31. Carrying in New Mexico for Non-Residents
  32. This is an email I want to send DPS. Please give feedback
  33. 32 Days and still nothing, Texas
  34. How to tell if someone is carrying..
  35. Usa today poll on guns
  36. concealed carry question
  37. Carrying out of the country?
  38. Got Made at Band Rehearsal
  39. A day for celebration
  40. 18 Days turnaround in NC!!!
  41. At the feed store... or guess who is packing
  42. How I have changed since CC.
  43. New to carrying my setup -- what would you recommend?
  44. Nashville Sophistry or Staring into the glow of idiocy
  45. Any One Handed Shooters?
  46. Texas, and 60 Days Are Up
  47. Help - Out of state ccw carrying question/issue
  48. Texas CC in Hospital
  49. Speak to attorney first?
  50. CC while injured, what have you done?
  51. Confused on Gunbuster
  52. CC in North Carolina
  53. Offical Wal-Mart Walk Photo Style!
  54. Surprising comment
  55. Question regarding law and purchase of handgun.
  56. Well, I guess no carry for me when visiting KS
  57. Took the walk today
  58. Has anyone tried and received permission
  59. My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?
  60. First Encounter with LEO while Carrying
  61. Finally applied
  62. Car carry in NC
  63. S.C. cwp instructor
  64. Carry at rest stops in alabama?
  65. CCW instructors emailed me about Nat'l Parks this morning...
  66. Question about carrying and the event of a school sponsored event
  67. One in the Pipe?
  68. Moved
  69. Florida handgun law for vehicle
  70. OK, heres a curveball...
  71. CCW is better than not
  72. What!? No reciprocity?!
  73. Carrying in Georgia..
  74. Texas
  75. Dont' talk to cops - even if you are innocent - this is a must see...
  76. Still waiting in Arkansas
  77. Visiting Colorado, anything I need to know?
  78. Have you ever been "made"?
  79. Would You Carry a Gun You Have Never Practiced With?
  80. Visiting Indiana, anything I should know?
  81. Mississippi getting better
  82. Best Advice For Vehicle Carry
  83. Just Spoke to DPS
  84. Going to the me with laws.
  85. WY Now Honors AZ. Maine Honors DE
  86. TN HCP wait at day 41.
  87. NH Non Res Permit Questions
  88. U.S.A. break out the Constitution. Time to go on the offense.
  89. CCW Status in Marysville, CA
  90. CHP came in 46 days in Eastern NC
  91. Odd question
  92. Privacy of CWP...rearing its head in the Mountain State, NRA intervening
  93. How do you disarm before going into a gun free zone?
  94. Reciprocity nightmare
  95. USA poll please vote today !!!
  96. Florida Permit Delay - Update
  97. The Sheriff, CCW Policy, And The Republican Party
  98. got my AZ CCW in the mail today
  99. Can they do this?
  100. CHL came on day 60 in Texas
  101. 22 Days and Still no status change
  102. why aren't colleges posted?
  103. My wife CCed today for the first time!
  104. Waiting for Utah Non-resident Permit
  105. Any members from Wisconsin?
  106. got my carry permit !!!!
  107. CCW question for the ladies
  108. Had to draw today. 2 armed guys.
  109. Newbie from Indiana question....
  110. When does Day 1 started ? - Texas
  111. Going to MI
  112. can you carry your gun to work?
  113. Off to the gym and some weight training
  114. For the jeans guys (sorry ladies)
  115. How many are using their 2a rights
  116. Stereotypes against me (Permit holder)
  117. My WW Walk (Finally!)
  118. Code words for children
  119. Stopped for the first time while carrying
  120. Carrying in Flordia hospitals?
  121. Restaurant deliveries...
  122. Va restaurant carry ban
  123. Question about legality
  124. How do you carry with your child around?
  125. Safety Question
  126. WW walk
  127. CCW in New Mexico
  128. Church or firehouse in NC
  129. Wal Mart Experience
  130. Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news)
