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  1. CCW applied for!
  2. It's in the mail
  3. Damn! Got made at work today...
  4. Special Delivery to me...
  5. Iowa: Two Shall Issue Bills Introduced. See Post 22 for Update.
  6. Converted two of three
  7. I feel like Ralphie
  8. Getting Too Close - My Turn
  9. Another CCW carrier on the way
  10. got the call
  11. People Getting Too Close...
  12. Do you carry at home?
  13. finialy talked him into cpl
  14. Looks like I am we are going on our 1st family trip. . .
  15. National Park and Wildlife Refuge No Gun Signs in Florida
  16. Florida Permit Turnaround
  17. I'm legal now
  18. New interest in CCW among teachers
  19. National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced
  20. Gun on Private Plane in FL
  21. Advise on Utah CC permit application
  22. Arkansas renewal 4 week turnaround!
  23. Traveling with a co-worker
  24. Came a little close to a slip up...
  25. A bad day ... and a good LEO encounter.
  26. city ordinance broke state law.
  27. So close I can taste it !
  28. funny read on a mugging
  29. Possible thwarted rape or abduction on my wife?
  30. I love my wife
  31. Might Start Shopping More at Radio Shack
  32. Interesting poll in class this week
  33. How about a "never got made thread" chime in.......
  34. And the battle rages on
  35. My CHL finally arrived!
  36. Shoulder Rig vs Coat Pocket?
  37. Gun safe under driver's seat
  38. National Park Carry - Employees Don't Have Same Rights
  39. Got made today... at daycare
  40. New Hampshire non-resident application?
  41. Finger got caught where it shouldn't have been
  42. Is it normal?
  43. Question about carrying ammo
  44. The funniest thing happened
  45. US Space and Rocket Center--CCW ?
  46. Moving and CCW
  47. Valuable Lesson Learned.
  48. How many CC in WADC?
  49. Forgot where I lived today...
  50. Will they take my other guns?
  51. Thinking of creating some signs
  52. 2 issues I have seen when carrying...
