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  1. Concealed Carry Mindset
  2. Playing Soccer with a Full Size
  3. Validity of "No Firearms Allowed" signs
  4. Back up Wallet..? Your thoughts
  5. What do You do?
  6. Clearification on CHL/Concealed Weapons laws in ohio
  7. carry into FL.
  8. Need more places like this!
  9. Tacti-Cool Silliness
  10. Question for NC, SC, GA, FL permit holders
  11. AZ Permit ... Damn that was quick
  12. Finally got my permit (Arm pump!)
  13. Truck carry
  14. State Fair Bans Guns; State Fair Workers Robbed at Gun Point
  15. KY is FAST with accepting there CCDW!
  16. LEO's Story of Concealed Carrier Intervening
  17. People afraid to carry
  18. Kentucky (and Ohio) Car Carry Laws
  19. Walmart and Self-Defense laws in Utah
  20. Percentage of people who carry everywhere possible all of the time?
  21. New job need a new way to carry ... Maybe
  22. Michael my Hero
  23. Irony
  24. Best states for concealed carry
  25. Concealed Carrier Robbed of Handgun
  26. Vet Denied concealed carry permit in NC
  27. Florida trip
  28. Florida Alert! Report on Campus Carry & School Safety Bills
  29. Question about Leaving gun in Vehicle On Campus in Michigan.
  30. Insurance yes or no
  31. Moving across country, how to pack gun
  32. Issues (legal or technical) with removing manual safety (Ruger LC9s)
  33. Today's Reasons for CC
  34. Shield .40 holster?
  35. Question for those of you who live in Florida.
  36. Top Carry "Mistakes"; Printing; and "Tactical" clothing
  37. KISS method of EDC
  38. N.J. Age restriction
  39. good article on Empty Chamber Carry and why it isn't a good idea....
  40. Is Constitutional Carry Legal in Washington State?
  41. Fly with guns? Be advised TSA master keys can be printed now
  42. Safety ON- Safety OFF?
  43. traveling to Illinois
  44. IWB Hybrid "Back Gap" Issues
  45. STOP or GO?
  46. Teacher concealed carry
  47. Empty Chamber Carry article
  48. Question about CA school vs. church
  49. DD214 required?
  50. Night sights
  51. It's important to stop and laugh
  52. I could make a statement but.......
  53. How often should I swap out my ammo?
  54. Free.1911 .22
  55. misdemeanor offense
  56. Question about Michigan concealed carry in vehicle
  57. U.S. Law Shield seminar, had anyone attended one?
  58. Illegally 30.06 signage/ government buildings in Tx.
  59. Glock + connector. CRISP
  60. 1911 Concealed carry
  61. alabama question
  62. IWB holster
  63. New guy with long question
  64. Handgun in the car while at work.
  65. A surpise visit by the police
  66. No Firearms Allowed
  67. The Handgun Sling
  68. Minnesota State Fair
  69. Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm
  70. Interesting conversation at a LGS
  71. It Does Get Easier
  72. Colorado issue: metal detectors at Bronco games
  73. Michigan concealed carry questions
  74. Arrived in my mailbox today
  75. EDC for HD, Yes or No?
  76. one-handed draw from concealed carry
  77. You dont see a sign like this too often!
  78. Guns stolen from vehicles increasingly used in violent crime: St Louis
  79. Why All Carriers Should Take At Least One Advanced Class
  80. Today was my First day of carrying with my first license. No one yelled "GUN!!!"
  81. Self-Defence Guidelines/FYI
  82. Kentucky online E-CCDW real turn around time?
  83. Guy shot himself holstering appendix carry
  84. Cross body draw
  85. Navy Federal Credit union
  86. Pants
  87. 5 Years and 8 months
  88. s question for Virginia Members.....
  89. The Trouble With Printing
  90. How often do you unchamber?
  91. Texas Law Shield scam? Found an article regard of TLS service
  92. Regal Theater Now Checking purses and bags.
  93. Have to leave my gun in the car this week.
  94. Holster advice - clip on versus belt loop - Sneaky Pete
  95. AZ CCW Turnaround
  96. Need help ... Helping a friend (from NYC)
  97. Difficulty with two-finger grips
  98. First CC Excursion
  99. New Member From VA
  100. Went to City Hall today...
  101. Vacationing in California with Family. Gun?? Go or No Go??
  102. Next time you are asked...
  103. Maryland renewal
  104. Can't shake my "no manual safety" rule for CC!
  105. Had to travel to unfriendly territory
  106. Minnesota Honors 12 More Drops 4.
  107. Discarding Useless Dogma
  108. Roller Coasters, You, & Your Guns
  109. My flying with firearm experience with pictures
  110. Legal CC OK at NRA Annual Meeting 2016 In Louisville!
  111. A day in the life of EDC?
  112. "I just don't see the need for carrying a gun"
  113. Not a good start to the morning but still managed to EDC
  114. West Virginia & Nevada Have Full Reciprocity!
  115. Reason to carry
  116. CCW Etiquette?
  117. Questions regarding gun free school zones
  118. Car gun
  119. Glock 30 gen 4 odd finish
  120. NYC/CT Possible NJ travel.
  121. OH Riverboat Carry?
  122. Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States - John R. Lott Jr et. al.