  131. posted conflicting signs
  132. Arkansas Park Carry?
  133. Hospital Sign
  134. How many spare mags do you carry?
  135. 16 days and counting
  136. Pennsylvania non-resident permit?
  137. Caliber of Miami BK shooter?
  138. WWW - Mission Accomplished
  139. Fire mission "Concealed Weapons on Campus?"
  140. Robber of a Burger King shot dead by CCW holder. CCW holder shot also.
  141. Going to Texas and have a couple of CCW questions.
  142. 4-8 weeks for Wifes LTC
  143. New Ohio Sheepdog headed to WW
  144. CCH Owner in AR shoots would be robber!
  145. South Carolina CWP Renewal
  146. NH - CCW - Past 14 Days... Giving Me Trouble
  147. wait time for carry permit in pa
  148. My Wally World Walk
  149. Bad News
  150. Recieved CHP today
  151. Multiple CCL ?
  152. Why I think the way I do.
  153. Visiting DC . Whats the law?
  154. AL. GA. Folků CCW Info?
  155. Check Your spare mag's!!!
  156. CHL in Texas
  157. Deep Concealment
  158. Do you personally know anyone with a NYC or NJ concealed carry permit?
  159. For new and prospective CCW's
  160. Interesting find on Facebook...
  161. Deaf Concealed Carriers?
  162. First CC walk.
  163. Funny exchange with my brother
  164. Question For S. Carolina Permit holders
  165. Only in VA!
  166. Finally Took The Class
  167. CCP class expectations?
  168. Interpretation of NYC Code: "Continuous and Uninterrupted"?
  169. Man who killed wife in church parking lot blames his CCL and access to pistol
  170. Illegal 30.06 Sign in Texas??
  171. Carry @ Fairgrounds or Convention Centers
  172. I got the call
  173. Super happy husband and son. . . .
  174. Mine finially came in the mailbox,Thursday,the 19th,Mailbox buzzarding paid off...
  175. Business trip- what gun to take?
  176. Question for LEO's about CCW Permit
  177. CCW in a bar or club
  178. Bad Mood
  179. A Students Guide to Every Day Carry for Personal Protection
  180. My first traffic stop with a CCW permit
  181. Gang Initiation (new prank ? ) ....... shoot someone in Walmart
  182. CC at NASCAR event in TN?
  183. South Dakota law updates
  184. motorcycle cc (Merged)
  185. 2 More weeks!
  186. Move to a Restrictive State
  187. Not All LEOs are supportive
  188. Why do you need a gun?
  189. Conceal my glock on my slim female body
  190. My wife's turn around...
  191. Traveling to Louisiana
  192. Shot by a COP
  193. Define brandishing
  194. My Transformation and hope for my wife.
  195. Eyes not as good as they used to be
  196. Declare at an ID check / DWI checkpoint?
  197. How many avoid flying, drive instead?
  198. Coming to Utah from NC!
  199. Spare Mag showing
  200. What's Proper To Say Or To Do?
  201. Oklahoma CC course requirements
  202. Just another Hypo-Thetical
  203. Before taking CCH class...
  204. This seems odd
  205. Any Utahns out there know?
  206. Traffic Stops and CC
  207. Exposurer Question????
  208. Almost gave myself away today @ WW
  209. Virginia Blue ridge parkway
  210. American Self Defense Institute
  211. Arizona Nevada guys
  212. City of Louisville Ordinance and signage
  213. Lawyers and NRA
  214. not a wally world walk, but bass pro shops
  215. Wal Mart??
  216. I know what I'm Doing Monday !!!
  217. Virginia CC Vehicle Weapon Storage?
  218. MARTA Train Ride...
  219. Some of you may be breaking the law.
  220. Taken to the hospital while carrying?
  221. I am going to walmart!
  222. Traveling to a No-Carry state - what should I take?
  223. Got My License And Did The WW Walk
  224. Knife vs Gun
  225. Castle Doctrine - NC
  226. Had our annual comapny meeting yesterday, policy change.
  227. I lost my right to carry last week
  228. I'm curious....
  229. CCW at Gatornationals this weekend??
  230. My Wife is almost there
  231. The wait... :(
  232. Change in Mississippi CCW wait period
  233. Should I Participate in This
  234. What do you all think of this? AD
  235. Should I worry bout a SS gun in a black holster?
  236. Here's how to explain Carrying to non/anti-gunners
  237. Everyone on this site vote "no" on the cnn pole now!!!!!
  238. Well BCI took my money!!!
  239. Carrying In Church??
  240. Going to NC, TN on vacation any heads up?
  241. Another marginal situation
  242. Concealed Firearms Permit Arrived!
  243. Hospital signs
  244. Purchasing Handguns on Non-resident License
  245. I made the call today,after 31 days,since mailing everything in???
  246. Statistics on CCP holders by race & sex?
  247. Carry into someone's home?
  248. Concealed weapons badge.
  249. I don't carry a gun
  250. LEOs called on a LEO and I... nothing serious