  53. Texas Concealed Carry Target Size/Scoring
  54. Photographer's vest - good or bad idea
  55. New site for Arkies
  56. Why Training
  57. Lady friend finally admits Pepper Spray or Mace Ok...which one?
  58. VCDL Alert: 3 Major Gun Bills will be heard Monday Jan 19 2009.
  59. Do you have an attorneys contact information in case something happens?
  60. Compiling church shooting stories
  61. Traveling thru Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri - anti gun signs
  62. Funny thing happened at my home closing....
  63. Ok, so there is a no firearms allowed sign on a business in my town...
  64. Any Maryland members?
  65. Utah non-resident permits may be no more!!
  66. Empty Holster in View
  67. Reciprocity question. Sort of... (Fl./Mi.)
  68. congrats to me
  69. Are there states that...
  70. Private pilots and CC
  71. I am now official.
  72. Is my GA permit valid after moving out of state?
  73. Got my Concealed Carry License!!!
  74. Doesn't it just feel kinda cool to have a pistol strapped to your hip?
  75. is Changing
  76. Got made last night by my CHL permit, FYI...
  77. Traveling through WV and Virginia tonight, need answers!
  78. From craigslist for Tampa, Fl: NOT THE GA ROBBERY
  79. I got freaked out today!!
  80. If a police dog got away & charged at you, would you shoot it?
  81. Colorado Counties can't keep up with CCW apps
  82. My journey to NY unrestricted license
  83. CPL Michigan how long?
  84. Finally, tomorrow...
  85. EDC for someone with no CWP
  86. Do you carry your semi-auto pistol with the "+1"?
  87. Pastor Mugged and beaten in Church!
  88. Sad Day...
  89. Ark. lawmaker tries for concealed-carry changes
  90. New Member - New CHL Applicant - Colorado Wait Times
  91. Conceal carry in Tennesse
  92. Whitnessed an assault, Got a Domestic Violence BG arrested
  93. I had to draw on someone today
  94. Man Accidentally Shoots Toilet After Gun in His Pants Goes Off
  95. Pro-Gun Bills Pre-Filed in Texas
  96. Is 42 Rounds Of .45 Too Much...?
  97. Virginia "Castle" Law?
  98. New Gun Owner - New CCW Permit
  99. 1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him
  100. Now I'm Official--Slight update to the excitement
  101. Virginia Members ~ Restaurant Petition
  102. Letter to editor on the importance of gun rights @ local college
  103. I got it~~~!
  104. Jumping throug hoops to get my license...
  105. Church carry and security
  106. Wife blew my cover...
  107. So I had a little party at my house
  108. Wife taking CCW class
  109. What Can We Do to Influence Obama????
  110. Carrying in a restaurant: MI Specific
  111. Carrying magazines
  112. Take this State CCDW Quiz and let us know how Ya Did
  113. Florida Greyhound Track No Carry?
  114. Dropping a Deuce
  115. USCCA Members?
  116. If you carry you should see this
  117. The wait is on
  118. Protection in "Prohibited Areas"
  119. Idea against false brandishing report
  120. I told my wife...
  121. National Park Carnage Begins
  122. Waiting for ccw? quit complaining!
  123. Outta Sight, Outta Mind
  124. Wow what a bad comment
  125. Hugs
  126. How Can I Carry?
  127. A Shrinks Guide to the Anti-Gunner
  128. Americans Use A Gun in Self-Defense Once Every 13 Seconds
  129. Help..Need advice/lawyer referral
  130. Carry Twins? Who Carries 2 of the same gun?
  131. Question about situation
  132. Educate me- Legal or otherwise
  133. FiancÚ completely anti-gun
  134. How do you carry your concealed carry license?
  135. New Orleans story
  136. Radio Shack carry policy
  137. Concealed class completed
  138. Utah Permit Arrived Today
  139. Finally saw my 2nd 30.06 sign
  140. Driveway Alarms
  141. CCW Class complete - now the wait...
  142. Quick Question....
  143. Which 1911 Kimber for Carry?
  144. Do Airport Security Checkpoints Sniff for Gunpowder?
  145. Be sure to remove store sensor tags as sewn in to your clothing
  146. Strange SUV: To Call or Not to Call
  147. Good news
  148. Out of state cwp for NY
  149. Theater Code of Conduct Bans Guns, Backfires on Theater
  150. Kansas gun buster signs
  151. younger looking CCW's come a question
  152. A question for our Texas members
  153. Selecting ammo in the right package
  154. Competent To Carry?!
  155. New Job, New Weapons Policy?
  156. Carrying in Florida
  157. I'm carrying again!
  158. How to fly with pistol
  159. Going on a trip, how to carry?
  160. Out of State Permit in the mail....
  161. A few of my favorite things
  162. Ethical question - Going to the doctor and know I will have to remove shirt.
  163. To lube or not to lube, that is the question!
  164. My boyfriend went into Walmart naked...
  165. troubleshoot draw problem?
  166. Love Field's 30.05 Signage??
  167. Pictures of/how you carry (I'll start)
  168. New Hampshire Out-of-State Permit question
  169. Carrying and Buying Alcohol?
  170. You are not the law, do not draw unless you are ready to pay with your life (savings)
  171. No "Legal" signage?
  172. Approved establishments
  173. Got spotted carrying.
  174. Out of town new years party - hotel stay.
  175. Virginia Restaurant Employee Carry Question
  176. Learn from my mistake II Range Report with pics
  177. Why is NH so safe?
  178. It took a year but I finally won...
  179. Another travel? Arkansas/Texas specific
  180. New Job Opportunities...Conceal Carry dillemma
  181. Concealed Carry Issue
  182. Contact Information for...
  183. Seeking Information on Airports
  184. Concealed carry at work
  185. What happens to your gun?
  186. Undershirts?
  187. Question for the ladies...
  188. Sitting at red light watching a man point his Glock at the driver's window
  189. Going to South Carolina for New Years Eve.
  190. Bank Robbery.
  191. Crime by CCL Holders...
  192. CC Options for the Scrawny
  193. I Hope To Get Concealed Carry in England
  194. Sitting in car waiting...and....
  195. ND @ Defensive Handgun Class
  196. Holding assailant at do you safely contact LEO?
  197. Interstate Roads Carry
  198. Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike Maryland and New Jersey?
  199. So, we're flying to Florida...
  200. Value City Furniture
  201. Some people should NEVER have guns
  202. Whatchoo Got?
  203. Fine Motor Skills #2
  204. Pants for IWB?
  205. Loss of fine motor skills
  206. need some advice
  207. Liqour Store: TX
  208. Caught my wife in the act...
  209. Got Made at Christmas
  210. Moving
  211. Today I carried my G21SF and Wow, what a difference...
  212. Becoming Impatient
  213. Double duty?
  214. CCW Permit
  215. Colorado
  216. Reviewed All 316 Pages of Threads
  217. My turn to carry leftie?
  218. Suggestions or Advice Please
  219. Got made at work
  220. Dr. visit
  221. Increased numbers of CCW permits - More scrutiny?
  222. Carry regardless of posted
  223. Timing & Perspective is Everything
  224. Let's all learn from my mistake (many pics)
  225. Off-Body Carry Concern = Safety?
  226. reciprocity when moving across the country
  227. Got an interesting letter from the Sheriff
  228. Fat guy ccw
  229. Is money the only way to quietly support RKBA?
  230. Carrying on/near International Bridge (US-Mexico)
  231. New Dr likes guns
  232. Maine and Delaware
  233. Observations of the Concealed Carry Classes.
  234. Carry position and holster - Question
  235. CCW questions for South Carolinians and Georgians...
  236. First trip out CCW
  237. Compromising your concealment
  238. A LEO's point of view
  239. Motorcycle Carry - Jacket w/"Built-In" Holster
  240. A civil argument with my "liberal" sister over CCW
  241. Girlfriend touched my piece and just said WOW!
  242. Unregistered carry
  243. CCW at Paramount Theater in Denver?
  244. Did something really stupid last night
  245. Sending in FL CCW paperwork before 21?
  246. She's there.
  247. Concealed carry beginning to open up in my community.
  248. Legal now
  249. NY Times Article: Getting a legal handgun in New York [City]?
  250. High Cap mags leaving thru NY airport.