  123. WV Seeing Increase in Concealed Carry Permits
  124. Is it paranoia, being realistic, or a bit of both
  125. This is why carrying a gun does not protect you.
  126. Traveling with FL CCW (Fl to Mass)
  127. CCW: A Big Responsibility
  128. New Jersey Strikes Again.
  129. Carrying while at home
  130. Police investigation of self defense-asserted homicides
  131. Can't CC today
  132. Florida fast tracks CCWs for active and retired military
  133. How would you read this sign?
  134. Florida printing and accidental exposure.. Anyone have the law/bill links?
  135. Another idea about what to say if someone asks "what's that clipped to your belt"?
  136. Taking the appendix out of carrying
  137. What is a Texas educational institution?
  138. Has your church increased security in light of recent incidents
  139. Successful First Time Out
  140. LC9s - make the safety 'stiffer'
  141. What did you carry to church today?
  142. Ohio Gunbuster Signage
  143. Illinois non-resident permit: a question/observation
  144. Is Austin still part of Texas?
  145. My CC permit came yesterday!
  146. New to CC and trying to get comfortable.
  147. Texas 30.06 vs an image of pistol with red X over it.....thoughts?
  148. Have been carrying for 8 years now without Insurance: Should I ?
  149. CC and motorcycle wreck
  150. CCW in New Orleans
  151. High School Friends & CC
  152. Get to know your antagonist!
  153. Bad day at the Range
  154. Here Is a report you won't see on TV
  155. Conceal carry on a Ferry across to Mackinaw Island
  156. Break the law or you might die.... Texas 30.06...
  157. HA, don't be a hater just because today I got my AZ non-resident in under 30 days!!!!
  158. Trip to Maryland
  159. Ankle Holsters for Concealed Carry
  160. Shot timer difference between a AIWB and IWB
  161. Virginia Non Resident Wait Time 2015
  162. Pocket Pistols
  163. Utah out of state permit
  164. Means to an end
  165. Traveling to New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, need advice.
  166. Flying tomorrow. Couple questions
  167. Weapons in Oregon
  168. West Virginia - Leave gun in car while at work?
  170. My equipment failure experience at grocery store check out stand
  171. Decided to STAY legal...
  172. New Study indicates CC reduces crime
  173. Hypothetical me... Uber Drivers
  174. Ladies, how do you carry?
  175. Tool Belt/Work Issues
  176. 30 yrs of ccw, pulled my weapon once
  177. Gunbuster signs at JRs Discount Outlets
  178. Great interview with a guy who used his gun to stop a robbery
  179. New Crime Prevention Research Center Study on Concealed Carry
  180. jarring causing powder problems
  181. Vacation to nc any tips???
  182. My Experience
  183. Houston NRG Stadium
  184. extra magazine in pocket - in case or not
  185. Got my Plastic yesterday. Finally... now what?? Next steps.
  186. NICS background checks/OPM data breach
  187. Maine Permitless Carry and Exceptions!!!!!!
  188. How to carry and when????
  189. Maine Number 6
  190. Smith and Wesson model 69 key lock.
  191. Question for Florida residents
  192. FL Permit Holder - Travel/Vacation in GA and NC
  193. Getting a motorcycle
  194. Well, darn, that was pretty stupid!!
  195. Pulled over in small town Texas
  196. Time for a 5th rule of gun safety
  197. What's your employer's policy on carry, do you follow it?
  198. Former CNN Anchor Speaks Out In Favor Of Guns
  199. Fairfax County, VA CWP Renewl
  200. PFZs again..
  201. You Never Really Know Until It Happens
  202. Question for Tennesse folks
  203. Michigan CPL Instructor Question
  204. Holster and gun almost hit the ground yike.
  205. Texas CHL will now become LTC ..... New gun laws summarized
  206. Taran tactical glock 43 +1 and +2
  207. Swapping out pistols for a few days
  208. The Wolf.........
  209. Florida CWP in Georgia
  210. Dumbest idea yet ...
  211. I'm really proud of my church's decision regarding concealed carry
  212. Do you feel safer when you carry?
  213. Well after.....
  214. Interesting Argument for Nationwide CC
  215. What Happens After a Justified Shooting?
  216. LA Concealed weapons permit holders
  217. Nevada reciprocity update !
  218. Moving to Ohio from Kentucky
  219. Jackson Co., MO residents...learn from my mistake
  220. Question about Illinois CCL law.
  221. Been carrying for a while, still have one small issue.
  222. Now here is an interesting stat...
  223. What 1 day of not CC'g did to me.
  224. My Political Post - Kind of.
  225. CHL in hands!
  226. Change of address on TN carry permit
  227. Concealed carry ~ day 1
  228. More Than 1 Permit?
  229. CCW in a Liquor Store (not a bar)
  230. OMG, I CCWed all day without a Gun
  231. New doctors appointment, should I leave it in the car?
  232. Disarm at the DMV
  233. Driving from Georgia to Maryland
  234. Meeting other people that CC
  235. WA CPL: Backup Guns allowed?
  236. Just started carrying today
  237. Training in VA for Florida non-res permit
  238. Surprise in the mail box
  239. and I Carry
  240. Do I need a subcompact?
  241. I want To Ask Opinions About All Of The Advice Questions
  242. Peaceable Journey & Magazine restrictions
  243. Concealed Carry Complications
  244. Finally Someone Noticed Something !
  245. Newbie to the Portland, OR area
  246. Question about visiting the following States: GA, Al, MS
  247. Carrying grandmas gun at 20 years old in another state?
  248. Church carry
  249. Reciprocity
  250. ABC News' Offers "Proof" that Concealed Carry doesn't work