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  1. HELP CCP in New Jersey
  2. First LEO Contact with CWP
  3. Questions about NH
  4. My first LEO experience since my CHL
  5. I'm officially a card carrying member now
  6. Great response from my Senator
  7. WV adds LA and DE drops VA
  8. Long, rambling, disjointed, babbling rant about doctor's visit today while carrying
  9. Flying to Ontario Canada, can't carry, no knife...
  10. Ten Commandments of Concealed Carry
  11. Interesting range discussion
  12. MSNBC Poll: College Carry
  13. Road Trip!!!
  14. CC Holster for a Bersa .45 UC
  15. Best Way to Pocket Carry
  16. Trip to MA....
  17. Night Shift CC...all by myself, but Co. says no.
  18. Busch Gardens Tampa carry
  19. Range report: My Wife's 1st ever time to shoot
  20. Texas CHLers - Non-Res Permits?
  21. South Carolina Possession Law?
  22. Over 3 months now and still waiting in Georgia
  23. Military Discharge
  24. Ohio Keeps Some Road Side Rests Posted
  25. How do you handle situations like this?
  26. Carry Options for Large Men
  27. Thank you Missouri
  28. Allegation about existing federal CC law
  29. TV news mentions "Gun free zones"
  30. Linky please
  31. Parts of Orlando FL to avoid?
  32. Oboma's cabinet questionnaire
  33. Wife is getting CHL!
  34. CC notification during Burglar alarm call...
  35. Wait starts again
  36. The S may HTF at work!
  37. On his way
  38. Spouse Applied for CCW...
  39. Screwed up/ was made
  40. Women's Carry Methods
  41. 1st Traffic Stop while Carrying
  42. Illinois CCW Opinion Poll Results
  43. Florida CCW Finally Arrives
  44. CC in NC
  45. Traffic stop with multiple CCW owners in the car?
  46. Florida Waiting Period
  47. "My" Improperly Handled Traffic Stop.
  48. LEO's and being Stopped ????
  49. Some Interesting Thoughts
  50. Mississippi Folks - CCW Question
  51. Got the OK
  52. Dogs - Pets/Protection
  53. My NH non-res permit arrived today!
  54. Washington State Non-Resident Permit: Catch 22?
  55. Life in the 40's
  56. The Anti Discussion...
  57. Carry Permit Renewal in Tennessee New twist
  58. Family outing--putting my DC training to use
  59. Concealed Carry in South Carolina Questions ????
  60. Anyone Notice Gun Prices Raising Yet???
  61. OK, North America in general...
  62. How many places are CCW friendly where you live?
  63. My Wife may be converting her Sister
  64. CC at my daughters Birthday party today...
  65. CCW or Not?
  66. Non-Resident CC in New Mexico
  67. MULTI CHOICE POLL: How large is the concealed carry populaion
  68. Fever is Catching
  69. Non-Resident in LA
  70. Curious about Oregon
  71. SoCal CCW - How many have one?
  72. Gift in the mail
  73. Mississippi Drops PA From Lists of States It Honors
  74. National Park Carry to be Announced This Month
  75. Now I have to change from right to left.....
  76. Georgia Park Repeals Firearm Ban
  77. Need advice on getting an unrestricted permit in Upstate NY
  78. Iowa concealed carry laws
  79. Concealed Carry Primate
  80. Got my permit today!!
  81. Wally World ?????
  82. License arrived!!
  83. Question about owning a handgun in TX
  84. Remember, Remeber the 5th of November......
  85. CHL Instructor Carrying Mexican Style.
  86. Some Positive News:
  87. Change In Habits?
  88. Members from Georgia
  89. Who carried while voting?
  90. What is the future of CC? MERGED
  91. Hospital carry?
  92. The CC rush.
  93. Count On Faith?
  94. CCW for me..Walmart anyone?
  95. 1911 Punisher Grips = JAIL????
  96. Packin' Preachers
  97. Multi State Permits
  98. Now my mom wants her CCP thanks to this site!
  99. Man With Gun
  100. CC in Massachusetts?
  101. "NO GUNS" signs gone.
  102. Oh yeah!
  103. Look What The Mailman Brought Me!
  104. 12 yo trick-or-treater shot
  105. TX Renewal Finally Here!
  106. Audio- I want to ban CWP (Obama)
  107. Greetings, and question for my Alabama brethren.
  108. Halloween is the perfect time for a home invasion
  109. Sent off today, how long in La?
  110. Are the Women in Your life Deadly....Accurate
  111. When AARP wants money
  112. Moving from Michigan to Indiana
  113. To Get a CCW Permit or Not
  114. Confusion on carry laws in Las Vegas
  115. Me and the Media
  116. I just don't get some things...
  117. Sheep letter
  118. Carrying to a job interview...
  119. Any skiers here?
  120. Heightened Awareness?
  121. Search policy in airports for CCWs
  122. This Grandma is now official!
  123. Application Completed - license issued or certificate active
  124. 'America's Sheriff' Faces California Corruption Trial
  125. Carry on an Airplane...
  126. Ignore my ignorance Please
  127. CHL ...but no nachos!
  128. It's in the mail!!!!
  129. Turned the Wife to the dark side
  130. National Archives and Records Adminstration
  131. The Handgun Crush Grip.
  132. Bystanders 'makes' me, saves me trouble with drunk, police
  133. 'Tis the season.......cold weather carry and gloves
  134. Medical disclosure!
  135. Texas carry questions
  136. Gun permits for mets sluggers wright & delgado
  137. Will carry at work despite company policy
  138. Defense of others?
  139. Which county to apply for a CCW in?
  140. Travel through KY, TN and Arkansas
  141. Any Kentucky CCDW instructors out there?
  142. WV and SC in agreement
  143. Man Charged W/Brandishing At Palin Rally
  144. Utah in everyday use
  145. 100% Concealed?
  146. Doing my part....
  147. Missouri Law HB 2034
  148. Shootings
  149. Seattle-area members: Need help applying for CCW on the weekend
  150. Back of the Line?
  151. Carry while in college?
  152. Summary of do's and don'ts in PA?
  153. After being held at gunpoint UFC fighter getting CCW
  154. Interesting Traffic Stop - First LEO contact with permit
  155. Florida CCW Wait Time
  156. Texas CHL question - DPS listing of certified instructors
  157. 5 rules
  158. CCW Permit Holder Pulls Gun At Soccer Game (Merged)
  159. Witnessed a beating...
  160. One in the chamber with pocket carry
  161. Paranoid
  162. No weapons in Hospital waiting room?
  163. UT BCI rocks!
  164. Permit in Suffolk Virginia
  165. Confused about Utah campus carry
  166. Concealing in own house, not a CCW yet
  167. "Sexy Carry"
  168. New York City
  169. Self-defense Options in England?
  170. Going to gun show, do not have CCW yet
  171. Media does a story on Guns in Airports
  172. Can I carry in Indiana?
  173. PA To Allow Carry In State Parks
  174. I told myself I wasn't going to...
  175. How many "types" of carry permits does your state use?
  176. Concealed Carry in Lousianna.
  177. Online Poll
  178. CC at office environment
  179. Tax issues and my LTCF
  180. my electronic prints...
  181. William Shatner on gun control
  182. Is this a sign of the future.......
  183. Which non resident CCW permits do you have?
  184. Need a truck gun safe.
  185. Obligations of Carry
  186. Great experience with TSA agent
  187. If storing in your glovebox.
  188. Concealed to open or car, and/or which and when appropriate...huh?
  189. $3
  190. Car Carry in Minnesota/???
  191. CCW permits
  192. Stolen magazines during oil change
  193. Car Carry
  194. Car Accident
  195. Confidence in Gun?
  196. Need advice is TX on C&C
  197. What is our mission as concealed carry permit holders?
  198. Dating Your Daughter
  199. Almost shot by a cop...
  200. Continued Right To Carry Concealed
  201. Water Management Area
  202. Took the class, now to send off!!!
  203. Traveling From PA to Kansas
  204. Right to carry
  205. WY Drops AZ From List of States It Honors
  206. Orange County Sheriff taking away hundreds of CCWs
  207. Wife finally clued in
  208. 20 days to renew!
  209. Crazy old guy at the range, or is he on to something?
  210. Traveling thru PA
  211. Traveling, help me understand rules
  212. Ohio Rest Areas
  213. Federal or not?
  214. So proud of my little lady!!!
  215. South Dakota where-not-to-carrys?
  216. Note to self: The Arch is Federal Property...and don't walk away from the rangers
  217. Does this mean? (FL Law)
  218. Delaware Adds VA and Maine to List of States It Honors
  219. Tip for flying
  220. Having a FL Non-Resident and moving what to do?
  221. Impending Crime increase
  222. Not so friendly fellow CC'er encounter...
  223. Where to hide guns?
  224. What to do about touchy feely people?
  225. REAL Reasons for Carrying a Gun!
  226. Looking for reciprocity information in lieu of
  227. Really odd day at work CC IWB
  228. Denver CCW Wait time?
  229. Drinking while carrying in Florida
  230. Allergic reaction to IWB Grip????
  231. Probablility of acquiring a NYC concealed permit
  232. Wife in wreck, good experience w/LEO
  233. Ike Delays CHL in Texas
  234. Kentucky Carry
  235. Great CCW YOUTUBE Link
  236. Concealed Carry in USVI?
  237. Do you carry when sick?
  238. How strict are they on Fingerprints..
  239. Question for FL&AL members?
  240. Interesting conversation
  241. Question about Florida Law
  242. The dishonest way...
  243. A rather odd experience with a LEO
  244. Concealed Carry in Denver
  245. NH non res
  246. My permit has arrived !!!!
  247. CCW Confusion
  248. Tennesse Carry Question
  249. My little girl is asking alot of questions....
  250. getting my non resident PA license